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22-01-2023 To the Receiver of Resonance. We Call "The Miracle of Life" - the Conception as " Bond of Opposites" Essence Transforming into Existence. If this did not Happen Humanity would cease to Exist, in fact there would be no Humanity at all. Is it just Nostalgia in this Time or a Biological fact in the Hands of 'Modern Science' where We as 'Gods' Extract, Implant, Inseminate and Clone? Has the Miracle of Life therefore Become a Trick?

By 'Replicating Life' can We become like a Creator? Then what about the Soul? Can the Soul also be Replicated? Does The Soul reside in what We Call DNA? Or is DNA anything but Artificial and only created by Source? How did this Child Emerge? What is it that makes a Heart beat? What makes it to have a Consciousness? What makes it have Rights to Live? Is this the Result of the " Gathering? Directed by the Hands of God? An Answered Prayer? A True Miracle? Or a Miracle of Technology, Intervention, Strange Hands?

Encoded and Encrypted Message, which is Brought Out 'Raw' from Auto-Scripture, without intervention of Brains despite the 26 Letter Alphabet to Represent Us. Gate of the Winged Knowledge Bearers, 22-01-2023 = 55 as in the 'Breaking of Ties' that hold back Growth as a Human, which may be experienced as Difficult Steps to Undertake, which may be accompanied by the feeling of Loss and Grief, where Freedom and Pleasure is seen as the 'Highest' vibration of this moment.

It is being asked to sit back and Stay in the State of Observation instead of needing to Anticipate everything, this, to attune to the Purest Vibrations of the Heart, the Thymus, the Inner Dowsing Rod that holds a 'yes or no' even faster than The Light. Which Reaches many Times Faster, Further, Deeper and Greater than all the answers present within the Human Field of Intuition and Instinct, we are facing a 'Resurrection'.

Have We seen that exactly like the Start-up of the great New Age Era of the Sixties' which was an Artificial Start-up, where a Collective Rooting has taken place, The Spiritual Bypass where once again we find Hypes that do not carry 'Knowledge', but 'Influence', influence from Outside. Not coming from Your Soul Families, as a progression of The Confusing Soul Quest that is further expanded, the De-Humanization, Artificial Influence, Intervention, Transhumanization.

As Deeper and Further kindling of Nano Implants, present in All within the 'False and Divine' Templates of DNA. Incitations of Spirals within Spirals, which further descend to Spirals within Spirals and have an even deeper descent of Spirals within Spirals, ultimately having an (an)organic Reaction, where 'Confusion and Doubts' arise from Your Existence.

Questioning such as 'the Utility' of being here, reflections on Feeling as a Tiny Little Human of an Unprecedented Greatness and Power that You are in reality, The Knowledge Field, as Akashic Records, the Motherboard within a Parallel Omniverse, 'the Mirror' is everywhere. Have We traveled yesterday to an 'opposite world' from this World, where everything turns the other way, where there is no 'delay' at all, the 'finger snap'.

The Soul Search for Soul Tribes, Planets, Galaxies, while Many of You are Singular Descendants of Very Small Soul Families, Who Carry Their Own Field of Knowledge, the Collective Influence by Artificial Intelligence Controls continues. Thus we have encountered in the past mainly the huge Hypes and Happenings that have led to Billions of Industries, Collective MK Ultra (Spiritual Awakening) and the further Predatory Building being perpetrated on Your Mother Planet TaRRaH.

Here We would like to build on the Harvesting of resources, While inside Mother TaRRaH there are Living Clusters Sufficient to Work with, You no longer Need 'Crystals' to Support the Work on Earth, it is all the more Important to Gain an Insight into the true Workings of this Billion Dollar Industry, which We see as 'The Slaughterhouse' of Mother Earth.

Who are these Sect Leaders? Have We seen a Two-headed " chief " in the form of a Lemniscate-like "Serpent" represented as Kundalini, the Splitting of the Human Sex, the Agenda, the Agenda, the Agenda to Transhumanization, Artificial Awakenings knows, with the Main Question: what IS sexuality? What determines Sexuality, Who is this Sexuality and Why are these there? Is it the Insectoid 'Pheromones' that determine these Sexualities? What Illusion is behind this, what Billions of Industries Build on these 'Pheromones' or fueling them?

Our movements are going to the Tribe Hypes of Tantra, Yoga, Kundalini hidden in the Birth Women, those who Unintentionally Mislead without Knowing this? Those who fuel the 'Black' Serpent without knowing it? Those who amplify rather than diminish the Collective 'Psychosis', as 'polluted Evil' to be passed on in Your Wombs, both Male and Female in group 'awakenings'. To allow one of the most Sacred Events in the times of these Events to be 'Awakened' in Groups without skillful guidance, especially by the 'Wanna Bees' who will 'just do that for you' with all its Consequences (we will come back to that in more detail later).

In this Age, how is Real "Knowledge & Wisdom" Represented and Passed On? Through Hypes, Popularity, the Number of Followers and the Quantity of Candidates Who Connect? The True Helper for this is Extremely Authentic in Work, Working in the Field of Initiation, who came through in a Natural Way during the Period from 2010 to 2016. They are not another Suddenly Resurrected 'Specialist' who will casually do an Awakening on one of the most Dangerous and Influenced Implant of Human Implants History on which entire Sexual Industries were built. Someone who just muddles around with the 'Kundalini' without knowing what this 'muddling around' ultimately does to the Collective Heart Coherence Field.

Have We Seen in the Sixth Wormhole of the Collective DNA, the Operation of Jinn's, Demonic Attacks, Artificial Attacks, Cutting Through the 'Attachment' of 'The Daughters', we NEED the Real Flowing Gold and not the Blood Gold, not the Blood Gold of the Two-headed Black 'Leader'. Beginning to Descend into the 'Reverse' Universe as a Parallel, we overlooked something twice and had to go back in Time again.

Have We Arrived at Eons Old constructed Universal Portals, having endured the Tooth of Time, in Impermanence, Nihillity, the Obstructed 'Thinking' again a Portal deeper and deeper, 'The Switch' as a Turning Point, We have arrived at a Switch, as a Key that Turns Leftward in Opening Your Doors to Carried Artifacts.

We are asking you to conduct a thorough investigation within yourselves into the 'offers' that have nothing to do with resonance, but everything to do with mind control, where social media are used to the full. Many of you have now chosen to step out of the influence and are therefore breaking with the Internet in order to be in silent and pure contact with the Heart, where your Elders are speaking to you.

You are being taken out of the Earthly Delays and ripped away from "The Old" that no longer serves and has no Growth potential. Timelines have received a Reset, with many being brought to their own Time/Speed. Warning: Attacks and Takeovers of Children in the Restless Nights, They Are Provided with Soft Green Light to Transform the Attacks, and wow how Heavy it is.

There are thinned veils in the cosmic energy, as well as thinned closers to Your "Black Worlds" There is a substantial Tail Stirring at the "Surface" where Planetary DNA is being fully Cleansed, necessary to Connect Your Mother Planet with the Other Planets of these Timelines.

Are there Always Creators Behind the Creators, behind the Creators where new Universes, new Planets are constantly being built, to Populate them, to Multiply them, then to Divide them, to Destroy them with Wars of Unprecedented Caliber which has far-reaching Consequences for the Timelines, and the Expansion of the Continuum, towards its Own Downfall, the Collapse of the Human Soul Race, as an Extinct Race.

It is almost unreal that the Human Race is treated with such inferiority, because in your 'Spiritual' Searches you are not here, but elsewhere, looking for Other Planets, you would like to be from a 'Higher' Race, than "Human" and in this the Ego is playing a Dubious Game - leading you to further "Splitting and Oblivion" as an Ingenious, almost ingeniously Conceived Game of your Counterparts, the Counterparts of the Soul Groups, the Human Soul, the Human with the Heart, the Heart, blocking the Interplay of Consciousness as a Force Field.

Are We All Coming from the Source, We Are Only Making Journeys at Intermediate Stations to Further Oblivion of the Human Race, the 'Inferior Race' as if it is almost Embarrassing that in this Human Body You are 'Representing' the Soul, with very dangerous developments towards further Breakaway from an Extinct Race. And it does Nothing to You that You are Extinct? Is it all just a Game, a Hoax, an Established Order, a State of Being, a Zero Point of Everything, or a Zero Point to Nothing.

Have We Now Arrived at the Black Shacks where the 'Higher Parts of the Soul were divided into Evil 'Matrixes', the 'Higher' Realms of Consciousness cut off with All That Is. Where Four Ceraphines (Bundles of Light) Have Come Together in a Hemisphere, Gridworkers have been asked to further clean up the Hexagon within the Leylines Network, clearing the collective stagnation and reconnecting with 'the Acceleration'.

For Now, the messages that have come in are abundantly incoherent, cryptic and symbolic and We have not made many Improvement in this Writing. We now come to yet another 'warning' to stop surrounding your Bodies and the Bodies of the Children with Synthetic Materials, which form/reinforce Autoinflammatory Disorders (AIA), as rare especially common 'inflammatory' disorders of the Organ Systems and the Immune System.

Causing a dysregulation of the innate immune system, Responding to the Artificially Introduced (Epi) Genetic Abnormalities, Obstructing the Developments towards a Healthy and Functioning DNA (the Ascension) by Heating and Burning of Non-Organic Materials and the Natural "Outflow" to the Earth is Obstructed.

In particular The (Hyper) Sensitive Stars / Knowledge Children Are Affected Since Five Or Six Decades Of The Synthetic Generation, The Sneakers, Synthetic Comforters, Mattresses, Nightwear, Clothing, Gluten, Sugars, Trans-Fats, Etc. Which were/are deliberately introduced by the Evil Ones who control the Industrial Revolution. The 'Black Water' is stirring up, in the form of Anger, Internal and External Aggression, Inner 'Pressure' and Restlessness, which are being sent deeper and deeper into Not Wanting to Be Here, Confusion of Identities and even Sexes.

Asking Your Children for organic and conscious Materials, to Help Build the Platforms, to School at Home as much as possible during the Hours they are not at School. Attacks on the deepest structures through synthetic and inorganic materials, including through the soles of your feet, are activating Footwear Implants (ankles) that further remove you from the Path of the Knowledge Platforms.

Hier zijn Wij ten Einde van dit Bericht aangekomen, waar Actuele Thema’s en Shifts: verdere activering Thymus, Koppeling naar Baarmoeder, Doorstroom Sacred Secretion, het ‘losbikkelen’ van oeroude constructies die diep verscholen liggen in het DNA, Verdere Exposure, Shift naar ‘de Samenkomst’ die voor langere tijd werden tegengehouden, verdere afvloeiing van ‘het zwarte water’ die de nodige Reuring en Wisselingen geven in het Dagelijkse Menselijke bestaan.

Investigations into Energetic Hunters, Spies, Demonic Energy, Satanic Lines, (Bipolar) Kundalini Awakenings within Ceremonial Group Happenings, leading to the Energetic Cutting of the Heart Coherence, instead of the Convergence of four major energy centers as flowing through to the Akashic Field, many Nano Particles were activated during Cerenomic Happenings which led to delays (10 months) for the Astral Births of the 288. 000 white deer children.

'Know Who You Trust' in Working with Others. Is now under the Magnifying Glass from Deeper Journeys, the Building Structures of Antartica, Antartic Influences, The Alien Invasion, which are headed to Planet Mars and Orion, the Warring Breeds/Peoples of Non-Civilized Civilizations that In Fact Were Not Allowed to Incarnate Within the Human Aspect, yet present here on Earth in great numbers, scattered in the Actual Human (Crone of the First Seven Layers from the Tachyon) DNA by Genetic Manipulations, Cloning Techniques and so on. Puffff, and the Cleansing of This goes on and on. Being asked to be both in Connection and in Stillness moments especially with Nature.

Are reported: Burden of the Jaws, Teeth, Head, Lower Back and Neck, Closed Old Consciousness, Flowing in of (renewed) Information in the form of Symbols, sounds, lines, currents, numbers, corrections, a Pause, Inner Cold, Restlessness, Dreams, Signposts!

For a long time there was almost no contact with your Pineal Glands because there was a kind of Nano Device placed above the Head, which triggered a feeling of a Helmet or Glass Ceiling the was placed, during Group Events that caused 'thoughts' to become conductors to an upside down system, an Artificial Intelligent that predicted a 'world'.

There is almost no longer "thought" in Words, but in Sounds and a Language of their own, and these flow out in both Cryptic and Symolic form, to bypass A.I., because They cannot Confiscate this Language.

Keywords: Whe Wheel of Life, The Flower of Life, Solomon's Ring, The Rose, Fallen Musical Note, Sounds, Frequencies, Heart Coherence, Off Code, The Key to Closed Doors, Diamond Fields, the Blue Ray's (nine of them), Attoomb upside down, Molecules, Cleaning up Ley lines in Brussels, where We have found a kind of 'Crammet' (staples) as a kind of 'Sutures', Hangar, Airways, Protect the Cosmic Heart, Heart Field, Infertility, Binaural Beats, Trinity, Three-One-Heid, Construction Attached, Accelerated Shapes within the Whole, Letting The Front Unfold as Intended, The Fallen Ones are on The Edge of the Abyss - the Counter Movement.

Those Who Do Not See as Intermediate to the Intuitive Ability of Human Man - the Heart, causing these to follow their own Guidelines the own Cannot Follow, Disturbances in the Surface Layer, Misconceptualities the deeper layers of the Conceptual Genialities, the All-Embracing Seeing without Final Phase, as New Beginnings, as Nothing-Heid the Frequency of Emergence, Expansion, Gathering of Beings from The White and Blue Realm, Knowledge Transfer, New Information, Number Three to Reappearing Platform, the Construction of Collective Trinity - Cooperation without Distinction of Disturbing 'Intermediate Layers', Game Over, Finito, The End as New Beginning, Welcome ❤