Uitgebreide Gezichtsanalyse en Reading As soon as people are born they still have fairly symmetrical facial features, but the DNA is already clearly visible in authentic facial features. We carry parts of both father's and mother's side that shape our appearance. As soon as a child gets older, the character traits come more strongly to the fore, causing the face to change bone structure. The nose can grow a bit crooked, the face can hang a bit crooked, for example, one half of the face can be much happier and have a more naughty appearance than the other. Approximately 98% of people have two different facial halves for a reason. Of course it is best to give an example with my own face, so here IT IS! 

A large number of people do not live according to their true inner being, so the right half of the face actually says: look how different we have become inside off us, we are supposed to be Oneness from within and the 'skewed growth' of our inner world has become visible from the outside in the Face. Do you live more to your outer or inner self, do you look a bit away from yourself, or do you stand very upright in life. It is incredibly interesting to have an Face analysis made of both halves because not only can it be very confrontational how the structures of the bones show who you have become, but also that you can then discover who the forgotten and invisible inner child was again. The true being within you, who is tucked away, hidden, deciphered and deprived. Once the bone structure is fully grown, the different halves of the face remain clearly visible until our physical death, even though we can be completely healed and merged inside. This means that for the rest of your life you can see what the underlying history of this present life has been like. We can also see a clear distinction when the energy has been restored and rebalanced, the halves then show a completely different energy and way of looking and even softer shapes and facial features.

Of course I can not only give a healing to other people and place light codes, but also to myself! Below you can see a clear difference between my two facial halves, namely my traumatized facial half (year 2014) and my energetically healed facial half (year 2020). The work had to be done from the inside, so I have worked very hard in recent years to get rid of almost all energetic traumas and blockages, family lines and pain body. I did this through my own energy work, placing light codes and of course crying out the deepest emotional pains. Facial analysis and photo reading I have been doing for a very long time (since 1999), so I took an old photo of myself and pasted the new one against it. You can clearly see the difference: the trauma energy showed hard facial features and a pronounced angry inside and outside through the eyes, somewhat masculine and angular features. And the healed energy showed distinctly softer feminine rounded features, with the look in the eyes considerably softened. Despite being vulnerable, these photos are the only visible evidence I can show that energetic work really works, and I am proud of that!

 De The Right Half of the face shows the human survival side, human nature and how we carry ourselves out in life. It shows the love and the power and qualities of being human, but also the suffering and struggles you have (had) to bear as a human being. The right hemisphere also shows us which work suits you and which energy flows are blocked within the aura field. The progress and obstacles of carrying out or hiding one's own authenticity. For example, do you have physical health problems, pain or discomfort due to blocked family lines and other energetic discomfort? Does your current job still fit with who you are? Have you been able to build a nice warm relationship with others, or have you been fighting and surviving in the interpersonal relationships you have? What is the attraction of the loves in your life and what kind of life have you built up with the people close to you? Does the outer smile come from within and are you satisfied with what you have achieved? The left part shows the earthly life, talents and gifts. 

The Left Half betray the soul's descent from the Cosmos and the true inner being that you really are. For example, do we carry feminine or masculine energy within us or both? Do we live according to our androgynous and sovereign I, or are we hooked on the earthly 'sex traffic' and have we locked ourselves into a relationship that does not (anymore) fit. Are you receptive to intimacy and emotionality or do you reject it because of fear and pain? Are there cosmic gifts and talents in you, and how do they characterize you? From which planet do you come and carry extraterrestrial characteristics? Also in the left half of the screen you can see if you are an elemental (elf, mermaid, fairy), human angel, witch or shaman and with which gifts you were born. What colors do you carry in your soul and what is the condition of the chakras? What suits you to heal from all the pain and sorrow? Is that meditation, dancing, music, walking, moving or sleeping? 

That's what our left half tells us, but it also tells us how our emotions are, is your right eye facing outwards or inwards, have you let go or are you still holding it, are you loving others or are you very careful, are you crying easily or are you holding everything?

Hoe meer iemands gelaatstrekken symmetrisch zijn, hoe meer authentiek deze persoon zichzelf vanaf de geboorte af aan op natuurlijke wijze zichzelf heeft kunnen uitdrukken en mogen leven zoals deze persoon is. Hoe meer ‘vrijheden’ van het Mogen Zijn er vanaf de geboorte worden ‘afgenomen’ hoe duidelijker de gezichtshelften afzonderlijk van elkaar gaan leven. Aan het gezicht kunnen we zien hoe de kindertijd, puberteit en jong volwassen periode is geweest van iemand en welke stukken om genezing te vragen om weer een wat meer heel mens op aarde te worden, die leeft vanuit het ware zielswezen.    

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