Verborgen Werkers

19-4-2021 Coming out in the open on Facebook to Friends and Family who did not know anything about my ‘hidden’ work from my Fractal Family from Seven Linear and Parallel Galaxies in Omniverse and of course mother planet TaR-RaH, was not an easy one, and we know that will be for many of You Hidden Workers. What many of you don’t know is that I get messages through for the collective good, like warnings and information – and that I through drawings and writings ‘flow’ in to the Cellular DNA System.

Who I am in reality is still relatively unknown (to many) – but trust me, that as a person I have never been different, so today I will just be human Heidy, who photographs, cooks, walks, works, cares and is just actually very realistic in life as a human, partner, ma and grandma.

My way which is called light writing or light language are full of symbols, predictions, future shifts that are coming and of course what is going on in the present time – the spiritual ascension. As we have transitioned from spiritual revolution to spiritual evolution, I can finally go public with my work – even though I find it exciting to reveille The Hidden Gatekeeper of the next gates of ascension.

This is how I was born and how I drew my mission on Earth at the age of five, an I finally can work in the open now. Never have I spoken much about my work and most do not even know what my “spiritual” work is. While I have been actively doing this channeling and Hidden Helpers Work for over 24 years. For a few years now self-employed in my practice as an alchemist healer and individual channeler (not a medium!!!)

I have been working to allow the soul to experience full emerging with true self. The 3D minded people will consider it as floaty stuff, while I prefer to see spirituality or its developments, as the path to realized self – the 7D flesh and blood human The Aquarius Worker– in which many shadows can be found and worked out – you could see me as the Protector and Activator of the Platformers – the Crystal / diamond incarnations and also the 12 White Angelic Incarnated Ones.

Groups of Lightworkers, Starseeds, Polarityworkers and Platformers have been working together very hard for years to give new form to the old damaged world and humanity. An important ‘silent’ group has been present, who have contributed to the whole unnoticed. I have therefore also decided to be a bit more outward-looking with my work – because there are many people getting stuck with their offspring or themselves at the moment.

As you know, you don’t have to comment if you don’t feel anything about it, because I’m not waiting for that. For me, this is a very vulnerable moment as a human being Heidy and if you have no interest in my work, you may ‘unfriend’ me at all times without any comments. For those who have been ‘stuck’ in their environment for a longer time, because they see, feel, know more and perhaps have not (yet) started to work with this part of themselves, I want to share my page.

With this I hope to break a kind of ‘taboo’ and show the future and current hypersensitive children and their spiritual parents – a piece of the way to inner and unseen experiences – in the present time. Feel free to share it, if you feel the need, or recognize others in it.