A personal drawing of the Soul

The drawing is a special journey into someone's inner self, about which I would like to tell a bit more. The personal drawing of the soul can only be made prior to a consultation at Kompaswerk and cannot be ordered and sent separately. If you do want to have a personal drawing made, please have a look at this page - Sigil.

While drawing, I enter into a kind of trance and am attuned to the soul family of the person sitting across from me at the table. A certain frequency arises that activates energetic healing processes. On the spot, light codes, symbols and colors are placed in the drawing as messages or memories for the soul.

Very occasionally a loved one, a guide or helper comes along with a message. I can "see" if attachments, implants and entities are present in someone, soul wings reveal themselves that tell me what timeline someone is from - i.e. if someone is carrying the vibrations of a soul, incarnated half-angel or full angelic being.

Also, the color frequencies that a person carries become clear, which means that the stronger a certain color comes out, the more gifted a person is in a certain area. But usually, during the incarnation period, implants are already put into the hologram that cause all kinds of distracting life events, which will prevent one from getting to the task at hand in this lifetime.

Keep in mind that I am not a medium, but an alchemist, which means that I do not automatically make predictions or anything else. Very occasionally I may see whether in the near future a new love will cross someone's path, a kitten will arrive, or that soon the house will be sold. Only when someone's soul family wants me to do so, then I can have a small peek into someone's future or give a message.

There are very many unclean energies at work in the fourth dimension that could "take over" a medium. These unclean energies can be false guides, troubled souls, artificial intelligence or entities. So it is important to know that at the frequencies I work with, absolutely no takeovers can occur and the information is always going to be pure.

As an alchemist, I can only observe vibrations and frequencies and these do not hesitate to tell where the blockages or one's problems are and where they were created. Most people are born into 'oblivion' (because of the implant) - so they often don't even remember at what age sertain 'trauma's' have occurred.

For example, people come into the practice who have had a fall down the stairs at a very young age, causing an acute closure of a particular chakra. Or if someone was surrounded as a child by reptilian, materialistic or non-spiritual people in the form of teachers, relatives and even parents leading that soul away from the true path.

When someone incarnated with a very important mission, it may be that this person had problems already in the womb. Examples include near-death experience, being born as twins or triplets, strong symbiosis with the mother, birth problems, (health) problems as a young baby, being abandoned by the biological parents, etc etc. All this is meant to keep a soul away from the spiritual task and surround this soul as much as possible by the worlds and work of darkness.

I can also see if someone was born into a certain blood - or family line that still has all kinds of old DNA templates associated with it. These include satanism, hoodoo, black witchcraft, Freemasons, incestuous families (keeping money in the family) etc.

In short, it is quite worthwhile to have a personal drawing made prior to a consultation at Compass Work, if you are not exactly sure why you feel blocked or held back in your life.

Existing implants become visible during the drawing and because of the alchemical processes, they become weaker and are therefore easier to remove during the treatment of the hologram. In this way, a more intensive and deeper healing takes place which is very effective.

The persons who have been in the practice take the personal soul drawing home and hang it somewhere framed. Of course, I also have a personal drawing for myself and it hangs framed on the wall of the toilet 😊 This way, I am reminded of my mission every day and that always gives a special and good feeling.

The creation, coding and blessing of a personal drawing is optional and prior to a Resonance Healing, in A3 format and will take ± 40 minutes extra time. The cost of this is - € 59,00.