Feminine Versus Masculine

“van excelentie
een gewoonte maken”

Please take a moment to read my story. There is a lot going on in the area of relationships. Almost everywhere I hear about relationship breakdowns or difficulties, while the couple is still madly in love. Especially the men don't know what they want and the woman only seems to be angry or disappointed. One after the other writes to me ...

One after another writes to me via private with relationship problems and also in my personal life I have to deal a lot with friends who are breaking up, lying to their partner in abundance, cheating, or having communication problems. Therefore, instead of private, I would like to explain it more collectively on this website that what is happening now has to do with the emotional cleansing and "spiritual" developments that are both artificially and organically intertwined.  

Dear women, try to help your husband, son or father, grandfather, uncle and our former male ancestors instead of fighting them! The man in your life is currently having a very difficult and rough time and is undergoing tremendous profound transformation processes, as you have known, because you have bin there yourself. It seems at the moment that it is not CLICKING at all between the two of you. It feels as if he is stirring and waving his manly tail everywhere where sensitivities need to be discussed. (But he prefers to flee in his mobile, in stead of talking with You)

Your husband is having a hard time because he also doesn't know how to deal with his own masculine energy... He simply has NOT been able to learn that for the past thousands of years, not from his grandfather, not from his father or other masculine people! The women are getting stronger and they are done WAITING for the collective energy to change. We women want to manifest NOW and want our men to turn and move with us on this women's energy NOW. But that is not going to happen! Just as the women have been working on all the old earthly pains for the past few years, the MAN is now working out HIS old pain pieces and BEGINNING to be who HE is or is essentially allowed to be ...

He was the one accused of being an aggressive MAN, HE was the one who was not allowed to cry, HE was the one who had to fight within himself and totaly ignore his sensibilities, because he had to learn to put materialism before emotions. HE is the one who HAD to take over the business from his father, HE was the one who HAD to take care of the family financially, at his own expense and-much-more-all that he MUST do as a Man ...

But dear women, don't forget that our wonderful men are now ALSO working out the old male patriarchal imagery and stereotypes. They have been accused worldwide last century as narcissistic aggressors, but YOUR husband is NOT. He is NOT a global dictator, he is NOT the one who had to kill innocent people in the name of patriotism, he is NOT the one who mistreated our female ancestors, but he was obliged to conform to this "male" role. In short, it is time that we start to bring the softness back into our men, that they can become that One with US in their most natural form. Can create, fill and create and that together we are the male and female energy of ONE.

SHE is the one who is fighting the collective death struggle on a personal level .... And understand here why YOUR husband is fighting, he himself does not know how to be, because he never learned. The masculine energy is PRACTICAL and POWERFUL, but we seem to be in constant conflict with them. And STOP being angry with your hardworking guy who wasn't allowed to cry and now DARES not to cry. Because he is lonely and feels totally not understood by YOU. You are not a victim but there is a lack of any form of COOPERATION between the two of you ... You trigger and fight each other, day after day and your children are right in the middle of it, like WE were in the middle of it.

What I myself find striking to see, is that a lot of women come out with aggression. It should not be the intention that our children will suffer for centuries under the - We are - angry at the MAN generation of WOMEN. From the old victim role these women desire more strength, because this is the only strength they know, actually, the SAME form the old-fashioned male used!..... Talking about perpetual Cycles??

Let him have his moods, let him throw with the doors, let him walk away to the fitness centre and - Let him work out his materialistic uncertainties, let him rest if he doesn't want to talk with you, or if he wants to crawl into his own shell. The man in your life is also working on the great inner (and collective) cleansing. He has the right to discover and develop his own masculine beautiful energy. Even if it happens by trial and error, two steps forward and three steps back- remember? Even if it is accompanied by 'Rooster behavior' or macho-male matters. Let him crawl into your arms when he shows sensitivity, when he opens himself up to you, gently reaching out to you in his emotional vulnerability. Don't be angry or resentful about the moments before, but embrace him and be oceanic in your beautiful feminine energy. 

We don't even know what true male potential is yet, because our men haven't been able to learn it themselves for thousands of years. They also don't know what the beautiful masculine energy is. We / they are the ones who have to teach our children that a man can cry, that a man can work as much as he can handle or want. That a man can be vulnerable and beautiful, and not has to perform better day in and day out. Finding the right balance with the man in your life requires complete dedication, patience and cooperation and no victimization, arguments or conflicts. 

Spiritually unconscious man - looks like a narcistic person
- Macho and big Ego
- is not allowed to cry, shows just few emotions, mostly anger
- often needs sex, talk about it with others  
- don't talk about sensitivities or spiritual matters 
- overworked, not satisfied, grumbling a lot 
- disparaging or dominant towards women
- lying / cheating / hiding things, claiming monogamy 
- addicted to gaming, television, sports , etc 
- will not participate in the household, let alone change diapers 
- no consultation, dominant and decisive, financially superior 
- unconscious eater, eats almost everything, preferably meat
- must give his permission if partner wants something   

Spiritually aware man - Balanced Man
- sensitive and his self, little or healthy Ego 
- shows emotions in front of others
- wants to connect sexually, don't talk about it with others
- chooses the number of hours he wants to work and takes the family into account 
- participates in the family, yes changes diapers with love! 
- is interested in the partner, everything can be discussed
Sexual openness, monogamy is free choice, honesty 
- healthy interest in hobbies 
- all in mutual consultation, is not controlling and shares bank account 
- eat more consciously, preferably organic or free-range and Wild if a carnivore 

When dealing with an unconscious (narcistic) man, it can cause a lot of difficulties in your partner relationship, but it is still advisable, if you love him a lot, to see where you can soften and steering with loving actions. It often takes decades for both of you to grow closer. Most women have No More patience Anymore, around the seven-year relationship, causing many to split up or grow. 

Have you also noticed that men and women don't quite communicate on the same wavelength? It seems as if they are not well attuned to each other within the reality of the third dimension, which includes living in a human body. So there is a very good reason for this which I will try to explain or illustrate in geometric thought patterns. Don't be frightened by the word geometry, because we all have an image of angles and squares, circles and curls right?

The masculine energy consists of right angles and lines and the feminine energy of curves and curls. There are no straight lines and angles in the female energy and there are no curls and bends in the male energy. Feminine energy is fast and energetic and the masculine energy is slow and boring. Even more simply explained, male energy contains about 40 points of energy and female energy about 140 points of energy.

Feminine energy is expansive, creative and very fluid, like an ocean. Through which she can do 25 things at the same time, while turning in all curves. Male energy says - Straight Line - go down in a straight line from A to B and to point Z and back again to point A. A man is able to go straight towards his goal, to manifest and to make a right turn towards the first goal. Both types of energy houses in humans themselves and are absolutely valuable to have at your disposal to make balanced creations.

Without feminine energy the masculine energy is not complete and vice versa, so within yourself it should be in BALANCE and developed in a good way. When the balance of the inner masculine and feminine is lacking, a feeling of being incomplete, not valuable and anger and incomprehension arises.

Old energy: Masculine strong. Feminine-weak. When in the materialized dimension the masculine energy is out of balance it can express itself in various ways. What I am about to write you can best be attracted to you personally to see if you can then apply it to your own energy. Listen to the words and read between the lines the message. When the masculine energy feels like it is not good enough, when it is anxious because it has been told it will never succeed in life, is worth nothing, has no value, it becomes unbalanced.

To compensate for this, the masculine energy shows a "false power. The masculine energy starts to inflate and say, I have this big dream and great idea, and want to lead and create it, I know what I'm doing, FOLLOW ME because it's all very real. When the woman is anxious, weak or shy, withdrawn out of balance she comes across this inflated man as a perfect match. In fact, the law of attraction gives both individuals exactly what they are asking for. As this relationship continues to unfold, it will look like this:

Draw in mind a straight line as shown in the drawing on the right. The masculine energy (cliché blue) says, "Come with me, I know the way and I will lead you to this great dream. We are going to live together in Amsterdam, there is a beautiful house on the canal and I am going to transform this beautiful house into our dream house for you, where we can enjoy the spectacle of tourists and boats along the canal. We take a drink on the balcony and go watch some people in the warm summer evenings" The female energy (cliché pink) says "oh what fantastic treasure! That's what I've always dreamed of!"

The masculine and feminine energy leave together from each their own point to Amsterdam. The masculine goes towards its goal and the feminine begins to create. She is happy and satisfied and chooses new paint and new curtains, she designs a kind of landscape of her dream, because she is allowed to create her own home. The male continues to go for his goal and in the meantime the habits of fear and doubt arise. He becomes afraid to fail and begins to doubt because he has been told he is a hopeless case.

Thoughts like 'I'm not going to succeed and I'm worth nothing' bubble up and the male doubts his abilities, causing him to stop refurbishing the beautiful canal house. He rebuilt 70% as can be seen on the blue line and suddenly said; "no, I think we should move to Eindhoven, because it's even nicer there, we're going to live on the outskirts of the city where it's quiet and if we want to have a good time we can go into town to grab a terrace. There's a large garden, so you can keep chickens, I know what's best, so follow me to the city of lights in south Netherlands"!

While the female is still whirling around in Amsterdam, she had to stop creating from one day to the next. She is now incomplete and unable to finish her dream house. The female energy says, as oceanic as she is; "oh, okay a house on the outskirts of Eindhoven seems nice to me too, it seems beautiful there, I trust you and love you".

The blue line continues its way to its new goal and the male energy begins to rebuild the new house in Eindhoven. Once again the feminine energy swirls in all directions and starts having fun in Eindhoven. It is really beautiful and romantic there and what a beautiful view at night on the big buildings, while they live in the middle of nature.

She creates a new 'home' and buys bamboo wooden floors and beautiful plants for the living room, she buys some chickens for in her garden. The dream is fulfilled again up to 70% and the out of balance 'strong' male suddenly says; "I have to change jobs, because we can't afford this house anymore, come with me to Maastricht - then the chickens in the other house will come later".

Again, the feminine energy is incomplete because the masculine energy is running the game. She becomes frustrated and angry and maybe even resentful. The female creativity is constantly tempered in everyday life because she was initially all excited about the canal house in Amsterdam. This has been going on for thousands of years and you will really have to read it in such a way that the man has had this form of 'strong male energy' forced upon him just as you have. For thousands of years it has been perfectly normal for women to follow men in their straightforward thinking. But you must realize that both are not to blame in the collective whole.

We work together in a Unified Cooperation.
In Lak’ech from Heidy