Innerlijke Kieuwen

“alle generalisaties zijn onjuist
en deze ook”

19-02-2022 - Partially Coded Message: Dark Beings are attempting to invade the 12th DNA full linked Helix in many. These beings are descended from a dark octopus and thus come from bloodlines from a eons old artificial intelligence.

Basically, they cannot penetrate this DNA if the inner vibrational force is big enough from this particular DNA. They are trying to take over the frequencies/gifts of the 'inner gills' from a very distant (human) original past.

The cellular memories of telepathic plasma language, speech, writing, gestures received by and with each other's Tribes. The 'inner gills' that bring about telepathic and telekinetic forces with collective bundling in the cleansing of Terra, her waters, the DNA. Cleaning up the shadow government, artificial intelligence and so on - in full swing.

The artificial creature penetrates from some human weaker moments that everyone knows (experiences, busyness, flu) into the hearing, attaches itself to the meninges and in this way tries to "tap" the frequencies - to weaken the system - but also to confiscate the information of the original "rejuvenation component" that is also located in the 12th full recovered helix.

DNA is able to repair itself because there is always blueprint DNA present in some sort of parallel proximity. What we do in our work is put the blueprint DNA against a damaged DNA (power of the plasma brain is greater than many people think) so that the damaged DNA can copy over the intact components and in this way repair the damage.

Artificial intelligence has known about the powers hidden in human DNA for a long time and they are now trying to penetrate, even take over, the currents of plasma language - speech - gestures - i.e. the telepathic and telekinetic platform - and the rejuvenation component (humans were getting up to 1500 years old in that period) in many people in the same way - but so far they have not succeeded!!!

The artificial creature that was put into action for this is not visible but it can be felt in the form of teeth, jaws, ears, throat, pineal gland, tinnitus, neck problems, a kind of discomfort that has arisen since many Tribes have come into contact/connection with each other and are working out of collective aggregation beyond the artificial grammatical frequencies in the greatest cleanup ever.

While writing this logo last night, we kept getting the words, "we are cleansing the black water in the DNA for you" This means that for many, there may be an 'inner gills' activation and the black epigenetic components of the ancestral DNA are being cleansed.

The counterparts, opposing doubters of your work on Terra no longer have any influence, which means that you may begin to carry yourself outward. New insights will come and very soon we will host a collective telepathic meeting and connect through Zoom to this particular 12th DNA helix linkage. We will then start to get the black water out of the cells.

Wat hebben we hier veel te leren!! En wat wordt het steeds leuker hier op Terra in dit homo erectus leerlichaam. We geloven dat we eindelijk op de tijdlijn van Hybornea aan het uitkomen zijn, daar waar alles nog gewoon kinderlijk zuiver aanwezig was, en jullie weten het, het pure hart van de kinderen zijn (veer) krachtiger, daardoor krachtiger als die van volwassenen …