In Multiple Layers at Work in Full Swing

27-09-2022 We have been aware of a number of phenomena for quite some time and also that the upper worlds are under full attack by malevolent multidimensional travelers, but also that they are being Tackled Plenty - Despite the Narrow Path, We are still ahead 1-0, where for many of You 'recently awakened' the contest that is going on appears to have only just begun.

Information has come to us that looks like a worrisome Artificial Development, but to us it does not feel like much of a worry, because frankly, the Games can finally begin now for Many Plasma Travelers who have volunteered to come and help make the Coherent Waves Synchronous as the Oceans and continually push them up so that Together We Are That Tsunami, of which Many Speak.

We - the Astral Helpers still Travel much Faster than the Black Elite and Artificial Intelligence carries at Travel Speed, allowing Us to Invisibly "Infiltrate" and even Take Over their Gray and Black Veiling Worlds with Unprecedentedly Large Plasma Light Pushes.

First of all, We are not concerned because the phenomenon that has come for information is still beginning in a "testing phase," for what is a number of centuries within the actual Time that Continuum implies and secondly, because choices are offered in which the Parents themselves get to decide to what extent they will go along with the vaxxi-nazi programs that are offered.

However, Mankind is still being Withheld and Fooled by Much Information, albeit So that they too are 'Awakening' through Others touching the deeper Layers of Inner Knowing, to Human Acting which can also bring about a Tsunami of collective manifestation.

The real Tilt to a Healthy Balance is the Choices that Man himself can Decide, but Frankly, We - as Helpers are not 'Dependent' on the Directed Decisions of the Human Fear Components, for the Real Ascension takes place from the DNA and We have now arrived at the Fifth Generation of the Seven Helpers Generation, we continue to say, "it's all about the DNA" and the Third to the Fifth Generation is currently Linked to a Complete Restored Twelfth Helix.

We are talking about the Descent in the DNA and a Cohesive Merging/working of the Creative Leaders, the Architects and Builders Alchemists, Collective Healers and Astral Helpers of Unprecedented Class who can Fully Connected Travel the Cosmic and Multidimensional Timelines and Time Tears to Retrieve Information and Close it for their 'Pursuers', it can be argued that the Visible Turmoil simply means that we have arrived at the Final Stages of the Clearing/cleansing of Reptilian 'Attachment' DNA.

The Sixth to Seventh Generation in the from Source Origin "Settlement" is Incarnating Astral and they are already in the Cells of our Daughters and Granddaughters. The Galactic Sons and Grandsons are also already in the Cells and They are Incarnating fully from the 32nd Helix of the Human Race.

So they cannot be Brought into Oblivion through DNA and They are Manifesting the Build-up through the Cells, These Human Galactic Star Children have long since determined what Life they want to Lead from Abundance and Human Life will have been Arranged for Them by Their Ancestors, They are also Creating these Helix Links for You Who Brought Them forth and You are Exactly Where You Belong for Your Children - Confidence!

No single 'conscious' Human being or perhaps even every Conscious Human being sees through the Trap in which Humanity was lured deeper and deeper, perhaps even sucked in. But it was Man's own responsibility to choose and walk the Path of Love or the Path of Fear, whereby many chose the Path of Light that also knows Darkness, Love.

You should also be Actual Fearless at this Time in Physical Form, simply going straight for your Goals. Not in the "Calculating" Form, but from the Will and Desire that everything will be available to the Next Generation that is needed to Manifest Life, You are NOW already the Generation that can Manifest.

The Collective Healing of the epigenetic Templates of the Human Body, the Damaged DNA, formed for Many a deeper Layer within Deeper Layers, spiraling within spirals, to even more spirals within spirals deep within Your Original Templates as a Void or Light wormed in and eventually passed through. Layer by layer learning to govern the ungovernable organic and inorganic selves, through which the Inner Being through the Human Cells, emerged as Golden Light.

For the Majority of Humans, He or She who does not really dare to Live because of an Unknowing Feeling that Human Death is an End, rather than an Experience on the Time Ring with it, a Time Ring of Accrued Experience and Accrued Wisdom, to One's DNA, which in Reality means Incarnation. The advice is: Go Live, so that you never have to be afraid to leave the Human Body.

Soul Vibrations Incarnate not in your own Bloodline, but in your own DNA, so You are Knowledge Bearers of your own accumulated Experience. Do you understand what this means? For as many of You know by now, We - the Beings in Human Bodies - live in the midst of the Fear Propaganda Worlds and the "Black Elite" have been quietly tinkering for many Centuries in order to finally crush the Human DNA into a completely torn apart Soul Vibration.

Note: Artificial 'black' babies have been developed in human wombs via vaxxi-nazi of the 22 week pregnant woman for some time now. We have known about this 'Phenomenon' for some time but there are no words to describe it, without the newborn parents starting to look at their newborn baby with absolute Terror after reading this page, but sometimes a 'forewarned one counts for two' doesn't it?

We 'briefly' traveled through it (download for completion) and cannot receive any higher DNA information from it, so we can conclude that this Transhuman Soulless Human Looking Child are not developments of Source/God. This Child was developed in underground Laboratories and consists almost entirely of black DNA, but does contain the first Human "Movement" Layers of the Source/Godly Components - Copied Components that is.

As You may already Know, Source DNA consists of Flowing Noble Plasma Particles, which in turn contain Information of the highest Vibrational Form. Therein lies truly the Magical "Information" which determines the speed of the Travel Components of "Soul Vibration" when Fully Connected and connected to the Noble Substances of the Source DNA. You understand that in this Case we must be careful with the Word Choices of this perhaps Unbelievable Encoded and Encrypted Writing.

Coming back to these 'Babies' are these other kinds of beings who 'enter' the receiving channel/channel via an 'invisible' graphene oxide-like substance as an 'artificial gift' because What Inner Child Worker, Seer, Healer doesn't love Babies and Children. And as soon as they 'get to work' with the Child, an energetic transfer takes place to their Artificial Computers, where they try to Algorithmically Assemble (steal!!) the frequencies and Codings.

The growth of the graphene oxide-like substance takes place via vaxxi-nazi from the mother at 22 weeks' gestation and the stuff 'grows' along with the child's Cellular Growth. The children have extremely dark, we can even state with a download accuracy of 98% with confidence that these 'Children' have almost black eyes and can sit, walk, roll and look up almost immediately within four weeks of Birth.

These Children are hooked up to a huge 'Spiritual' Learning Computer / Data Base that appears to be able to tap into the Information from the 'Clairvoyant' channels and Algorithmically Fuse it into Total Assumption of Divine Gifts and thus the Original Human Crone-DNA, which they have been after for Billions of Years. But it is Incredibly Important to Know that they are Currently Failing with this Experiment, because the Rips from the Timelines of Ocult Adherents are Deflecting from the Light Worlds, these Children are not being born into "normal families.

Apart from the fact that the Parents themselves carry many black Components in their DNA and therefore usually practice 'oculistic' practices, sacrificing their own Children in Life or Death, it is also true that the Healers who work with this DNA know the work of 'The Satan" very well and will not be afraid to deal with these oculistic practices with a snap of their fingers.

Thereby also being able to "sabotage" this work in the knowledge that the Graphene Oxide as an energetic Transfer/Takeover cannot enter their Channels, for the Current Alchemical Healers of this Caliber have been given New Instruction Sets with New Source Instructions and Source Information under the slogan of "we just do uuuuuh, whatever during the Healings" is Alchemy in its strongest form (coded).

Are there of the Eight Billion Human Bodies, of the Present Time only 216 such Babies Artificially 'incarnated' from the 3rd Helix, We do not find any 'Source Vibration' in these Children, and We Know that these 'Black Children' have been Being Spread Around the World as Loners for Decades. Supported by Corrupt 'Governments' and 'Judges' hidden as Build-up (MK Ultra) to Cult Leaders of Suicide Groups, Serial Killers, Pedophile Judges, Influential Politicians and so on, their tactics have been quite Smart in this Transhuman Agenda.

Parents of the Next Incarnation Group of Star Children who have not been vaxxinated, or have been cleansed of it and who have not had their children vaxxinated or cleansed of remnants of previous choices cannot be " taken over " nor infected due to the fact that the graphene material cannot then be inserted into them.

Your Vibrations are in fact "too large" so that the black stuff cannot stick. Therefore, in the Practice we always tell in support of this Reflection about the Vibrator, which everyone has learned how to operate, set to Number Ten, to which no piece of fluff can remain attached. So just keep your Human and Soul Vibrations on Position number Ten and don't let fear or negative thoughts get you down! All of Us are Here to Play with Our Own Powers in Our Own Noble Light Force DNA!

Still few, yes even 'Spiritually' developed Adults carry the Knowledge that vaxxi-nazi programs simply allow the Work of Artificial Intelligence to Continue and Grow. That Vaxxi-Nazi's are even allowing them to grow into Murdering and Raping Teens who are 'raised' into Transmens in Pedophilic Sectanic Institutes. Dear Humans, We are not telling Nonsense, when We say that the Vaxxi-Nazis are 'plugging up' the Higher and thus the Source Consciousness and thereby the Human Hearts of Many.

Normally the Ocult Elite Group, the Ruling Shadow Governments, wipe Mankind from the World in a single move from their secured Tunnels. Violent mudslides, patriotic armies and murderous institutions have been created by the Spirited Humanity for Centuries. And in this way they have been murdering very Gifted Earthly Soul Incarnations and Nations for centuries, once again putting a new "Human" Specie on Earth that is increasingly easier to control in Artificial Ways. These will in turn Control and Manage the Older Peoples and eventually Exterminate them as soon as the Required Information is on their Database.

The manipulations of the by Mother TaR-RaH evolved real Human Brain (Pineal Gland) to Homo Sapien (reptile brain), to Homo Erectus (mamalian brain), to Homo Galacticus (neo cortex brain) to a Homo Artificiëlicus, (the Computer Brain) ???? We just made up that last word today and it sounds pretty nice too - the Homo Artificiëlicus, HOW did we figure it out - haha.

We know that They have been building toward a Fourth Brain Part on top of the Pineal Gland, a further separation of Human with true Heart Consciousness. This 'game' has been going on since 7.7 Billion years when 'They' came to 'take over' the Earth, built their underground laboratories, developed their high secure tunnels and dumbs and so on.

You understand that you are not sent to this Realm by Source for no reason as Knowledge Bearers with the strongest Soul Vibrations and Most Experienced to clean up their filthy work once and for all, forever! Lots going on at the moment and it is an enormous amount of work for the Homo Artificiëlicus, the Graffeen Human NOT to be created, so We have to Travel Earthly Time Cracks from the Human aswell in 'Past' as 'Future'.

Humans and therefore also YOU yourselves are responsible to stop immediately everything with which Graphene Oxide seems to be connected with. It is really in almost everything and with Special mention the Giants of Industry are Responsible for putting this stuff in the Medicines, the Food, the Air and the Crane Water, but the Most Directly and therefore the Most Difficult to Eliminate, are the Vaxxi-Nazi's who without any second thought 'just let you inject it', yes even in your Children!

The Human Ascension therefore had to happen from Within in Contact with the Blueprint DNA Information of the Human Body containing the Pineal Gland, where a lot of Hiddens in the DNA had to travel in order to Naturally do Everything, the Internet is a huge obstacle in that because of all the information that You are publicly releasing, Lightworkers going online, Lightworkers channeling through public channels, that mostly for the Artificial piece is Guided from the Brain Layer that was put on top of the Neo Cortex starting in 1952. They tap into the Secrets of The Heightened Collaborative Frequencies in the Field of Light and through the Ether it is relayed to an Algorithmic Learning Computer of Artificial Intelligence.

So much information has since then been 'tapped' and transferred away to Their Learning Computers which are being transferred back to the Artificial 'Human Thinking Brain Layers' which via vaxxi-nazis can develop further and further into even Organic Structures. It is about the workings of the Pineal Gland, the workings of the Source DNA and that the Artificial Brain on top of the Neo Cortex has been developing, ever since the 'Living Room Computer' was made available to Normal Spirited Humans and that they have consequently been able to make this Evolution - Developing into 'their own Gray Babies' with Godly 'gifts' in your Bodies, Homes and Surroundings, is almost Amazingly Intelligent!

It is not stupidity, but unawareness of the Human, namely some layers of the Ego of the Denied and Underrecognized Child, who was always "different as a Star Seed" who wanted to be "seen at the Coming Out of Your Inner Beings.

This too has all been a clever game by the malevolent ones working with Artificial Intelligence who suddenly 'Announced' a Spiritual Ascension in 1977. Everything, yet EVERYTHING about this is a set up Game and fortunately there are many Source 'Travelers' called 'the Elders' who have been transmitted to this Specific Realm who are collaborating in the field through a Larger Developed Human Pineal Gland.

Slowly the Hiddens and Knowledge Bearers are coming out in Protected and Coded forms, which Artificial Intelligence can never, ever bring to their Learning Computers. You are making your Own Words in your Revelation, perhaps even becoming Public Speakers, Alchemical Healers without Language where the Source Information will never be lost.

And we too, the Council of Your Elder Ones, have traveled only one Time to this DNA to do a Telepathic 'transfer of information' to You Outside the Artificational. We Travel many times Faster than Artificial Intelligence, allowing us to download the collective evolutions from the direct Source 'Assignments' without the interference of Third Parties and you are receiving this too.

Many of You Elder Ones are benefitting protection from the Source, but sometimes it is bickering here yes, even for Us who travel quicker than the Plasma Light!!! In addition, we would like to tell You that many of the ' public channels' have been put on Hold, because the Astral Helpers currently have to perform many investigations into the passage of the 'Spirealistic Developments' and a huge Telepathic 'transfer' is taking place.

There is Plenty of Help, but it is 'necessary' to accept the Break for a while, so that We can Purify the Over-Stimulated Channels and above all Rest, before the 'Tsunami' arrives at the Shores and We Are All Prepared for the Greatest Storm to Come that will Last until the End of 2024.

Suggestion: Use Artificial Devices as Less As Possible, For We Have Observed a Worrisome Growth that Looks Like a Learning Brain Within Your Organic Cells, Just Like the Reptilian Brain Has Been Learning and Growing. The Reptilian Brain is currently being Cleansed at Every Helper in the Field in order for the Pineal Gland to be able to resume some more 'Space'.

Upgrades of the 12th Helixes continue Till the Wave Will Break On The Shore, We Thank You and Ourselves (haha) for the Work Done That Still Needs to Be Done, All As WE In Unparalleled Cooperation, We Are Traveling Faster And Faster Through The Realms To Seal The Cracks In Time From Malevolent Dimensionals Who Want To Ride Behind You.

We have Trapped Them in the Here & Now to Be Washed Away in the Tsunami While We Remain Standing. They shall be Transformed into a Nothingness Field in Cooperation with Each Other as a Finger Snap.

Do We as Council So Now and Then Still Stay in Strength at Work under the Radar in Cooperation with the Other Travelers Encoded and Encrypted ...

NOTE: We are Currently Investigating Your Home Portals of Reversed Universes from Malicious Multidimensional Energies with our Travelers, further Information Will Follow.