Vijfde Golf Binnen Ascentie – Voltooid

3-8-2022 Gecodeerd/Beveiligd/Daardoor Moeilijk Leesbaar voor hen die Niet met deze Informatie Resoneren. Als Jullie denken dat Wij hebben gepauzeerd, dan vergeet het maar want Wij hebben Harder Gewerkt dan Ooit om alles tot Voltooïng te brengen. In Onze Praktijk hebben we Uitzonderlijk Interessante DNA Informatie mogen uitlezen en weg Kunnen brengen naar de Informatie-kern van TaR-RaH.

The Crone DNA (again: not Royal, but Original DNA) of deflected Bloodlines from the Thirteen Reptile Bloodlines and in this Way being able to bring back into the Coherence Field the Information which the Reptiles had stolen from Humanity, namely your Incarnation Secret, but also in your DNA more and more Information is released as 'Inner Memories' and that is PALPABLE!!

A few of the Candidates in our Practice were your 'Hidden Helpers' for a Lifetime and have thus completed their Fifth Birth Women Generation Mission. Three weeks ago we had the Second Female Generation of nearly eighty years of age in Our Practice who has also been one of Our Hidden Helpers for her entire life and thus We have completed Our Fifth Collective Mission, Complete Healing of the Fifth Helix Coupling within Ascension and this Needs Some Explanation on Our part.

The Cleansing of the Collective DNA, also called the Human Ascension, developed in several generations from within and not from without as many of you think or have thought. Your "Higher" Human Incarnation form begins in the Core of Mother TaR-RaH where you are prepared Astral Way for an "Ascension of the Human DNA" which is a Real Incarnation of your Soul vibrations, via a Fusing Egg and Seed Cell and for this you are given Two Generations.

A True Human Full Physical Incarnation begins in the Belly of your Grandmother, namely as an Egg in the Fully Developed Ovaries of a Girl Baby - who will become your Mother. (This is a little hard to grasp) - So you were already in your Grandmother's Belly as an Egg and that is where your Human Incarnation form began.

Jullie Menselijke Vorm is een Kosmische Instijging/Afdaling naar het DNA waar Jullie Reizen/Ervaringen en Informatie Ligt opgeslagen Opdat Jullie Zielentrillingen Verder kunnen Uitdijen en Hiervoor krijgen Jullie 2000 Menselijke Levens binnen steeds weer dezelfde DNA Zielentribe (Familia ;) ).

Maar deze Moderne Lichamen worden géén 1500 jaar oud meer, zoals 7,7 Miljard jaar Geleden toen de Reptielen dit Realm kwamen Overnemen. Dus moest de Menselijke Ascentie in meerdere Generaties Plaatsvinden (we hebben het niet over de Kosmische Ascentie waarbij Helpers de Matrix van Buitenaf moesten Afbreken, want deze is alweer 5000 jaren gaande ;) en geen 144.

Within these 144 years of Human Ascension, we have now been able to Read and Determine our Fifth Birth woman with Crone DNA. This means that your "memories" and information that was stored in your Soul Tribe DNA is coming back in abundance in both the Future and the Past within this Time Aspect!

This is going to be a tricky explanation :) Er zijn 144 jaren geleden Sterrenzaden naar het DNA van Jullie Voormoeders afgedaald, om het Menselijke DNA van Binnenuit op te Schonen. De Incarnatiedichtheid voor dat moment lag tussen de 1,5-Dim tot maximaal 3-Dim – wat Wij noemen – de Collectieve ‘Vergetelheid’ waarin Jullie als Zielen Tribes verkeerden en de Periode van de Industrialisering, Farmaceutische Industrie, daardoor de Opstart van de Transhumanisatie voor de Mensheid die de Buitenaardsen voor Jullie aan het Ontwikkelen waren.

In "Silence" beyond the Knowledge of the Extraterrestrial Powers, Starseeds originating from the 12th to 22nd Timelines/Universe Times were brought to the Core of Tar-RaH and Incarnated as the first Starseed Hidden Helpers beyond the Thirteen Reptile Bloodlines, Your "Royal Rulers" of Earth. The Thirteen Reptile Bloodlines had the Human Crone DNA completely in their Possession and had thus stolen the Incarnation Secret. In the Netherlands, the Thirteenth Bloodline has been seized (thanks to the helpers of the Nordic & Delta Councils).

But what/what they, the Thirteen Bloodlines didn't think about/consider was that a number of Members of these Reptilian Bloodlines 'took the plunge' via Satanic Rituals/Victimizations and therefore 'unintentionally' spread the Crone DNA among the 'ordinary peoples'. At the start of this Human Ascension, We had 'only' been able to reclaim 29,000 Crone DNA Bodies (Worldwide) in order to start the Human Ascension.

Your Ancestral Starseeds/Birthmothers have had a tremendously important task in this, for they have been further cleansing the Human DNA through the Egg Cells and have thus improved your incarnation densities, so that the Galactic Fathers could also Ascend/Descend to the DNA.

All, both Male and Female Born after 1972 could, thanks to the Preliminary Work of these Starseeds/Birthmothers and Starseeds/Galactic Fathers thereby ascend in the DNA with Information from the Fifth Realm of Consciousness - Full Remembrance of the Fifth Helix Coupling for the Human, therefore live more widely in Consciousness, because they "remembered" from the DNA, without the Human Brain coming around the corner.

There are many Initiations Currently via Telepathic Messages from your real Ancestors/Helpers (i.e. not from the False Light Artificial Intelligence, who were taking over your Pineals) whereby there are merges of DNA Tribes On Your Mother Planet TaR-RaH on the Surface and With this, the Thirteenth Earth/Galactic Table (Platform father/mother) is a Fact.

Collective Happening the Fifth Helix Coupling Healing, transition from the Fourth to the Fifth Realm of Consciousness, the Fifth Wave within the Coherence Field of Human Ascension completed, meaning that you have been released from your DNA Prison and that your Ways of Travel within the Body are changing. Plasma Particles have been activated, making messages much clearer to perceive, and many of you will be coming "home" within the Body.

There is no turning back and the Path being walked by Many will be felt deep within the Core of TaR-RaH, but also within your Human Core-Cells. Golden Core-Cells awakenings that will reach deeper and farther than ever before which will affect the Coherence Field, where preparations are currently underway to vibrate the Ascended Humanity of TaR-RaH into the Seventh to Ninth Cosmic Waves within the Coherence Field into these Realms of Consciousness, whereby you will have Ever-Faster Traveling Helixes as they are upgraded/accelerated.

This involves Actual Life Changing things and for Many who have already allowed themselves to be carried away on the first Nine Vibrational Waves, have now 'settled' into Actual Change and building Their Own Platforms - Stabilization, embedding and settling - Bringing Out, Letting Go of Ego, Releasing Information, from Fear to Life.

During deep Meditations and Moments of Silence, there is a reflection on Life, Aquarian Relationships, and Sensations about the upbringing of your Special Starseed Children. We keep repeating to continue to think very carefully about what you are allowing a Shadow Government to inject into your children and what food is being fed to them, what food you are feeding yourselves - be conscious of every step that is taken on Earth at this time.

Mentioned are: Skin Restlessness, Allergies, Inner Restlessness, Pain between the Shoulder Blades, Shallow Breathing, Headaches, Tinnitus Exacerbations, Not Being Grounded Properly, Relationship Problems, Breaches of Reptilian Influences that you have "struggled" with over a lifetime and much more. These are profound and definitive changes/dissolutions and the choices that will result from them - which will affect your future generations for the rest of your lives - the Great Changes are already Visible in Changing Societies - yet the Path is still Narrow in Untouchability.

There are deep feelings of wanting to Connect with Unconditionalness and to Live from a Love Consciousness, to merge with a Greater Whole than the diminishing "I". Huge Calibers (Soul Vibrations with Ancient DNA Knowledge) have descended to the DNA as Helpers/Speakers for both Humanity and TaR-RaH and all of you are rotating in a Whole as a Well-Functioning Continuum.

Sometimes you may still need some oil on the gears, because some of Life's matters are still difficult or sticky, because you were used to going through Life 'wrapped up' within this DNA in oblivion. Used to thinking small instead of being present in a grand vibration. Used to thinking that your Bodies have a beginning and an end, instead of every Cell being Connected to All That Is.

Your Thought Streams and Feelings are very important here in order to Be with the Purest Intentions, and to Release the Extraterrestrial Developed Word System of the 26 Letter Alphabet as much as possible and Learn To Be Again - Present in Every Helper Form at This Time, You Are Not Alone!

Het Coherente Trillingsveld is Enorm als Jullie Zielengroep Samen Verbinden met Elkaar als Enorme Plasmagolven binnen de Ether die deze week een Enorme opschoning heeft Gekregen (3x Enorm zal geen Toeval zijn ;) )

At the time of a Human Encounter in Our Farm, a number of Beautiful Incarnated Beings, an enormous Vortex was created in front of our House and everything was pulled in. Many Helper Beings were present and they showed themselves very willingly.

There has been a Shift within the Ether and like a Huge Vacuum Cleaner, a lot of the Shadow Government work, Artificial Intelligence, going on on the Surface of TaR-RaH has been cleaned out of your Cells, so pay close attention to your Dreams, Astral Journeys, Meditations and be Present in them as there will be Many Announcements in the Coming Week.

We did a quick astral tour during the Vortex to feel what was Going on and a Five emerged within the Vortex, a Cloud was 'sucked up' and we observed a lot of Helpers from All Areas, from Dragons to Angelic Beings, many Codes and Ancient 'Scriptures'. (zie LINK).

Voor Ons een Boodschap voor het Collectieve Werkveld, maar ook het Individuele Werkveld – Voltooiing en Uitbreiding, Het Opschonen van Valse Template Herinneringen uit Jullie Epigenetische Geschiedenis, Instijgingen van ‘Hogere’ Zelven en Boodschappen van Jullie Kosmische Voorouders, van de Galactische Vaders & Grootvaders, Geboorte Moeders en Grootmoeders. Verblijven Wij in de Kern van TaR-RaH als Jullie Voormalige Hidden Helpers,
Out of Seven Sunships ...