Crystal Children

General information about the crystal and diamond children of Terra, which you know as Mother Earth. A characteristic of crystal is that it is actually a meaningless piece of glass when it is in the shade. Crystal child needs sunbeams to allow the colors to radiate outward. Metaphorically speaking, this has something to do with the crystal starseed group that has long been invisible.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is Take-Your-Childhood-Adversity-Seriously-and-You-Take-a-Stand-for-Your-Inner-Child.png

The crystal group is generally often mistaken for colorless glass rather than the colorful rainbow crystal they truly are. This is because they do not initially stand out at all and therefore will not be recognized as being so. The crystal group carries very fragile, almost invisible colors and emits barely perceptible refined vibrations and high frequencies.

They have traveled to Terra specifically to assist in the transition phase between the different worlds of consciousness. They are the future 12+ consciousness level quantum brains - the intellectual and decisive humans who will establish the new civilization on Earth through various platforms. Of course most desired with a healthy and functioning physical DNA body and energetic Hologram, as they are the 'Bridge Builders' 'Polarity Workers' and 'Platformers' of the new Aquarian Age.

At this time they are being fully activated to break away from the old pyramid-like constructions of the Piscean Age in which they had to grow up.The crystal and diamond group is able to enter both the dark and light worlds and understand the workings of these energies. From their innate nature they are both yin and yang, both dark and light, both shadow and sun. But by the outside world, people from this group are seen as elusive, somewhat difficult, and not earthly - and this page will explain this further.

A somewhat spiritually inquisitive person will find some "recognition" about themselves in the many articles written about the new age children or starseeds. Then, when there is finally something described about the crystal and diamond group, it stops exactly where it just starts to get interesting. Despite the many commonalities and similarities that starseeds have with each other, there are substantial differences - in how they come out as child or adult beings.

Here and there I see an article that is written in a reasonably interesting way, but mostly there is endless copying and pasting from other articles and for this reason I have decided to completely let go of the literary chaos especially for the crystal and diamond group and describe my own experience as a researcher, explorer, forerunner and protector of this incarnational group. And essentially, it doesn't matter if you are crystal or diamond, because both are similar in (outward) behavior. From here on out, I am talking about the crystal group, because both look like glass. At both personal and professional level, I have gotten a pretty good idea of these so far 'invisible' and somewhat 'not of this world' human children ?

The adults and children of the crystal group are seen by the outside world as the more difficult, thus less "accommodating" people. As a result, they are often labeled with high functioning autism, Asperger's syndrome, giftedness with comorbidity - ADD ( stubborn) or ADHD ( overexcited). I will therefore do my very best to describe the path from baby to adulthood in a number of divided timelines. Maybe some phases will merge into each other now and then because I was born 'filterless', but I will try to set out the information in a filtered and clarified way as much as possible.

The funny thing is that I can easily recognize a crystal child by its very disorderly way of communicating on a wide variety of subjects. The conversation material really flies in all directions and with the greatest of ease they understand and follow each other's words and sentences. What is striking about this is that they hardly 'listen' to each other, but that the essence is picked up through resonance at lightning speed. An adult crystal child will recognize him or herself or his or her child in this somewhat disorderly article, written entirely by myself. There will also be tips and advice in between, because as a counsellor I just can't resist that. So feel free to take a (huge) cup of tea while reading because it is long and extensive, but certainly not boring!

Spiritual info and background: Essentially, the crystal group consists of highly experienced and lived-in starseeds who have come to bring 'new spirituality' to Terra. The 'old spirituality' that was mainly formed by the dark purple Indigos, have not yet had a proper introduction to these silent star children. But it is the dark purple Indigos who have brought these children into the world, because crystal children (as well as the new indigo children) have chosen them as parents.

The crystal child carries within itself an unexplained ancient spiritual wisdom, which is difficult for them to articulate in the current language that people speak. At a young age, this child is already philosophical and intellectual in terms of pronouncements, with plenty of hand gestures being made during the telling. These gestures are a very old light language that comes out naturally, in order to add 'power' to the 'human' words being told.

Because the crystal child carries no filters, the path from human baby to adult is often difficult. The naturally helpful child is extremely strongly connected to music, sounds, nature, people, animals, stones and crystals. They are the children of Terra - the New Earth and therefore naturally connected to its frequencies, vibrations and colors. All of them are telepathic and some even telekinetic (diamond incarnations), so that just by their presence, all kinds of healing energy is set in motion through their hologram or aura field.

Having no filters and not being able to properly differentiate between spirit and matter is because the crystal children have never had a life in this modern DNA body. They traveled to Terra in the fifth Terratime on a very special forerunner mission and as yet 29,000 have incarnated in the last fifty years. These seem few, but they are not. These powerfull children are soon going to make a difference in the world with their forerunner mission as ambassadors for new platforms. In addition, the incarnation density for this target group is very heavy and massive. Forerunners always take a look first before sending out larger groups.

For this reason, these children feel that they "want to go back home" or cherish a deep desire to be able to fly in an earthly body. I am aware that what I am about to tell you is very far-reaching information for many to understand. For in the lightwork era, of course, the new age children have not gone 'unnoticed' by the counterparts of the light, who wish to maintain as much 'darkness' on Terra as possible, as they feast on fear and misery of humans, who are simply their slaves.

What many do not yet know is that new age children have chosen a special kind of DNA from a family line that never went extinct from the first real human being. They have chosen a bloodline of spiritually endowed ancestors, for example, with herbal mothers, intellectual new agers, musical fathers. and so on. But as everyone knows, the DNA of human children has been stored in huge databases since the advent of the birth control (the heel prick) around 1950.

Vaccinations were developed specifically for the new age children who are with three full helix couplers were incarnated. And to thwart these exceptionally gifted children as much as possible in their mission on Terra, they were attacked through DNA manipulation via "mandatory" vaccination programs. These programs have caused a massive explosion of childhood misery that should not exist!

In this way, these children often have extreme difficulties in the areas where their gifts are present! Clairaudient children get hearing problems, clairvoyant children get vision problems, clairsentience children get heart problems, clairknowing children become autistic - and so on. Because of the energetic as well as (in)organic implants that are introduced into the new age children through vaccination, the gifts of these children are crushed. Even pregnant mothers nowadays choose to have a twenty-week vaxxi-nazi, so in fact they are already manipulating the children in the womb.

And the worst part of it is that as a result, these children are getting rare forms of blood and brain cancers thanks to these toxic injections. Originally, children cannot even get these dangerous and rare diseases, but they are put into the babies' bodies through genetic engineering, thanks to the massive fear propaganda programmed into young parents by the media. A child receives over forty heavy toxins in the first year of life full of metals that remain in the body and eventually affect the blood and brain. Ignorant parents should think very carefully and do research on what they are allowing to be injected into their child, do your research!

Unlike the new indigo children, the crystal children have never had a life in the Piscean Age in a modern genetically engineered DNA body. Crystal children have never been trapped in the incarnational loop system (the human body) and the matrices and are therefore called the pure souls.

Their last incarnation shells were from the times of Hybornea. At that time they carried other bodies made up of a different DNA mix, which still contained much DNA from the first water - and original Terra human beings. Crystal children feel separated from the old beautiful worlds that they unconsciously remember. They have been coming into the world from an early age sad and upset because there was almost nothing left of the original creation.

Besides the fact that Terra was in very bad shape, modern DNA bodies are also seriously polluted, over-bred and seriously weakened. The Crystal Child can therefore hardly spread his or her 'wings' in order to contribute to the establishment of the new civilizations in cooperation with Terra (Mother Earth). And in order to be able to contribute to and assist others in the establishment of these new civilizations in this modern body, crystal children have to move mountains energetically to get this done.

They are definitely not too lazy to extend their loving and helping hands, pursue multiple studies or hold higher social positions. But physical and spiritual life in a form-fixed world and a humanity with very narrowed consciousness, all feels quite dense and heavy for the crystal child. Most have had to endure many energetic attacks and opposition before the age of thirty. As a result, they have had to deal with near death experiences (perhaps as early as in utero), loss of DNA parents, foster homes, youth care, adoption, and many reptilian encounters in teachers, counselors, a parent, etc. So let's go ahead and shine some rays of sunshine on this beautifully gifted child and see what may happen when the colorless glass is allowed to break out into all the colors of the rainbow.

The Crystal Baby: As babies, crystal children can cry a lot, making it seem like they are always hungry or dissatisfied. Sometimes they seem inconsolable and do not want to be cherished by their parents. It seems as if these children came into the world angry and sad, so they may be known as the "cry baby" who can only be comforted in a bath of lukewarm water. But dear distraught parent of the crystal child, this really will pass because they just need to get used to their new energetic and form-fitting environment. This is the only way for the baby to physically and energetically sense the people and the house.

A characteristic of crystal babies is that development is generally slower or different from other starseeds. This 'unnatural' development can be a cause of concern for the consultation bureau and the parents. The babies are looking out into the world much later and their 'jumps' therefore take longer or are more variable than the average curves indicate. Unfamiliar people, are almost automatically attracted to the baby carriage and after the 'baby carriage visit' the parents are often told that the child has an old or wise soul. These babies do not like to look into people's eyes because they cannot turn off their filter. But once looked into the eyes, the baby begins an extended soul reading that resembles a kind of 'stare contest', where the baby looks deeply, long and inquisitively into the eyes. An adult may feel deeply uncomfortable at such 'stare contests' if the baby also begins to cry uncontrollably afterwards.

Crystal babies prefer to lie at home at a regular place, which after a long phase of exploring, has now become a familiar energetic environment. The baby can entertain itself endlessly with music or natural sounds in the background and with toys that are colorful and soft. Anything that moves and makes sounds they find entertaining and interesting, so when you put this baby in front of a spinning washing machine in a bouncer, you won't hear it complain. When the baby seems to be inconsolable, try to see what clothes it is wearing, because prickly woolen fabrics, tulle edges, labels, high collars, crooked socks can be very troublesome for the crystal baby. Also, these babies do not like to be constantly entertained by their older brothers, sisters or parents. They need peace, space and freedom where there are as few stimuli as possible.

The Crystal Child: Once they get a little older, this child gets confused by different " tasks" or when they receive too much visual and auditory stimuli. This is because almost all crystal children are clairaudient and sighted. For this child, it is good to learn that the sounds can be "turned off" with a hearing protector. Because when they are taken to busier gatherings, parties or places, we can find them sleeping everywhere, as they become completely exhausted from confusing energy, busy noises and different colors, shapes and people.

The crystal child has a hard enough time with themselves in a form-fitting world because of their sensitivity to energy. They do not like to be in large crowds, stores, indoor playgrounds or crowded swimming pools. And when the energy remains too busy for long periods of time, the child can become very busy themselves. When busyness is of a chronic nature, for example due to the composition of a household, these children can even start to develop various psychosomatic complaints. This is because by nature they do not wear a filter, so they cannot distinguish between earthly reality and energetic presence. They are so hyper-sensitive that they literally absorb the pain and discomfort of the environment through their energetic bodies.

Because of this hyper-sensitivity, the child is enormously vulnerable and will need to be able to withdraw completely into their own world at times. That is why we often find them alone in the bedroom, outside in the garden, on the schoolyard or the grass field around the corner. They often develop (eye) migraines, tics, overtiredness and psychosomatic, hypochondriacal or other anxiety symptoms at a young age. Living with parents, brothers and sisters and going to school every day are more than enough stimuli to process. When they also have to participate in visits, shopping, sports, playing with other children, birthday parties, etc. it can quickly become too much.

Because almost all crystal children, both young and old, have an enormous amount to process energetically, they easily become over-stimulated. This over-stimulation causes them to talk too loudly, become busy, talk at cross purposes and most importantly - not listen. These kids don't have a pause button!!! And that is because they are moving with the energies of the moment in a very uncontrolled way. Usually they are not the most sociable or fun children to take to that one busy party. Because when they are quite young they can, due to the energetic turmoil, throw tantrums or start behaving strangely. In the middle of a store they may suddenly stop and refuse to walk any further, be disrespectful to adults or start screaming very loudly when they are being held in a baby carriage. These moments are not very rare and for the young parents this can create an embarrassing feeling for 'the outside world'.

Therefore, when the parents start openly correcting the child in front of other people, they start looking cross-eyed, pulling crazy faces, making weird movements, or shouting "poop" when asked a normal question. Those moments are not rare!! Openly disapproving, punishing or harshly addressing them only backfires and may even make the "transgressive behavior" worse.

And ... don't just yank these kids away from their familiar surroundings, because that could cause the biggest problems! So don't misunderstand me, that Johnny has already become quite over-stimulated from a very normal day at school. And then it is not handy or wise, to suddenly tell the alone playing Johnny that he has to stop his playing and that he has to put on his coat immediately, because there is a need to do some shopping right now.

Trust me, it is then guaranteed that Johnny will let you know that he does not agree with the choice to pull him (unasked) away from his game. After all, Johnny was busy playing by himself, draining the absorbed energy of a normal school day, and he can't use extra stimuli to do so. In fact, Johnny's parents were unintentionally 'crossing borders' to him, when they made the choice to snatch him un-asked from his important moment of tranquility.

Johnny has the gift ? of making his parents feel exactly the same way he felt when they snatched him away from his important moment of rest. Already mirroring through physical behavior, he displays 'transgressive' behavior back to the parents in his own unique way. This so-called copying behavior is not done consciously, this is their way of communicating to the adult outside world and is often not appreciated by the distraught parents.

The reason why these children receive diagnoses, treatments, special education or medication at a relatively young age, is simply because the parents or educators are feeling powerless towards their own child. And if there is one thing that Crystalchildren are very strong and good at, it is their endless capability to make the powerless parents or educators, constantly let them feel and experience what this child is feeling, over and over again,

Crystal children want to be heard, seen and understood through their body language and it is unacceptable for them to be "punished" for something they can't actually do anything about. When these children experience frequent verbal corrections - quite a few complaints can arise and eventually even hearing problems or physically uncontrollable actions can be developed.

Through body language they indicate the state of the energy in the house, the mutual relationships, the relationship of the parents, the people who come or live in the house - with whom they have to deal and live on a daily basis, unwillingly and especially unasked for. All these children want is for the parents to learn to understand, comprehend and translate their 'non-spoken' words - and thus their body language. This is absolutely not the fault of the ignorant parents because the parents often do not even know what their star child is 'catching' in terms of energy. Parents are often inclined to hide sadness, fears and worries from their growing offspring - but crystal children - pierce through this with the greatest of ease!

That is why it is so important to learn to understand the body language of this gifted child and to find a correct way through it together. This is the only way for the crystal child to be able to cooperate with the modern 'human' environment, instead of 'working against it'. In exchange, you get an incredibly grateful and noble child. And year in and year out, I have learned to cooperate with my own (now grown-up) children - and the children who ended up in youth care - in this way - it works!

Crystal children can become very frustrated when they are constantly interrupted by brothers, sisters, parents and others. In addition, this child cannot tolerate meddling or when parents constantly impose their own will. This triggers an emotional allergy at a young age, causing the child to 'clash' with the parents more and more often by seeking out their boundaries or showing them mirrors. These children prefer their parents to explain what they need from the child, what they want or expect from the child. Thus, Crystal children would rather have you simply admit that you cannot understand his or her behavior, than have them be sent to bed for punishment - for something they cannot do anything about.

It is perfectly possible to "negotiate" with this child to reach a good agreement together - you can try it and see for yourself that it will work. When these children are old enough, we can safely leave them at home when they choose to do so. They naturally carry a strong sense of responsibility, so they will not abuse the trust they are given by their parents or educators. This child has a hard time lying anyway, so when they secretly stole a cookie from the drum, you will be the first to hear about it. You understand, of course, that this child should not be punished when they honestly admit that they have done something "wrong". Punishment is counterproductive for this child, so he will learn to shut up. If this child becomes silent, intrinsic problems will arise later in life, which may even lead to drug use or other forms of "self-medication" in adolescence and adulthood.

The art of "crystal parenting" is to leave this child at peace as much as possible, in their own world and in their own value. These children basically raise themselves just fine, because they are wise and autonomous enough to do so. It is generally the trust of the parents that is lacking, but this child you have on loan - and not in your possession - so give rest, space and freedom. And if the parents, educators or teachers would dare to sit back a little (a lot?) more, they will get a very grateful child in return. The child will show the most sweet, caring, responsible and generous side of himself that the parents could wish for.

What worries me a little for the younger generation of crystal children is that they are brought to daycare centers from infancy on, because the educators usually both have to work. After a long day full of other children, colors, smells and sounds, the child will often be put at home, (by the tired parents) in front of the television, or a mobile will be pressed into the hand. This unintentionally forces more visual and auditory stimuli on the child after an overwhelming day of stimuli.

This child really needs to recover every day and they can only do this by seeking stillness in their own way. When this child does not get the chance to do this, it has far-reaching consequences for the developments in adolescence. The last twenty years the diagnoses have been flying around our ears and mostly it concerns autism and ADHD and behavioral disorders that have increased explosively (think of the vaxx-nazi programs). But if so many crystal children are born, shouldn't we start to look at and approach this 'difficult' child in a more emotional and spiritual way, instead of raising them - with society's pyramided standards?  

Crystal children, despite all energetic and psychosomatic discomforts, have energetic, slim and athletic bodies from very early childhood until well into adulthood. This is because as souls they choose to have an iron strength DNA, in order to live a long and healthy life. Try to keep this child out of the vaxx-nazi program, because vaxx-nazi's "tinker" with the source codes of DNA. 

By nature, they are almost never really sick or they don't get infected easily because they carry a very good immune system. No crystal child is naturally fat because they are quite picky eaters and usually really only want to eat healthy suffering-free things. When they eat unhealthy things or are overweight at a young age, it is only because they have been fed unhealthy foods - and not taught better.

This child is also aware at a young age that it does not want to eat animal suffering, but cannot yet understand, for example, that meat rolls and hamburgers are made from animal suffering. This child needs to be supported by communicating the truth in an appropriate way and will be able to make the best choices for themselves based on this honest opportunity.

The crystal child seems physically tireless while running, playing, walking and moving. The creative play is very extensive and these seem to go in all directions to the outside world. They are the little boy playing with dolls who loves to play a game of soccer and the soccer-playing girl who loves to play with dolls.

These children love a game of soccer against the wall, pairs of dips, climbing trees, picking flowers, swimming, making water soup with leaves and building castles out of cut grass. Then they immediately run after that flying bee or butterfly, to then go play with the dolls, sing, dance, color, draw, write or computer. And even though this seems very chaotic, there is a completely unseen and special mental issue taking place, which many people don't know that this is how crystal children work. 

Strangely enough, there is absolutely no chaos or disorder within the child. The crystal child can keep track of everything on its own and is not really bothered by anything if the child can be left in peace. The difficult and less difficult experiences that the child has gone through during the day are stored energetically and recapitulated during the chaotic play. In this way and this is the only way, space can be made again for the next day full of new experiences to learn from. It is striking to see that crystal children frequently think out loud and talk to themselves during their alone play. And what the educators then often do not know is that everything the child has experienced at home or at school is replayed all over again in the head down to the smallest detail.

A crystal child needs this recapitulation very desperately in order to make sense of the experiences of "life on earth. Mentally, the somewhat older crystal child is exceptionally intelligent, intellectual, philosophical, often highly gifted and true day dreamers who love to dive into the more difficult and elusive subject matter. But what they are primarily learning is to understand everyday life - in a modern DNA body - and that is already very hard work. These children can be entertained for hours with information about UFOs, stars, angels, god, planets, but the earthly items, the things that often matter to the parents, the child can completely ignore - which in turn is frustrating for the parents.

In this educated world full of tangible things, it is still difficult for parents to understand that their child may be more engaged in the esoteric side of existence, than in the necessary school activities. Understand that these children did not come to Earth to memorize a pre-programmed book with a false history. They are the creators and writers of their own book - and are brilliant at it. But in today's school systems, this form of genius is broken down, attempting to reprogram the child into normative acceptability.

Your crystal child may be a genius architect who can build beautiful ecological villages with his own inventions and writings. But in generally, all children are unlearned to be future geniuses as early as the sixth year of life. At that age, these children already unconsciously see through the indoctrinated (school) systems that deep down palpably do not fit - and they do not wish to conform to illusions and falsities. Logical, isn't it, that the child at an early age doesn't like the school and encounters resistance from teachers? This child is comfortable telling the teacher not to trust, or that the history is not correct.

It is also really the case that the crystal child is 'called' by vibrations, frequencies and energy and therefore it is extra difficult for them when they are 'forced' to do all kinds of things from the outside. They are children who learn, by flying around from flower to flower at their own pace and trust me on this - that the more they are given the opportunity to be able to develop the inner genius architect in this way, the more their future will come. Spiritually speaking, crystal children can communicate with anything that emits vibrations and frequencies. They are almost automatically attracted to animals, children, stones, crystals, flowers and plants, planets, nature beings etc. They have a deep connection with nature and almost every crystal child has a collection of stones, twigs or dried flowers somewhere which is kept and cherished as a valuable treasure.

Crystal children 'feel' spirits, entities and guides which can make them afraid in the dark. This fear of the dark can last for years and can be difficult for educators. Crystal children can be quite bad or very light sleepers when they are young. If they are afraid, they will not dare to go to the toilet, for example, and will therefore tend to call their parents awake several times in the middle of the night. Almost every crystal child looks under the bed, behind the curtains, in the closet and must close or lock the doors before going to sleep. This is because they feel they are not alone (and they are not). When parents dismiss it as fantasy or "doesn't exist" the child even starts to get anxious about good energetic helpers.

They are still far too young to be able to independently distinguish or filter between the good and the bad, while this is precisely their job! This part remains a difficult problem for the crystal children and their parents and I always advise to take their stories seriously and to look together at what is going on. 

Crystal children also like to draw very much and even very often, this is necessary to be able to draw and process uncertain feelings, but it is also a way to show the inner world of experience and feeling to the outside world. Let the child draw and help them by learning to understand or read what they draw. See here my own drawings from childhood - this is often how it works with the crystal children as well.

Teach the child to work with its own strong intention and intuition, but do not make it more serious than it is. Over-confirmation by 'spiritual' educators is unfortunately also quite common and then there is a chance that the child may later not be able to be well grounded in life, lose the naturally innate qualities, or not be able to fully integrate into the body as a soul. Because the shadow is part of the gift they are born with, it is important that they learn to distinguish between benevolent and malevolent energies. The crystal child can only fly as high as they are rooted, so grounding is very important.

All crystal children are telepathic and the diamond children are both telepathic and telekinetic. When these children are deeply emotional or anxious, things can sometimes get very "messy" in the house. Educators might think that there are entities or poltergeists at work, but this is usually the child in unconscious energetic action. Virtually all crystal and diamond children are clairaudient! They are extremely bothered by sounds and images mixed up together, arguing parents or educators, many children in a room, abrupt or loud noises, people talking at cross purposes, crowded parties, inappropriate places in public places and so on.

When the clairaudient child is constantly exposed to loud, noisy or annoying sounds in the early years, it can go either way in later life. The child may start talking too loudly, let sounds come in poorly, develop hyperacusis, become east Indian deaf or even completely or partially deaf as an adult. They may be excessively bothered by someone eating or drinking too loudly, the cooker hood running too long and develop tinnitus or ringing in the ears as a result. So as an educator of a crystal child, be extra alert to make sure that this child is not exposed auditively to too much loud and annoying or too many different sounds mixed together.  

Crystalchildren are so heartwarming honnest that it is a true blessing for me! “I don't want to hurt you, but those pants you're wearing are very ugly." Finally!!! The crystal child senses perfectly when someone is not being honest with themselves or others. This is because from a young age they themselves quickly understand how 'the world works'. They find it just a bit awkward and difficult that 'their world' is full of lying and contradictory adults!

Crystal children observe, so they also see a lot, and what they see is a not so rosy world of adults. People tell crude lies about each other, wear masks of flesh and blood, and even within the own families in which crystal children grow up, there is plenty of lying to the children. Almost everyone does this to protect the child from a big bad world, but with this child it has the absolute opposite effect.

For example, don't tell the crystal child that the Easter Bunny exists and that he puts down colored eggs, only to reverse this whole story in later life. These children feel severely cheated by their own parents or educators, which makes it easier to damage them emotionally when this happens again and again. It is better to tell the child that Auntie Susie, with her far too big body, has put on that Easter Bunny suit to hide the eggs in the garden and that Uncle Anthony is going to play Santa Claus. But in this world that is not possible and the reason given is: we love Easter Bunny and Santa so much and the children love it so much, and more worse, it's family tradition!

Well, getting presents and chocolate eggs certainly won't be any less fun if children from early childhood are simply told honestly - that Aunt Susie is going to be the Easter Bunny and Uncle Anthony is going to be Santa, right? When a crystal child, as a walking lie detector has to live and grow up among lying adults, it is very difficult for a crystal child to build a basic trust.

Because of these "innocent" lies (for whose sake?), trust issues in these children are chronic and even problematic once they get a little older, due to the fact that they have had to struggle with all types of lies throughout their lives. With this child, every word they receive is cashed, processed, unraveled, filtered, filtered again, assessed, estimated and only then seen through. EVERY word that comes in - any idea how exhausting this brain works? For flesh and blood born walking lie detectors (because that's what crystal children are) this makes processing life among 'normal' people extra tough.

Note: Crystal children don't always have a sense of humor that people wordlessly understand from each other, they don't like stupid jokes or pranks because they can't find the punch line or see any point in it.

Crystal youth and adultsThe older crystal adolescent who is out of balance has little or no trust in people and can therefore be difficult to approach, frustrated and quite suspicious, which is visible in the body language that the adolescent "expresses" to the outside world. This is not quite in accordance with the image that is portrayed about the peaceful and forgiving nature of crystal children that they actually are. The crystal adolescent who is out of balance will quietly avoid difficult situations with a bowed posture. They will not engage in mean-spirited gossiping or revenge when someone has hurt them. They may be fine forgiving that other person's "mistake" at a later date, while the other person is still holding plenty of grudges.

The choice of breaking with persons or avoiding difficult situations, may be out of self-protection to avoid further disappointments. But the intrinsic reason behind this is often - to avoid being limited in their growth processes and freedoms they appropriate for themselves. The crystal teenager experiments in love throughout adolescence because giving and sharing love is healing and because having a relationship, really suits them as a person. But it is very difficult to find a partner who is equal in energy, intellect, intelligence and spiritual development, so they often find themselves with partners and friends who do not really fit them.

If there is any level of flat "attraction," the crystal teenager finds the normal "sex act" that takes place between the two sexes to be a strange way of expressing love and not engaging or interesting enough and may even be perceived as very unpleasant. There must be a razor-thin, gentle and loving exchange between the two sexes, otherwise the crystal teen will never be able to give of themselves. In this, the teenager often gets emotionally stuck and will therefore be alternately attracted to both sexes or end up in a relationship that is very unequal in level.

Once a crystal teenager lets a soul in, falls in love and that person turns out to be the right one, it is very seldom and usually for life. Even far after a relationship has ended, he or she will never forget this particular love and look back on this experience as full of pain at the same time as full of love. 

The crystal teenager present in the background who looks like a normal piece of glass is not likely to put on a big mouth against the outside world. But they do tend to build up whatever is bothering them. Their body energy changes in intensity to such an extent that they can begin to dominate the energy in the home.

When they are uncomfortable, feeling angry, or have energy stacked up for too long they start to act as a kind of silent "ghost" in the house, who will not speak much, but will very strongly let the discomfort be felt. This can last for several hours to days which is often difficult for family members to handle. This is because crystal adolescents by nature do not like to take out their frustrations on others verbally. They will not intentionally hurt or harm others because they naturally sense that the person cannot help it.

A crystal adolescent is usually not really masculine or feminine in outward appearance, they very often have a somewhat "androgynous" appearance, because they are inherently equal. For example, the natural girls usually wear none or very little makeup, their natural hair color, and don't care about fashion or brand name clothing at all. The boys have a soft and almost feminine appearance, they often wear their hair a little longer and in terms of clothing they are more alternative than popular or cool

Crystal adolescents only have a few close friends who are for life, with whom they can enjoy a joint or a glass of wine. Strangers or new acquaintances are not allowed to enter their inner worlds quickly and it takes a long time for them to make friends. They like philosophical and deep conversations with equal conversation partners and that is something that has to be built, earned and not just available or freely accessible to everyone.

Almost all crystal adolescents like to retreat into nature, into their bedroom or into their own world full of special or strange hobbies that they prefer to pursue on their own. They feel absolutely no need to become popular or famous, but do feel the need to be able to make a useful contribution to society. Because they are quite self-conscious and discerning about their own behavior, they may come across as critical of their friends. Being critical has nothing to do with tearing down or denigrating, but everything with mirroring the inner side of that other person. They love to help broaden the collective consciousness, to awaken the other person to the state of affairs in the world so that they become aware of the violence, suffering and pollution of humanity and the earth.

They like to propagate that there is more between heaven and earth and do not shy away from conversations about extraterrestrial life in this enormous universe. They can philosophize for hours about interdimensional aspects, but human peripheral issues and futilities they quickly turn away from. What others can concern themselves with, a crystal adolescent simply cannot, because futilities do not matter.

What many other teenagers do not occupy themselves with, the crystal teenager does occupy themselves with, and what the crystal teenager occupies themselves with with their broad consciousness, the other teenagers do not occupy themselves with with their narrow consciousness. Usually the "general teenager" is preoccupied with money, popularity and showing off and we find the 'normal ones' in the city, usually in large groups hanging around, even terrorizing the people passing by. A crystal teenager will never do this! This one is more likely to be found with only a few very close friends on a nature campsite, picnic blanket or with the steady courtship at home on the couch.  

When a crystal child has not been given the opportunity to make voluntary and independent choices, disharmonious and incongruent personality tendencies can be developed. This makes it difficult to make stable choices in life, causing the young person to fly from job to job, school to school, hobby to hobby.

There is a considerable difficulty in relating to materialized and personalized humans, as crystal people tend to function more autonomously or authentically outside of the uniformity. This can cause an inferiority complex or extensive inner search that makes the choice to function in a society as an Outsider. This 'isolation' of oneself from the rest has to do with (self) rejection of their unique personality, because they have always been different-thinking than the others.

More often than other young people, crystal children live with the feeling that the world is against them, that they are alone in the world, that there is no support for them, and that they have to figure everything out on their own. More often than average, then, it is crystal children who think about suicide or fantasize about death itself. Death means only a small transition to "home" to rest from the severely overstimulated energy body, the superficial people and the materialized life.

Oh, and don't make crystal people too angry by pushing them to their limits! They are, in fact, capable of becoming frantically angry and every crystal person must learn to deal with that consciously. There are telekinetic and therefore magical powers within this human gifted being and they can, completely unintentionally, put energy into motion with one well-meant pronouncement or snap of a finger which may not always have a positive effect on the other person.

Most crystal people don't know about themselves that they are from the three full helix couplers were born telekenetically gifted and therefore able to tap into primal forces coming directly from Terra. Crystal people are therefore only become activated at a later age and only when they have barely any pain body left. So the activation of this crystal group can only take place with the approval of Source, Terra and the supervisors of this group.

Note: They have learned to recognize that certain telekinetic powers may only be used for collective or individual healing. For this reason, at this time, anno 2018, there are still very few crystal people activated.

The crystal adult has an unusually strong attraction to people of all shapes, types, sizes and ages. Because of this, they are almost always chosen to discuss unique human problems with or to ask for spiritual advice. In giving their help, they can appear somewhat overbearing or overly maternal, but all of this is very well intended. In addition to being very selective, the crystal adult has now been disappointed so often that they will not easily allow themselves to be vulnerable to others. It is often difficult for a crystal adult to let people finish speaking because they know far in advance what someone wants to say or ask and this causes irritation in others.

To the outside world, crystal people are full of contradictions and inconsistencies because they view multiple sides of a situation. Questions about certain situations are absolutely not stated or fixed facts. As a result, a different design may be outlined in the discussion today than tomorrow. By sensing the energy vibrations - there is a kind of inner dowsing system, which ensures that issues will also be approached and answered in this way.

And you may have to laugh a little bit now as a crystal adult when I say that to the steadfast outside world this is seen as incongruent. But I know that crystal people are absolutely not incongruent. They are the light and the shadow, the Yin and Yang, right and wrong at the same time and this is how they view and approach certain situations or issues as well. This means that all sides are highlighted, looked at, inputted and judged, which means that more often than not, the crystal adult will decide that there is no singular outcome, therefore there is no answer.

For the original androgynous soul, the inner "andros" (male) and "gynaika" (female) in a unisexual body, it is extra difficult to have to live in the middle of a physical, energetic and spiritual war between the male and female. What others may find very easy to represent a gender-specific role in the world, crystal people find this very difficult, because they want to be equal in everything. This is because they naturally have a multidimensional unique intrinsic consciousness that literally means unity.

Whether they are in contact with a child, adult, animal or plant, they are equal at all times! Crystal people are only connected to the timeline of the now, the multidimensional aspects of linear time. And then it doesn't matter so much whether you incarnated in a male or female body. A crystal child from an early age just feels human rather than chosen gender, and as long as work is done from the purest intention in a gender-specific body it is totally okay.

By nature, crystal people are the neglectful nurturing parents, the spiritual realists and the shy cheeky ones all at the same time, so why do they have to play a certain gender-specific role in life? And this is where every crystal adult will recognize themselves if they dare to look very clearly at their true selves. When total acceptance of the gender-specific incarnation body is lacking, these crystal personalities may experience much struggle in unequal or oppressive male-female, female-female, male-male relationships.

Crystal people love equal partnerships and in this there is no unequal struggle, but absolute cosmic and earthly cooperation. They represent their own spiritual capacity in a specific male or female incarnation body and carry this from their nature. This only means total acceptance of the gender-specific body and therefore should not be a gender crisis - as it still often is in this world. The present gender-specific especially sexualized world is not the true woman (Yin) and the true man (Yang) in body and mind, but a patriarchal indoctrinated world that shows many narcissistic characteristics.

Crystal people, and especially the adults, have become afraid of certain approaches that may lead to intimacy or sex, because in their younger years they have often had to deal with the indoctrinated image about the 'specific' roles that the bodies should fulfill. In terms of the energy body, crystal people feel very easily 'invaded' because they can 'feel' when someone is looking at them or pointing at them from an early age. If this energetic sensitivity is not respected, then nothing happens at all! Crystal people would rather be alone for a lifetime than have their 'personal space and boundaries' disregarded. 

Crystal people therefore often end up in a long-term friendly, loving, more liberal and mostly platonic partnership that is not always understood by the outside world. The energetic foreplay to be able to achieve intimate or physical acts begins in the early morning with a relaxed and cheerful partner calling friendly good morning - and this is something that the sex-oriented people, will never understand.

Fun Fact: Before crystal children are born, they tell the parents the name they want to carry in this life. Therefore, it often happens that when the child is born, that the parents suddenly find the name they have chosen does not fit the child and decide to intuitively give the child another name.

Fun activity: Look up the meaning of the name you think is a crystal child and see characteristic similarities to the character or mission. In this way, the crystal child remembers his or her star origin, the reason he or she incarnated, whether he or she is of royal lineage and so on.

Most crystal people are clear-hearing, feeling, knowing and seeing which allows them to pierce right through someone. The somewhat 'penetrating' look that these people have often feels uncomfortable to others. And believe me, crystal people themselves do not find this easy, for in this way they sometimes 'receive' information that they cannot know at all. When the 'received' information is told to the other person it turns out in most cases to be very specific and correct. Telepathy is also common when two crystal people are connected.

Adult crystal people have difficulty dealing with old stored emotions and anger and may show some self-destructive behavior as a result. Thoughts such as "I can't get out of it", passivity, imagined incompetence, self-sacrifice, physical and mental neglect is often the result of a chronically exhausted and constantly attacked energy body. 

About the collective and spiritual backgrounds of the particularly sensitive crystal people, there is still quite little information to be found at the moment, because only a few of this soul group have awakened or been activated. New Indigo people, for example, as a "lightworker group" find the shadows of life rather difficult and they would much rather be connected to universal light, love, high vibrations and frequencies. Indigo children have more difficulty working in the 'shadows' and prefer to be in the spotlight than the crystal people.

Crystal people know intuitively that Terra is both black and white at the same time, mankind and nature both Yin and Yang, and they actually have access to the pure dark and light magic of the earth and cosmos. But they still have to work somewhat invisibly (the glass) because precisely in the world of shadows the most work will have to be done in the coming years. And they are also the ones who, without wasting any words on the subject, are lifting up the hidden shadows within people so that they may learn to bring their own shadows into the light - Balance.

The crystal human knows intuitively how to get this done, because they are those opposites themselves, therefore just understanding creation, the big bang, the birth of mother earth. It is important that they are slowly activated, so that they can begin to work on what is, for them very important task to start building the new platforms in a current world full of imbalance & polarities. Despite the fact that many currently still think that light & love will prevail, I can already tell you that this will be the balance & unity.

We have not only a collective problem, but exactly on the most human, personal and individual level. It is especially in our personal lives where the balance and unity is far from being achieved and where hard work will have to be done and where crystal people can help. They will guide you to the right information and the right people to achieve further development. This world, which still carries a lot of residual damage from the Piscean Age, is in need of ambassadors who will usher in the Aquarian Age and they will do this with verve with both their minds and bodies! They were born for this and their time is finally upon them.

It is also very difficult to find crystal people or recognize them directly because only a few have incarnated and activated as precursors and leaders in the construction of the Aquarian Age. In addition, they are more often working in the background than in the foreground, taking with them as a matter of course the collective "problems" in their musings, dreams, wishes and thoughts into their (future) work or personal lives.

So everyone who has come to this end of reading is either a crystal child themselves or recognizes the crystal child in the other! It is therefore asked that you gently step a little more into openness with your unique you or help the crystal child with their unique personality in a unitized system of schooling, youth care, and other programs that are still from the Piscean Age.  

Crystal children and Diamond children

  • naturally carry their stellar origins.
  • from an early age have an intense, almost suspicious look in their eyes from which it is palpable that they are "scanning or reading" the person. 
  • wear eyes that visibly change color shades with subtle inner changes of emotion. 
  • have a magnetic personality that makes people instantly "fall in love" with them.
  • are "picky" from the soul and will not "let in" just anyone.
  • Have many spontaneous crying attacks as a baby. 
  • maken ongewone uitspraken tegen volwassenen, goudeerlijke kinderen, het ware gezicht laten zien, iemand niet leuk vinden is iemand niet leuk vinden en daarmee basta.  
  • has some form of giftedness and this can be in a variety of areas. Often when interest is sparked, will know everything about the subject matter down to the smallest detail. 
  • are highly gifted, which does not always mean highly intelligent, notable for possessing something exceptional in the form of music, writing, drawing, or math. 
  • have finely sensitive skin, so they cannot tolerate hard pants, wool or other irritating substances, labels that prick the neck, shower jets that go too hard. But also no socks that are crooked, or that have a toe sticking out of the hole. 
  • can have 'learning problems' at school and a form of discalculation (arithmetic blindness) or dyslexia (language blindness). There is often a disharmonic development, between being gifted and the 'learning problems'.
  • are more intellectually and philosophically highly gifted and dislike the standard curriculum. 
  • are agile, prefer to exercise individually rather than competitively, and often have an athletic build. 
  • seek dialogue with adults making somewhat strange, wise and old statements with contextually connected lines characteristic. 
  • have the greatest difficulty when they are interrupted while speaking, even though they themselves often do not allow others to speak. They lose the line in their heads of what they want to say, so they have to start all over again. And if they don't let others speak, it is usually because they already know what the answer is, which is a learning point for the crystal children. Out-Let-Speak ?.  
  • will not respond to practically any half-hearted attempts at contact, because these souls need to be able to go deeper with someone and they need to feel good about someone right away.
  • make estimation errors in the relational field at first, because sometimes they cannot judge properly whether they should give love or help, they learn this only by experiencing. 
  • have some loves that are for life, (sometimes within an existing relationship) they may feel many forms of love for other people, which may be confusing to a possible partner.
  • feel heartfelt about (friendly) relationships and are always willing to be an understanding friend.  
  • find the magnetic attraction troublesome, as they do not like overt attention or spotlights. The Mixes have a little less trouble with that. 
  • find it difficult to have to choose between the expectations of carnal love between man and woman or the Cosmic dance of love between two souls. Therefore, in his or her journey of discovery, a Crystal Child may begin to experiment or be 'sexually active' with both genders at an early age.
  • fall on the soul and personality rather than a body and if there is a breakup in a "wrongly" chosen love relationship, a peaceful separation is chosen, which usually fails with the other person who is still full of resentment.
  • are virtually powerless to the "toughness" that others may display, preferring to let go of "the fight" and fade into the background in silence. 
  • They hate having two different sounds at the same time, because they cannot concentrate. When music is playing in the background, people start talking, and then someone starts playing a game with sound on a cell phone, the Crystal Child reacts immediately.  
  • cannot stand injustice, this affects them to the depths of their entire soul being.
  • Have difficulty with rejection of the persona, allowing them to develop an outsider appearance. They do this to hide their vulnerable insides and appear stronger to the outside world.  
  • are often on the sidelines in the schoolyard or within work relationships, they are not bullied nor do they belong. They often choose this status on their own, even though it can feel lonely. Crystal children may feel lonelier in large crowds than they do sitting alone in their bedroom.
  • are exceptionally observant and exude a certain almost scary power. Please don't mess with me! And so others do not readily do so, unless they are very blind to these children. Intuitively, other starseeds sense that these children possess an unusually deep power to set things in motion with a single hand movement.  
  • do not feel the need to have to "prove" themselves as men or women. Remarkable about the male crystals, is that they are emancipated from their nature. They cook, clean and change the diapers with great ease and have fun doing it too. What is striking about the (vaccinated) women is that they often have very complicated pregnancies and deliveries. 
  • experience in the more "lopsided" relationship difficult problems within relationships, as love is lived and embodied in a more energetic way. 
  • are by nature deeply understanding and might just have no judgment about that one serial killer.   
  • are highly conscious and see the "lack" in themselves or others as a growth and learning process for the learning body. Yet they can be very self-critical. 
  • prefer to take some distance to observe what the heart says, rather than judge what the eyes see. 
  • have a deep attraction to mother planet Terra, the Cosmos and the beautiful nature with its animals, are therefore mostly vegetarian, vegan or conscious eating at an early age. 
  • are very interested in crystals and gemstones and feel their effects through vibrations and subtle changes.
  • have very strong healing abilities at their disposal, their hands heal as if by themselves for plants, humans and animals, often without them noticing it, these healing abilities are taken for granted and are used at all times when needed and not when requested.
  • have fractalized soul wings that contain facets of diamond structures.
  • their hologram contains extraordinary knowledge about the cosmos, certain planets and soul peoples, ancient elemental worlds and civilizations of Terra.
  • carry ancient artifacts with secret information, symbol on the forehead, specific soul wings and ancient symbols with unit codes that are white-ish in color.

We work together in a Unified Cooperation.
In Lak’ech from Heidy

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