“de werking van het DNA
zijn de zielsgevoelige diepten”

There have been plenty of studies done on epigenetics, but a little logical thinking and connecting lines will get you there too. Trauma can be inherited. These are passed on genetically through the sperm. Suppose you have an aversion or fear to something that you can't explain at all, it might be interesting to know that you have in fact partly 'inherited' it, so let's take a short trip through DNA.

A long time ago I once took a four-day training on family lines and in doing so I worked out a lot for myself and found out about my family backgrounds. I started to deepen that out, because I felt it was important for me to learn to understand my ancestors and my dark sides in that. In doing so, I was able to put away many answers and contextual lines for myself, which may also be helpful to others.¬†Because largely what you feel, know, experience, smell, taste is transmitted through semen to the woman who will give birth to the child. 

The workings of DNA are exceptionally intelligent and it is constantly adapting to all conditions and has been doing so for as long as there have been human bodies on Terra. Specifically adapting to extreme weather conditions, biotope changes, evolutionary leaps and so on. Then you can also consider that DNA is capable of adapting to what happened in ancestral bloodlines. That is why it is interesting to explore what certain peculiarities, disorders in the family, inheriting certain gifts and talents, but also consciousness and spiritual well-being.

Quote from a source: Which is called with a expensive word: Epigenetics (Dutch Link).¬†Epigenetics literally means 'around the DNA'. More precisely, it means the 'markings' around the DNA that can switch the genes on and off. These markings themselves change and seem to be inheritable. The name epigenetics was created in 1942 by the English biologist Conrad Waddington.¬†His idea was: that experiences and living conditions of an organism can influence its hereditary predisposition. The prefix 'epi' comes from the Greek and stands for something above or behind genetics.¬†What is a good example? Children who were in the womb as a baby of women who survived the hunger winter, have a greater chance of developing obesity.¬†(Peter Joosten) 

What is nice about the research I have done is that I once had a DNA test done, the results of which I received, there were people before me of course and many of them had the results in within four weeks. I had to wait almost eight weeks for the results! Some people said to me, Heidy, you don't register your DNA in a database, do you! But I know that our DNA has been registered in large databases since the advent of the heel prick in the 1950s, which was followed by vaccinations, but this page is about Epigenetics and not vaccinations.

When I received the results, I was very surprised because in my DNA line the commuting of my ancestors was visible until the day where I am today in the now. For me, of course, this was really super interesting, because it allowed me to do a little research into the history of the countries where my ancestral bloodlines have been up to - don't be shocked - the Neanderthal era. This means that the DNA I carry was actually never extinct, which may explain my blood type.

So because I was able to look at the 'commuting' of my ancestors through my DNA over the centuries, many puzzle pieces of certain 'quirks' fell into place. This DNA has traveled from Finland to Scandinavia, from Scandinavia to Scotland, through to England, to France and finally to the Netherlands. And with the help of a woman who has done some deeper research into my DNA, it turned out that I still carry a relatively large amount of ancient DNA, such as that of the Neanderthal (0.90%), the Aboriginal (2.75%) and still of Nomads (6.22%).

Rather funny to know that my ancestral DNA never went extinct and who knows what else is stored further back in the templates of this body. As a researcher and explorer of the engineered human and reptile DNA, AND because I did not incarnate into oblivion, I remember a very different DNA species. I remember a much purer original origin - created from aquatic animals such as dolphins, whales and sharks. I actually remember a very different body from this modern body and I also know its cellular memories. Who knows what else I may discover in my astral research journeys in this confusing DNA anno 2016.

Getting back to the workings of Epigenetics for a moment - Because who doesn't know them? The little 'feeling-memories' that can arise spontaneously within ourselves. Sometimes we desire certain countries, or we suddenly have the feeling that we 'recognize' a certain region while we have never been there. It also happens more often that we get a kind of feeling of home when watching certain movies from older times or that we feel emotions like homesickness, frustration, anger, sadness when watching that movie. I can very well imagine that the soul that incarnated at this time has a pretty hard time sorting out the false memories from the DNA, or the memories of the soul!

For me it is relatively easy, because as a fractal traveler I am 100% sure that I have never incarnated in a modern human DNA body. Thus, I have also found out in my investigations for the souls that there is a certain "past" described in the Templates of the DNA. This 'past' and 'memories', it has been found, do not always come from the soul itself which may seem so. And to be honest? Sometimes it felt confusing for me too when I had to deal with a false memory from the DNA. And to be able to make that filtering between this life, past lives or the energetic and physical DNA memories has been quite a job and has taken two decades of interesting research.

Well, by examining the country events, being able to see and understand the history, lifestyles and the context therein (through understanding, the cellular memories are triggered), it is nice to know from today that there is so much more described in your templates than just your current life and your past lives as a soul.¬†So if you don't believe in reincarnation, believe in Epigenetics, because it has been extensively researched by modern 'scientists'. 

It's fun to go out and do some research so you can find out where all your human background, so the DNA human history has been. How much of that, for example, has been mixed with what human peoples (Epigenetics) and spiritual tribes (spiritual wisdom) have been in your family lines. And then we are also made up of two parents each with their own DNA history. These are millions and millions of Templates of DNA memories and not soul memories :) !   

It is a very intensive but certainly not uninteresting activity at least for me, because this is my spiritual research work. It is quite funny that from my spiritual being, as a child I already had an attraction to Merlin the Magician (England), Wicky the Vicking and Little Lady Teaspoon (Scandinavia). It's also no coincidence that I carry the spiritually human traits of Norwegian shamans and Seidr witches because look at the picture of my dad, he looks like a white Shaman, right?

In my young childhood he already told about the experiments of the extraterrestrials and about the satanic priests, pedophile networks and about the fake moon, the cover-ups and that the moon landing wasn't real at all, that 'they from up there' have turned mankind into a checkers board game, namely the black pawns against the white pawns. Similarly, he said that for 'them' we are not much different than the ants in an anthill, they kick people down when they wish and want to.

In the seventies there was no internet at all and what I found later in my researches verified everything the Whistleblowers came out with in the nineties. My father was meant to be a whistleblower for the 1970s, thanks to his underlying DNA memories, but he was not able to complete his task, it was too hard for him, he could not talk about his spiritual task, just as I could not when I was younger. He was admitted to an institution with Korzakov and there (personal reasons) he jumped out of the window from five high, which eventually became his death at the age of 59, it's all so interesting!

So my dad carried a certain knowledge, not medically scientifically proven, that he could not have known at all at that time. And I know I chose this particular DNA because there is a lot of interesting information described in it that rests on a certain truth that can only be understood with the dowsing system, so not with the brain.

If you carry the ancestral DNA lines of ancient Egypt, you are probably currently in your spiritual awakening (DNA upgrades) attracted to the workings of Shambala, Organites, pyramids, certain ancient artifacts, or you carry the knowledge of Aborigines, ancient Egyptians, the Incas, the Mayans and their Gods - the peoples who were wiped out by anglocentrisme then you can check how much trauma is described in your DNA templates that were not from past lives of the soul. Confusing right?

Just a little summation: The DNA body in which I incarnated was 68% pure and had 6 full helix couplings at the time of my birth. By the time I was 30 years old I had 12 helix couplings and by the time I was 45 it had become 48. This all has to do with spiritual growth and developments that we all go through here. Currently I am in a growth from 74 to 144 helix couplings which indicate the broader consciousness, the consciousness of Source as creator and Terra as mother planet, a cellular memory of the original DNA, its codes to read, understand, alchemical healing, treating and guiding researchers, precursors and explorers of the next generation of incarnations.

Collectively, the average is currently from 5 to 12 helix couplings, which characterizes the collective spiritual consciousness anno 2016 for spiritual humanity. From 12 to 48 helix couplings, the cellular memories of Atlantis and Lemuria come alive, and the healing and upgrading of damaged DNA causes us to remind ourselves ever more deeply of who we really are.

This was a brief interlude :) Well, so because I carry Scandinavian ancestral epigenetics DNA my body can tolerate heat very badly, for my body the colder the better, the warmer the more annoying. So only since 2014 approximately, I understand much more about my DNA body, mainly consisting of Iceland, Finland, Scotland, England, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, those are not certain warm countries to be mentioned and in those countries many events are written in history.  

Maybe we can't possibly imagine it, but our DNA ancestors don't just consist of well-married moms and dads producing great kids. No, our ancestral DNA lines carry templates of pregnant light faeces, rapists, pedophiles and their victims, peasants with milkmaids, orgy-loving Romans, personnel with strapped "lunatics" in the insane asylum, secluded sick with "caring" brothers, sailors who had a different sweetheart in every town, Satanists and other religious extremists, murderers in the name of God, murderers for pleasure, sexual predators, patriots and thus the handsome soldiers from America who saddled the lonely housewife from Holland with babies, while hubby stood innocently on the battlefield fighting in the name of God for the hidden agenda of the Established Order - boy! !

Isn't it interesting to think about that for a moment? And eventually the ancestral DNA of these modern bodies leads us to the experiments of mixing and cloning human and reptile DNA. All of us, me not exceptionally carry incestuous bodies made up of a mix of human and reptile traumatized bloodlines!
Diversity says so much, for why does one like heat and another like cold, does one like to go to Norway and another to a Tropical Island, is one attracted to God and another to Darwin? Why is one person very loving and giving and another a murderous weirdo. Well the key to this very confusing secret is found in Epigenetics!

Souls are incarnated as formless beings of light in a form-fixed incarnation shell filled with recorded codes from the human past. We are mixtures of many cultures representing the current state of consciousness. Complex and interesting or simple and simple thinking, with a narrowed consciousness because it is written in the DNA or with an expanded consciousness because it is written in the DNA. The purer the DNA, the purer the attunement of the soul can take place because this is found in the trash DNA.

One more fun human fact, if your fat flabby body burns spotty in the sun because you are as white as a lily, your slender muscular brother can get a beautiful even tan on the same vacation while you are full-blooded brother and sister! This is because you inherit DNA from your father and DNA from your mother and your father may carry a completely different continent of templates (cellular memories) than your mother.

Isn't it time for an interesting self-exploration? Because in addition to the nice things like inheriting certain gifts and talents, you also inherit the anxiety disorders, illnesses, secret desires, living habits, interaction with others and whether you use liquor and drugs. It explains a lot of what you can't understand about yourself as a human being AND as a soul, especially if you've never incarnated in a modern body like the Crystal Children.

Doing a little research ensures that you don't have as much to deal with in the spiritual quest of the zoel as you initially thought. Assessing the relevance of your personal soul teachings, immediately becomes a lot easier because of this fact. You become a nicer person to yourself, because you start to understand the peculiarities of yourself better.

Mijn rariteiten kan ik nu zo goed begrijpen, want ik heb er wel een stuk of drie hoor ;) ! Daardoor raak ik los en vrij van mijzelf en moet ik voortaan lachen, in plaats van mezelf schuldig te voelen, als ik om twaalf uur een lunch met een glas rode wijn neem. Begrijp ik inmiddels mijn enorme hang naar vrijheid en de afschuw voor tropisch fruit, want zeg nou zelf, dat groeit toch niet in het die delen van Europa? Dit laatste moet je even met een korreltje zout nemen, want het is teveel om op te noemen wat we hebben over ge√ęrfd en een behoorlijke klus om uit te zoeken wat de herinneringen van de ziel en wat de herinneringen van het DNA is. Wil je graag weten hoe het zit met jouw DNA of wil je een reis maken naar jouw cellulaire herinneringen? Neem dan een kijkje bij de praktijk van Kompaswerk, want misschien kan ik wel iets voor je betekenen door middel van een sessie.

Onderstaand heb ik een passende healing frequentie waarbij je al mediterend en affirmerend tijdens het inslapen je DNA kunt upgraden en heb beetje plezier in alle upgrades die gaande zijn :)