“observeren weet
spreken zegt”

Simplicity in Complexity, as below, as above, endlessly unfolding a beginning from the beginning, creative power infinitely sprung from a network without beginning, without end, only a continuum of unfolding and unfolding.

Like the world of Fungi with each its own 'kingdom' on the surface, all connected to each other from the same network, unfolding with invisible threads and connection points that take place under the sand. Fungi know without thinking how to unfold, to turn decay into existence.

Not very different will be the workings of the cosmos, the workings of all the universes that are also connected by invisible threads. Not much different will the DNA look, not much different will planets look, galaxies, lunar systems, the omniverse and yes even the souls, soul worlds, soul peoples in an incarnational body, like the mushroom world looks like.

Everything is an unfolding from an original existence, reproducing as an expanding like universes do, communicating like universes do and connected to invisible networks that were a continuous flow of connection, in this now broken by unnatural intervention.

Imagine digging away with a shovel a huge chunk of forest land which breaks up the interconnected network that Fungi are. Isn't that something that happened to our DNA? Hasn't that happened to the interconnections of souls? With planets, universes, omniverses, soul worlds?

But Fungi has the power to connect over and over again. On the surface there seems to be a cycle, different worlds, different peoples, all with their own function and appearance, let's say, a mushroom family. One is a stink fungus, the other a fungus and one thrives on wood, while the other thrives on a rotting corpse there is no difference.

There are miraculous processes taking place under our feet, on the human soul path where we walk, do we not remember (anymore) that there is an immortal continuum going on in which there is a continuous wordless communication going on that cannot be destroyed with human thought or alphabetic grammar. Is there mutualism going on which is an ultimate form of cohabitation which is a symbiosis of several different organisms.

Maybe you are from planet X and I am from Planet M, but from the most simple origin we are from exactly the same genesis network, therefore only part of unfolding. A cooperating unity like in the mushroom world, where different organisms benefit from each other. We are neither above nor below the fungus though we think we are so much more than that.

This makes that the start and the building of your own 'kingdom' here on this planet will be from the same cooperating origin whereby there will be a natural hierarchy that will never stand in the way of the natural process of unfolding, will not artificially interfere, so that everyone will be able to take their own path from the network that has always existed, a sprouting, growth and development.

Let's just work together again in simplicity from a zero point that has always been, strengthen the interconnection after a huge scoop of forest soil was taken from the cooperating connections. We can recover, we are connected, we work together, we are symbiosis, we carry the power of an unbreakable unity through this.

We work together in a Unified Cooperation.
In Lak’ech from Heidy