Flowers Incarnations

“wat was er het eerst,
het zaad of de bloem”

02-02-2021 – Coded Message: From January 2019 to January 2021, the soul group of the Flowers, Leaders of the Aquarius-workersgroup (the builders) were heavily attacked by the counterparts trough manipulation. From August to this week, I did a lot of research and working out in personal life on this phenomenon. The artifici.als from the b.lacks managed to mix up the Platformersgroup with growing Lightworkersgroup. Via the past 21 years of Internet, many things happened – I will not repeat but the ‘Spiritual Builded Fake Matrix’ had something to do with it – long story.

The 12th density incarnation timeline was closed by the Matrix, and the natural cycles from Terra (mother planet Earth) and the Incarnations went on and on. You get what I’m saying right – it was becoming a bit crowded here in this system. That slowed us (galactic helpers) down for a little while, about 10.000 years. But was good learning moment!!

The Lightworkers-group is working out their pain-bodies and soul-pains and becoming more spiritual connected to their DNA, slowly awakening, upgraded the mental streaming and Alpha-waves, and have thereby lot of ‘angry’ feelings and false templates to work out. Has to do something about uncontrolled and unsolved (old) feelings and stuff.

Spiritual Order is made for a very good reason, because it has something to do with the natural powers, the incarnated souls can use above the 12th. But the past 20 years all incarnated groups out of 22 Timelines are sending parts and peaces of those sacred codes by Internet, while they are meant for personal growth.

When You are a true spiritual teacher and no ego-teacher, you have small group of souls to learn about those gifts, to take time – somethimes a whole life with eigother. We do not give activations on big scale, and if given one, its 100% save for the collective. This Transfer – the 12 incarnation processes to teacher, are beautifull, strong and sacred. This transfer absolutely is not meant to throw out – the sacred codes – on huge groups of followers.

Be very careful with that and know wich code is protected and wich is not. The ego-teachers from Lightworkersgroup, their templates – the encounters discovered and used.It can be dangerous when the growing group of Lightworkers collectively sending telepathic and telekinetic gifts. The 12th Timeliners and up, are the ‘frontiers’ and not the ‘workers’. The workers come from the past en the frontiers are from the future, to teach correctly.

The counterparts knew that, because they have a lot of Universal secrets about all times. All of us are here for the same Mission to save this Universe and to Restore the Spiritual balance. So now the Matrix is gone, a few teams from the 21th traveled back in time to protect the 12th timeline.

This is a short message for the 12th to 22th timeliners: the groups from the wisdom keepers, frontwavers, platformers etc have been brought back together – to be continued, still working hard to bring out all.

Meditate, visualize and stay in touch with your Soulwings (these can never be taken away). Connect with the Earth, the Schumann Resonance, your own frequencies, your own incarnation density and stay with yourself – Always. No matter what ‘test’ you are currently facing, you will overcome it by understanding what is going on. That we consist of organism and that the organism is used to ‘survive’ through looping systems, repeating – The Old Pains and sufferings You do not Need anymore.

Notice in which you are repeated over and over again and step out of it by seeing what is going on. These are not The Usual Drawings, But Important enough to share. Breath the whole Environment in, and Blow out Pure Love the whole day, it will bring some Rest and Peace.