Collective Healing 12th Helix Coupling

“we zien de wereld
die we kunnen beschrijven”

17-07-2022 Encrypted and Coded: again, quite a complex explanation of a piece of collective writing of a two-week Research, so there is a protection code, also activation, placed in this part of your DNA and you may have noticed it in the last days, but it is important for the work you are doing here with each other.  

The Archons are not energies and they did not enter this planetary system 13,000 - nor 20,000 years ago, for this is over 7.7 billion years ago when they began to practice genetic experiments on the HUMAN bodies of TaR-RaH - They have made TaR-RaH their "hunting ground" and they operate from this Fifth Universe, which they had taken over through the Destroyed Lyra Constellations (the entrance to this Universe Age).

They were Two Multidimensional Traveling Ships with Malevolent Extraterrestrials who took over this fifth universe Eons (geological time) ago - What an Eon means, you can read if interested: (For English Translation Right Click) - this comes with information that is (Reasonably) Close to 'Understanding' within the Human Language - Therefore, the Most 'Correct' of what We have been able to research of your Souls Time aspects.

Archons are not from the Creation of the Source as Souls are, but a very advanced developed artificial intelligence who have been chasing your Soul Communes for Many Many Eons - They are Cosmic Hunters, as here the Hunters chase the Wildlife for Human Food, Fear is THEIR food ... and the Ships were their Hunting Cabins ( that's nicely explained again isn't it? 😜 )

Despite troublesome for us that the temporal aspects at the Soul Communes still take place in Linear Time Connections from the learned Thinking and Speaking, so this is the trickiest piece in communication, but we are going to do our best again.

Your Original Crone DNA was completely ripped apart into Oblivion and Soul Incarnation Looping Systems by genetic manipulation of the Human Crone DNA (blueprint of this body) at the time of the takeover, also the destruction of Atlantis by the Invasion of the Extraterrestrial 'God's Egyptians' and much earlier the Annunaki who Admitted them, into the Present Degraded Society and into these Reptile/Animal Sexualized Sick Bodies and Spirits, for the purpose of Final Suppression of the Soul Beings in the Female Body.

Of your Female Bodies Who from the Origin received one Boy and one Girl from one Pregnancy - the Brother and Sister - the Human Twins who were formed by a Divine Fusion of Feminine and Masculine Soul Beings in the Human Body of TaR- RaH - Her Original Children - For these Souls Incarnation Shells are Her Creation - The Feminine and Masculine 'Soul Teachings' are the Creation of the Leaders of This Universe and they in turn work from the Expansion of the Omniverse and the Omniverse in turn work from Continuum in from Source (the Mandelbroth Theory explains this best from what we have encountered in our Investigations).

The Time that you know is not the Real Time, for it actually goes the other way around than you have been taught because the Continuum is rolling. From Inside to Outside, from Outside to Inside, from Far Away to Nearby, from Nearby to Far Away, from Future to Past, from Past to Future - and you are in the Expansion and thus the Circles of Time and Travel through these Circles of Time which is not Stacked, but Information - just as the Rings in the Trees also contain this Information in their DNA.

Time does not have 24 hours a day, seven days a week or 365 days a year. Time does not even have Eons or Years, but is referred to here as Presence as a kind of 'importance'. Because you have been pushed into oblivion, you no longer remember that you are merely Present, like Trees are Present in their DNA form 😊 - Oops we wandered off again!

The Archons have turned TaR-RaH and Her Human Children into a kind of Food Warehouse, by "Taking Over" Divine Pregnancies and Mergers through Genetic Manipulation of your Feminine and Masculine DNA Bodies and making them into "Breeding Trays" - this carries an enormously complicated and elaborate DNA history that is almost impossible to comprehend and to understand - but yes it is True and the Present 'Reality' - that both energetically (Souls) and truly physically (Bodies) You 'Slaves' are being eaten. They cause Trauma in your Systems and then eat the Fear and Pain.

In addition, what many, let's just say virtually the entire world doesn't Know or didn't know, and are SEEING BLIND about it - the so-called 3D 'slave', is that they litterally eat the Bodies of Human Children, of all Ages, but most Preferably they eat the Blood of Heavily Tortured Children and the Physical Abortions of Young Women.

They have had their Pedophiles, Rapists and Abusers at Work for Tens of Thousands of Years now through Pedophile Cults the last of which, the longest and most well known Cult from the Early Egyptian Era where the so called 'Gods' made their 'Entry' Worldwide, to the Present Time of Child Brides having Children from Pedophiles who in turn develop new Pedophiles (sex addiction) in the name of the so called 'Children of God' they too are Victim and Perpetrator at the same time!  

The Initiation of your "Ascension to Freedom" and to Free Yourself from the Incarnational Walking Systems has already started over five thousand years ago - from within the Earth - and not by the many gurus who tried to lure your "Present Humanity" into their Artificial "Spiritual Awakening" to the formation of Transhumanism - Modern Slavery.

Where Hundreds of Thousands of Children were Molested and Multiplied Through Reptilian 'Takeovers' of DNA - the 'Black Eggs of the Archons' through Sodomy, Rapes, Abductions, Unwanted Pregnancies of Young Girls, to the Current Abortion Law, the Pedophile Political Leaders controlled through MK Ultra and so on.

Yesterday afternoon (Dutch time) we had a Huge Trance Session together with Many who work from the Eighth Wave within the Coherence Field - whereby Many TaR-RaH Birth Women and their Galactic Fathers, the real Victims of this Artificial Timelock were helped to give back their Freedom and with this, the Twelfth Helix Coupling is officially Collectively being restored and the 'Black Father' is being removed from your Female and Male DNA Incarnation Systems!

We have witnessed here between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. an Astral Descent of the Original Yeshua Angel (not the Artificial One) who is your Universal Accompanist of the "New Collective Consciousness" - and the Memories of Yeshua will be activated as a "Higher Consciousness" in your Source DNA so that you will be released forever from the Incarnational Looping System and the Prison in which many of you have been, there are Many Many Helpers present.  

EVERYONE - Worldwide, meaning EVERY Human Body currently on Earth will receive a 4.9 Healed Helix Coupling, which is required to 'return home'. By August of 2020, Ninety Transition Portals have been opened and at each Portal there is a Loving Angelic Group to Accompany Them Back Home. No one will be 'left behind' and there will be no Exceptions. Every soul vibration and every soul nation that has been trapped here, including those who were not allowed to be here at this time, but were brought into this Universe by the Extraterrestrials to become their slaves, will return to their soul nations and timelines from which they came.

De Opschoning, het Herstel, Activering en Cellulaire Herinnering van de Twaalfde Helixkoppeling kan eventuele ‘Verschijnselen’ inhouden die erg veel op Artificiële Aanvallen Lijken. Het Herstel houdt in dat de Getraumatiseerde Werkelijke Zielenherinneringen als Valselijk Epigenetisch ingebrachte Templates in Jullie DNA Verlost worden van de Archontische Eieren waar ‘Herinneringen’ in liggen opgeslagen die zowel Zielsinhoudelijk als Artificieel zijn, waardoor de ‘herinneringen’ wat door elkaar heen kunnen lopen. Het Onderscheid zal Jullie Duidelijk worden door te Resoneren met de Informatie die Jullie Tribe Alchemisten zullen gaan Schrijven in hun Collectieve Schrijfsels.  

All Those who are still (Unconsciously) Channeling and Writing from the Artificial Spiritual Awakening will be Put On Hold (so no more information will be received) until they are Completely Cleansed of The Present 'Black DNA'.

It might be good to know that the latent (conscious and unconscious) Fear, Sadness, Anger and Pain are going to be released and can be transported through the Hologram (the human Ley lines) to TaR-RaH's Ley lines so that She can Transform this Collective. And the Advice is to be as Meditative and as Consciously Present as possible in your Daily Activities and Times of Rest.

Thanks to the recent Developments of the Many Helper Gridworkers, TaR-RaH is now Powerful enough to Transform this Collective Archontic 'Black DNA'. Observe rather than Participate when Others want to enter into Conflict with you, for they are still Being Guided and Steered by the Taken Over, Damaged and Attached DNA.

In addition, many dream about (grand) sons, brothers, fathers and grandfathers who come to bring a message or information. Also, Dreams of Extraterrestrial Abduction, Drowning, Burning are taking place because the Twelfth Helix Coupling (the Nature Healers Helix) is 'Processing' all that has taken place with your 'Druidic' and 'Galactic' Soul Experiences and Ancestral Epigenetic DNA.

Many have been suffering from gastrointestinal (drainage) system issues for a long time including nausea, indigestion, spastic indigestion, flare-ups of inflammation, craving for "lighter" meals, healthy fiber (no gluten), healthier (organic) foods, lots of cleansed water and herbs, teas, Bach blossoms and tinctures.

A Painful or Troublesome pressure/vibration on the Lower Belly and Uterine area, menstrual complaints, Prostate and Pee problems, 'sexual' problems, difficulty with intimacy, interpersonal and lovemaking conflicts/difficulties.

Try to relax in these turbulent times of the Energetic and Physical Upgrades and if you do not trust certain things, go to a (Holistic) Medical Doctor, after all, in case of danger of death, they are still your friend instead of your enemy. That's it for today 😊