Reading Material

The Readingmaterial All you can read on Facebook and our Website is Knowledge from the Origin of the Creation, so the Source Knowledge that represents Contemporary Spirituality. Our Writings are worked-through Human Experiences and the Messages are authentically written, straight from our Own Head and Hands and we would like to keep it that way, because authenticity is simply a matter of course for the Aquarian Workers. We don't want anything to do with copying and pasting! Because adding to someone else's work a little here and there, then pretending it's your own is very much a Piscean Age Habbit!

Copyists and pastors not only disrespect themselves and another, but in doing so they even miss the opportunity to find their own Earth and Galactic Tribe Members. You know, those people where you immediately feel yourself coming home and can speak freely without having to restrain yourself. Aquarian workers are often quiet and somewhat strange characters, perhaps even a bit too "human" in a world full of enlightened "Masters". You have to be either a true powerhouse or a bit pretentious, but 'enlightened' in this broken DNA, we are not quite sure yet, so we will not make any statements about that.

So we always ask to turn off the human 'thinking' and 'turn on' the body by quietly taking a huge pot of tea or coffee, a bottle of organic wine or if you like a joint into a bath full of warm water during the time of reading ? Resonant reading with a smile and a silent tear of recognition is only possible if you have a relaxed perineum and therefore grounded.

Upstanding colored chakras are implants and you don't have to wear red underpants to learn how to Ground. We humans do not Ground ourselves through red underpants at all, but through walks in nature or sitting on our butts with a relaxed perineum - something like that.

Het Leesvoer: Zijn zowel deels Collectieve Boodschappen, als Onze Persoonlijke Ervaringen van dit Menselijke Lichaam die te maken hebben met het Kapotte DNA (wat Wij evengoed dragen als Jullie 😉 ) en ook deze ‘informatie’ komt rechtstreeks van onze ‘eigen’ Hoofd en Handen vanuit ‘levenservaring’.

Vanuit onze Opinie bestaat er géén ‘ik’ omdat Allemaal die van Bron afkomstig zijn, Familie van elkaar is vanuit dezelfde Ontspruiting en horen we elkaar te Helpen zodra er Stront aan de Knikker is, en er was flink wat Stront aan de Knikker dus Helpen Wij via onze Collectieve Schrijfsels mee aan Jullie Upgrades en herinneringen.

We are aware of the fact that there are many complex reading parts among them that will be difficult to handle, but we are definitely going to correct this in the Book we are writing in time! We could and were only allowed to give you encrypted and scrambled fragments of Pages, with Redirect Information, Numbers and Words, to " mislead " the Tracking Systems of Artificial Intelligence. But EVERYONE who knows how Resonance works, through our Writing, will not Think about what is written, but through Resonating Vibrations within the Own System Under-Stand.

Graag geen stukken kopieren en plakken zonder bronvermelding want er rust een Copyright © op al het schrijfwerk waar Wij veel liefde en tijd in steken. Wij blijven deze Pagina’s Gratis Updated houden en via de The Practice from Kompaswerk or sweet Donations for our Writing we keep our roof over our heads in an honest manner and in this way we reside from the Source Laws of Abundance.

Treed binnen in de Huiskamer van Kompaswerk en Wees meer dan van Harte Welkom bij Leesvoer en Boodschappen , te vinden bovenaan in het Menu, and have a Lot of Fun!

We work together in a Unified Cooperation.
In Lak’ech from Heidy