Soms krijgen we mensen in de praktijk waarvan we de eer hebben om hun hologram te mogen uitlezen en optekenen die ook geldt voor een stukje collectief, namelijk de Andromedanen. Zoals gewoonlijk begonnen we alvast aan het uitlezen van het DNA en het optekenen van het hologram, maar we konden vreemd genoeg maar één richting uit. Toch nog ons best gedaan om zoveel mogelijk informatie uit het DNA en hologram te halen, maar iets klopte er niet, dit hadden we nog niet meegemaakt.

Around half past nine a sweet, somewhat elderly lady walked into the room and we sat down at the table in 'reading mode' with pen and paper. It was very difficult for us to get through her fields, so we had to clean up a bit before we could start reading.

We went through her energy field, cleaned up a bit here and there, did a little research here and there into 'the unknown' and suddenly we saw a kind of black umbrella dominating right above her antenna - hmmm interesting.

Een antenne is een soort ontvangstcentrum die door het hologram heen vloeit en deze treffen we aan bij mensen die in hun DNA een soort ‘sonar system’ dragen, zoals dolfijnen en walvissen deze dragen om met elkaar te kunnen communiceren. Soms hangen ze wat scheef, is er een kleine ‘correctie’ nodig of staan ze gewoon mooi recht :)

The human sonar is operating from the 178th full intact 'higher' helix coupling which means that she was evolving or expanding from her original 'soul vibrations' into what you referred to as an 'angelic being'.

Angelic beings can transmit waves/vibrations from a number of specific realms that are picked up by soul beings who are within the teachings of the 178th helix coupling of the human astral incarnation body. But something was still missing, so we continued to travel through her DNA and Hologram.

On the first drawing/writing we went to work with that and we found a total 'empty side' in her hologram and we were permitted to communicate this to her ... And she gently said to me, Heidy, I once let made a complete horoscope many years ago and they told me that this one was half empty, so it is so special that you are saying that now too.

Once breaking through the "black umbrella" and clearing it, information finally came pouring in. Eons ago she was expanding in vibration with more advanced incarnational bodies becoming available.

We were dealing with an Andromedian here!

The incarnation bodies of Andromedans carry a different density than those of Humans and this density is similar to the density of water. Many Andromedans incarnated / descended to this fifth universe time 5000 years ago to come and share their cosmic knowledge with the ' Humans'.

The story is long, but many of you descended to this 5th universe time to prevent an implosion of many eons of time. You were not only here to save Terra and her Children from being taken over and destroyed by malevolent aliens. But you were also here to prevent this universe time from imploding.

Metaphorically: When a many eons of time implodes (which has happened more often within the omniverse) then the soul vibrations that are making their learning experiences here are set back overnight from a comfy warm house to a cold ice age cave.

Velen van jullie werden ook vastgezet binnen het DNA incarnatieloopingsysteem en vastgehouden onder de 4.9 helixkoppeling waardoor jullie niet meer terug naar huis konden. Dit verhaal kennen jullie inmiddels wel een beetje, dat velen nu upgrades binnen het DNA krijgen, opdat jullie straks lekker weer terug naar jullie families kunnen accelereren.

On the drawing/writing we began the 'merging' and the empty area became more and more 'filled' with information. This lady in the practice had been working in this universe for eons, her last home planet ( we are all travelers from the Source Age <3 ) was Andromeda.

Andromedans are beautifully advanced and loving nations who have built ingenious civilizations from their advanced incarnational bodies. Like many of you, coming from the last home planet Andromeda, you have traveled to Earth after the "emergency wave" sent out by Terra (TaR-RaH), which you captured with your sonars, to save her from her destruction.

Jullie waren hier om geavanceerde kennis te komen delen met de mensheid en om bij te dragen aan de bouw van de nieuwe beschavingen van het Aquariustijdperk (dit is niet iets moderns, maar al 5000 jaar gaande :) ) .

The work of Nicolai Tesla, for example, also of Andromedan descent, is an excellent example of this. Andromedans mostly work with energetically "available resources," where the extraterrestrial malcontents led you astray to use Terra's (paid) resources like oil and gas to generate energy.

From your "higher" DNA compartments that are exchanged with Andromeda via Sonars, you can use the Andromedan "working wings" in this human incarnation. You are in contact with the water, the ley lines, the higher frequencies, the cosmic calculations and in you we find the science that cannot be described in words.

Most of You Folks know what happened with Tesla, with the hiding and withholding of cosmic science, what happened with the Tartarians confiscating and taking over certain knowledge and keeping Humans "stupid. And this does not mean that you possess the specific science that Tesla possessed, but this means than in each of you there is a unique gift that has to do with generating and directing energy.

Many of you carry a natural intrinsic talent, such as knowledge about the holistic and physical body, architecture, astrology, philosophy, chemistry, anatomy, surgery, sculpting, writing, composing and in this way to put your wings to work for Humanity.

Well, then we 'went to work' and were able to recover a lot of lost information for this very sweet Andromedan galactic angel apparition lady <3 She had lost her one work wing ( its information had been taken from the DNA ) and in this one working wing there were sounds, music & writing and in her other working wing she represented kinesiology in her human work form for many years already.

We have asked for a collective Healing to be given to the many Loving and Advanced Andromedans who once incarnated here to come and help and got stuck within the DNA Looping System causing their Sonars to be 'taken away'.

It is up to you to stop being afraid of your environment and to come out as your true self. Feel free to get back in touch with the child you once were. Perhaps you dreamed of becoming a writer, singer, composer, or painter, so that you could spread your natural frequencies that would have a healing effect on people.

Recognize yourself in the heartbeat of Mother Terra, reconnect with water, wind, fire, nature, dolphins, whales, ley lines, music, singing bowls, Hand Drums and anything else that has an attraction to you.

Door dit te doen verhogen jouw trillingen en frequenties, verbetert het DNA, en herstelt jouw Sonar, waardoor de innerlijke leegte weer wordt opgevuld met eigen unieke kennis. Jij bent hier om te spelen, maar ook om jouw kennis met anderen te delen, welke kennis dit ook moge inhouden – houd je geen dag langer in :)

Maak zoveel mogelijk van deze tijdelijke thuisplaneet Terra een warm thuis, opdat jullie helixkoppelingen weer worden hersteld en op deze wijze met jullie verloren Tribe/Familie kunnen verenigen naar een prachtige collectieve samenwerking naar een betere wereld.

Dear extraordinary Heidy, Thank you again for the knowledge and insights I received from you last Friday. The beautiful hologram drawing and explanations are on my dining table. I gave myself a bouquet of flowers that I believe match the hologram and myself. My body is all vibration at the moment. Energy is flowing from my hands and I am so happy and grateful for what you have given me. Oh yes as a child I heard, as I called it, morse signs. I also had my own little sound, especially when I was tired and spoke to myself in my own special little language. That all came up again this morning. I had not forgotten it but it was tucked away deep.

I'm going to start!!!! I'm looking forward to it!!!! And we are going to meet again. Thank you again for everything you have given me. Especially the writing I received this morning. A wonderful surprise!!!