Golden Cells

“spiegeltje aan de wand
vertelt de binnenkant”

The awakening of the Golden Cells in the physical bodies is in progress, which is noticeable and sets quite a bit of energy in motion - Just fasten your seatbelts, because it's gonna be a bumpy ride for many. To the deepest part of our cells we are transmitting frequencies to our environment and it's messing with it regularity.

Those same frequencies will come back to you loud and clear - like a Bounce Effect. It seems as if everything is no longer working properly, people react differently than you were used to, for example, your colleagues no longer seems to fit, the job is no longer fitting and what I see happening around me - a lot of problems and breakups of friendships, relationships and old contacts.

Still, very nice things happen in these spicy energy shifts (which can also be called downloads), such as new people on your path, teachers from teachers, and people who can really help you, instead of letting things stagnate (and vice versa), is now the help you always offered to others - very welcome.

Most people are now naturally 'detoxing' their emotional, energetic and physical structures. That this is in full swing is noticeable from the hustle and bustle in my practice where there has clearly been that shift in the difference of the vibrations which people radiate now - compared to the previous days.

And the nice thing about it, is that it all happens in a natural and unique way! As if there is no form or way to the previous New Age - this is spirituality behind spirituality - the New Spirituality in flesh and blood and I love it. Sometimes we need a single push - to be able to continue on our own again - and that's the way it should be in my eyes.

What actually takes place is that the activated golden cells will liberate the 'prisoner' in our body. Many feel trapped and imprisoned in their own bodies and lives - because we are constantly cleaning up and disposing the mess of the past - making it seem as if we are living the life of the other person - rather than our authentic selves.

Practically everyone, including you and I, ar trapped in our own 'looping system' which is driven by old memories, linked to new memories, linked to old DNA memories - on which the living organism is immediately triggered and activated by DNA memories. Because that is how the organism is constructed. And so it is the organism that does the work - not our mental processes.

Opvallend om te zien, is dat dat velen die hun Lichtwerk echt heel goed onder controle hadden, opnieuw aan energetisch lijnen worden vastgekoppeld – door splinternieuwe ‘besmettingen’ en ‘aanvallen’ van entiteiten, Artificial Intelligence, demonische energieën – enzovoorts. Maar omdat de hoger vibrerende kosmische werkers energetisch gezien niet gepakt, aangelijnd of besmet kunnen raken, proberen ze sinds langere tijd al – deze Lichtwerkers te pakken via de eigen nabije omgeving!

Probeer het maar eens in te voelen met resonantie – hoe gaat het momenteel met het welzijn van jouw geliefden, kapotte apparatuur of je portemonnee als de auto het begeeft. Misschien word je opeens opnieuw mega getest, gespiegeld en geprojecteerd door anderen – en als daar een verandering in is gekomen dan weet je genoeg – nietwaar?

The cosmic worker then engages with the "disturbed" environment, gradually extinguishing the light over time. And once the light has become smaller - because of this kind of attack - then slowly the cosmic worker is turned off. And that is how they work in the past months - so don't fall for it and protect that which you love with your unique Light - rather than reacting out of displeasure, because they are out to break deep strong connections and drive them apart.

Dear soul who said to me - and thank you for your wise words like this: Just as we take care of our bodies with our teeth brushing and showering every day, we should also keep our energy field strong and clean every day. Not once a week or month - but at least once or three times a day! And she's absolutely right about that, because most people don't even meditate, not to mention every day - so this is just a reminder for those who want to start practice again.

For those of you who resonate with this piece of writing, I am working hard to explain it on my website, step by step, how we can activate our golden cells, remove all energetic attacks and infections and - especially maintain!!

And bit More ...

Many people know by now, that we are mostly composed of water and that water constantly vibrates, vibrates, moves and is actually a living structure in our body. Water connects to the living organism of which we are composed. That is why, in practice, I have been working especially with the newest downloads, cosmic energy shifts and transmitted frequencies - attuned to the water in the bodies - and activating the golden cells. For this I thank my own body, but also the bodies which are doing highly energetic work by themselves, who voluntarily laid down on my table, my gratitude is enormous - because we can only work with something when we experience and have mastered it ourselves - is our slogan

The results are amazing, as the implants, energetic lines and contaminations pop out of the hologram almost immediately, even before touching the body with massage. In the time period of practice and experience, I have come across certain frequencies that completely cleanse the overall system - the red spots in the photos are removals as well as activations - and no, they don't hurt because I haven't even touched the skin there yet.

Just like brushing your teeth - don't forget to put yourself in your own vibrations for a while every day. Little tip: drink lots of purified water, meditate, stay authentic and above all be grounded in nature.