This is a Next Level Healing and only suitable for persons who are spiritually and multidimensionally aware in life and have worked hard to let go of old programming. Most people who come to the practice for this healing do spiritual work themselves, with or without their own practice, or are used as a second consultation at Kompaswerk. Experience has shown that many energetic practices are laying behind in their spiritual work, for example by only working with the seven big chakras, or treat the aura through oldfashioned Reiki or magnetizing techniques. The Threepointer Next Level Healing is from teacher to teacher and also a kind of "transfer" from high vibrating cosmic and earthly energies. The latest techniques will be reveiled in this healing, so to your own spiritual work having learns too. 

Because the release of old programmed lines is phased in, layer by layer deeper structures come to the surface. In order to get rid of old habits, behaviors and defense or survival mechanisms that can hinder the further growth of the soul, full commitment is very important. Usually the soul wants these last leftovers disconnected in order to be able to fully authentically 'work' for which it is incarnated on earth. The most powerful qualities and wonderful qualities of our inner self, the true being within us then gets the chance to shine, which attract the right people and situations. When you do your own energetic work, it could just be that the magical old powers that all the elderly and wise people carry are activated. By re-resources with the inner carrier point between the earth, yourself and the cosmos, an energetic hexagonal star in the heart centre and crystalline energy is further activated in the higher heart centre.

The Crystalline Crown is opened, the released Crystalline Energy is pulled down by the Upper Heart Chakra and anchored in the center of the Kundalini. The Kundalini is becoming merged with the Crystalline Crown and the Upper Heart Chakra, releasing a vortex of very powerful healing energy into the Kundalini's support center. Sexual traumas from this life and past lives are 'touched' and detached from the traumatised soul in this way, both powerfully and very softly. This gives the true Feminine and Masculine Powers the opportunity to merge and 'unite' with each other.

It's an admirable and bold step to merge this Three-Pointer Healing, but understand that this treatment is one-off and will remain in force for the rest of your life. The reason for this is that the situations that are currently standing in the way are gradually being 'eliminated'. So old, obstructive situations can change and be addressed that people didn't want, dared or could start with before. I did this merger with myself about ten years ago and my life has taken a completely different turn. Slowly the right situations, possibilities arose and I got rid of old programmed lines, stuccos and layers of pain. People, the work and the situations that brought me nothing more disappeared from my life without it hurting me or others. As if this were arranged by divine providence, all this was done in a very natural way. Before, I often felt like a spectator or victim of my own life or of other people, but slowly – I stood there – just as I wanted to stand in my own life. I also see this happening to the people I still have contact with to this day, who have done this Three-Point Healing.

The true potential that we carry within ourselves comes out powerfully but softly and it feels like a rebirth of the soul. The Awakening Process of our deepest and oldest forces are hidden in this Three-Pointer. The healing telepathic and telekinetic gifts and talents are enhanced through astral travel, channelings and healings. Addressing or calling on these forces requires some care and knowledge of this kind of work, because energies are being moved. All this is a not immediately visible process, but will form in synchronicity, resonance, ultimately manifestation! The (re)discovering of the power within ourselves can be wonderfully beautiful, because it hides the secret of spiritual and earthly successes. When there is a desire for a purification process of the suffering of the agony and pains of this life, for previous lives, parallels, all universes and dimensions, then this is a wish or a call from your soul as it has found this Page. 

A well-functioning Three-Pointer provides a stable foundation, or a so-called anchoring of the soul in the body. When the Kundalini energy is optimally connected, we are centered in life and make use of the true Yin Yang of mother Earth. It is not the intention of our incarnation that we deviate from our own soul path, while moving other people forwards. We are meant to walk the soul path with self-confidence, fun and potential. We don't have to be overly concerned about our family members, friends and children or partners. We don't have to find ourselves in all sorts of worrying situations we don't want to be in, such as money worries, underpaid or undervalued jobs, quarrelling people around us, accidents, discomfort, energetic attacks or even physical attacks, we are not incarnated to clean up the mess of our unconscious ancestors for a lifetime! But we are incarnated on earth to enjoy ourselves connected to life on earth itself in our beautiful bodies. We want to feel perfect, connected and whole with a form of unity that embraces everything, such as love, pleasure, freedom, sufficient money, non-dualism in our most souvereign form.

Since 1999 I have been continuously working on energetic healing techniques, which is said to be pioneering work. Think of Resonance Massage, Anahata, Merkaba & Shambhala Healing, Muddra & Mantra Meditation, Lightcoded imprints, Soul Trauma Release, Sacred Womb Connection, Soul & Body Bounding, Three Pointer Healing etc. 

Before the consultation, I perform a number of practical actions and in that way I "attune" to the person who is on the way. The entire space is energetically cleaned and a warm, safe bedding is created. During the energetic massage I have to get in touch with the old alchemist I am, because otherwise I cannot "read" the hologram. Sometimes I will speak a (light) language that can be audible during the sessions. Although unusual for this world, it is a very normal way for me to communicate with my soul family that help me to strengthen the healings.  

After this consultation you can expect both physical and energetic reactions that are temporary in nature, so be prepared! 

– Women who, for whatever reason, have not been menstruating for a long time usually receive spontaneous intermediate bleeding. 
– Painful sensation in the middle and lower back. 
– Intensive lucide dreams, channelings or meditations 
– Sounds of moving objects (telekinetic channel is activated). 
– Spontaneous activation of Light Language – writing or movements and symbols. 
– Mirrors more visible and clear, old conflicts can suddenly resurface, new mirrors are solving accelerated.
– Loved ones in the immediate vicinity will react to the energy field that is as yet unknown to them, which can lead to temporary (violent) conflicts.   

Optional to this massage treatment is making a personal drawing of the soul. At the start of the consultation, prior to the energetic massage. It will be directly made in the first consult and takes approximately 40 minutes extra time. When drawing the soul, light codes and symbols are placed trough light writings. It is also possible to have a personal drawing of the soul made from a distance without treatment in the massage practice. This drawing will then be sent to the home address, and a remote Lightcoded & imprinted video healing. Read it Here …  

Next Level Healing- The Three Pointer Fusion: (± 70 min) – € 89,00 
Personal drawing of the soul: (± 40 min) – € 45,00

If there are any questions or if you are interested in one of the consultations, please contact Heidy, or send a Whatsapp to +316 24158514 - I don't call, because the less I know - the better I work. 

Payments should be made in cash and preferably in exact amount - after the treatment, these amounts include VAT. If the appointment is not canceled within 24 hours, a no show or cancellation after the appointment, the full rate will be charged. The appointment can be moved free of charge to another day or date at any time in the event of unexpected calamities. If you prefer to transfer via bank details, ask for an invoice. Payments via the bank account must be paid in advance of the consultation.