Reading out the DNA

Sometimes we get the honor of talking and working with someone behind the scenes. We then travel through the DNA and speak 'encrypted' because of protection from being picked up by algorithms. We only tell what is 'important' for that person to know. So this means that there will be a hodgepodge of collective narratives and personal narratives.

Tomorrow is a special day, because we are going to release a collective cipher about Hyborneans!!! Whereby the written information below from a year and a half of research at a Tribe Leader Earth mage has become collective. Here it will be about a slow awakening of these cellular memories as collectively the DNA was upgraded from the below developments within the Aquarian event.

The realms of the Gaians: Peru, Inca, Egypt, Indus, Aztecs, Persians, Mesopotamia, Maya, etc. - Kingdoms of Gods and Shamanic peoples - Lots of brute force at the top/rank - claiming/claiming idolatry - normal humanity loving peoples - earth history: 14000 to 3000 years ago 'in power' as alien peoples - sky peoples vs ground peoples - 5th to 13th collective helix couplings awakening.

The 13th to 48th collective helix couplings awakening memories come back slumberingly from Atlantis - 48th to 78th collective helix couplings awakening memories come back from Lemuria - 78th to 148th helix couplings memories from Hybornea - and this will be started tomorrow for a larger target group of awakened people and they will understand the following information through resonance.

The 148th to 235th collective helix link awakening/memories for 144,000 incarnated 'earth magicians' who guided the nature peoples in the largest awakening ever on seven continents. There were 22 Tribe Leaders each linked by telepathic connection from one central sun and they enjoyed protection in the greatest awakening (fusion) ever. Of these, 12 Tribe Leaders have returned home there are still 12 Tribe Leaders who receive telepathic messages and pass them on to your pure messenger, we call them the 12 white angels.

We have permission to tell the following briefly in passing: The first 12 Earth Mages had the very first leader bodies, each with its own elemental power - put together, you don't want to know what telepathic and telekinetic powers ensued 😜

79,000 to 148,000 terrestrial and cosmic helix couplings - eyes as big as horses, a pineal gland as big as a peach - snake-like white/blue skin - 3 feet tall - very gifted peoples - developed by Terra - pointed teeth - 2,000 years per physical incarnation - cycle of 300,000 years for one soul vibrations Tribe merging - Coded message: each leader has been given a mountain to sit on.

These DNA memories are heavily protected / thus encrypted - there are 12 physical incarnations that carry these memories in their DNA and could step into this body - but the 12 incarnations themselves do not know this because they naturally fulfill their roles without any ego 🙃. The last of the current 12 was born in a baby body last May 2020 in Germany.

They carry the specific zero Source DNA that the extraterrestrials wanted because of the Blueprint Powers described in it - but they will never get their hands on this information, even through us (they follow our algorithms too, which is the reason for the encrypted and coded writing) - The cosmic information from these bodies have remained secret and fully encrypted and these can only be read by the Source leaders who can and do read up to the Blueprint - these have always remained safe and secure throughout the cosmic events what DNA carries.

The extraterrestrials have developed a similar artificial system from the 13 reptilian bloodlines. Their powers are absolutely not Terran, but Reptilian developed from an intelligent system and not from an original Source system - therefore very weak powers for us - which you do not know yet - but which we will eventually go to in order to destroy these systems through combined powers.

Barely 7.7 million years ago, human peoples carried other DNA bodies that did not contain reptile DNA but shark DNA - a huge variety of DNA bodies have subsequently evolved from alien creations and creatures, from huge clumsy big bodies, to strange long pointy heads, to ape-like creatures.

The last body we call 'the modern body' that the aliens developed was an extraterrestrial 'tracking-device'- the modern 'Gaia' bodies with alien algorithmic tracking systems - the homo erectus - and from that time on we have to deal with the time clock that was stopped - the reptilian Gaia era that we are now cleaning up.

But you don't know how to read your own DNA anymore 😜 Logically, because the time lock was placed in these modern 'human' reptile bodies, so helpers have travelled who are going to throw off the DNA time lock / are working on that at the moment. Collective shifts will be announced and these will bring you the 'memories' deeper and deeper into the cellular memories of your future and past.

The human brain you are in is not from Plasma - but from separate thinking fragmented into 125 "higher" parts. Most of you have 125 soul vibrations-parts scattered among the human DNA - Your 'soul searches' and awakenings or merges of 'higher knowing selves' are determined from the DNA and not from the pure soul vibrations that you really are.

In this way, your 'soul searches' have all become nonsensical fueled confusing templates and self-directed organisms. Soul vibrations are TRILLIONS that cannot be 'contaminated' with karma, entities, demons, chakras and so on.

A visualizing metaphor helpfully can be to see Soul Vibrations as a Vibrator on the highest mode and that the Entities are the Fluff that wants to attach to the Vibrator - we then always say - good luck with it Fluff!!! And in this way we get rid of all energetic karma, curse lines and entities with the snap of a finger.

It is not strange or odd that the 125 scattered "higher" selves are being added one by one to your DNA consciousness for these are processes that will go on step by step. But in your haste and hunger for knowledge of the all-encompassing, you are seeking it all in this universe, rather than simply in your beautiful earthly incarnation.

It is HERE on Terra in this body to do where you are making your experiences. It is the EARTH incarnation that you yourselves are not even interested in? Is it too minuscule for your soul vibrations to be in a body? Are you really so insecure or so arrogant?

For us it makes no difference at all whether we come from the Pleiades, Lyra or Orion and it also makes no difference at all whether we are an Arcturian, Galactic ship, Planet or Earth Mage Human body because there is no I and even no we, despite the human words chosen - everything is fused together and the information we bring is from simplicity - just being present in love fused together and not from programmed insecure fear.

For no one is higher or lower than you are, we only carry future and history at the same time and it is currently about upgrading your DNA in which unprecedented powers are hidden - if you dare to be nothing.

What do the 'spiritual' quests really matter because that is just confusing as a human being, isn't it? It is your separated brains that are making these 'spiritual bypass' quests to want to feel yourself higher, better, more divine, more important than - the human? These bodies are full of implants, and Artificial Gaian influences so please claim your soul vibrations back and put your footsteps in the sand where you are present.

Remember, you are incarnated in hands and feet and not in flippers or tentacles!

If you could read out all the DNA you would "keep going" with this fragmented brain. Even the own DNA you carry (which describes the personal journeys) you cannot read out at this time because you are in a for now very dangerous Gaian Artificial Spiritual Bypass.

The human fragmented quests for your soul's past are still far too big, you would love to know your origins of your future history but from the zero DNA everything is a fused whole. The planetary worlds, the galaxies, the soul families/tribes and that only in this Universe is a fused whole that do not possess kingdoms, Gods and Goddesses, but are simply present now.

All of us come at least once this life for a big lesson in modesty and all of us at least once go on our knees before the real Source.

We have collectively found about 0.01% sometimes 0.03% collective telekinetic telepathic powers in your DNA. When your brains start to consist of plasma instead of separate thinking, then Terra has won, then humanity has won and then only vibrations of a Merging Love Consciousness exist and then the Extra-terrestrials have - lost!

Believe us - it is still crunching on all sides 😜 But we are still on the good narrow road provided with particles of light, so have faith! This writing is not to point the finger at 'you guys', no no absolutely not!! Because it is time for you to start claiming your own powers and soul vibrations, for your position is definitely not weak!!!

This writing is only meant to tell you once again that in equality the greatest steps will be taken in this human ascension. By Tribe leaders we mean information carriers of the past and the future and in this we allow ourselves to be guided by resonance. We learn from each other!