Bundling of Forces!

“wat als ontbreekt de relevantie,
wat men weet niet”

09-01-2022 - 05:05 Message: Powerhouses have come together, four of the twelve Tribes are telepathically bundled together at work and this energy is palpable!!! It feels stormy and everything is going deeper than deep, allowing one by one to 'touch' the DNA cells that still carry old templates of both epigenetic and soul vibration trauma memories. These can bring about conflicting energies both in you and in your environment, with the environment.

Reflections and old movements are made towards sadness and anger, and it is striking that these are also over more quickly. This is because the last remnants - which you no longer need to learn about - are vibrated free and really processed. This energy is released near the pubic bone, deep inside and for those who are still carrying the old sorrow, palpable in the lower back, it is important that you start working with the heartbeat of Mother Terra, rhythmically, rhythmically, opening the floodgates to the central sun, connecting, rooting and especially grounding in the body, descending!

Plasma blasts are given to transform energies that are stuck in the ground. The inner powers become stronger and have almost magical powers! This is at the wish of Terra who is gaining back a lot of ground for her real DNA children. The Terrans were her creation from millions of years ago, the Terrans had a fused telepathic consciousness and they came from an advanced and higher civilization that incarnated in a body with a different type of DNA than this modern body with many reptilian components.

The original Terrans were composed of experienced peoples who came from Lyra, Andromeda, Pleiades, Orion, Sirius and so on. They were very experienced in building civilizations on planets of consciousness and it is these DNA memories that are being activated in each of you.

De cellulaire herinneringen worden van licht particles voorzien en als vanzelfsprekend gaan jullie doen waarvoor je op Terra bent gekomen, maar dan in deze lichamen. We zien een grote verschuiving van sterrenzaden die na een lange zoektocht bij elkaar aan het uitkomen zijn, waardoor de trillingen toenemen in kracht. Vrijwel iedereen is geïncarneerd in vergetelheid terwijl het de bedoeling is dat jullie het eigen bewustzijn meenemen van incarnatie naar incarnatieEr is een mooie verschuiving waargenomen, vele zielengroepen die honderdduizenden jaren gevangen hebben gezeten in het DNA Matrix of ook wel incarnatie looping systeem zijn terug gekeerd naar hun oorspronkelijke thuis. Wat wat in enkelen van jullie een ‘rustgevoel’ teweeg brengen, omdat jullie ook hier waren om de gevangenen te bevrijden uit hun gevangenschap.

The 'spiritual bypass' we knew from the new age era of the last forty years seems to be moving in the right direction. Spiritual Egos who were out to get as many followers, followers and customers as possible were 'turned off' and they are once again remembering what Source Knowledge is really all about.

Many pieces of pain were covered with cloaks of light and love and that's where you stand with all that shit around you that is simply called living in a human body on Earth. Going through the deepest human pieces means clearing them from the human systems for good.

Terra's human physical creation has been one that has taken hundreds of millions of years, with DNA playing a very important role, this DNA has been manipulated for many millions of years as has now become clear in our writing. It is therefore the bodies and the broken DNA that has maintained the captivity for soul peoples. Soul people were the slaves of the black elite group and this will no longer be accepted by the Aquarian workers.

Aquarian workers are claiming back their sovereign spirits and autonomous bodies, and small "bundles" have been observed of groups that are expanding. There will have to be much more cooperation, larger groups merging, groups daring to stand up, say no to mismanagement, take the right steps toward human freedom.

Never, ever, forget that you are supposed to be free vibrations and that the mandate must not gain ground one day more. Joining forces is so much stronger than you think at the moment, we need each other in reclaiming human freedoms! We will spread more and more light and love, thereby increasing our power, but this cannot be done without combining telepathic power!

In addition, taking actual steps for the future of humanity and children means standing up for yourself and your freedoms. Transhumanization, robotization, killing group power, tearing apart human DNA through genetic engineering, individualization, automation, computer and phone addictions, 5G that was and is being quietly brought into our homes via LED, SMART, climate hoax, Chems, Haarp, poisoning the mind and food, and most of you still don't believe this?!

A telepathic call has been made to return from the 'individual' soul aspect - the humanly manipulated thoughts to the unity conscious the power of bundling. You are not a single soul but a bundled group vibration from soul aspects, feel it!

We hebben hiervoor een telekinetische beweging gemaakt vanuit de kern van Terra, haar Centrale Zon die in werkelijkheid een samengebundelde engelengroep is die niet opereert vanuit de rand van dit universum, maar opereert vanuit haar diepste Kern. Maak contact met de Schumann Frequenties en ga dieper dan ooit.

Therefore, we have also created a depth meditation (sorry, only in Dutch, we will improve that in the Future) for those who want to go through it, this is a choice! Find a quiet place and lie down, because it is important to nap or sleep after this meditation, so that a dream journey can be made, which will give many answers.