Upgrade December 20 to 22

Upgrade December 20 to 22. It's been another journey and again, love to read on resonance and not with human brains, so grab the coffee!

On December 22, 2021 at 22:22 - I was invited by a very beautiful clear light blue galactic human-like male appearance with a lion-like head, but who was not a lion (haha). He was a Council member who was very curious about my activities, as he had been informed of our council of seven and the Hidden Workers who have been within this universe and planetary system for 5000 years helping to reclaim this universe after its takeover, especially the chosen mother planet Terra.

He invited me to travel with him and took me to a very large cigar-shaped object that rotated (was the size of a globe), a beautiful world, that was located in this universe. We entered a spinning portal with lots of colors and light and it took quite a long time to get "inside". I felt safe and it was okay - I'm used to this kind of trips, so I let it happen.

We went to a federation of different kinds of helpers including multidimensional ray beings, kind-hearted extraterrestrials, Council members from certain planets like Andromeda and so on who told me a few things. They did not speak my language, but I could understand and speak theirs because we have practiced for five thousand years on the universal language of here.

They said it was time for us to make "human exchanges. This message applies to many by the way, the pineal gland has received a huge clean up!

They also told me to stop getting distracted by marginal issues or certain life matters, such as the house move coming up, because everything was already in place, though not yet visible in materialized form (yaaaah).

They told us that the current upgrade would include the necessary DNA helix couplings for ground workers of Tribes/Councils and that from this gate you will be able to continue to communicate telepathically. Also the words that we as a council will bring out for the outside world will improve, become clearer and therefore more understandable (readable).

Around the story of the capture of Queen Bee, they thanked us for the hidden infiltration and the entrance thereby made, so that Galactic Federation could pass through their security systems. The lies that were told to many spiritually seeking and growing people are now being cleared up.

Artificial intelligences promised beautiful worlds outside of this planetary system that anyone could have just participated in who would say "yes" to this proposal, which, however, they did not. The counterparts, artificial intelligences, led by Queen Bee of the Greys, wanted to possess a certain type of human DNA that represented the first seven human races on Terra.

You must know that this current DNA consists of 22 different races since then, because of DNA manipulation, interbreeding with all kinds of alien races, creatures and even animals. This human DNA is the most interesting DNA of this universe, but they will never get the real working of it, the human DNA where primal memories of the Tribes are written in.

The personal lies that had been told to me by a ground worker of Queen Bee, a human takeover by the soulless chief son of some kind of gray supreme commander on Orion, in human form named Adam (an taken over soul/human) at the time of our infiltration that lasted a year and two months, are not true. However, these lies did temporarily upset me as a human Heidy. We knew who this ground worker was since August 2020 and have had to step up a game ever since.

This required some sort of 'trust' with the overlord son and this infiltration took a year and two months, during which I had to show in conversation every now and then a part of our methods, so that they would remain intrigued. Of course, I was (humanly speaking) a little afraid that at the time of the infiltration/communication with the soulless son (despite protection of my own council), I had still given away too much information.

During - 21 years of home internet, the greys on Orion, via Queen Bee - an artificial intelligence have managed to confiscate much information about human DNA and how it works. This story is too long to write just like that, which we are not going to do, but they got their hands on quite a lot through tapping artificial algorithms and searching for gifted souls, who were active on the Internet as starseeds/light workers.

The light blue galactic human-lion like male apparition (why do I almost never get names?!) has shown me examples of major demonic 'takeovers' and how the curse lines that have worked on certain lands. There have been curses released (by the thirteen evil bloodlines) on certain pieces of land, which in turn have to do with the Schumann (hence Anton Teuben?) and Ley lines, certain buildings and underground tunnels.

On these pieces of land, according to the curses, the shed blood that has literally been carved into the ground by war, brutal physical violence and Satanic rituals and other massacres - would never disappear and would always bring about a 'stain'. This means that entire villages and cities have been 'leashed' to these curse lines that had a blood stain on their soil, without people knowing it!!!

The people/souls who live on that piece of land remain leashed and thus "infected" with the forces of the curse lines. These cause an enormous amount of personal/familial burden, but also for the spiritual ascension that is in full swing. These pieces of land are holding back the collective shifts/upgrades for many, but it is also hindering the release of millions of souls that have been held for centuries.

The materialized chosen life and human DNA body is not that far from the current spiritual consciousness and your soul mission. So in order to free the imprisoned souls from their incarnational prison, the curse lines had to be lifted, after all thirteen bloodlines had been picked up (the last bloodline was picked up in the last few weeks, between 21-11-2021 and 21-12-2021).

Work has already been done on some very important pieces of land that are being cleansed of satanic curse lines. This has been done through telepathic and telekinetic powers of incarnated Tribes, Earth Magicians and Elementals. The curses on the shed blood on these grounds no longer contain the curse lines, which truly represents a new start for the New Earth - Terra. We still have some work to do on this and it will continue for now.

When the purification/cleaning of these grounds is complete, the curse lines will also be broken for every incarnated DNA bloodline link that ever incarnated in this ancestral satanic DNA line, therefore imprisoned for many thousands of years in the same DNA bloodline.

Collective and largely still coded: Much of the truth will be brought out through certain major media channels and will collectively bring about heavy energy. Many will still be in disbelief, but this will dissolve a great deal of the division among humanity. An anarchic atmosphere is about to dawn for those who are ready to truly work together as Oneness, without political power or sickening authority. Gate five of ascension, the gateway for humanity's great awakening, has been closed by the Council of Seven. Gates seven through twelve are now open for the next shift/growth within this spiritual and human ascension.

Platforms for new civilizations are expanding, awakening/ healing of healthy source/stem cells in DNA, 12th to 78 DNA helix linkage for humanity. Tonight we saw many people leave this planetary system, they went in all directions except to the artificial 'promised land' - the original timelines of their incarnation have been opened - at each incarnation timeline there is a 'gatekeeper' who will guide these 'souls' back to their origin / Source in Love.

More information will follow ...
Thank you all for the Help that is being given.

We work together in a Unified Cooperation.
In Lak’ech from Heidy

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