Conversation with the Immune System

13-09-2021 - It has been a while, but we have been working on all kinds of things, especially to delve deeper into the secret of life. The secret that the counterparts of the light wanted to possess, but will never be able to get because they are from the unlight. We are going to talk briefly about the endless unfolding of eternal timelessness in which each and every one of the souls were trapped. Life is a continuum and constantly unfolds, which connects to timelessness.

The human body is ingenious and complex, at the same time its functioning is amazingly simple. because what many do not yet understand is that our eternal systems are put into all kinds of "boxes" made from DNA manipulation programs of the extraterrestrials.

The physical and energetic body has as many as 80,000 beautiful life wheels and 111,000 pressure points to keep the energetic and physical system of man supple and vibrant. There should be no upright blockages in front of these, which are called chakras. Upright colored chakras function as implants that disrupt the actual continually flooding and unfolding energetic function of the wheels of life.

Also the immune system is put in a kind of 'box', so it gets 'full' very quickly and has to 'empty' itself in time which is actually another artificial creation. Last week our grandson was suddenly confronted with a tremendously high fever, headache, cough and runny nose. When he returned home, I lay down for a moment and wondered what an immune system 'looks like'. Never before have I wondered what an immune system looks like, never before have I wondered if I can communicate with it, so I thought, let us give it a try.

Once in contact with my immune system during a deep meditation, I "saw" that the immune system looked like a wheel of life and this was connected to the 80,000 wheels of life flowing into each other to the extent of width. My immune system was a slightly different color, a translucent soft orange. I wondered if this was always like this, or if this was a 'warning' that my immune system was getting 'full' and that soon a 'virus' was coming.

Immune systems respond to each other the way pheromones do, and since I had been in contact with our feverish and snotty grandson, it would not be entirely surprising that our immune systems had been "communicating" with each other. Suddenly, something occurred to me as I watched an ancient tribe from the Amazon during deep meditation. They all got sick at the same time, the strongest stayed over, the weakest laid themselves to rest in the earth. This is not the law of the strongest, but to ensure the DNA and reproduction of the tribe.

So immune systems communicate with each other and flow into each other as soon as they are in close contact. This is not a form of 'contagious' but simply to keep the 'tribe' healthy and strong. Suddenly I got a feeling that it was actually very good and healthy to exchange with each other's immune systems on a level that anxious brains do not understand. Because if you stay strong, then the immune system has "won" and can be refilled until the next time. It is a cleansing system, also a survival system to continue healthy DNA.

From an early age, I knew that being contagious did not exist and that I had chosen an iron-strong system, because of the ancestral DNA still descended from the first human. As strange as this may sound, my immune system told me even more. This is because it is linked to the 80,000 wheels of life (which are not upright colored chakras) but an endless unfolding and that the immune system is not at all supposed to be in some kind of small box. The current immune system is 'packed' so it fills up very quickly.

Healthy people get a little 'sick' maybe once every two years and those are very mild symptoms. They trust year after year that their system is healthy and so mind power is also a pretty important thing because of this. When you come into contact with a 'sick person', the brain starts thinking that it is 'contagious'. The box gets filled immediately and ten days later what has been stored comes out.

Imagine a system as big as the universe itself, how much would fit in it? A lot, right?
So I started making my immune system very high and wide, linked to the wheels of life, unfolding infinitely. The color of this system was still light orange, so my suspicion was that a mild cleanup was coming, as I hadn't been feeling 'flu-like' for over two years. I allowed it to flow and 'release' whatever was stored in it so that the symptoms would remain mild.

Two days later I had a slight headache, burning eyes, aching muscles, tiredness, a stuffy nose, but I kept visualizing my immune system very big and wide, instead of seeing it in a 'box' - like the one of 'I have become infected by my grandson!'

After a day, I was already refreshed! In fact, it made me feel stronger, healthier, and that this particular 'strain' had survived again, so I asked what the color of my immune system looked like at the moment and it had turned water-colored! So for me something to do a color check every now and then and to already 'release' the immune system at light orange and thereby 'empty' it of everything that was stored in it of toxins, viruses, bacilli, and so on. Communicate more often, thus ?

We work together in a Unified Cooperation.
In Lak’ech from Heidy