Stay Calm ...

15-09-2022 - 06:06 we looked at the clock as we felt "another message is coming in" after nearly a month of having 'collected' from all sorts of 'snippets' of collective information through the many pieces of text from collective writers where, as always, we can already see at a quick glance what it is saying and can pick out from it the collective 'course of public affairs' at lightning speed.

It is difficult for Us at the moment that "two worlds are being channeled through each other" by channelers and are actually intermingling, resembling "shifting dimensions. Of course, this is not the first time We have observed this from the time field shifts where the dimensions of 'Awakening' are being put together. Simply explained, this means that if just yesterday you were observing that you had been encountering information about, we'll mention just one example, mushrooms every day for many years, from one day to the next you encounter nothing more of that - not ever again. It is as if you have become "invisible" to the density where before you were visible.

This is a shifting of the 'dimensions' in the Omniverse or called by many of You the multidimensional timelines, the timelines through which We are in Contact with the Soul Groups from different Universes. As the observation of perception that triggers a faster vibration each time - the collective accerelation necessary to reverse the time fields of your DNA so that You may "Remember" again. Are You, All who have been able to perceive this suddenly out of the form-fixed lives that were previously so familiar.

Your Artificially Built-in DNA compartments are "in resistance" to this, for this DNA is familiar with addictions, fears, pains, human struggles, difficult relationships, reptilian influences, "wrong" attraction that have nothing to do with Your Soul's Missions, but everything to do with the Prison in which one was, as an Incarnation Looping System that We have been writing about for years, that One returned again and again within the same DNA compartments, over and over again reliving increasingly worse experiences, more and more mixed up with other DNA, life after life after life the Soul Vibrations ripped further and further apart. The So-called Soul Seekings of Many now 'disappear' like Snow under the Sun in this Upgrade.

We call this Ascension Phenomenon that Your "incarnational DNA density" of the Third Helix Coupling is changing to a less form-fixed aspect. That there may be more and more travel on the time vibrations that You are becoming, in fact or rather Are In Reality and that the Artificial encryptions in there of the Third Helix coupling are dissolving for You 'Test and Prove', or rather disappearing?!

Constantly, and this has been the case for Years - we 'see' two Rings shifting into each other intended as 'information transfer' from the Planetary DNA Blueprint of TaR-RaH as a 'Planet' and it is now finally happening, We can see that TaR-RaH's Heart Chambers have healed, as your 'higher' DNA is healing and that Her heartbeat is back to its old self whereby You can travel Faster to recover all lost DNA compartments! For the Planetary 'Consciousness Workers', Those who have All worked on Her Grids and Leylines, this is tremendous Good News as a Breakthrough on the Incarnation Wave of Her White Deer Children.

For days the Schumann Resonance Measurements were on 'Black,' while being 'measured' and 'recorded,' extreme plasma spikes were transmitted to the Omnipresent Connecting DNA - Your 'Divine' DNA - we prefer to say the Source or Blueprint Information of the Human DNA, where We on the Surface have been Constantly Present Inside TaR-RaH to support and guide this process. The transfer of information was not entirely easy and so with Many Channelers the incoming information 'changed' almost overnight.

Encoded: The Source Language is currently merging with You with the Light Language, both the Planetary and Cosmic Aspect Upgrade of the Human DNA, often Telepathically transmitted to You as the two Rings merging - Blueprint Transfer a fully fused Twelfth Helix from the Crone point the 0-point energy the Collective Healers of this Time Ring that was on Imploding has been 'dented' out again and this is Palpable!

Just another 'note' - The storytelling of the true Ashtar Commander who had been revealing to English live television since 1977 which was temporarily 'interrupted' for the purpose of telling that the Aquarian Age would be upon us, at the time of the Internet Age 'the artificial spiritual awakening' entered the living rooms and channels of many 'invaded' under the so-called Ashtar of Sirius II - the artificial Ashtar.

Also on Us they tried to take over the 'human channel' by making a trespassing in 2001 at the time of a Telepathic contact with the Council. We were of course immediately warned that this 'false' information was incorrect and an investigation was launched that took nearly 20 years before we were allowed to release any information about it.

Many of you 'recognize the Ashtar speaker as some kind of walk ins' but the Commanders Helpers of Federations do not do Walk Ins! They do not make contact through the Ether to your 'public channels' but deep within your DNA with a completely different Language than English speaking.

It was noticed that one after another presented themselves as 'channeler of the galactic federation' between 2001 and 2010 (especially starting in America, with Name as Ashtar of Sirius II) where since that period many 'followers' were influenced via Living Room Internet, eventually offered 'mergendizes' and 'channelings' with 'Gaia' information, t-shirts and caps ; ) and that Galactic Ships would come to pick up the 5D 'higher consciousnesses' and leave all the 3D 'lower humans' behind, um to let them rot away? ?

Note: Can We now agree that the False Artificial Information that was forced upon the Ashtar Sirius II Channelers from the Ether, will now be corrected and they will be informed via the DNA via a completely different Language than the 'English Language Words'. This will not go through the public channels and during 'Interviews or Live sessions' where there are influences from Artificial Steering from the Ether - namely that a Wifi connection then has to be 'open' to make contact with the followers, this story will have another tail.

Do not be alarmed, but right now there is some kind of 'war' going on to Clear the Cabal (and more) and as with any war there will be collateral damage, which will be contained as much as possible. The start of the war where Delta Federation and Nordic Council are entering the deeper grounds, they have arrived at the 'Surface of TaR-RaH'.

We have been able to observe: deep dark practices being unraveled and becoming visible on the surface, as 'black' appearances in and around the aura fields, homes, sky, environment but also within your 'memories'. A deep sense of 'fears' may take mastery because these are the Memories of the many Billions of years of Dark Lives that you have been ' forced ' to lead in the fragmentation of the DNA compartment.

Don't be concerned, it is temporary and you are asked to be present especially in the "highest vibrations," although sometimes that is not easy. It also has something to do with the Thymus healing itself. Relationship Aspects, Emotional fluctuations, outbursts of anger, crying, relationship breakdowns. But these do have a very good side, namely that there will be much more living from a "knowing" rather than a "thinking".

Right now it is Important to dive deep into your own feelings, thoughts, information, messages, resonant fragments and let go of what is not relevant (anymore), allowing the inner merging to continue as the Rings. Lean back a little and do not try to "identify" yourself with anything that may come out that has been registered in your DNA for centuries. Observe when you see it happening to others and don't get caught up in the 'game of artificial darkness'. Follow the energy and let the storm pass you by. Do not be afraid because that is Their food!!! But watch with interest how the Game is taken out of your Systems, be the Observer of your own behaviors and the mirrors that will be shown by others.

Characteristics: not feeling hungry, great need for cleansing especially the emotional and physical system, no more desire to bring numbing to inner pain, feelings of " willing to face it to feel", great need for change of environment!

Stay grounded, because the deeper that you are rooted, the faster you can "fly" the sooner you will be released from this DNA imprisonment ...