Collective Shit

“wat mensen bedoelen,
leer te zien wat ze doen”

31-01-2021 - Coded Message: Dear Aquarian Workers ... It has been a feisty week for many, clearly felt as collective shit!!! The four primary Golden Gates of ascension are still intact and protected in order for the incarnation of the Last White Child Last from the Angelic Group of twelve to be received in April/May 2021 so that the 8th Uplift within the Coherent Field can Take Place in About a YEAR from now, Once we have Found the Tribal Members for this which will consist of Four Human Generations.

The day before yesterday We felt four Seraphim come together before this, each standing at a separate Source gate to Direct the Real Ether, With this the Artificial Ether will get a Huge Cleansing. They propelled Titanic White Energy out of the North, East, South and West Poles into one energy point Straight into the Earth and from that energy point at the top of this Universe, the Titanic White Energy flowed down into Mother Earth in twelve parts, immediately protecting and opening the new seven gates of ascension and We saw a wave of 144,000 White Children from the 7th Universe converging who were being prepared for an Astral Birth to Mother Earth.

The Next Generation of Twelve Titan White Angels have incarnated safely and unseen on Earth and they will remain unseen until they have finished their work here. Twelve women incarnated from the 12th incarnation density have given birth to a White Child on 7 continents, one will come safely in April/May - born in Germany - more information will follow.

The Titan Whites will be unseen and protected their entire lives. Staged information will be released about the future of the next ascension which will last 144 years. New wave of Spiritual codes (Akasha) observed - perfect! All infected Lightworkers, Channelers and Code writers are beingdee-activated and partially disconnected from a Queen Artificial Intelligence - Only the pure will remain and be fully protected from pollution. The polluted must practice again!

The first four gates (silver) have closed, the fifth (gold connected to Ether, the Realm of Fourth Consciousness) closed last week (transitional portal to Galactic Earth Human the Masculine and Feminine fusion of energy) and the seven future gates have been opened. From spiritual revolution to spiritual evolution - the First 7 ancient civilizations are returning - Hybornea White Angels, welcome back to Earth!!!

It's about time!!!

We have Observed: There are Five Fully Incarnated Elemental Source Angels and These Five are a Council 😜 of the Elements (Seraphim) and They Speak all 22 Languages of these Universes. They are Working from the Four Ceraphim Portals in the Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern Hemispheres.

Together They Form the Most Important Fifth Element - namely the Real Ether (the Divine Five Fused Elements in Full Operation) and Brought Together as Four Primary Titanium Gates of Ascension to Guide the Earth from the Nearest Fourth Wave of the Coherence Field, the Ether. They Will Connect in Human Life Later, When Needed.

The Joined Fifth Element is Their Current Language, necessary to Direct, Control and Telekinetically Propound the Waves of the Fifth Universe Within Omniverse for the Collective, the Coherent Field. They will be in Very Pure Telepathic Contact with each other. So that your Tribe Souls can also remain in Purer Contact with each other and there will be no disruptions, such as artificial interference.

Their Language is as Secured as the Blueprint Scriptures that We brought with Us to Our 'Earth/Galactic WorkWing'. As with the Ceraphim, this is also attuned to the Workings of this Universe and Planetary Systems and can never, ever be hacked by others, manipulated or read out.

We Understand and Speak the Language of the Council of Five from a Different Form (Omniverse), Because it is also in Planetary Source Ether, but encrypted and secured from the 22nd Omniverse. ❤️ Former Hidden Ones, Investigators, Explorers, Forerunners, and Wayshowers have all helped, thank you so much for all the work you all have done in the Silence for Us. Further information will Follow.