Boodschap van Council Zeven

“adem elk moment in het nu,
nu is dus op dit moment … “

11-12-2021 – Boodschap van Council Zeven. Het begin van de hele schepping heeft dezelfde betekenis als het einde van de hele schepping, want alle dingen hebben altijd al bestaan ​​en zullen altijd blijven bestaan. Alles wat iemand ooit is geweest of ooit zal zijn is deze persoon in het NU, niet Gisteren, niet Morgen, niet een Leven Geleden, niet een Leven in de Toekomst.  

Dit is een vorm van een Waarheid die vaak over het Hoofd wordt gezien in de zoektocht naar de Mens vanuit Spiritueel Begrip ‘de vijfde dimensie’ die in werkelijkheid vele dingen over slaat, zoals de eerste vier, daar waar het werkelijke leven zich manifesteert. De Mens is vergeten dat de Bron alles was wat er ooit was en Alles zal zijn wat is. Het Middenstandpunt van het Leven, begrijp je het Middenstandpunt van het Leven?

Most do not know that the 'great awakening of humanity' was artificially bootstrapped - by 'cranking up' a confiscated Source 0-DNA component for the further transhumanization of this Homo Erectus Implanted Body, the tracking device and control body to the so-called Artificial God. The great awakening of the 5D consciousness is the transition to the devil itself!

Today's humans dwell in the digital age, robotics, geoengineering etc. This can be used for the benefit of humans and against. In secret space programs (SSP) very advanced techniques are used. 

Where they, the counterparts, had to artificially activate a "divine component" - in a New Age era.Necessary to bring people into a so-called Great Reset, the 5D consciousness - after which living in a body became increasingly difficult, separated from a realistic reality.

And the Source children knew this was going to happen - humanity is at a crossroads - does one choose the awakening of the loving human heart that wants to come together, connect, feel, meet, learn and thereby grow with each other? Or does one choose the awakening of a transhumanized consciousness of a stacked 'higher and lower' dimension of illusionary spiritual programs of an internet age with many followers who prefer to skip the first four dimensions.See the preconceived game that has now failed.

As a so-called Religion, the Planets, galaxies, and the spaces beyond and within them as an aspect of Time that possesses no Time aspect? At this time everyone is being taken far beyond this Atmosphere to Reach the more technical data on the lines of Frequencies, Energy, Vibrations, Human DNA and Conditions within a Space that in Reality is not Space.

In this Space is described, the Polarity, the Positive and Negative Aspects within a New Spirituality that is not New, but as Old as the Origination itself. A piece of Realism beyond the Normative so that one will understand virtually all Aspects of real Emergence as in the form of Metaphysical Fractals - the Basis of Our Existence. Both Science and Religion, both of which have nothing to do with Spirituality we write, that Both are the same from two opposite points of view.

Just as a Human, no matter where you stand is a Human, at the front or back of the Human it will remain just a Human and so Science and Religion is Formed - Two Viewpoints from the Same Aspect - as Life Itself.

Events that repeat themselves in Cycles, In which there have been Eons of work towards the catastrophic Destruction of Humanity. An Extraterrestrial history that has carried for 7.7 billion years that the Cycles of time has become an aspect within the current Humanity, that one is mortal, which in reality is not so at all because of the 'oblivion' in which your consciousness is.

Virtually all Biblical Scriptures refer to a Downfall that is inevitably Approaching, but this Downfall is Cyclical and will occur over and over again from the Looping System in which Souls cannot even be in reality and Time and Time again it is described who goes and who is allowed to stay, as if there is supposed to be a certain Ranking from Stacked Systems that have not Learned to truly Let Go of what is Inevitable.

So many Prophecies have been Done as Truths and Untruths Described and Time and Time again you will find a Way in, or see the Importance of it which will Contain No Importance at all. For what really matters in the Incarnated Human Life aspect, within the Present Aspect of daring to be Nothing?

Has there always been an Accurate History of Events that repeat in Cycles? Or will this Accurate History of Events in Linear Time Not Exist? Is there really a Reference to Spaceships and Extraterrestrials, who have always been there because they also arose from a - or are you all, like We, You, and I a part of a Cell sprouting from a Source? A Dust, a Spark, a Fractal from Time?

Are there Explanations or Reasons to be found in Why Certain Individuals Can Strongly Influence Someone at an Encounter - a Violent, Unreasonable Dislike or a Strong Attraction with no Clear Cause in Lines of Commitments that Only Extend Over Time?  

Are the Spinning Wheels of the Human Body, the Life Wheels Responsible for Such Reactions or the Soul seeking certain 'Recognition' in the Lonely Way, which includes Connection? Can this explain the Effect of a Person on Others. 

The Council of the Seven - Bringing Fascinating and Not Fascinating Facets of Knowledge and New Data on Atmospheric Conditions to Those Who Want More Insight into The Larger and Broader Pattern of Life, a Philosophy Worth Studying - or Not Worth Studying.

The First Seven Metaphysical Fractals had Returned to Earth in "incarnated" form carrying a History of Eons - to a Future of Eons, not in Actual Time as Part of All That Ever Was and All That Always Will Be.

For those who are Already in Actual Earth Ascension, are Engaging in an Upgrade of the Soul Ray, the Ray of Personality, The Ray of the Mental Body, The Ray of the Astral Body, and the Ray of the Material Body, the Ray of Living, Breathing, Existing in the Body.

Will or Power, which is in fact the Will of Source itself, a ray that is of a Dynamic Intensity, that it is both Creator and Destroyer - The Emergence. Love, Unity and Wisdom - a Desire or Love for Source - a Godhead, not as Emotional Desire, but a Desire as the Law of Attraction, the Hierarchy of Adepts.

Active Intelligence, or Reverse as Intelligent Activity, which uses Intelligence to Build Metaphysical Forms, thereby Revealing the Purpose of Source. Harmony, which seeks to Bring Beauty in Harmony in the Consequences of Chaos. Pure and Perfect in Form so that the Present World becomes a Home of Harmony and Light.

Concrete Knowledge or Science. That which Science has produced as Esoteric Psychology which leads to the Concepts of Nature, which works in the Field of Higher and Lower Thought, because Man is "the one who thinks". This Fifth Ray in the Present Ascension has for the Spiritual Humanity a Special Meaning at the moment, but skips many Facets, such as the Incarnation Consciousness, The Looping Body, The Homo Erectus which are in Fact a Walking Artificial Implant and Tracking System of the Artificial Intelligences.

Devotion that equips the Human with the Ability to See an Ideal as Reality beyond Form, not as Science or Religion. The Deep Urge to Penetrate Behind the Veils and Hidden Realms of Nature, the Most Beautiful and Profound Experiences a Human Being Can Have of the Mysterious.

Ceremonial Order as the Ability to Coordinate the Inner Quality as Tangible Form or Appearance is united. Who rules the etheric realms, thereby over the True Magical Work - the Spiritualization of the Forms - Love.

There has been a Script ready for Humanity for a very long time, the Great Awakening - But we are Not participating in this Great Awakening to the 5D which are being Executed, Fueled, Directed by the Extraterrestrial Intelligences and Governments - to Transhumanism. The Inner Awakening is Silent and contains a Real Organic Component - Cells Awakening from the Heart and making Connection to the Infinite Aspect of Reality - Emerging as Human.