Finally ending Our Hidden Story

“kijk diep in de natuur
daar ligt verbinding verscholen”

07/11/2021 – I was allowed to receive my step-in process today via a lucid dream, which from here will be worked out further, that part I indeed had lost. Thanks to the addition from Seven Rays of Light Federation that missed in the cellular memories DNA from I now have the answers I was seeking for, like also a few of the lost peaces of the enormous puzzle about the path I have chosen – I met a stunning beautiful young man with black hair who took me to a kind of handicraft club. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sit with the young man because his table was already full. So I went behind a door that had a curtain in front of it to a table where some people were sitting with half black eyes.

They were sometimes very mean to me and sometimes very sweet and I didn’t know how to deal with that at all. I did not feel comfortable with this and went to the young man who had taken me along. He said, let’s just get out of here and he took me outside. We both had a white bike and we cycled to a grass field. He started messing around with me very playfully like children and we really genuinely had the greatest fun. Once tired we lay down on our backs next to each other in the grass.

We heard screams of people telling: look there all lights! And indeed, there were blue lights in the sky that floated back and forth. Forms and figures appeared in the sky of all kinds of beautiful faces that contained wisdom, men and women with long white hair in a knot, they wore a energetic symbol on their foreheads with a swastika that did look like the Hitler symbol – but slightly different (I will draw this one later).  

We stood up and walked along a little bridge where suddenly there were several members of the human family where I grew up from baby on. The uncle started hanging on my body and collapsed, the aunts who were there also, became angry with me that I couldn’t hold the uncle and that I fell on the ground together with him.

The young man said, come we just walk on, let them go, because the DNA family that you entered is from a very distant civilization bloodline that is still connected with the first human-like civilization on this planet. He continued, did you see that big nail that came out of the wrist of one of your ants? I said no, I didn’t see that nail, and he told me about that Djintans (that is how they were called, but I have never heard from them) had taken over the bodies of the first (high civilized) serpent-like-humans, and that they have been manipulating humanity and their DNA since that time.

You spent your childhood surrounded by this oldest bloodline so that you could research their DNA for five decades as Hidden Helpers of the Council of Seven who are now working behind the scenes in this research body for five decades. This was because the true Human story and the Knowledge of the Spiritual Order is written in your DNA, and this research is now done. Thank you for passing on all this information to us, so that we can now reveal ourselves and begin to work openly with the Galactic Federation. All of the garbage in this universe timeline is currently being brought back to the Aquarian Humans in spiritual order, so that they can begin to build their platforms appropriately.

I did not receive the name of this young man, but I felt he was one of the Delta Group Helpers. I have traveled completely invisible and without any spiritual weapons to harm from the Source Timeline through many and many wormholes in this Universe to bring back some Blueprints of Terra's original Human DNA, and her planetary Logos to bring back spiritual order.

Planeet Terra is de bibliotheek van deze universele tijdlijn, en alles wat we nodig hadden is nu uitgelezen en opgeslagen, zodat alles zich weer kan uitbreiden. De mooie jonge man verliet mijn droom en hij zei, ik kom snel weer terug. We houden van je en danken je intussen heel erg, dat je de keuze hebt gemaakt om vanuit de moederschoot de stap naar binnen te zetten, we weten dat het niet gemakkelijk als Council in een babylichaam te beginnen, maar jullie hebben het gedaan nu is het tijd om een tijdje te spelen en te rusten …