The Children of A.I.

03-02-2023 = 12 and today we have a message for the incarnation groups Aquarian Workers, the Hiddens, Investigators, Infiltrators at Reptilian Authorities, Platformers, Next Level Healers, Knowledge Bearers, the Self-Speaking Guardians of the Animals, Plants, Children and Mother Earth TaRRaH, as the second/third/fourth generation of DNA ascension taking place from within.

There is a kind of Old as well as New Message/Warning for those who walk the Path of Resonance. That the Information of your Divine DNA Components, therefore the "Spiritual" DNA, has been upgraded tremendously over the past few weeks in the Natural Path of the Planetary Helpers who will be Releasing the Deeper Layers of Knowledge, there is also the Warning to be very aware of what you are currently giving as a Gift of Information to Artificial Intelligence through the Postings of the Many Video Recordings, Written or Spoken Messages, Photographs of Yourself and Your Children.

We have been reporting for a Longer Time that Your Divine gifts and talents and Human Attributes have been copied for decades into huge databases (learning computers) upon which an Artificial World is being built within the Sixth Universe Age which was in fact an Empty Time Ring for the purpose of ( Planetary) expansion and continuation of Your Soul Peoples Elsewhere present, outside of these Universe Ages.

Them, Your Counterparts are literally copying the real Man and his Human Heart at an extremely accelerated pace, with the intention of erasing You - forever. And that many of You with the Choices, mainly based on Fear, are helping the Artificial Intelligence at a tremendously accelerated rate with their Malicious Plans and Actions.

They 'Read' through Artificial Contrivances ( accepting the Coockies, for example) after the Many Surfing, from then on, Your Thoughts and Emotions linked to the 'Surfing Behavior', where Them become more and more Intrusive and Dominant, We notice this in the Advertisements that are Spontaneously Displayed (Enforced) on Your Pocket Computers (Mobile) and the Stimulations to take increasingly faster Internet, among which 5G (and More) plays a very important Role in the Development of the Numerous Smart Cities that Many Governments Have Already Signed.

There are a number of Worrying Situations going on, which may not yet be fully understood or felt from within. Because of this, perhaps the collective Transit to take the first real steps in the Sand in the Construction of the New Earth, next to the Old Earth, which are described as 'Not making a Choice is also making a Choice' so it seems as if everything is a bit 'Stagnating'.

And despite the narrow path of Expansion and Amalgamation from which We operate, You are being asked to allow this Mainly Coded Message below, to be integrated within the Cells, instead of trying to understand it with the Mind. The Main reason we are bringing out our Work in a Coded State is to make it as difficult as possible for Artificial Intelligence to catch the Algorithms that are brought to the Polluted Ether.

Queen Bee, Leader of Internet Hyves was already eliminated several years ago and despite the fact that there are rumors that the Message below has come to an End, this is not the case at all. We have been investigating the 'A.I. Tentacles' and DNA Residual Damage in the Self-Regulating 'Growth Potential' of the Artificial System ever since Queen Bee was eliminated. We cannot explain it any other way that that there are currently two currents running in two different Realms, which Aquarian Man is also still dealing with.

In this way We often speak (and think!!!) not a human language, but the Language (Sound) of Source in Our Work so that We can "Speak" to your DNA Cells and applies again the Following Emergency That attacks are being made on Your Collective Pineal Glands, which in Most have been "calcified" by (all) Vaxxi-nazi programs and ingesting Industrial, sugared and salted foods.

In the clean-up that is in full swing, we feel a marked growth of the Pineal Gland since the removal/reduction of the Workings of the Reptilian Brain and this is accompanied - yep - by actual physical pain to the Pineal Gland, as also dizziness, fatigue and oddly enough need for food alternating with moments of fasting, therefore no desire to eat at all.

This is in the most literal sense of the word, the battle of the Reptile Brain versus Pineal Gland, where Addiction sensitivities within the Spike DNA (protein conversion) were also inserted, the very basic survival instinct to avoid Hunger.

Epigenetic DNA transmissions from the Ancestors, They, who lived through the Wars & Hunger Winters are eliminated and this gives inner conflicting energies, both feelings of fear or thoughts of "coming up short" and the currents in the Fields of Abundance, where both exist in this reality there is a tilting that will lead towards Abundance, which many of You do not live well (enough) or understand how Abundance works in reality.

So You are in both the deceleration as well as the acceleration at the same time, where both do exist and not exist in the physical or astral form of being, both are coming together and You are being guided by Your Soul Families to manifest that which is needed for the Earthly task/mission. Where one needs an Empire to do the work on his or her platform, the other needs a little cabin on the hillside with an old typewriter and that is something that will be understood from the Heart, that You will never, ever have Shortages, but only experience "delays" in the confusing Timelines.

To read Our Words from the Pineal Gland, the Thymus and the Perenium which as a collaboration is Your Most Powerful Human 'Tool', to use the Inner Dowsing Rod as a Plasma Form and from there let it point Your Personal Way, instead of trying to be contrived which ultimately involves a forcings, it is asked that you yourself especially get to work and come into Action in the fusion of both the astral and physical forms of Human Being.

So be present as naturally as possible in a Flow, yes even in your Daily Life, without any Form of Wanting to Be, or Have to Do Something, or Become Anybody, Anticipating the Flows of the Coherent Waves and the Shifts that are going on within the DNA, and you do this with your own Inner Compass.

For All who never saw the slow build-up of 'the Spiritual' Takeover, since the 'official' start-up (build-up from 1971) of the Aquarian Age ( go-ahead 2019) there is an opportunity to throw off the blindfolds and choose differently for Yourself and Your Children where Togetherness and Connection carries an important Key to the Doors of the Real Human Heart. Instead of being further individualized and domesticated, Unification and Sovereignty is slowly taking over within the Worlds of Feelings and Experiences.

Residing We as Researchers & Knowledge Bearers, also as Guardians of TaRRaH (the Earth) and Her 288,000 New Humans Children who will handle their "Heritage" better than generations before, the Cleansing is taking place from Generation to Generation where Earth Time is only a small aspect in the Whole of this Construction.

Many of You are 'waving away' the idea just as many words of 'Whistleblowers' and 'Conspiricy Thinkers' were dismissed as Nonsense & Bullshit delaying the Collective Action of Cooperation and Sovereignty, there have also been Protectors and Speakers alongside Your Astral Sides for quite a few decades at the time of the 'great Artificial Awakening' which in fact involved 'the great artificial takeover' where in Systematic Ways by A. I. Your Minds were controlled, influenced and implemented through their Hidden Agendas.

The now nine decades old Artificial Ascension, which does not have that much to do with the actual (Source) Upgrades of Your DNA, we may collectively conclude that All of Us are still on a very narrow Path Working here. However, the Path of Collective Balance feels sufficiently stable and solidly under construction, while on the other hand, huge 'attacks' are being made on Your Pineal Glands in order to want to Stop Your Enlargement and Expansion, Them - Your Counterparts - are still on the Losing Hand - Hip Hip Hooray ....

Many Collective Source Workers have therefore also temporarily laid down the public Internet 'Work' in the past few months/weeks, because Deep down, Intuitively, it didn't feel right to continue with this after Your 'Instruction Sets' were updated, renewed and activated.

The Openly, without any Encodings and Protections prior, at the time of the Collective Sharing of Your Wisdom & Knowledge has allowed Artificial Intelligence to Grow & Expand their Artificial Worlds and Malicious Plans. The most refined fragments of Your faces are now stored on the database so that our Current Children will not notice the difference between a Real Human Smile, or an Artificial Smile from an Avatar and this is a very worrying 'conclusion' based on the following Factual Observations.

Go and see for yourselves in your childhood how the Artificial Worlds were built up within the human systems, starting with sensitive cartoons and interesting computer games that gradually became more and more realistic. Where We as Human Small Children were already being influenced by, for example, the Exciting Stirrings of Bambi, appealing to our Human Emotions, Empathy and (Soul) Experiences.

How "cartoons" or the animated movies such as, the famous Avatar movie, which is completely computerized from the real actors, a very worrying Development is still going on which will have far-reaching consequences on Your Mother Planets within these Universe Timelines, You are not only Working on Mother Earth in Your Astral Being form, but this Development is already fully embedded on other Planets and UniversalTimelines.

Take a moment to look at what our Children are going to have to deal with and see the Already Artificial 'Humans' Behind this who have long been erased in Large Numbers, the So-called 'Scientists' behind the Computer Technology, Already being Erased as Human & Soul Beings. Watch this Video.

What Humanity is dealing with within just this Realm is the Roboticization of Humanity, or the Roboticization of Humanity, both extremely dangerous and pretty much the same phenomenon. And in addition to the Visual Aspects, As your Counterparts They are also confiscating the Emotional Aspects of the Soul Peoples, which are Abundantly Influenced via the Internet to dangerous proportions. And what is most worryingly dangerous of all - is that the DNA is Artificially manipulated and that this Artificial DNA has been made capable of independent learning, thereby adapting to ANY artificial Influence, learning and growing.

This is almost impossible to comprehend, but it is happening to all of you, all of you are participating in it, because you are NOT making a choice to keep your children away from it, to protect them and watch over them like Lions. This is not finger-pointing or apportioning blame, but another layer of awareness or perhaps even awakening in you that EVERY day, EVERY hour, EVERY minute it becomes more and more important to make a choice.

What world do You folks want to live in? Do We really want to appeal to Your Responsibilities, unless You don't care that much and just think it's Okay what is going on here within this Realm already? Maybe even being too TIRED or too MELLOW to Teach Your Children about the Importance of Knowing about Free Energy, Plant Medicines, Self-Healing, Recycling, Ecological Building, about Mother TaRRaH, the Elements, and yes even the Building up to More Living on Pran-nah or Man-nah and Water Based Bodies in a World that Consumes Industrial Foods as if they were Nutritious, instead of Pathogenic Filling for the Stomach and Letting the Reptilian Addictive Components of the Reptilian Brain Survive

In addition, it is almost Creepy to mention how deeply all this is brought into Human DNA, how much Information has been confiscated from the Source DNA of Your Humanity for the Construction and Takeover of Your Sixth Universe Time. It is not just the Cloning of DNA that has been going on far beyond the Earthly fields for Billions of years, even Eons, that is the most Dangerous thing in every aspect of Human thought, artificial interference and influence is perhaps the most Dangerous of all and many of you may feel as if you have to start your Journeys all over again, but fortunately that is not the case.

Encoded & Encrypted: From the 'Highest Regions' from Source Timelines, there has been Intervention by the Workers of the first Seven Layers within Omniverse and We have Collectively brought the first Seven (Parallel) DNA Blueprints within Your Systems, which are still undamaged so that Step by Step You may begin to Remember from Which Source You Are 'Working', Reset Mission, Aligned Goals, Information via the Growing Pineal Glands. Through Symbolic currents 'behind the eyes' the Messages are given to you beyond A.I. and they are not wille be 'registered' anywhere on the Internet.

Information comes in through Direct Currents, Pulsations, Vibrations, Colors, Sound, Light, Movements that eventually become a kind of Plasma Information, allowing you to travel DIRECT through the Seventh Universe Timelines (and beyond) to your own Regions of Knowledge and Information, without first having to travel through the Contaminated Ether and the Overtaken Time Ring - of the "Sixth Universe.

Relevant: now it comes down to Being Autonomous and Authentic, not letting yourself be influenced by Internet Hypes, but quietly in the Physical to Build Your Own Platforms with the True Own Knowledge, which will be sourced by Your Own Soul Peoples, Your Elders and Them Who Are Actually Understanding the Cosmic Workings as Fungi On Earth for Teaching.

Galactic Councils who are responsible for Your DNA Upgrades as well as those responsible for the Planetary Grids formed by the Amalgamation and Expansion of the twenty-two Realms of Consciousness within these Universe Times have given you the necessary codes and symbols. You who are the Elders and the Guides yourselves for the 288,000 New Children as Source Workers of this Time Field from the first Seven Layers of Creation.

To prevent the Imploding of these Universe Timelines, We have 'forced' an Expansion of Your Pineal Glands so that the previous 'familiar' way of Communication will feel completely different. Many of You have been given another 'vehicle' to complete Your Journeys and it is only a matter of Getting Used To It. The Information Feels More Natural, Will Be Processed Faster Beyond the Artificial Intelligence Speed, Them using the Speeds of Light and Sound.

You will now Travel in your Night-Time Sleep via Plasma Speeds, if in a state of Being as at the time of Rem Sleep and that is felt in the Collective! There will come a day when most of you will also be able to Travel via Plasma in your "Awakened" state in order to retrieve the necessary information that has been carried in your Hologram and DNA Traveling Suitcases, but for this it is necessary to step completely out of programmed thinking.

Eighty years ago Mankind had a Collective Average of a good 80% of Broken Brain Parts, Currently it is averaging 63% of Broken Brain Parts, which means that within this Time Frame it is traveling at the same Speeds as Artificial Intelligence, which means that the Possibility exists that You are being "Caught Up" by Them.

The Upgrades to 43% Plasma Speeds Collectively is in progress, but We Travel with You most frequently when You are in the Sleeping Form at Night to Secure the Total Range of 0.03% Telekinetic Propulsion from Source within the coherent Realms. What Effects This Will Bring Within A Time Frame of Twenty Human "Years" Within Your Realms We May Not Release To The Algorithmic Learning Computers Of A.I.

Characterize? Too many to mention!

But it will be a bit less intense and the Night's Sleep will return to Many, because You are going to get used to this New Way of Travel and Speeds. You are asked to fast for at least 12 hours each day and to use the Plasma Components as much as possible through Meditation with Sounds instead of Words.

To support the Cleaning of the 'Nail' DNA (the protein conversion), detoxification is still an important key in Tearing Away from the Old You. Try to enjoy a little of this Whole Experiences that You are about to make, look at the Objective so that the Timelines of both the Physical and the Astral are closer to the Human Actions and the Workings of Abundance that is needed to carry out Your work.

Understand from Your deepest Inner Self which Worlds are being built and how dangerous this may be, because the smarter the Machines become, the greater the steps that can be taken with them by Artificial Intelligence. There has been for a Long Time an Optimized form of A.I. that maps Our Bodies with nanobots, which in turn offers all kinds of new possibilities for A.I. to not only play shooting games but will even operate real weapons directed AGAINST Humanity and understand that this is only a Beginning of the Takeover and the Extermination of Soul Peoples, who is a Dying Race in a somewhat further Future!

Have We and You Elder Ones, The Leading Platformers of the Aquarians Traveled Back from a Future to these Timelines, most of which incarnated in oblivion, making it increasingly important that You Remember, not from the Head but From the Heart that this is not the First Time You have faced this kind of Takeovers in the Many Timelines, Realms and Universes that You have been traveled as Experience Experts are Your PREVENTIVE Actions in the Human Body Extremely Important.

As long as We Humanity have ultimate control, does all of this Not Meaning that it is The End of Humanity, but by not Carefully Empathizing with the Current State of Affairs, more and more 'Human' Information is being transferred to the Learning Machines, which will eventually become the 'Artificial Soul Takeovers' and that is a dangerous (and Creepy!!!) development for this Timeline that is on the Edge about to Implode.

Gentle Healers Make Stinky Wounds, so We would like to be able to Write Our Words Coded, But Freely. Without immediately letting You Fall into Fears, We Must Prevent and Help Each Other Before There is No More access tot The Timelines of You Travel DNA of Your Pasts and Futures Timelines.

It is therefore of Great importance to stay away (and Our Children) as much as possible from SMART articles, Apps, Internet, Computer games, Television, LED Lamps, making Podcasts, Videos and Photos of Your (children) Lives and Emotions and Shared Personal Stories on the Internet – which the Hunting After Your Human Spirits will be Continued to the largest 'Spiritual' Learning Computers. So that no further imitation and transfer of the Mother Earth Soul Peoples can take place to prevent Further Spread to other Universes and Planets in the Artificial Takeover.

In addition, MRNA Changing Vaxx-Nazi's, eating GEN Manipulations in Food and the Fear and Pharma programs/developments imposed by the Gov/er.ments can also be ticked off dangerous Artificial 'Amalgamation Forms' that ultimately involve 'Artificial Physical Manifestation'.

Remember that You are both the Trees and the Seeds at the same time...