Voor de Empaten

19/06/2021 – Dear Blues, the extremely sensitive Ones, the empaths who are feeling alone. This message is for you, this message is send from Terra – It has been a very busy period for many, especially in the nights there is a lot of work being done on the repair of the fifth DNA Helix Coupling – repair of the souls trauma incarnation past. You empaths have come together many times in astral travel, lucid dreams, visions and this shift is tremendously intense.

To complete and leave behind the fifth gate of ascension, many repairs are made during sleep. It feels very busy, as if you spend night after night working super hard on your physical and energetic supporting system, and this evokes inner confusion. Your physical bodies are sore and sickly and show many weaknesses, tiredness and depression like feelings.

There was a large group of Empathic incarnations that have been stuck in the incarnation Looping System – the physical Matrix, the human DNA body – for centuries. You incarnated as a cooperation group to contribute actual ascension that was started in this Universe about five thousand years ago – you incarnated on the populated planets to help clean up this Universe and clear all manipulated darkness.

As transformers of this Universe, you had one of the toughest tasks during the greatest cleanup in Universe time, so you worked together as a group – while you are working and feeling alone at this moment, because your group was disconnected via the DNA damage. We understand that You are tired, and that You want to go back to your soul families, but it’s not time yet, your work is needed.

The Empath group that incarnated on Mother Earth was here to cleanse and transform the growing manipulated darkness and growing human karma – that had nothing to do with soul growth and Original Yin and Yang. You were murdered, persecuted, drowned, stoned, spiked and so on for five thousand years, incarnation after incarnation.

And they made the others afraid of You, telling that you were working for the Devil, that You were Wiccan. But You were the Blue Ones, You came here to spread the word of Love and Compassion, to bring healing trough plants and the true inner strength of mother Earth. And this is beautiful healing transformation that you Empaths are receiving, even your bodies are sore and tired.

Terra is helping You to connect again with the true Nature You Are. Your cycles of rising up as the Super Strong Empath You truly are (who can bare what You had to bare?) is in full swing, and it is desperately needed that you regain your strength back and that you feel, that You are not working hard alone anymore. You send to each other dreams about the water, tsunamis, drowning, and strangely often of vehicles, vessels, ships, UFOs, buildings in the sky- contact is being made from your soul family and it is clearly felt. You send fives to each other !! 5555!

Stuck emotions in your physical and energetic bodies will be released, transformed and drained. This happens naturally, you just need to let it flow through you in the water. Please seek the water especially, for that is your true path to healing – you are the true loving human emotion, you are pure Christ Love itself and Dear Empaths – this humanity does not have to understand why you are so beautiful and super sensitive.

It’s important that You understand how you work – and transform the negative energy by connecting to Water, mother Earth and soul family again. Connected to lucid dreams and astral travel, you receive help from the 6th and 7th time liners – Big Time! Working together with Terra so that the (negative) energy you can perceive from the narcissistic others – can be drained directly to mother Earth – so You can learn that You will not get sick (anymore) while transforming the negative energies you are surrounded with in life.

She, mother Earth, will help you transform into the True Strong Empath you are, watch the signs, work with the resonance, see the synchronicity and the Fives. In this, you can take with you, the true (not the false one) story of Jesus Christ himself. He was the True Empath like You are.

We need the Love You are, we need the Understanding you are, we need the Warmth you are from inner Nature. We need You to send True Christ Forgiveness to the manipulated Darkness and the narcissistic Ones into the World. Your Work together, the cooperative Ones will Enlighten the World, from the inside out – feel it – Your strength!

All of you Empaths are working to be the true Polarity Transformers for Mother Earth.
Thank You so much for being here, heal and be proud of the most difficult gifts of all. Those once were taken from you. The codes in the drawing are the Cellular Memories written in a logo, please take them in … Make Your Wings Big again, spread them wide and open. You are so loved, thank You.