Since early 2020, I have started sharing the collective channelings with others and I will post them here with a drawing (Sigil or Logo) attached. Collective channelings I receive for about 24 years now, but I had to keep them ‘hidden’ because I am a planetary logo writer, code cracker and magician / alchemist – and was never being allowed to reveal the ‘secrets’ until the Hidden work was done – if you know what I mean 😉

Many counterparts of the light – had ‘taken notice’ of my work and I had to keep working on a very low profile – so I always worked invisibly and when I was written in the open with others, the messages always were safe, coded – and chaotically.

For a approximately a year now I have been allowed by my Fractal team of protectors, my true family – to go public – and ‘release’ in phases and doses what is going on collectively, what shifts are being announced for the platformers starseeds, and wich warnings has to be shared to protect them from pollution and attacks.

Enjoy my wonderful other work haha – even if you don’t understand certain things – that’s not a big deal – my writing is primarily based on ‘resonance’ and deep inner wisdom knowledge. All drawings are activations of the cellular memories of the DNA, so study them closely if you are attracted to One of them.

The written information is coded and protected and sometimes broken up into fragments – because at this time we are still fully engaged in a spiritual war.

Those who can work with both,
the Light and the Dark,  

The eighth structure of the S. Cult (13 bloodlines) was brought down last weekend. Helpers worked extremely hard thee groups were brought together, Earth is stronger than ever and it helps enormously with the cleaning up of – the manipulated darkness.

Even though most of you don’t know that you help bring down the structures that have been around for thousands and thousands of years.

Palpable in a painful third eye, headache, pressure on the forehead – behind the eyes, nocturnal turmoil, visions and dreams in color, emotions, almost smelling as if they were not dreams, but that you were there yourself.

The energies of a very ancient civilization are released and will be exposed in some places. Features: strange local but very intense weather, earthquakes in places where they are not common.  The ninth structures of tunnels and buildings of the S. Cult are being worked on and will take some time, but are still ongoing. For the first two weeks of July, your collective help will be asked – to address the meeting – Bohemian Grove.

The place where the world’s highest Elite gathers for two weeks every year, sacrificing innocent children every day in a “play” – The richest of the richest, the most powerful of the most powerful, where new nefarious plans are formed, which are not good for humanity.

The S. Cult, the 13 bloodlines will go down, all structures on the Ley lines will be cleared so that we can use them for the good, not for the evil.

The light will win – just bite through ….
Save the children.

In Lak’ech by Heidy

Dear Blues,
the extremely sensitive Ones,
The empaths who are feeling alone.

This channeling message is for you,
this channeling is send from Terra –

It has been a very busy period for many, especially in the nights there is a lot of work being done on the repair of the fifth DNA strand – repair of the souls trauma incarnation past. You Empaths have come together many times in astral travel, lucid dreams, visions and this shift is tremendously intense.

To complete and leave behind the fifth gate of ascension, many repairs are made during sleep. It feels very busy, as if you spend night after night working super hard on your physical and energetic supporting system, and this evokes inner confusion.
Your physical bodies are sore and sickly and show many weaknesses, tiredness and depression like feelings.

There was a large group of Empathic incarnations that have been stuck in the incarnation Looping System – the physical Matrix, the human DNA body – for centuries.
You incarnated as a cooperation group to contribute actual ascension that was started in this Universe about five thousand years ago – you incarnated on the populated planets to help clean up this Universe and clear all manipulated darkness.

As transformers of this Universe, you had one of the toughest tasks during the greatest cleanup in Universe time, so you worked together as a group – while you are working and feeling alone at this moment, because your group was disconnected via the DNA damage.
We understand that You are tired, and that You want to go back to your soul families, but it’s not time yet, your work is needed.

The Empath group that incarnated on Mother Earth was here to cleanse and transform the growing manipulated darkness and growing human karma – that had nothing to do with soul growth and Original Yin and Yang.

The counterparts of the light have managed to manipulate your cooperation transformational work energetically and they did that to disconnect the astral body from the DNA body (DNA is more important in energetic work than we all think)
They messed with your bodies and souls.

You were murdered, persecuted, drowned, stoned, spiked and so on for five thousand years, incarnation after incarnation. And they made the others afraid of You, telling that you were working for the Devil, that You were Wiccan.

But You were the Blue Ones, You came here to spread the word of Love and Compassion, to bring healing trough plants and the true inner strength of mother Earth.

This is beautiful healing transformation that you Empaths are receiving, even your bodies are sore and tired. Terra is helping You to connect again with the true Nature You Are.
Your cycles of rising up as the Super Strong Empath You truly are (who can bare what You had to bare?) is in full swing, and it is desperately needed that you regain your strength back and that you feel, that You are not working hard alone anymore.

You send to each other dreams about the water, tsunamis, drowning, and strangely often of vehicles, vessels, ships, UFOs, buildings in the sky- contact is being made from your soul family and it is clearly felt.

You send fives to each other !!

Stuck emotions in your physical and energetic bodies will be released, transformed and drained. This happens naturally, you just need to let it flow through you in the water. Please seek the water especially, for that is your true path to healing – you are the true loving human emotion, you are pure Christ Love itself and Dear Empaths – this humanity does not have to understand why you are so beautiful and super sensitive.

It’s important that You understand how you work – and transform the negative energy by connecting to Water, mother Earth and soul family again.

Connected to lucid dreams and astral travel, you receive help from the 6th and 7th time liners – Big Time! Working together with Terra so that the (negative) energy you can perceive from the narcissistic others – can be drained directly to mother Earth – so You can learn that You will not get sick (anymore) while transforming the negative energies you are surrounded with in life.

She, mother Earth, will help you transform into the True Strong Empath you are, watch the signs, work with the resonance, see the synchronicity and the Fives ….

In this, you can take with you, the true (not the false one) story of Jesus Christ himself. He was the True Empath like You are.

We need the Love You are, we need the Understanding you are, we need the Warmth you are from inner Nature. We need You to send True Christ Forgiveness to the manipulated Darkness and the narcissistic Ones into the World.

Your Work together, the cooperative Ones will Enlighten the World, from the inside out – feel it – Your strength!

All of you Empaths are working to be the true Polarity Transformers for Mother Earth.
Thank You so much for being here, heal and be proud of the most difficult gifts of all. Those once were taken from you.

The codes in the drawing are the Cellular Memories written in a logo, please take them in …
Make Your Wings Big again, spread them wide and open. You are so loved.

From Terra,
and In Lak’ech from Heidy


Dear Ones, The sixth gate of ascension was officially opened on June 10th at 11:15 Dutch time, and I am very, very happy about that! This happened at the time of the Eclipse and the downloads continue unabated – clearly palpable.

At 3:33 that night I woke up and went outside to admire the starry night. There was a formation of 3 orbs hanging side by side, flickering. The day before, they (the counterparts of light) were spraying metals and other filth into the air with Chemtrails, and they started up Haarp systems.

As usual to shut down the downloads, and stop (or at least to slow down) the ascension of humanity. But the formation of three spheres (UFO’s) cleaned up this metal mess for us, so people could receive the downloads of the Eclipse. In our country this is happening every night since a few days.

They spray chems during the day, starting up Haarp systems at night – but the sky is squeaky clean. This is to help us with cleaning up the Cabal in the Netherlands, like they did in many countries – but that is a different story – haha 😉

We receive these downloads for the DNA mainly in the nights at the time of our sleep, because it is a very intense process. During our dreams everything is drained and transformed so that during the day we can continue to do our work, be parents to our children and just live the day. What does the 6th gate of ascension mean?

For me, it means that my work no longer needs to be Hidden! And that the original plan – despite having to be adjusted a bit in the interim – has succeeded!

More than 8% of humanity has received the 6th strand – DNA improvement – healing – at the time of the Lightworkers Era (from 2011 to 2020) in their sleep. So in this 8% of humanity, six DNA strands are currently activated.

This 8% is enough to strengthen the vibrations on Earth and push through the ascension – which means that the Lightworkersgroup really are doing a good job!

Now the Polarity Workers and Platformers Era has started – building the new civilizations on Earth – in a spiritual evolved human body – connected and descended soul. No more revolution, but evolution! New education, new medics, new architecture, not leaders but facilitators, sustainable, quality, fair.

A new wave of incarnation is coming! The Seeds from the seventh Universe (time travelers) may now incarnate in greater numbers to teach humanity about timelessness and how the powers of the Earth Works. You will notice if you carry one in your womb (they speak already to you) or you will have one running around within your family.

These children are telekinetic (what happens in the house are no ghosts 😉) telepathic and primal strong in nature, these children are naturally in touch with their bodies and Mother Earth. They won’t be fooled by anything and anybody, so don’t even bother to try – because they are human lie detectors. More explanation about this incarnation wave and seeds will follow.

For now, it is more important to let the following resonate and flow into your heart. Notice! This 6th DNA strand makes intensive and deep connections with the heartbeat of Mother Earth (Schumann Resonance) – which, during the activation, can cause a great deal of ‘trouble’ with your own heart energy – for those who have not yet repaired and activated this 6th DNA strand will notice that.

Many people come to me in my practice with heart palpitations – and heart floods, nausea, fatigue, restlessness behind the breastbone, extra sensitivity to allergies, feeling an inexplicable deep sorrow. While doctors can’t find anything physical.

A lot is being asked of you at this time and it is not easy when this DNA strand is being repaired. So please take real time for nature, walks and connections. contact with the animal and plant kingdom of Mother Earth, meditate and relax.

Let everything flow out that is still hidden deep within you, send it to Mother Earth, she will help you with this important transformation. Please take care for yourself, speak your truth, be yourself, make choices that serves YOU – not others.

Be fearless and say no all what is happening at this moment. Keep your immune system strong and healthy. The 8% activated, is enough for now to bring Terra (Mother Earth) back in the original Schumann Resonance (her heartbeat) – and she is vibrating almost as 50.000 years ago – it feels wonderfull!

But is not measurable with the current equipment – to measure this ‘new’ heart rate. This humanity has never known this heartbeat – so neither has the modern equipment – Stay Calm – This is a reset ❤ This Logo is not finished yet 😉 More information will follow – as usual …

In Lak’ech from Heidy ❤

18-5-2021 Five planetary logos have merged and become one this week, to give the current timetables a big energetic push in the ascension shifts – of True Inner Freedom!

Particularly noticeable past two to three weeks, with the opening of a number of download portals from the solar systems (consciousness), Terra is helping us with the physical piece from her cellular – and thus planetary logos – and all the lies and illusions we are living in.

Pay close attention to the peaks and valleys of Schumann Resonance and anticipate the released vibrations through meditation and visualization, so you can heal and upgrade yourself.

You are asked to reconnect with the plant and animal kingdoms – especially the trees which together form a vast network of Healing for all that lives – old energies will be restored – the fall of all what was not – and only true connections will stand.

The current human language, as we know it will be transcribed and replaced for resonance, inner knowing – which is the only way to let the truth in and see reality with our own eyes – not the eyes of others. To see your own reality is not to list a row of facts, but from a deep inner wisdom and knowledge.

I am aware that everything seems to be very complex, but in fact it is not – if we only flow with the rhythm of Life itself, our Heartbeat and Breath and where our feet take us – is precisely the step we take where we are supposed to be. As soon as we – human beings – dare to step out of conditioning, we immediately stop wanting to ‘explain’ ourselves intellectually with the Ego.

Consciousness is merely a connected mental flow that will never stop – to live in the NOW is to live the sovereignty that we really are. Where it is possible, we can at all times break with old and unhealthy patterns of self-destruction.

Narcissistic relationships built from unhealthy lineages from previous ages and its family lines – epigenetics – is only a core awareness that in reality cannot harm (or attract) anymore – if we learn to understand how the buildup of human pain has arisen in each and all of us – forgiveness also lives in each and all of us – so please take a closer look at your own behaviors, all is a fractal parts of self, mirroring your own unforgiving self<3

We are not a slave to society, not a puppet of politics, not a imprisoned soul full of false created karmic lines and contracts. Our bodies are temporary vessels wherein we can travel were we want with our holograms (astral body).

Try – as soon as you feel locked up – to spread your soul wings with Lucid Dreams and Astral Travelling – it’s fun to do, to create and push the powers of inner freedom to others and forwards – we are all connected! Terra has given us the freedom to use her playground in a good way. She is no longer obstructed anymore – So why do we think we are?

All is obstructed thinking, split personalities fighting in one and the same body, ego related things – Like thinking in stacks rather than in rings of time. You are no better, bigger, smaller, wiser or dumber, but just a starting point of nothingness – a cell of timelessness …

Much is breaking out of our old stacking and system thinking – the false information in which we were indoctrinated will be pushed out of the DNA templates.Keep the confidence – that all will restore everything – if we stop connecting with ego-self and participate or just relay on others … SHINE your own bright and unique self … it’s YOUR platform, it’s time to play for real 🥰

More will come ❤In Lak’ech from Heidy

(13-5-2021) Last night I had a few activation’s and channelings trough seven stargate family’s connections, it was very busy but fortunately I had a lot of help … 😊

This is a coded message from Terra and Seven Stargate Family’s for the Great Warriors Master Manipulators of Energy. It’s Time to Awaken this Light Force to help Terra making the biggest shift of all, connected with incarnated and not-incarnated group of Star seeded Warriors.

To get rid of all the bad stuff happening on Earth (Cabal, Chems, Haarp, genocide etc) and in this Universe. Terra is one of the most beautiful creations and the Seven Stargate Family’s were there helping to evolve Earth from the time she became from gas planet to stone planet we all know now.

They asked us to help to activate the Great Light Force Group of the Telekinetic and Telepathic Ones to send Lots of Light deep inside to Mother Earth and embrace the Dark, so all can be Cleaned up and Heal.  

An Artifact from One of the Stargate Family’s is released last night and the Artifact looked like staff with a spere on it – carrying lots and lots and lots 😉 of Codes from the the Cellular DNA Memories – from The Inner Earth, the Inner Powers and Universal Powers. This Artifact is connected to the Cluster of Diamonds and the staff possesses the original re-writings of one Planetary Logo and Genetic Memories of Earth and Human Species.

Seven connection points activated DNA Cellular Memories – And I felt Super Clearly a Full Body Quantum Detoxification going on by Many to upgrade and download the Higher Frequency’s and vibrations – it will protect us from Harm and upgrade the Immune system.

4th Dimension Clean Up going on since February 2020 and will be ready in a few months. The Old form is gone and does no longer exists, timelines are shifted, there is no past and no future but only the time being – in the Present in the Now connected with Timelessness.

Certain incarnational lines have been broken in the past few months, those lines are healed and no longer exists. We are no longer concerned about awakening humankind – this is a generation-thing we cannot change anymore, Thank You All for Helping.

We can start with ourselves to change, that which no longer suits us, no longer suits Terra and this Universe, because we are multidimensional beings, in a Human Body, the Creators and Co-Creators building new Worlds Now.

Dimensions have been pushed together to get rid of all ‘false’ soul memories in the timelines once were driven apart.

False soul contracts and connections, created by the Encounters for The Imprisoned Ones in the Matrix have been dealt with, no longer exists.

De different and separated soul groups of First Wavers, Transmuters, Gridworkers, Gatekeepers, Visionairs and Seeners, Healers, Interdimensional Travelers, Code Writers, Alchemists, Lightworkers, Wayshowers, the Connectors etc. are now One and connected.

In Lak’ech from Heidy


I have been given permission from my cosmic family to share this information about the incarnation system with you Dear Ones, code receivers. For those who are interested: I am working with incarnation densities as a researcher (mostly Hidden 😉) and have no permission to share all of the information I have received my whole life.

Because as you can understand, this world is not ready yet to receive certain complex information at this time of spiritual seeking ascension 🙈

That what I may release in terms of information collectively, comes out through my drawings and is only meant for those – who are ready to receive the codes in the drawings and accompanying coded texts (activations).

A clearly observable – very strong telepathic and telekinetic temporary helpersgroup of Starseeds Soulbeings – coming from the seventh Universe of Omniverse (future time) have come together in dreams, channelings, meditation and they have been working together in this way for months. Activation of the Incarnated Ones from this helpers-group took place from May to August 2020. They have been receiving similar symbols, channelings and dreams since the activation – in certain time periods announcing the collective shifts.

Collectively (globally) they have been working to further clear the artificial “tree” that was under the black Obelisk. This artificial tree was created by hostile extraterrestrials, who set out to develop many slaves to mine copper. Copper is a highly wanted raw material for extraterrestrials (everyone thinks that it is gold, but it is not) – which are important ‘energetic’ conductors. The slaves also served as food for the hostile extraterrestrials.

They had tied the artificial tree to the energetic Matrix (time lock). The time lock is a kind of delay of time, which prevented a flow through to the future time. Billions of souls have therefore become trapped in a time delay – which is called here – 3D 😉

These 3D souls – are from the past – and they carry a slower time vibration than the souls coming from the future 5D and up. Because a time lock was put on the fourth incarnation timeline, many souls from the third and fourth Universes incarnated on Earth in a incarnation vessel – our modern human bodies.

We can see the Universes in Omniverse as a sorth of bubbles and many levels of time rings. Each bubble has its own times from the past or future. So we could say that I (and many of you code writers) have traveled from the future to the past. This past carries quite a slow – therefore a massive incarnational density.

The time lock is disabled and the spiritual disorder is currently being rectified!

Attempting here a brief explanation 😉: over the past 168,000 years too many souls from the past timeline were allowed to incarnate, which can also be called souls from lower civilizations.

Souls from the future, which can be called souls from higher civilizations – no longer had access to this incarnation system.

From Origine (the soul incarnation system), are souls from the 3th universe NOT allowed to incarnate on Earth, because they have to grow in accelerating their times – so experiences! But the extraterrestrials have created this to make this possible.

Originally, only soul folks from the 4th universe timelines are allowed to incarnate on Earth and there is one leaders-group from the 5th universe timeline. In total there are five groups allowed on Earth per planetary cycle (about 200.000 earthly years).

But currently (and please don’t be shocked) there are twelve different soul-groups present on Earth, from twelve different timelines! Because of this, there are far too many different ‘mixes’ and a soul-peoples-soup-mixed-up-people-souls 😉 has been created on Earth which caused a big spiritual disorder.

This (Human) ascension were we are going through, actually means – bringing the Original Spiritual Order Back. It is a very complicated process and ultra-long story that is almost impossible to explain in human words, which I am not going to burden you with.

At this moment the spiritual Revolution is over and done and the spiritual Evolution has been in full swing for a few months now, and is palpable !!

From the twelve different timelines soul folks here on Earth, there will be seven soul folks escorted back to their last Universe as soon as their body dies in this life. Angels who are at work in their Universes will receive them with open arms, heal them from their many incarnations on Earth. And after that, they will be taken care of by their own soul families, according to the agreement, and they will not be able to incarnate on Earth again until this planetary cycle is done.

As of now, the entire incarnation system is being put back in order to the five original soul-groups in two or three human generation-times. The Ones who were incarnated for learning and teaching about 168.000 years ago have started with their original learning and teaching tasks.

There is nothing to be afraid of, because everything will take place according to the cycle principles – via Omniverse Law of Time. We are still on track and have fully trust the Plan of your God…

In Lak’ech from Heidy ❤

(28-4-2021) My drawing is a super raw an chaotic investigation channeling I had to make, in an attempt to understand how the story written below fits together.

For now, this is the information I have worked out and received myself last night, but I would like to know a bit more about it!

Well this is the story: This week I have had a woman in my healing practice who have had a black triangle with a black eye in it – placed around her Pineal Gland. She is a strongly gifted clairvoyant woman and potential alchemic healer, were we need to have a well-functioning pineal gland for.

What I found very interesting to witness is that the black triangle can therefore only be removed by someone who is modern alchemical healer? And really, I even have never seen, discovered or removed it myself in 24 years of practice. It felt as if I discovered it by accident, and it had the same energetic substance like implants.

I don’t know this is a conundrum for myself, so I wanna learn about it …. I felt the urge to start drawing and write about it, because I have felt that this thing has been placed there for a reason, and for a reason by that woman.

Intuitive I connected with my Pineal Gland to hers and saw the black triangle dissolve almost immediately, revealing her Pineal Gland again. I did said nothing to her, she said it herself that she felt that something ‘blacks’ that bothered her for a long time, was solving?

The codes that became released from the Triangle, I stored in my Hologram so I could read and work them out them later.

I felt that this has something to do with a certain DNA line going back to an extremely distant past and that it has something to do with particular healersgroup in ancient times – that ‘they’ – the encounters from what I know – were incredibly afraid of and eliminated their gifts in lot’s of ways.

What is even more interesting is that this healersgroup had survived generation after generation en that this particular DNA never extinct. Was this triangle placed recently? Or while Incarnating? To prevent that in these modern, flawed bodies from being able to use the Pineal Gland and the healingpower?

Damaged that part in the DNA, because the Pineal Gland is in fact an living organ (interesting!!)?

And that is precisely where the eyed triangle was placed, the organ were we can make telepathic connections with others, collective telekinetic healings and cleanings, start shifts with and heal others and even the World with.

Have more people them?
Was she the Only One and Why!?

I find it darn interesting, but I have more questions than Answers this time 🙈 – and this is a big group with code readers and writers, so maby you will help me, trowing out what you feel by this? ❤

In Lak’ech
From Heidy

19-2-2021 Coming out for the First time in the open on Facebook to Friends and -Family who did not know anything about my ‘hidden’ channlings work.

What many of you don’t know is that I get channelings through for the collective – and that I do this through drawing, writing and sharing my work on certain groups.

Who I am in reality is still relatively unknown (to many) – but trust me, that as a person I have never been different, so today I will just be human Heidy, who photographs, cooks, walks, works, cares and is just actually very realistic in life.

My way which is called light writing or light language are full of symbols, predictions, future shifts that are coming and of course what is going on in the present time – the spiritual ascension.

As we have transitioned from spiritual revolution to spiritual evolution, I can finally go public with my work – even though I find it exciting to reveile The Hidden Master Gatekeeper of the second ascention. This is how I was born and how I drew my mission on Earth at the age of five, an I finally can work in the open now.

Never have I spoken much about my work and most do not even know what my “spiritual” work is. While I have been actively doing this channeling and Hidden Helpers Work for over 24 years.

For a few years now self-employed in my practice as an alchemical healer and individual channeler (not a medium!!!) I have been working to allow the soul to experience full re-energing with true self.

The 3D minded people will consider it as floaty, while I prefer to see spirituality or its developments, as the path to realized self – the 7D flesh and blood human – in which many shadows can be found and worked out – you could see me as the Protector and Activator of the Platformers – the Crystal children and also the White Children.

Groups of Lightworkers, Starseeds, Polarityworkers and Platformers have been working together very hard for years to give new form to the old damaged world and humanity.

An important ‘silent’ group has been present, who have contributed to the whole unnoticed. I have therefore also decided to be a bit more outward-looking with my work – because there are many people getting stuck with their offspring or themselves at the moment.

As you know, you don’t have to comment if you don’t feel anything about it, because I’m not waiting for that. For me, this is a very vulnerable moment as a human being Heidy and if you have no interest in my work, you may ‘unfriend’ me at all times without any comments.

For those who have been ‘stuck’ in their environment for a longer time, because they see, feel, know more and perhaps have not (yet) started to work with this part of themselves, I want to share my page.

With this I hope to break a kind of ‘taboo’ and show the future and current hypersensitive children and their spiritual parents – a piece of the way to inner and unseen experiences – in the present time.

Feel free to share it, if you feel the need, or recognize others in it.

In Lak’ech
From Heidy

Dear Ones – ❤

What a day and night!!! There is very hard work going on behind the scenes by many telepatic ‘soulbeings’. The black Artificial Obelisk above the ocean, I mentioned earlyer – that in 2016 still was in the ground, came up further step by step after a few checking-channelings about it in the past 5 years.

Two days ago, started the Black Obelisk floating above the ocean. With my Brother from another Timeline, we had a Live Channeling about it, and many others were working with us. And we telekinetically ‘sent’ this Artificial Black Obelisk away from Terra at a specific hour on 17-2-2021 started at 3:33 in the Afternoon – Netherlands.

This Obelisk was getting smaller and smaller en poooof into a tunnel and Gone – so the timelock finally is GONE!!

Earlyer I discovered that beneath the Obelisk there was build an artificial huge tree – which is still in the ground. The artificial tree was built earlier than the Obelisk. The Obelisk was built as a fixed timelock and was put on top of the artificial tree 12,000 years ago as a “protection” – with the intention of stopping time on Earth.

This huge timelock was built by the aliens, the black elite, through artificial intelligence. The artificial tree, have built earlier than the Obelisk and it took them 156,000 years to build it 😉.

Inside this artificial tree there is put in black magic, the demon and satanic lines, the ‘polluted’ so artificial connected 4th dimension (the real one was gone!!!) full with archonts, entities, false helpers and guidences, curse lines, etc.

It was just fun game to them, because they wanted to have the Gold from Terra, and making slaves (from souls) – to make and possess as much as possible gold (money) and free slaves (humanity)These are all ARTificial lines hanging on the templates in the Human DNA. The story of all – I worked my whole ife on, and finaly I see the results – pfieeeuw. 🙂

Today I will make a healing video, to get rid of the ‘poluted’ lines in Lightlanguage and putting codes in it to release those attached lines – and will place the video later on my small workersgroup – Spiritual Evolution Platformers and Polarityworkers. If you might be interested in receiving it, you know what to do 😉

Please connect with me on my small workersgroup if you feel you want to folow the channelings and collective shifts – and (always for free) healings on video

——————- well now this one: Today (now) I woke up and saw that I had written (in my dream) something on a timeline as a response of someones topic from Wim (Dutch name haha) – namely this: Wrong magic can’t be used anymore Wim, I walked into a room at your house and the rabbit was lying on the floor (haha) – I had received 333 likes on this comment in my dream saw the numbers 🙂

And I knew immediately that this has something to do with the Artificial Tree beïng loosened from lines!!! Rabithole – pizzagate that was built into the huge artificial tree.

The obelisk was a time lock – and the artificial tree is going to being emptied NOW – and will take 3 to 6 monthts before seeing and feeling results. But This week all of the ‘sensitive ones’ had to feeeeel this all going on!! ❤

Can use all the help from you ‘biggies’ at this part ❤

Will be continued.
In Lak ‘ech from Heidy

Channeling 2-2-2021
Dear Ones,

From January 2019 to January 2021, the soul group of the 9 flowers, the Platformers (the builders) were heavily attacked by the counterparts by manipulation. From August to this week, I did a lot of research and working out in personal life on this phenomenon.

The artifici.als from the b.lacks managed to mix up the Platformersgroup with growing Lightworkersgroup. Via the past 21 years of Internet, many things happened – I will not repeat but the Matrix had something to do with it – long story.

The 12th timeline was closed by the Matrix, and the natural cycles from Mother Earth and the Incarnations went on and on. You get what I’m saying right – it was becoming a bit crowded here.

That slowed us down for a little while, about 10.000 years 😉 – but was good learning moment!!The Lightworkers-group is working out their pain-bodies and soul-pains and becoming more spiritual, slowly awakening, and have thereby lot of ‘angry’ feelings and false templates to work out. Has to do something about uncontrolled feelings and stuff 😉

Spiritual Order is made for a very good reason, because it has something to do with the natural powers, the incarnated souls can use above the 12th. But the past 20 years all incarnated groups out of 22 Timelines are sending parts and peaces of those sacred codes by Internet, while they are meant for personal growth.

When You are a true spiritual teacher and no ego-teacher, you have small group of souls to learn about those gifts, to take time – somethimes a whole life with eigother. We do not give activations on big scale, and if given one, its 100% save for the collective.

This Transfer – the 12 incarnation processes to teacher, are beautifull, strong and sacred. This transfer absolutely is not meant to throw out – the sacred codes – on huge groups of followers.

Be very careful with that and know wich code is protected and wich is not. The ego-teachers from Lightworkersgroup, their templates – the encounters discovered and used.It can be dangerous when the growing group of Lightworkers collectively sending telepathic and telekinetic gifts. The 12th Timeliners and up, are the ‘frontiers’ and not the ‘workers’. The workers come from the past en the frontiers are from the future, to teach correctly.

The encounters knew that, because they have a lot of Universal secrets about all times.

All of us are here for the same Mission to save this Universe and to Restore the Spiritual balance. So now the Matrix is gone, a few teams from the 21th traveled back in time to protect the 12th timeline.

This is a short message for the 12th to 22th timeliners: the groups from the wisdom keepers, frontwavers, platformers etc have been brought back together – to be continued

In Lak’ech
From Heidy

Channeling – 1-2-2021

You Dear Ones also -notice who was with us this week? The Old Dark itself and that was a long time ago for me. While drawing and channeling, I said, Hi dear old friend, welcome back, long time no seen. Do you remember that you once collaborated with the Light?

That you were developed by this Universe, and that you are part of the Yin Yang?Are you now playing with the weakened people, because you are confused?

Well we had the same dear old friend, we were confused too. We were just playing Lightbeïngs, and did not understand about it when we awakened, we had to learn too, and that is okay.To many workerseeds, below the 12th timeline – were poluted by the manipulated darks, so we had to put their work down. Because they did not know what kind of confusing messages they were sending trough takenovers from the Artificials.

If you want, I will update you, because my guts feelings tells me, that you had no idea, because they put you to sleep also. That your beautifull work in the Yang has taken over also, and that the manipulators took benefit of your true gifted powers. Al telling lies about you my dear Yang friend, because the manipulated darks feed themselves, with fear from humans.

Do you hear that? They are feeding themselves with misery, confusion, chaos, fear, archonts, curselines etc etc and developed many confused painbodies and souls.

Well, I always knew from origine that this is not your work old friend, they took all secrets of the Yin Yang powers. Long time ago they took ours too, we had to understand that also.

The Spiritual and Universal order is being restored – you are being restored also, and cannot run away from it. You have to take a deeper dive in al materials, and stop connecting with the poluted shit they trew out. We have to remember true origine self, even when it’s difficult.

You can help us you know, because when they put down Yin, you will come with us also, that is the end of you also. Remember who you really are and why you cooperated with Angels a long time ago.Everything that is happening now is also happening within ourselves, that the inner order is being restored.

But they have made humans afraid of you with all kinds of false stories they tell. Do you know that they call you Satan? This is not your playing field, but the playing field of the manipulated darkness. The real playing field of you they have taken from you, do you understand?

And no, I am not laughing at you, we are not laughing at you, we are asking for spiritual order, because you too love Mother Earth and this Universe, just like us, because the planets are our children. So Lord of Yang, you too may take time to recover.

In your name a lot has been done to the detriment of the Earth, so be patient, just like we have to be.When the spiritual order has been restored, you again are part of the true Yin Yang, as it has meant to be.

We have to let go this manipulated game, and understand what realy happend. I love you as much as I love the light, because you are part of all creation and therefore a child from God, the fused Yin Yang.

God is our feminine masculine, mother and father our parents in One Being. And you must know dear Darkness of Light, that taken over the Children from mother Earth is not your job, you are the order of Universe you can restore the Balance with us, like we always used to.

The souls have fallen into oblivion or are blindfolted by the manipulated dark. It’s a shame that they are affraid from you and that they call you Satan, doing many many many wrong things out of that name. Restoring the 5th timeline in Universe is taking place now, and I want to invite you to use the true powers we are toghether.

And help us with the exorcism of the manipulated darks. ❤

The paper that was around the drawing started burning because the tealight was getting too hot. My son said WTF is going on and I said something is communicating with me, and it’s understood.

In Lak’ech and with Love
From Heidy

Channeling 31-01-2021
Dear Ones …
It was a spicy week for many, felt clearly as a collective shit 😂.

The four primary gates of ascension are still intact. The day before yesterday I felt that four Seraphims came together, each of them standing at a separate primal gate. They pushed up from the North, East, South and West polars radiating Titan White Energy to one energy point.

From that energy point at the top of this Universe, the Titanium White Energy flowed down in twelve parts into Mother Earth, immidiately protecting and opening the new 7 gates of ascension.

The twelve Titanium colored angels (Diamonds) have incarnated safely and unseen on Earth and they will remain unseen until they are done with their jobs here 🙏. Twelve women who incarnated from the 21th timelevel are pregnant now and spreaded on 7 continents.

The Titaniums will be unseen and protected their whole lives. Staged information will be released about the future of the next ascension wich will be for 140 years. New wave of Spiritual codes perceived – perfectly! All infected channelers and code writers are deactivated – only the pure ones will remain and protected from polutions. The poluted ones have to practice again 😶

The first four gates (silver) are closed, the fifth (gold) was closed last week (transitional portal to the masculine and feminine fusion of energy) and the seven future gates (titanium/diamonds) are opened. From spiritual revolution to spiritual evolution – the 7 ancient civilizations are back – Hybornea Angels, welcome back to Earth!!! It’s about time 😉

Previous hi.dd.ens, fore.runners, and Lightworkers all helped, thank You so much for all of the work you all did in Silence. Will be continued.

In Lak’ech
from Heidy

Channeling 27-1-2021
Dear Ones,

New planetairy logo, the fifth of a series from end of august until end of January – last one arrived about a week ago, still working this one out, because a part of this one was pretty damaged en parts of it were hidden – by the counterparts of the Light – the,k Eli.te.s. and Int.ell.igence 😉

While drawing I had to ask collectively to the codewriters – who dreamt, channeling, draw – this week about a huge black obelisk arising – lion or bird creatures – about mother Earth – mechanical or artificial objects – takeovers and even murdering humanity.

If so, you are part of the investigators ( explorers (forerunners) polarityworkers (whistle-blowers) and platformers (builders) of the new world on the new Earth. A group of the second incarnationwave – platformer seeds are awakened approximately between may 2020 to now – (born between 1970 and 1993) – and told me (telepathic) they need guidence from their helpers group.

There was a download (activation) last night around 9:00 PM Dutch time 21:00 – a larger group (about 30.000 seeds) becomes this week fully activated – to help making the shift from golden gate 5 to golden gate 6 in a telepathic way.

The transition (gate 5) to the actual relaunch of the (re)building of the old civilizations in a modern outfit (gate 6) 😉 Thank you all for your work in advance, you are wonderful ❤.

But you have to clear the pineal gland – like brushing your teeth – every day – Warning: that our group is beïng observed since august 2020 – by the en.counters – via al.go.ritm from the Internet, please be carefull not being taken over by it.

If you want more information, please do NOT contact me privately – If I feel it’s important to contact- I will do that myself 😉 Share your message and drawings openly – you will recognize, connect or resonate with each other yourself.In lak’ech,

From Heidy With love ❤
Take care.

A new planetary logo has been released, which I had the honor to work this one out in a channeling with Terra. For those who are attracted to the logo: Information of the channeling with Terra will follow soon. I felt a strong activation. A turning point is now in progress, we need to be persistent and patient, but we will be successful in our Mission on Earth.

I had a pretty weird dream last night, our mom and our sister had downloaded a form from the internet – and they asked for my help to fill it out. That form was questions from the birth trust, but really weird questions that were about a funeral, it has something to do with politics and society.


I am not used to this one from myself, it was a strange energy on which I bowed myself. It felt as if some kind of organism was crawling over the Earth and I could not explain what was going on, but I am not just here to spread light, also to warn humanity when necessary. I Hope this Message and Drawings are alowed by the Administrators of this group ❤

My visions and channelings of the past few weeks don’t lie about it, Puffff it’s heavy material. They’re about the taking over of humanity, they tackle the Lightworkers and Starseeds that are coming out, and they’re being taken over via the Internet.

Deep soul connections are being disconnected, broken and disrupted, and that must not happen. What is it we are not allowed to know?What is it we are not allowed to see? As I went deeper and deeper inside, I felt that many people have been blocked, emptied and as if we have to start all over again what we have worked out.

The ‘emptiness’ has been necessary to see what was going on in the world, in ourselves and how we can come back into our light powers. As if we were massively tested by our soul families, it Felt as if we had lost our Soulwings and could not work anymore, like we were used to. This is happening for weeks now, maby months.

But these are ‘attacks’ to keep us in the dark as much as possible. Where are we today? What is it you haven’t mastered yet?What gift don’t you dare to grasp yet?Do you meditate daily? Are you in good contact with your body, soul and Mother Earth?

How does your ‘earthly’ network of beloved ones, friends and family fit in to the lives we have bin chosen? For everyone who feels ‘closed off’ I have a few words that might be useful or maybe not 😉

Try today to see how you are doing, ask yourself what you truly need. How many things in your life do you do that are really good for you? It is time to go deep inside, because we are facing another difficult time for the next few months, in which many attempts will be made by our (unconsiousness) environment to keep us out of the Light as much as posible.

Don’t Fall for That One!!

When you are empty and tired, leave the Internet immidiatly. Turn off your Wifi, don’t sleep with your phone with you, turn off the 4 and 5G networks and make sure youre house is filled with light and beautiful music. Sing, dance and don’t let your light taken Away by Anything!

Meditate, visualize and stay in touch with your Soulwings (these can never be taken away). Connect with the Earth, the Schumann Resonance, your own frequencies, your own incarnation density and stay with yourself – Always. No matter what ‘test’ you are currently facing, you will overcome it by understanding what is going on.

That we consist of organism and that the organism is used to ‘survive’ through looping systems, repeating – The Old Pains and sufferings You do not Need anymore. Notice in which you are repeated over and over again and step out of it by seeing what is going on. These are not The Usual Drawings, But Important enough to share.

You are asked to Look and not let yourself be taken over by Daily Troubles. Why I received these warnings is just to tell some of you that it is nothing to worry about, but that there are a number of forces at work that will NEVER beat the light, we are so Strong 🙂❤

Breath the whole Environment in, and Blow out Pure Love the whole day, it will bring some Rest ..

With Love, Heidy …

Channeling 8-10-2020
Dear Ones.

If You Resonate with this Drawing, this information maby will be for You. Long Time no seen excuse me for that. 🙂

It took many months, but Working Hard here to write all information down. Last months I received Many Codes from my Soulfamily and I had to bring the Codes all together, which was not entirely easy for me as Earth Alchemist Logowriter.We all have had a Rough time, and it’s not over yet.

Schumann Resonance and Terra are totaly helping Us with the Planetary Upgrades, and also the Solar logo’s are shining bright for Us to Relaise all Poisoned habbets, thoughts and feelings.Many physical bodies are being fully DNA upgraded to 5th incarnation density, Because many incarnation Rays of 7th, 8th and 9th density want to Incarnate into those 5D physical body’s.

The New Children are linked to their Spiritual Parents and to Terra (earth). They have never worn a physical Modern Body before.They are currently choosing parents who are at least Incarnated from the fifth, sixth, and seventh Rays solar systems, so fully spiritual Awake and Working.It is a great honor to welcome these children into our families.

At this moment there are around 30,000 Seeds all ready incarnated as Forerunners, who have never worn a Modern human body like this One. Maby You are One of them. (Last life Hybornia and Early Lemuria, or as Elemental present at that Time).

These ‘Starseeds’ come from the Elemental worlds, and had helped Us a Lot in the Old Times. They Worked a lot with the Hyborian and Lemurian shamanistic and Wiccan Souls. They will be very good for Human and Nature.

When you resonate with this drawing I made, you maybe need more information about yourself or your Starseed Child who never had a Body before. They are highly telepathic and even telekinetic And connected to the Five Elements from Earth.

The first 30,000 Forerunners Are incarnated with a Mark in the form of a storkbite, Freckle, birthmark or otherwise on the Spot of their naturaly Born Spiritual Gifts.

They are Mostly incarnated on North and West European Grounds and at between 25 and 45 Years. They themselves or their parents are of European descent, but may have emigrated to other parts of the world so that this target group can be spread and grow.It Took about 20 Years for them to incarnate, because the Density was very Massive for a long time.

They are Forerunners and The True 5D system-changers and educators.If you want to know more, please contact me in This Post and tell Your Story shortly, so toghether we can Find Out. It’s for Free as Usual like all of my Collective Work …

With Love and in Lak’ech from Heidy

7-7-2020 Dear Ones,

If you take some time (about 15 minutes), I want to help you to Develop Your Powers. Therefore it is important to get in touch with The Angelic Soul Wings we all cary in ourself. Most ‘Angelwings’ are Broken, Damaged or not developed. And most souls don’t even know that.

The Wings of our Soul contains colors, shapes, forms, vibrations and frequencies. They are always attuned to Higher Self and Higher Heart Consciousness. They are linked to the Central Sun. When I give a healing I call them our Angelwings, but the Wings look different by everyone. Some souls have Butterfly wings, Dragonfly or Elf wings, but there are also souls who have the shapes of Angelwings.

Often in my work I discover that when the Wings of Our soul are damaged, small, or un-used, then the Soul is not able to fully express their cosmic gifts, and will not receive the Codes properly.

That’s why I made a Free Healing Video with al the needed frequences and Lightcodes to tune your Wings with the Deepest Intention (thoughts and feelings) to Spread your Wings and Heal them Yourself.

Maybe you can feel what they look like, how they feel, what colors they have. It’s interesting to record yourself on Video when you do this Healing and placing Codes by yourself.

The Binaural Beats are the sound frequencies needed to make the connection with the Higher Heart, Cosmos and Earth. It’s an sorth of exercise that you could do every day for a while, so that the Light you carry within you gets bigger and bigger.

With Love from Heidy


This One came on paper this week … I felt that this One was made for the Blue Ray, Crystalline, Rainbow Starseeds (The Delta Soul Group), who had difficult Lives on Earth, Or difficulties to come out as Who they Are as Highly Gifted Souls …

The Codes of Hope, Love, and Conviction, belief in innocence and inner goodness, transforming Rage into Love. This is a visual Embodiment of the Power of Divine love and restoring grace – Oneness, Balance.Coded messages came one by one, and I could not Stop Drawing, it was so nice to make this one.

You can have dreams in which you are as it were “awake” and you feel connected to everything and everyone. This is the level where the “dreams” are prophetic in nature. Most of the images observed at this level can become reality in the material world.”

It’s a Strong Portal, activated about 4 years ago, and the last two years slowly become Activated for Many. Hope You are all Well in this Transmission and Awakening to ONE.

First Wavers
(Master) Gatekeepers
Light Beacons
Visionairs and seeners
Interdimensional Travelers
Crystal, Diamond, Rainbow, Blue Ray Starseeds
The Messengers
Code Writers and Alchemists
Ascension Guides and Wayshowers
The Connectors

Lot’s of Love …
From Heidy ❤


Last night I woke up (2:12) with an unknown and annoying pain at the bottom of my back. In a meditation I took out a kind of chip (energetically of course 🙂 ) that looked like some kind of implant.

Normally I can easily get in contact with Mother Earth, but it was almost impossible today. When I removed the chip I was back in my familiar ‘dimension’ …

I ‘held’ the chip throughout the whole meditation, after which I had to ‘clean up’ vertebra by vertebra … Maybe these are new attacks on code writers? The Alchemists of Earth? Trust me, I know about almost all attacks on lightworkers and energetic ‘pollutions’, it’s the shadow work I do next to my light work (24 years now) but this one was new to me.

The drawing that followed looked like this and I wonder if there are more people who have (had) this, or the simular kind of drawing or experience? The codes had to do with the spinal vertebrae. Everything was ready exactly at 4:14, the back pain is now slowly pulling away, but not over yet (I know I’m a sissy) 😉

This morning I made a protection Lightcoded healing video. Just one hour before I made the video, my grandson fell from the stairs, he is in pain on his face and a lot of bruises, but it looks like he’s okay. Pfffieuw.

25-5-2019 – Dear Ones, Last night at 3:33 I was awakened from my sleep by my soulfamily, that it was ‘channel time’ again for the collective good. It was a spicy one this time, full of symbols, feelings and light codes.

About 45 minutes later this drawing came out, which was finished exactly at 5:55, these are the symbols I saw, and the light language I felt, spoke and recorded.I would like to have some help from you in deciphering this, In spite of the fact that I have received a lot of information myself (in my own language haha).

I felt that more people were involved in this channeling / healing (about 1000 very experienced channelers, dreamers and astral travelers) 🙏It was also a warning, as a prophecy (forcast) aswell a global healing.

I was in a womb, inside the earth, and felt a regeneration of mankind, and saw a giant placenta.Important words: Bear, Lion, earth (Matrix), scythe, sickle, Womb, pentagon, Union, balance, tilt of the earth, black and white, sea, fire, Fall.

Both sadness and a healing as well, I also cried and felt a lot of fear by human kind, protection but also a tilt of the earth (to the left), in which a lot of black energy would come up, to be released. We need to boost our telekinetic gifts and do a global meditation on this group with those gifts collective …

The healing was a spoken Lightlanguage, that I had to record, now put on Youtube, it’s an spoken activation of the telekenetic gifts … (Lemurian)Thank You so much …

With Love from Heidy

26-3-2020 – Dear Ones .. 🙏 Please take the Time to read this, and forgive me my grammatical mistakes 😅

The term “spiritual bypassing” was coined by psychologist John Welwood in 1984. Welwood saw that using spiritual ideas and practices to avoid facing unresolved emotional issues and psychological wounds”It’s all stored in our physical and energetic DNA ….

Most “spiritual people” fly too much, too high, fully relying on oracles, cards, angels and ascended masters etc etc … But right now, as the transition to higher consciousness is fully encoded in our growing humanity, we are in danger of ending up in a spiritual bypass.

It is very important to fully embody, feel and master yourself and the spiritual lessons jou get in life … All lightcodes are placed in our energetic DNA, but they must enter the BODY DNA also, so we can realy work out the deepest (sexual) traumas of this life and past lives …

When we are not fully embodied, we run the risk of being taken over by shadows, shapeshifters, entities, earthly and human influences from the outside … Most lightworkers and starseeds are damaged souls and human children who have experienced deep traumas in ALL lives, dimensions, universes & parallels…

When these traumas cannot be worked out properly, there is a risk of attracting wrong love partners and relations, work, friends etc etc … Our lessons in this life will NOT be learned or proper mirrord, because we are too far away and too distracted by the wrong lessons … The mirrors and the lessons become too heavy …

And I see the most beautifull souls locked up in their own body from flesch and blood… It’s so sad to see that they comit suïcide, getting serious psychological and physical problems …

Many lightworkers or starseeds cannot handle life & relations on earth, and will never be able to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL aspects from this 3 dimensional world …In raising our children on earth, our future starseeds will learn that the 3D world is bad, sad and dangerous, in stead of beautifull!!!! 🤩

Please take some notice and attention to this, and learn to feel the deepest DNA structures, so you can become your highest self on earth … You want to activate The code? Please Watch this video:…

With love 🙏

5-3-2020 Dear Ones … I want to share with you a drawing I made last week .. The Devine Union … Restore the inner flames in ourselve first, so we can relate with others without the painbody, without family lines and 3D connected conditioning actions … We own our OWN power, strength, love & freedom … Many relations are difficult now … Stay strong, stay clean from all the lines … It’s so beautifull to love the real way …


Once again we will focus on the obvious. This is the Theme and will remain a Theme as long as it is needed to understand the whole happening! This is about a piece of history and the future in which we will look at – what we have learned – The first steps to an ascended humanity starts with Waking Up! Opening your eyes and living from your own core values. Because there are so many things you can know and learn and be a part of. As soon as you are able to receive these words in wisdom, the change begins – within the heart.  

The catalyst to learn how to become a softer person starts with yourselve, so that you will eventually create a softer humanity. All the answers to many questions we’ve asked in the past seem unsolvable – but they’re not. And for a long time, we receive many messages from channelers, New Agers, and esoteric believers who continue to spread the same message consistently. That we humans are transformable and first will be 5D conscious, to eventually become 5D in flesh and blood. But the opposition of many is great, because many continue to believe that there is no solution for improvement. What most do not yet understand is that we have the instruments in our own hands, but that they are not obvious. Sometimes it is important NOT to be explanatory and intellectual and to act with the brain, but much more from resonance and feeling, the inner knowledge.   

Many have already been born with golden cells in their DNA, from the ancient Lemuria, and many still have to start changing this DNA, because the golden cells in that DNA need to be activated. The big change will take place at the end of 2016 to 20126, with a lot of help from higher vibrations, frequencies and rays being downloaded in our system. As a result, consciousness will also reveal new ideas, shapes and developments. New ideas and shapes create different modalities that you would never have thought possible, but it is all about to happen – at this moment. The ways to integrate 5D on Earth are unprecedented, and the best is to just start there, to start to begin – within your own small platforms – yourself, your children – and your environment.

Solutions to centuries-old problems cannot be solved immediately – and belongs to the OLD thinking – the old programs. And I’m going to tell you that it’s important to know, that you have to learn to walk first, before you can learn to run. The first steps to higher consciousness, initially the 5D heart consciousness are actually quite simple, yes even for a beginner who is learning – and still busy with the trivialities of life, which don’t even matter – because aother things are important. And it is precisely these first simple steps that seem exceptionally difficult for the most of you.

Do not take the information below too lightly, but make it as personal as possible, relate it to yourself, your own life, your own shortcomings and your own transition processes. And maybe you have heard or read it all already and all the information is old-fashioned for you, but I still want to tell you that there will be a lot of people at the front of the process.

Let me tell you something dear people, you see your children grow up, you teach them what you have learned yourself, you teach them how they can get further in life, how they can achieve certain things and get it done. Year after year the child develops a self-awareness to overcome and to have everything under control. The child eventually ends up on an island of his or her own where he or she only has to think of himself or herself – and not to think about you, or your feelings. The child, in the old days – should have to learn – to turn on a protection mode to be able to – Survive.

You understand, dear parents, that this is NOT the time to teach your child. This is not the time to tell them which job to take, how to talk, what to say, where to walk, how loud to sing, or how to behave – and learn the etiquette! You can at least try to teach your child to deal with the fact that there is more around them, than just themselves, and that there are things that are much bigger than themselves or the island on which they live. But don’t bother children with your own old programming, conditions, and how you would like to see it, or want it to be – the child is a traveler and an adventurer and there are special qualities hidden in it, qualities that you parents often don’t see, or even recognize.

Only when the child itself chooses to get off its island, there is room and place for the teaching of the higher conscious, not before! Perhaps you can teach them about what the survival mode – in this world – looks like with all its peculiarities. Maybe you can teach them to form a good image of Mother Earth, its present human children and the suffering that is inflicted on the animals. Do you already get a bit of an idea about the collective problem – inherent in the current ‘parenting problems’ – the unnaturally cultured and preformed culture – maybe your child is the 5D politician – so release this child and only give a helping hand when necessary!

Everyone will have to overcome the singularity of the survival consciousness. You have to go beyond the singularity of survival consciousness. This looks like fear, imbalance, isolation and a singular vision. The collective survival consciousness can be compared to the rebellious adolescent who is in IK mode on an island. The survival consciousness has put itself in a bubble, because it is too scared to see what else is out there. The first step to a higher consciousness is simply to recognize the patterns of ‘survival’. All you have to do is look at them and – get out – by understanding that you no longer need to be in this modality. You can relax.

Part of that is to trust YOURSELF, where the other does not trust himself yet. And maybe now you could say that you don’t really understand what I mean by the collective consciousness of survival, but let me try to give you an example: we live in a kind of collective consciousness of conquest, we have to conquer, we have to climb that mountain before we can prevail, we have to perform in order to show to others, WHAT we are – NO, we don’t have to!  

I’ll give you only a single example out of many, but I want to give you only one example out of a much larger something. Meaning, a change of consciousness on planet Earth, changes EVERYTHING – do you read that correctly? It changes not only the esoteric people, not only those who are spiritually ‘engaged’. The 5D consciousness in flesh and blood already has a 7D consciousness – so is going to change everything and everyone, because there are political structures, rulers of the world – the big fall – it cannot and never will be stopped – it is already busy and will be completely changed by 2026.

Everything and everyone is going to change, by the time many lightworkers and starseeds will be creating platforms together, actively working on the changes of their own old structures. As soon as the transcended man will rise up – stand out – the government will rise up and do everything they can to diminish the great collective light – their mouths will literally be gagged!

It changes how global business is done, governments regulate their affairs, not to mention politics! Let’s take the example of politics. A politician has to conquer and if they campaign, they want to conquer that which you as a FREE man are. They want YOU and your thoughts, they want you to be the one who decides that they are the best. They want to have your opinion and YOUR vision and go from place to place, from human to human, they say what they have to say or what you want to hear. This way they conquer – your thoughts and decisions. And as soon as they are at the TOP, they find themselves invincible and become almost instantly – The Absolute Opponent. 

This is pure isolation creation, global control, individualization – transhumanism of all humanity – and they will go very far – just watch our words! And maybe now you say – well – this is how it is, we just have to live with it – this is normal. But NO it is not – it may be ‘normal’ in 3D way of thinking – the OLD energy – but the 5D in flesh and blood – will start to resist some absurd political decisions – the disproportionate course of events.

Let’s make another small sketch of what it could look like:with which we can visualize ourselves immediately: Say that the politics of conquest has fallen and that there would be a politics that speaks of compassion, wisdom, honesty, openness, maturity and humanity. THE politician who, with a charismatic approach, can bring in the ‘political points of view’, to give the wiser approach to what it is trying to achieve. This politician does not know hatred, does not blacken people, does not walk past the other, and does not say that the opponent is ugly, has a bad job or bad ideas. It is unthinkable for this politician to make the other person small and criticize them. Instead, he or she is able to congratulate the other person on their ideas and is open to exchanging each other’s views and ideas. This politician does not reach the finishing line, fists on the table to overcome – He or she is in agreement.      

This politician is mature, wise and friendly to others and I’m sure that many of you will now say: This will never work! But we in turn say – perhaps not quite at first – but it will work as soon as this higher conscious politician is hired – accepted and accepted – by the many counterparts – the one who really dares to stand up for balance, openness and honesty – BALANCE!

This little example is how the collective and social ego-consciousness works and if you understand what I mean to say, you will also understand the problem of the whole (your) CHILDREN humanity. As sheep following each other, creating illusion created by politicians – of sowing fear, creating division, separating, silencing – power structures and therefore being trapped in – the old empire – of the Vatican, the royal houses, governments, mainstream media, industrial revolutions – etcetera – in a flesh-and-blood shell.

Tremendous shifts will take place which will cause tremendous turbulence at the end of this period of time and we will move into a new decade – 2020 – as the greatest shift of all that will awaken both planetary and solar – platformers, shadows and star seeds en masse from their sleep – and the New Human – for the new Earth will be formed and downloaded in that period – the transition from 5D in flesh and blood and the shift to 7D consciousness – we no longer take it – and are our own co-creation.

Politics will rebel – they have been given many cosmic secrets – and don’t be alarmed if they engage in biological warfare, taking away freedoms, privileges, and they will terrorize our personal lives – but don’t worry – they won’t win. The first steps are – you yourselves – and even if it all seems utopian – it isn’t – because you too are part of this enormous shift, the tilt that the darkness will come back into balance – will become one and work together with the light.