Hier om te Helpen

“leef het leven zoals jij dat wilt
niet wat anderen van je verwachten”

03-08-2021 – De meeste ’tekeningen’ die wij maken zijn in delen opgetekend – en vertellen iets over geactiveerde groepen (Tribes) of het Collectieve DNA (de Samenkomst) – bijeenkomsten en telepathische ontmoetingen – informatie die wordt vrijgegeven – Kennisdragers van het DNA via lucide dromen, astrale reizen, Trance Telepathie ‘vertelt’ hoe het er op collectief gebied eruit ziet. Onderzoeken, optekenen en opschrijven duurt soms maanden – soms komt er een aantal dagen op een rij allemaal informatie via automatisch schrijven – en dan weer weken niets. Soms leggen Wij een tekening maandenlang aan de kant en dan opeens gaat ‘de reis’ weer verder.

Onthoud – we zijn hier allemaal om te helpen, wij zijn allemaal een jij, ik, jullie, wij, individu, team, menselijke stammen enzovoorts. De menselijke woorden vinden aan alles is en blijft een moeilijk aspect, omdat vele zaken draaien om zelf-identificatie, het ego, zelf realisatie, zielen, zielentrillingen enzovoorts – lastig.

Maar als alchemist bouw ik informatie op die in de regel wordt geschreven als een ‘wij’ omdat we vanuit een council werken die niet altijd Heidy is. Wanneer ik spreek van een ‘we’ zijn we aan het downloaden en aan het werk, wanneer ik spreek van een ik ben ik in een schrijf of vertelmodus.

Deze informatie wordt opgetekend en opgeslagen in een soort database vanuit mijn hologram en plasmabrein en vanuit daar leg ik contact met Terra waar een soort chip-achtige / diamant-achtige database / bibliotheek / constructie zit – en het is nooit anders geweest dan dat het zo gaat.

It also has something to do with the planetary logos – and we have in the last 50 years in total – recorded 28 planetary logos that had been destroyed, damaged, tucked away and ripped apart, recovered and 12 original blueprint master logos recovered and put back. This is why Terra invited us to come and play here – There is a group of 29. 000 crystals incarnated – all alchemists whether novice or experienced – and so we are working together with all incarnated seeds to bring the cellular memories back to the incarnated soul beings, which we can receive through what scientists call ’trash DNA’.

These plateaus are (so to speak) information – received from higher civilizations / folks incarnates – who were here at one time in the distant past. Apparently, this game is played every 13,000 years here, by a couple of extraterrestrial bastards.

The 12th Universe timeliners / travelers are in charge of this human ascension and are now building these worlds together with the 7th timeliners – and so on – the true collaboration started to heal Terra. There has also been a lot going on in this fifth Universe – but that is too long a story, with which I cannot and will not burden anyone – first because it is not relevant to our human brain and second because it is a Universe and Omniverse – thingy.

In human terms, I can clearly see in the tableaux a component of civilizations around 13,000 years ago – this means that there are currently ‘knowledge’ from the artifacts released from that time period and the bottom left tells me that there are currently three central external suns in the solar system and one central sun in the planetary system realized.

Earth is vibrating again as she did like 50 to 60,000 years ago – but the four knowledge holders will merge together to eventually form four new civilizations – with one (beheaded) leader group in the middle – as the fifth civilization. Don’t know how to explain – restore the balance of the elements – ❤

All four civilizations are from the seventh Universe – and these collectively receive (guidance) and direction from the twelfth Universe timekeepers. On Earth they are linked to the 12th to 22nd levels of consciousness – called by human language – the dimensions. Linked to the twelve DNA helix couplings, linked to the twelve planetary main logos – linked to – right – gosh – it seems like a subtle interplay ??

All are linked to planet Terra in this incarnation – because they are co-builders and creators who understand things from their nature and not from their human neo cortex brains – ❤️

Everything is still on track, were it not for the fact that we have been presented with quite a challenge – in the last forty years – given the accelerated pace – in which they (malevolent aliens) want to destroy humanity – trans humanizing was their new agenda they made just under 168,000 years ago.

The extraterrestrials themselves could not feel, had no magical connections to the elements, not the same human DNA, not the same powers as humans in contact with Source with their incarnation shell, the DNA and so on.

We have 22 different DNA compartments! Interesting huh?

They devised a system to get what they wanted done collectively, by influencing ancient good humans and tribes, which were here 13,000 years ago. The trick is always seen through, always tackled, and each time they start again – pushing humans further and further into oblivion – they started 168,000 years ago – and right now we are almost at the end of these cycles again – anyone afraid of the water? Everyone afraid of C.0rOn.a?

It is the masses who are instigating telekinetic thought-power – and they now know how to manipulate even the spiritual worlds. So far almost everything has been caught – but it is a big challenge – considering they have advanced means, against which this incarnation shell (the human modern body) is not up to the task. The DNA is destroyed, broken, parts are hidden and so on – indeed like the logos (nothing is separate).

Hence, there are many (DNA) alchemists now awakening at an accelerated rate – to contribute to the healing of the upper helix couplings – to contribute to the healing of the upper helix couplings – and it will take two human years – before the physical attacks we are facing are tackled – but we have actually already won – those who see and understand – that which we are now experiencing / openly seeing / is just a tip of the iceberg of what is (has been) really going on.

We say no to them – the artificial manipulators, and masses with our deepest strong feelings, gifts and skills, we say no to the fear propaganda – No to depopulation and trans humanism agenda – No to the repeat of Atlantis – Yes to Fearlessness and the love of Source …

For all those connected to the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air raise up your powers – a collective deep heartfelt wave of love send into the world, in stead of sending fear- is the one thing they will never – ever will learn to understand how that works, but want to control. Keep Faith and always in deep love and understanding of true connection with Source …