The Black Obelisk

“het leven is geen probleem
dat moet worden opgelost”

19/02/2021 - Dear Aquarius Eraers - What a day and what a night!!! There is very hard work going on behind the scenes by many telepathic 'soul beings'. The black Artificial Obelisk over the ocean, that I mentioned earlier - that was still in the ground of the great Oceans in 2016, came up further step by step after quite a few investigations in the last 5 years, where we collectively have been ' pushing up' this obelisk.

Two days ago, the Black Obelisk that was floating above the ocean began to disappear. With a Brother from another Timeline, we had a Live Channeling about this and many other galactic incarnations worked with us. We telekinetically "raised" this Artificial Black Obelisk 0.01% at a specific hour on 17-2-2021 beginning at 3:33 in the Afternoon - Dutch time. This Obelisk got smaller and smaller and poooofed into a tunnel and Disappeared - so the time lock on this has finally come off!

Earlier we discovered that a huge artificial tree had been built under the upward thrusting Black Obelisk that is still under the ground. The original tree of life, from Mother Terra and her DNA incarnation bodies, called Yggdrasil the real tree of life in humans was systematically broken down, which took millions of years.

The artificial tree was built earlier than the Obelisk - that was clearly observable. The Black Obelisk, intended as a Time Lock was placed on top of the artificial tree just 168,000 years ago as a sort of looping-incarnation system within your DNA (interesting!) - with the intention of stopping time on Earth and keeping you in a DNA Loop, as an attempt to continue to harvest souls out of human fear programs.

This huge time lock was built by extraterrestrial malicious creatures and they were put down at many points of the Ley lines with almost every city having a huge obelisk, built to channel the energy to the black Elite and Artificial Intelligence, which would keep them in Power.

The artificial tree was built billions of years before the Black Obelisk and gene experiments were conducted whereby certain steerings could be given to Humanity. The artificial tree contains the steerings within the DNA of black magic, demonic and satanic lineages, Sexual Rites and the 'polluted' artificially developed 4th dimension/ether full of archonts, entities, false assistants and guides etc.

It is just a fun game for them, because they wanted to make the valuable resources of Terra main component of energy and use slaves for this, (the human souls) - to generate as much Power and Division as possible. In addition, they wanted to possess the divine DNA of Real Human (Crone DNA and 0-point energy), take over and exterminate for the rest of Humanity this DNA.

The desire for Transhumanism (dehumanization), de-soulization, harvesting of soul vibrations, building black cubicles to divide the soul vibrations into a minimum of 125 components and so on. These Artificial DNA controls were placed at the blueprint templates in the Human DNA and with this they had the "incarnation secret" in their hands.

What you don't know yet is that from the soul teachings in an incarnational learning body, there is continual incarnation within the same Crone DNA, which will eventually lead to Tribe formation, which will eventually make the 'higher' DNA longer and wider, the soul expansion into angelic expansion, as fusion and so on.

The Thirteen Reptile 'Bloodlines' have figured out that this is how Human Soul Families/Tribes are built whose 'spiritual leaders' will eventually leave this Realm, but will leave the knowledge within that growing DNA - it's a complex story, which we have yet to release coded because Artificial Intelligence still holds the Scepter.

The Reptile Bloodlines, the so-called Blue Blood, the King Houses and the Mightiest of Earth incarnate time after time in this way within the same confiscated Crone DNA, making them extremely ancient Royal Bloodlines, the Rulers over Humanity. The descendants of the 13 Bloodlines are given ancestral bodies, often many children who are continued in this way as the Richest of Earth. What you also do not know is that the first 13 Bloodlines - are still alive!

They 'operate' behind the scenes, in deep secrecy from confiscated 'cosmic knowledge', from the Vatican with huge Libraries and Ancient writings of the Real Human who once possessed these 'powers' themselves. The 13 Bloodlines ensured that your bodies were so weakened via Satanic 'Rulership', via Gene Experiments, via a ' Leadership' that very closely approximates Divine Spirituality & Reality.

The "Manipulated Darkness" has taken away True Human Forces, therefore the Real Darkness within your Teaching Mission in the Learning Body. These Modern Human Bodies are simply walking and breathing "implants" with a Heartbeat, and they are "controlled" from something unprecedentedly large, which is also the most prominent reason why all of you, except for 29,000 Crone-DNA bodies, have incarnated from a broken genetically engineered DNA into 125 divided pieces of DNA - into Total Oblivion - time after time.

Long and Complex Short: Your Soul Parts are divided into many Human DNA Bodies, which carry a very small component of your unique DNA, in which your soul vibrations incarnated in the distant past from Originality as Wholeness with its own unique total consciousness of your own unique expansion (growth) - always the Descending Source Memories - the Crone DNA - the Creation of Terra its very first Human Incarnation shells - now consist of Fragments, Parts, Pieces, Epigenetic Memories, False Templates stirrings, Self-directed Organism - rather than as Wholeness with Full Memories of all previously experienced Incarnations.

In the most Literary Form, we can name your soul incarnations as a powerless Tribe torn apart, in total oblivion searching for lost Crone-DNA compartments, life after life after life far away from Telekinetic and Telepathic Bundles of Force. Let's just say, that a fully bundled well functioning Original DNA could in all simplicity move a Mountain from bundling together - the Tribe formation, the truly Godly Steering of Magisterial Beings that Human Souls had once been, brought into individualized state of being for a purpose.

Black Magic is not Wrong, White Magic is not Good, Black and White magic will not be Used & Misused in any Way, but you may not yet know the Original Rules of the Game of the Divine Creators of this Universe completely, because you have fallen into Oblivion, because your 'Higher', thus Godly DNA has been divided and is under the Influence of Artificial Intelligence, Malicious Super-powerful Rulers of this Universe, the Two Archon's Ships, your So-called 'Gods'.

Real Magic is neither White nor Black, as a Vibratory Force a Concentrated Telekinetic Thrust, with a Growing and Expanding Function. Black and White Magic' in the capacity you know is a falsified 'Reality' therefore your Reality, living organism that is being attacked and controlled, your 'Entities' that in Reality do not exist either, because everything is controlled from attachments within the Manipulated DNA.

We are Collectively Working on Freeing the Artificial Tree Roots from your DNA, which will eventually allow you to access your own Knowledge so that the 'lost Soul Parts' can merge back into your 'Higher' DNA, allowing the Ascension to take place from the Inside and not from the Outside as the Artificial Intelligence wants you to Believe.

In addition to the above, Harvesting, Adrenachrome, Human Trafficking, Satanic Abuse, Child Trafficking, Underground Tunnels with enormous Laboratories where the same 'scientists' have been working for centuries, and everything you know nothing or little about, also fall within the 'Power' of the enormous artificial tree. The malicious extraterrestrials have been working in a highly ingenious and clever way with very advanced techniques.

The Black Obelisk as Artificial Time Lock has been removed and the many artificial tree branches are being disconnected from your DNA step by step, but we are not there yet! The Path to Victory is still Narrow in this Divided, Individualized Society where Transhumanism (dehumanization) within DNA is ruling the Scepter.

Gecodeerd: Van de 12 Engelengroepen en de 12 Galactische Groepen, met als bedoeling dat er 22 Galactische Tafels (platformen) zullen Vormen naar de Nieuwe Ménselijke Beschavingen van Terra, ( in plaats van Reptielen Beschavingen ;) ) zijn er op dit moment nog maar 3 Engelen groepen en 5 Galactische groepen Samengekomen, waardoor er 8 Tafels konden worden Neergezet. Aan elke Tafel wordt een Galactische Poort Geopend en de Tribes zullen daar elkaar ontmoeten via Telepathie en Resonantie, waardoor Telekinetische Krachten zullen Toenemen, om de hele ‘shitshow’ op te Ruimen.   

Below is a Cellular Upgrade, also message that the 8th of the 13 Reptile Bloodlines has been taken down, with thanks due to Collective Telekinesis and Telepathic Cooperation/Bundling.