Knowledge Bearers Attention

3-1-2023 and it's a bit of a madhouse ... 🙂 WHAT an energy and Sky High Frequentiesl! Pressure in the vertebrae is slowly increasing for the next two weeks due to blocked flow of Sacred Secretion being "squeezed" through the narrowed vertebral sections.

The inner light literally wants to come out and it takes some time to convert these vibrations into information/knowledge. There are some things going on that require deeper investigation than what the surface shows. Despite the fact that many of You are "Protected Ones" because You descended to this Realm with knowledge of the new platforms to be built, there have been attacks at the time of the telepathic exchange with Your Elders in the transmission of this knowledge and information to Your Instruction sets.

We have been made aware that there are collective 'channelers' who have (seem to have) suddenly switched from Lightworkers to Knowledge Bearers, whose information they are spreading among their Followers is not accurate. This is affecting the propulsions within the field of coherent waves - the collective shifts and DNA ascension.

Certain parts of the neo cortex are still linked to the work of the Black Elite and their artificial intelligence and you are asked to keep your receiving channels well clear and/or have them protected by Your Elder Ones.

There are 'channeled' numbers and percentages being transmitted by A.I to the Neo Cortex that are not pure of information, but exert influence on Soul vibrations just as false frequencies affect Brains. A well-known case of 'hearing the bell somewhere and not knowing where the clapper is' in deeper Healing work is downright dangerous and cause confusion of (energetic) systems. Shoemakers stick to your Shoes!

Activation of the human Tachyons, the Zero Point Energy, the first friction of their own creation frequencies and this is just the beginning of what is to come. There is a whole laundry list going on and actually too much to mention, but very big things are being addressed and this is palpable. The Gridworkers are working hard to clean up the blood and curse grounds (and its buildings) on the Leylines of TaRRaH.

After each cleansing, you receive new information about connecting coordinates, places and buildings. DNA activation continues, those cellular memories (thus not the brain memories 😉 ) to the timelines of the Lemurians and Hyborneans and the deeper knowledge will also be released with this.

It is remarkable to think with Source Sounds instead of Words and from those Source Sounds a thrust is released that cannot be learned by the Learning Computers of Artificial Intelligence. This is a very positive development since You may know that - everything that is - was created by sounds.

Thinking is Your biggest Obstruction and these cause malfunctions and blockages within your own currents of Being. Questions such as "where am I from, what is my mission, what planet am I from, how high is my consciousness, how old is my soul?" are questions that Source does not know.

The Nervous System and blood cells are having a hard time at the moment. Cleaning up is going on where Hybrid parts of the DNA are also being disconnected and this is causing a kind of " combat ". This affects the Protein Transformation of the Body, the genesis of the human body. Hybrid Compartments look like artificial black/gray Nano cells between the gold cells and these Nano particles are cleared in abundance.

They are responsible for obstructions within cell division and have been brought into the Human Bodies and passed on through reproduction for tens of thousands of years. Also called the epigenetic heritage which goes deeper and has a much longer history than epigenetics itself. Human Bodies have been experimented on for 7.7 billion years and the end product will be Homo Artificialicus and can already be found in our Current Children/Youth.

On another note, is that Many of You have traveled back from a Far Future to this Time, to rectify what was overlooked to prevent these '(un)Human Developments'. The Developments have progressed alarmingly and since 1952 of the last century, DNA has been manipulated on a large scale. DNA has since been recorded through the 'heel prick' and specific vaxxi-nazi programs are being developed for that purpose.

The key lies with You, the Generational Sequence and therefore in the Upbringing of Your Children and it is a positive development that more and more Parents want to keep their Children out of the Malevolent Extraterrestrial Programs, therefore choosing to no longer participate within this field of the many matrices. Through the Grid Work there are Planetary as well as Solar shifts that have many peak moments Thanks to the further cleansing of the Blood Curses and Buildings on the Ley lines.

Skilful Surgical intervention is taking place within the Heart Chambers of TaRRaH and Peaks like those of 150,000 years ago are being observed. And this is also affecting YOU! Painful bones, muscles, joints, increased pressure in the brain stem, fatigue, whooshing sensation in the head and ears, headaches, almost unable to ground, not knowing direction, little contact with the "higher" selves, much need for rest and reflection but life demands other priorities, not getting around to self, few moments for meditation or visualization and it is somewhat quiet in contact with the soul families.

You are asked to reach deeper than deep inside for appropriate incarnation/incarnation of Your Soul Vibrations by being earthly. It does not matter what earthly activity, as long as it is earthly 😉 this is necessary for the further construction of the Platforms for the New Earth.

As always, Houses are not built from Divination Cards or with the invocation of Angels. Many people have left the "light work" behind for a while, to become aware of their Beautiful Powerful Shadows as Experiential Teachings of the Modern Human Body.

Life has many Aspects that has many Powers. The "New Age Era" of the past six decades are being left behind. Slowly, ( finally 😁 ) the Collective Realization that Gurus, Enlightened Ones, Ascended Masters and Gods do not exist and therefore need not be 'pursued' in the Searches for Your Past. The 'God Complex' is finally over and it is understood that Source can be found in all Existing Frequencies, only where there are no words. ❤

What the special year of 2023 will bring?
Exposure and Disbelief!