Incorporating Single Seeds

“de prijs die werd betaald
om te zijn waar je nu staat”

27-03-2022 - After working more in the background for a while, we have another collective, partly coded message. It is about the Children and Mother Planet Terra for whom you are all working here, to support them in the steps that are going to be taken, so that the footsteps in the sand will be left behind.

The Energy Updates, DNA Upgrades, Revivals and all that is now taking place in the Cosmos are very clearly observable for those who have already received the Golden Cell Activations. The Big Exposure continues, where many things that cannot bear the light will be revealed. Many who are now 'awakening' will fall into disbelief and it is up to you to help those who did not yet know.

The removal of the blindfolds will take place in stages, in doses and with great care until the end of 2024. Alchemical Healers & Helpers are called upon to broaden their fields of work and make them collective during the magnetic cleansing of the Ether.

There will be many Encounters that will Combine Tribe Forces where the One Seed Incarnations will be Incorporated so that their Galactic Work will strengthen. One-seed, you are no longer alone and we support you in the process of these Merging and Encounters.

Collective Waves of Healing are increasing through Magnetizing 'Sounds' from the inner gills. Noticeable and striking is that Light Language and Light Writing is having spontaneous awakenings for many in this process, and for those already using Light Language, their own Universe language is becoming more apparent. Last weekend, through Tribe Encounters, three different Dimensions merged together, whereby the clearing of the Ether - The Fourth Realm - created magnetic waves that affect the Body.

In most cases Light Language comes out 'spontaneously' when the 12th helix coupling is activated and the collective (telepathic) function of this is to call up Nature Healers who can pick up these Light particles with their energy field. The energy is intense with many peaks and valleys in Frequencies and these Frequencies are not quite stable yet because there are many extraterrestrial disturbances.

Inner Gills, 12th Helix activation and amplification where the Light Language comes out continues to open, but attacks are taking place through "tracking devices" that were placed in these modern bodies a long time ago so that the Telekinetic and Telepathic Group Forces would diminish. In the process, lines were linked to the highly polluted Ether which drastically decreased the cooperation of the Inner Gills and the Pineal Gland for Sound Healers and Nature Healers.

These tracking devices can be perceived by a "crunchy" sound behind the earlobes during pressure point massage, global sore throat, aching jaws, ears, molars, forehead, tinnitus, hoarseness and at times an increasing pressure that is not always present, but usually "plays up" after using the Inner Gills. The tracking devices are almost impossible to remove, but can be redirected through the Ether via Light Particles. Collective Sound Healers are called upon to be present in the Ether with Loving Intention during the creation of Sounds.

DNA incarnation implants are often ancestral to disrupt the work on Terra. Soul vibrations that incarnate into a learning body for the first time cannot incarnate into a different DNA than what is present in terms of 'knowledge'. Thus, the higher DNA couplings may be fully intact and the functional couplings disrupted causing an imbalance and disharmony of development.

We are here in the Modern Body and it is in the Modern Body that we have to do the Work and this is by no means always easy, because it contains ancestral components that are epigenetically thereby 'traumatically' determined. Be alert to the fact that when there is a 'traumatic' trigger that it does not always have to do with the 'learning task' in a learning body. Let traumatic triggers from the damaged DNA pass you by, go into the silence or find peace. Now is not the time to engage in a 'fight' when there are conflicting energies going on.

Additional and Coded to Resonance: Tribes are given 2000 human incarnations to complete the 'earthly' mission and from there the (souls) vibrations become larger and larger and the cosmic DNA becomes more and more filled with knowledge & wisdom, we call these merges expanding soul vibrations which is why one soul does not exist 😉   

Knowledge gained is stored in the cosmic DNA (light encodings) and it is intended that after each human life one incarnates with more knowledge in an ever higher evolutionary form. Mastering is partly determined from the Cosmic Order, which resides in the Zero Point Energy - the Source - the Only 'God'.

The more mastered the soul vibrations become, the more mergers take place, the longer the DNA becomes until it finally no longer fits within this evolutionary form. Everything within the Cosmos with a Consciousness carries DNA, not everything within the Cosmos with a Consciousness carries an Incarnational body, all Incarnational forms contain a Blueprint and Develop from Creation.

This means that the 'expansion' goes in a different way than most people who are engaged in (relatively young) spirituality believe. Many of you think that the 'expansion' of the incarnation form goes from plant to animal, from animal to human, from human to angel, but this is not the case at all. Your Soul Vibrations are 'gathering' experience and knowledge on 125 Time Rings simultaneously in this (5th) Universe Time.

Many are cut off from the 'soul parts' that are making their experiences in other time rings, so that these parts (higher selves) are not accessible, thus sufficient. Sometimes people come into the Practice of Compass Work who have 'lost' as much as 60 Time Rings of accumulated knowledge and wisdom within this genetically manipulated DNA body so that their soul vibrations have a much smaller range of Consciousness during their travels in this Body.

This Time Ring of Human Tribal Elders/Natural Healers/Earth Magicians/Elementals and so on take place from the Twelfth Realm of Consciousness onward. So the higher DNA is not nonsensical Trash DNA, but these indicate the time rings of Consciousness and even one's own Evolutionary Form, just as tree trunks get time rings when expanding 😊 The higher DNA is thus a longer DNA and this DNA should be able to link to all that is in this Evolutionary Form. The Hologram is the Travel Suitcase from this higher DNA 😉 😉 😊 The Hologram is the Travel Suitcase from this higher DNA.

Evil-minded Extraterrestrials are responsible for creating more and more human bodies in order to eradicate the Higher Evolutionary Form that you Soul Groups are in Reality within this Universe Age. This shows the current 'human' Consciousness enslaved to society because this humanity is made up of many 'slower' racial peoples. The Consciousness is Speed of Travel and the faster the Light particles of the Consciousness can travel to other Realms, the 'higher' (we prefer to say Broader) the Consciousness, therefore accessing its own gained Knowledge.

Originally and hierarchically, one may not incarnate in this Time Ring with less than 125 time rings, but the Extraterrestrials have allowed very many "scum" in at the time of the takeover of this Universe. Thus, there are 22 different races (from animals to aliens) in this modern body. It is within this body, therefore within each body, one big soul-soup mix-up that has caused many timelines to be mixed up in your Earthly travels and that is why the "soul-searching" is still going on. Most of your quests go through a distant past, 'searching' for Soul-Self outside the Universe, outside this Body, on other systems, planets and realms and even in others.

Actually we can see the work of the Cosmos as the workings of Fungi, the Mushroom World, all the networks are connected (underground) and there are many different types of mushroom tribes above ground, each with its own 'kingdom'. Mushrooms work together from the same vibrational form where connection is made through frequencies - Sound and Sounds are extremely important in Collective work and for our calls to the Tribes - See on this You Tube Video How Nature "speaks" to each other.

The Human Race has a damaged DNA and therefore no longer has any reach to this form of communicating with each other. You are supposed to communicate with each other and spread the Frequencies like Mushrooms do so that this Evolutionary Form and Time Ring can continue to expand and get new species to expand, to grow. Everything, indeed everything is interconnected and every evolutionary form originated from a cosmic cell multiplication.

With that said, everything that contains DNA has a permanent function from a Created Blueprint that may never be lost because otherwise this Timeline may completely implode into Eons and Eons past, which of course is not the intention. Human Tribes are a Creation of Terra, so that Terra can also expand and further develop (evolve) - from the origin the story is very simple, in human terms often incomprehensible.

The longer the DNA the higher the evolutionary form the more advanced the civilization. (working on a book series for this). Human beings and this Planet are of a pretty high evolutionary form and operate from very advanced Civilizations - though Human Beings are still thinking of themselves as some sort of Beasts.

It is the malevolent extraterrestrials who have managed to manipulate this human (originally divine) DNA to such an extent that even the current human who thinks he/she has a broad (high) Spiritual Consciousness, often doesn't get any further than the 'memories' of how this Universe works. Virtually everyone had forgotten the Source, virtually everyone had forgotten their own origins, virtually everyone was in 'oblivion' and the intent of the Collective Upgradings of the Human DNA will ensure that you can continue to evolve finely again.

The time clock that was put on it by the extraterrestrials (you were in the narrow part of the hourglass), Matrices, Looping Systems, Incarnation Disruptions, Disruptions of the DNA, Learning Body, Soul Confusion, Ego, Stacked Systems, Gods and Goddesses, Timelines of barely 13. 000 years ago, Mayan Era, Inca, the early Egyptians, Era Atlantis, Era Pisces, Era Lemuria, Era Hybornea, some here and there memories of a Planet, or past lives.

So the Consciousness of 'Humanity' has also become a kind of Vermicelli Soup and Terra has invited us to come and play within these 'playing fields'. Single-Seeded Incarnations are small Clusters that have traveled to Earth and mostly they operate from the Consciousness of Galacticans and the One-Seeded Incarnations are linked to the Tesla 3-6-9 Portal Days.

Wij zijn niet hier om de mensheid te redden, maar om dit Universum uit de handen van de Buitenaardsen te redden zodat de boel niet gaat imploderen. Terra heeft hierin een belangrijke Functie, omdat zij een Bewustzijnsplaneet is die óók DNA draagt waar vrijwel alles wat in deze Universumtijd heeft plaatsgevonden in haar DNA werd opgeslagen en wij (Council, Heidy) kunnen het Planetaire DNA van Terra ook uitlezen, zodoende met haar communiceren zoals paddenstoelen dat ook doen :)

Terra carries an Incarnation body but she is in Terratime (Planetary Time) which is outside of Soul Time. Planetary Time carries a different Consciousness Vibration and Frequency, but you are supposed to be attuned to this. Currently, Terra is in the process of a Fusion of a Parallel Planetary Time which means that she is gaining a Time Ring thanks to your help. It is Terra's fifth merge which means we are in transition from the fourth to the fifth Terran Age.

Terra hair Vibrations and Merging of Time Rings, expanding into this Evolution form is why we prefer to call you Soul Vibrations within the Soul Time for you have 22 Tribes to merge into a 23th Tribe, dan ontstaat er een nieuwe Evolutievorm en mogen jullie als Tribe naar eigen hand een Creatie maken.

There will be a day when you will no longer be able to incarnate within this Human Evolutionary Form because everything is expanding which will be completed via Cyclic Times. And in 300,000 years, the completion of this Cyclic Time will take place where you Galactic Ones have descended from the future specifically from Consciousness into this much slower Time Vibration. And it is the slower time vibration that you all suffer from at the time of your travels here, as well as the Modern Human Body in which you never incarnated before.

The purpose of the Upgrades of the DNA, is that the new generation of Undamaged Loving Source Seeds will not soon incarnate into oblivion and not with major indaling problems within the broken DNA. The Aquarian Age means that you will continue to merge and continue to expand into another Evolutionary Form. The Twelve Tribes that have been present from the beginning of Terra will lovingly welcome the New Loving Generation of Galactic Source Children into their Tribes and assist in the formation of 22 Tribes.

It is the current modern human Homo Erectus Body which is in fact an artificial implanted body from the extraterrestrials, into which incarnation implants were put so that the Source Children still cannot fully incarnate from the 12th intact Helix. It is therefore incredibly important to offer help to these One Seeds who do not 'feel at home' anywhere and do not know what to do with this Body which is full of epigenetic traumas.

We call your Groups Together, both the Human - and non-human Experienced Soul Groups - The Platformers or also Builders of the New Civilizations on Terra. These Civilizations will eventually grow to 22 Loving Human Races. Each Starting Platform will have a Human Advancing 'Tribe leader' at a Galactic Table and these will be telepathically guided by their Councils to assist Next Generation of the now 111,000 incarnated Source Children in the integration process of soul vibrations to physical descent.

Currently we are working on the Construction of the 13 th Table which will indicate the Age of the Bronze Children and you Collective Healers are asked to strengthen your Alchemical Qualities through bundling so that the density of incarnation will improve. For this purpose there is a Collective Upgrade of the Seventh Higher Heart Consciousness which may cause 'turmoil' in the heart area.

You are given 300,000 years (called the Aquarian Age) to "clean up" this place for our Source children and you are going to do this in cooperation with Terra. As Aquarian workers, you are going to work fully with and from Terra her Consciousness in the New Plan that is waiting for you.

The Collective Human Consciousness is currently within the Fifth Realm of Consciousness for the "spiritually awakened", but they will be upgrading to the Seventh to Twelfth Realm at an accelerated rate in the near future. Last Weekend, completed on 27-03-2022 (Tesla Gate) there was Telepathic Collaboration from 13 Tribes via the Sound Waves within the Ether which opened up a magnetic field that made a brief time bend to bring Consciousness out of the narrow portion of the Hourglass. There were three slight shifts of Dimensions, which means that on the Gate/Portal Days that come out to a 3-6-9 = 18 the Tables will be expanded.

During this sound recording of three One-seeds (Pascal, Sabrina, Heidy) and a Tribemember (wayshower) Remco we felt very clearly the cooperation between the Tribes. It took some getting used to and 'tuning in' to each other but in the end we played Seven such Sessions in Collaboration with Many Circles that took place worldwide. Listen HERE the file with the headphones, this weekend the Thirteenth Table (Platform) joined, activated and implemented in the first Three Realms of Consciousness (Dimensions) in the Earth Body.