Ascended Humanity

“sta op om te stralen
straal vervolgens harder om op te staan”

23-05-2018 - Once again we will focus on the obvious. This is the Theme and will remain a Theme as long as it is necessary to understand the whole thing! This is about a piece of history and the future where we will look at - what we have learned - The first steps to an ascended humanity starts with Waking up! Opening your eyes and living from your own core values. Because there are so many things you can know and learn and be a part of. Once you are able to receive these words in wisdom, the change begins - in the heart.  

The catalyst for learning how to become a softer person begins with yourself, so that you will ultimately create a softer humanity. All the answers to many questions we have asked in the past seem unsolvable - but they are not. And for a long time we have been receiving many messages from channelers, New Agers and esoteric believers who consistently continue to spread the same message.

That we humans are transformable and will first become 5D conscious, to eventually become 5D in flesh and blood. But the resistance of many is strong, as many continue to believe that there is no solution for improvement. What most do not yet understand is that we have the tools in our own hands, but they are not obvious. Sometimes it is important NOT to be explanatory and intellectual and act with the brain, but much more from resonance and feeling, the inner knowing.   

Many have already been born with gold cells in their DNA, from ancient Lemuria, Hybornea and even older Civilizations. Many are still going to start changing this DNA, because the gold cells in that DNA will go activated. The great change will take place at the end of 2016 to 2026, with much help from high and very deep vibrations, frequencies and rays being downloaded into our system.

As a result, consciousness will also reveal new ideas, forms and developments. New ideas and forms create different modalities that you never thought possible, but it is all about to happen - right now. The ways to integrate 5D on Earth are unprecedented, and the best thing is to just start there - within your own little platforms - yourself, your children, your relationship, your work environment - and learn how it works within yourself.

Solutions to age-old problems cannot be solved immediately because many of you still have OLD thinking. The plasma brain is on its way, so are the DNA changes and improvements, but you will first learn to get out of your own old programs. And we are going to tell you that it is important to know that before you can learn to run, you must first learn to walk.

The first steps to higher consciousness, initially the 5D conscious, are actually very simple, yes even for a beginner who is learning - and still preoccupied with the trivialities of life that don't even matter - because other things are more important to the real greater and higher good - that you become Unity Conscious - Source Conscious. And it is precisely these first simple steps that seem extremely difficult for most of you.

Don't take the information below lightly, but make it as personal as possible, relate it to yourself, your own life, your own shortcomings and your own transition processes. And maybe you've heard or read it all and all the information is old-fashioned for you, but I still want to tell you that there will be a lot of people at the forefront of the process.

Let me tell you something dear people, you watch your children grow up, you teach them what you yourself have learned, you teach them how to progress in life, how to achieve and get certain things done. Year after year, the child develops a self-awareness to overcome and control everything. The child eventually ends up on an island of its own where it only has to think about itself - and no longer about you, or your feelings. The child, earlier - should learn - to engage a protection mode in order to - Survive.

You understand, dear parents, that this is NOT the time to lecture your child. This is not the time to tell them what job to take, how to talk, what to say, where to walk, how loud to sing, or how to behave - and learn etiquette! You can at least try to teach your child that there is more around him than himself, and that there are things much bigger than himself or the island he lives on. But don't bother children with your own old programming, states, and how you would like it to be, or wish it to be - the child is a traveler and an adventurer, and there are special qualities hidden in that, qualities that you as parents often don't see, or even recognize.

Only when the child chooses to come off his island by himself, is there room and space for the teaching of higher consciousness, not before! Perhaps you can teach them what survival mode - in this world - looks like with all its peculiarities. Perhaps you can teach them to take a good look at Mother Earth, her current human children and the suffering inflicted on the animals. Are you already getting some idea of the collective problem - inherent in today's 'parenting' problems - the unnaturally cultivated and preformed culture - maybe your child is the 5D politician - so let go of this child and only lend a hand when needed!

Everyone will have to overcome the singularity of survival consciousness. You have to go beyond the singularity of survival consciousness. This looks like fear, imbalance, isolation and singular vision. The collective survival consciousness can be compared to the rebellious adolescent sitting on an island in ME mode. The survival consciousness has put itself in a bubble because it is too afraid to see what else is out there. The first step to higher consciousness is simply to recognize the patterns of "survival. All you have to do is look at them and - step out of them - by understanding that you no longer need to be in this modality. You can relax.

Part of it is that you have to rely on YOURSELF, where the other person is not yet doing that themselves. And maybe now you could say that you don't really understand what I mean by the collective consciousness of survival, but let me try to give you an example: we live in a kind of collective consciousness of conquest, we have to conquer, we have to climb that mountain before we can triumph, we have to perform to show to others, WHAT we are - NO, we don't have to do that!

I will give you just one example out of many, but I want to give you just one example out of a much bigger thing. I mean, a change of consciousness on planet Earth, changes EVERYTHING - do you read that right? It changes not only the esoteric people, not only those who are spiritually 'busy'. The 5D consciousness in flesh and blood already has a 7D consciousness - so everything and everyone is going to change, because there are political structures, rulers of the world - the great fall - it cannot and will never be stopped - it is already happening and will be completely changed by 2026.

Everything and everyone is going to change, by the time many lightworkers and starseeds will be creating platforms together, actively working to change their own old structures. Once the transcended human will rise up - stand out - the government will rise up against humanity and do everything possible to reduce the great collective light - Our mouths will literally be gagged! It will change the way business is done worldwide, governments run their affairs, not to mention politics!

Let's take the example of politics. A politician has to conquer and when they campaign, they want to conquer what you are as a FREE human being. They want YOU and your thoughts, they want you to be the one who decides they are the best. They want your opinion and YOUR vision and they go from place to place, from person to person, they say what they have to say or what you want to hear. In this way they conquer - your thoughts and decisions. And once they are at the TOP, they find themselves invincible and almost immediately become - The Absolute Opponent, the Antagonist. 

This is pure isolement creation, global control, individualization - transhumanism of all humanity - and they will go very far - mark our words! And maybe you say now - well - this is how it is, we just have to live with it - this is normal. But NO it is not - it may be 'normal' in the 3D way of thinking - the OLD energy - but the 5D in flesh and blood - will start to resist some absurd political decisions - the disproportionate course of events. 

Let's have another little sketch of what it might look like with which we can immediately visualize ourselves: Suppose the politics of conquest fell and there would be a politics that speaks of compassion, wisdom, honesty, openness, maturity and humanity.

THE politician who can bring in the "political views" with a charismatic approach, to give the wiser approach to what one is trying to achieve. This politician knows no hatred, does not blacken people, does not walk past the other and does not say that the opponent is ugly, has a bad job or has bad ideas. It is unthinkable for this politician to belittle and criticize the other person.

Instead, he or she is able to congratulate the other on his or her ideas and is open to exchanging each other's views and ideas. This politician does not reach the finish line, fists on the table to overcome - he or she is in agreement.      

This politician is mature, wise and kind to others and I am sure many of you will now say, This will never work! But we in turn say - maybe not quite at the beginning - but it will work once this higher conscious politician is hired - accepted and embraced - by the many counterparts - the one who really dares to stand up for balance, openness and honesty - BALANCE!

And this little example is how the collective and social ego consciousness works and if you understand what I mean to say, you will also understand the problem of the whole HUMANITY. Like sheep following each other and watching what the other does, creating illusion created by politicians - of fear mongering, creating division, separating, silencing - power structures and therefore being trapped in - the old empire - of the Vatican, the royal houses, governments, mainstream media, industrial revolutions, pharmaceutical power structures - and so on - in a shell of flesh and blood.

Huge shifts will take place that will cause tremendous turbulence at the end of this time period and we will move into a new decade - 2020 - as the biggest shift of all that will awaken both planetary and solar - platformers, shadows and starseeds en masse from their slumber - and the New Human - for the new Earth will be formed and downloaded during that time period - the transition from 5D in flesh and blood and the shift to 7D consciousness - we no longer take it - and are our own (co) creation.

Politics will revolt - they have been given possession of many cosmic secrets and they have artificially recreated almost the entire spiritual worlds, from Gaia to the Moon, from Gurus to DNA Manipulation - and don't be alarmed when they will wage biological warfare against humanity, take away freedoms and privileges, tear down our air and food, entrepreneurs. They will terrorize our personal lives - but don't worry - they will not win. The first steps are - yourselves - and even if it all seems utopian - it's not - because you too are part of this huge shift, the tilt that the darkness will come back into balance - will become one and cooperate with the light.