Amalgamation Akasha

“weet je héél zeker
dat een tomaat rood is?”

There are many Upgrades (and Downloads) being done from the Collective DNA 'field' and we are not done yet 😊 To those of you who resonate with this: Many of you are working to release Knowledge parts from the Tablets of the Akashic Field encoded. The Akashic Field is a kind of Cosmic 'Computer' where Encrypted & Secured Knowledge is stored from the many Layers of the Expanse.

A lot of the Knowledge had been confiscated and distributed within your "higher" DNA compartments, thus pushed into the background and forgotten. The collective Vibrations have improved enough to make small inflections of Time, so that the distortions within your Fields have been eliminated to a great extent.

This is possible thanks to the tremendous cleansing that has been going on in the Collective Fourth Realm of Consciousness, those who helped and are still helping with the cleansing of the Ether - the Transformers of Energies, through which we have now arrived at the Collective Fifth Realm of Consciousness for a small part of Humanity, to be found in the Expanse of Time - the sense of Continuum.

We would like to tell you that there are Twenty-Two Translucent White winged incarnations worldwide who have 'taken' a fully recovered Tablet from the Akascha fields into their DNA and these are being collectively 'released' to Humanity/the World, to assist you in 'remembering' the Knowledge from your former Journeys within all the Times you have been in.

Herein we find ( in advance 😉 ) the first Knowledge Bearers from the Era's of Hybornea, Lemuria / Transition Atlantis. And we hereby close the Era's from your DNA, where the Trauma parts of all the 'non-advanced civilizations' that followed were stored in your epigenetic and soul part 'memories'.

This means that you, incarnated Atlanteans, Lemurians and Hyborneans can once again be present in full Force within these fields of action. In this time of Human, Planetary and Universal Ascension, it is becoming increasingly important that you learn to be present from Resonance and not from Mental or Intelligent Standards of Understanding.

Encoded Symbols, Speech and Language from the Light Field do not contain any Artificially Developed Forms of Verbal Thinking or wanting to Explain 'written words' the Human Language and Scripture, developed by the Extraterrestrials intended as an artificial algorithmic tracking system, received through the Ether thus influencing for Humanity the Fourth Realm of Consciousness, the 'spiritual experience'.

'Wanting to understand written words' is often one of the main disturbances within your Frequency Fields that cause small time inflections within the Ether of your own lived Reality and Non-Reality.

Remember, you are present in the Modern Human Body, which still has very few human components, therefore acts as an organic and inorganic controlled "DNA device" and it is dependent upon your Inner Vibrations how "controllable" this DNA is. So we keep repeating, how stronger the inner Vibrations vibrate, the less 'governability' therefore, to be able to be present more from one's own Knowledge & Wisdom, the Human Being, to work without disruption or deflection.

You are temporarily Working for Terra (TaR-RaH), the Mother Planet you have chosen to work within a very small part of the Human DNA contributing to Human Ascension. In addition, from your 'higher' DNA compartments - the so-called 97% Trash DNA - contributing to preventing the imploding of this universe time whereby much of the Original Knowledge within these Time Fields could be Lost.

There are many advanced Nations present within these Human Incarnational Bodies and involved with the Universal Ascension (Expansion of the Continuum), therefore also the Soul Ascension (Expansion of the Soul Vibrations) going on for this moment, operating within a Planetary Cyclic Terra Time.

The First Twelve Translucent White Winged incarnations contain Encoded and Encrypted information from the first Twelve Tablets/Platforms/Tables/Settlements that are currently in full construction/composition for the new civilizations of Terra.

The Second Generation of Twelve Translucent White Winged Incarnations are in Collaboration with the First Twelve, thereby your Telepathic 'Earth' Companions and they are all now Incarnated, Hidden and Secured from the Extraterrestrials and Artificial Intelligence, working for you to guide the Future Platforms.

They and your Platform Builders are under Protection of our Councils, Terra and the Real Galactic Federation ( so not the Fake One 😉 ) and You carry the more Technical Codes for Completion/ Merging of Knowledge from the Heart and Knowing - presently in full swing, the Amalgamation of the 5th to 7th Knowledge Fields, startup of the 8th Knowledge Field - bringing in the information you have been bringing in.

For many of you, the 5th through 7th and the 8th Knowledge Fields from the Akashic Tablets are not yet Complete in your DNA, because a ' security module ' has been built to distribute the Encrypted Blueprint Encodings across many incarnations (the Knowledge Carriers). To release the information from the DNA Tablets into the collective 'work fields' in your DNA which will flow into you in Telepathic Ways.

Er zaten/zitten in jullie niet-menselijke DNA compartimenten een aantal ‘obstructies’ waardoor de coderingen en versleutelingen niet volledig vrij konden stromen, daardoor ‘vervormd’ de velden binnenkwamen. We hebben daarom Collectief even moeten wachten omdat er meerdere Optekeningen voor nodig waren om de informatie uit te lezen en de ‘verstoringen’ op te lossen, waardoor velen van jullie op pauze werden gezet wat nu is opgeheven. Fijn even Tijd gehad om met het Aardse te verbinden 🥰

Degenen, werkzaam binnen het Akasha DNA veld, de Alchemisten / Codeschrijvers zullen de ‘Verloren Kennis’ via Optekeningen vanuit Oude Geschriften, Versleutelde Coderingen, Symbolieken, Sigils en andere Schrijfsels ‘vrijlaten’ opdat de Kennis die jullie dragen als ‘hogere zelven’ kunnen worden ontvangen en bijgevoegd worden in het Werkveld – de Collectieve Kracht. We zijn nog steeds op de goede weg, Volledig gecodeerd ‘geschreven’ voor de Ontvangers Hiervan, verblijven we Werkzaam vanuit jullie ‘Trash DNA’ 😉