Thank you, for trusting me and Compass work. For the effort you have taken to share your personal experiences with me and others. You are my greatest inspiration to continue what I am doing. Beautiful soul work I always say and it really is. I can honestly say that I am very proud of such beautiful personal reviews. That many lightworkers on each other's path may come. With love from Heidy xxx

(S.D Helmond) Echt een ontspannende energetische massage. Heidy is super lief, neemt de tijd voor je en die zachte, helende handen. Echt geweldig. Een aanrader voor iedereen. 

(J.H st. Oederode) Een onverwacht ontmoeting een onverklaarbare aantrekkingskracht, die ik dan alleen kan benoemen als Energie. Alles, met nadruk alles is energie. Ikzelf ben een gevoelsmens een doener. Hoe energie zijn werk kan doen, soms bewust, soms onbewust. Meer en meer heb ik mogen leren om bewust te voelen, het voelen om te zetten naar het denken en samen verder te gaan hier op deze aardbol. Ik ben een bofkont dat ik Heidy voel en mij mag opladen in de zin van: In en aan mij kleven energieën die niet van mij in het hier en nu zijn. Heidy zet mij recht zodat ik in balans blijf, ze haalt het verleden uit mijn lijf en brengt mij terug in wie ik in kern ben. En ik kan wel zeggen. Mensen zorg goed voor jezelf. Voel welke energie van jou is en welke niet, weet dat je niet altijd alles hoeft te ontvangen goed jezelf met de juiste energie. Ik kan niets bedenken voor jou alleen maar zeggen, voor mij voelt het super goed als je energie nodig hebt, Heidy om hulp te vragen. Heidy lieve schat 🥰 dank je wel voor je zijn 💖💪

(D. Uden) Via een goede vriendin ben ik bij Heidy terechtgekomen. Zij vertelde mij over haar ontmoeting met Heidy en de behandeling die daar uit volgde.  Toen zij mij vertelde over mogelijke implantaten of verklevingen van bepaalde entiteiten werd ik getriggerd. Dat ik hier op aarde ben in deze tijd om mee te helpen met de ascentie/transitie was mij al enige tijd duidelijk. Alleen miste ik de helderheid en tools om dit goed sturing te geven.  Iemand die mij kan leren/coachen hoe hier mee om te gaan en mogelijke blokkades kon wegnemen. De klik met haar voelde ik meteen.  Zij kan en mag mij verder op weg helpen. Ze heeft me uitgelegd het verschil te gaan zien tussen het kunstmatige en het biologische brein.  In ons biologische brein liggen namelijk onze ware gaven en talenten verscholen. Heidy heeft vervolgens de verkleefde entiteiten/implantaten weggehaald, zodat het contact tussen het mentale proces, mijn weten en het handelen vanuit spiritueel bewustzijn en mijn hartsbewustzijn weer hersteld werd. Met de klankschalensessie heeft ze disbalans hersteld en de energie weer goed door laten stromen. Dit voelde zeer ontspannend en helend voor mijn hele zijn. Heidy ik ben je zeer dankbaar voor deze ontmoeting, reset en inzichten. We keep in touch en in verbinding. Zo, ik ben weer helemaal opgeladen en klaar om mijn spirituele mij te omarmen, me te blijven uitdragen en te kunnen uitdrukken. Let’s shift, it’s time to shine! Polariteitwerker D

(S.D Ambt Delden) I came "spontaneously" or "cosmically sent" on Heidy's website and immediately had a "yes" feeling. A yes who said: I have to be with her. After a traffic accident a year earlier and a very intense time about my last relationship where I came out completely empty and burned out, by giving too much and giving away all my light, the session at Heidy was a warm, welcome and very nice contribution to my recovery. I could hardly wait to undergo a resonance healing massage. Heidy is a treasure, a powerful witch, a light Being and open hearted woman who took time for me. I felt instantly seen and recognized. After a beautiful and beautifully recognizable soul drawing, she proceeded softly but powerfully as I lay on the treatment table. The energetic implants that were in my back and neck were removed for good. Afterwards I felt compelled by the mangle and my body had to recover and balance again because of the reset. Heidy. I find you a Great Girl. Point. Thank you very much. Big hug, Sandra

(E.V. Uden) I ended up with Heidy because I was having "burn out complaints".
I had several complaints which continued to cause anxiety and panic attacks. I had a mental coach through my work and when that was over, I felt alone again! What next? I asked the universe for help at the time as there was nothing medically to be found. Which I was afraid of, because of pain in chest area, left shoulder, arm and wrist. (Tested for heart, lungs etc). And of course Heidy was suddenly there, the gift of the universe to me. Don't bump into her by accident, she had to be there! I had an energetic massage and Heidy removed my implant. It was a very nice treatment, with a lot of recognition and I noticed that everything fell into place! I understand my physical sensations better and how to deal with them so I don't shoot in panic mode anymore! I feel the energy flowing more freely and also have more energy. You notice that certain emotions/energies come off in phases (A few weeks after treatment) and that You have to meditate well to deal with this. I notice that it is essential to wear this and manage in the right direction and keep your energy flow up to date! Heidy is a sincere, cheerful, intelligent and enthusiastic woman, who takes the time for you and who guides you very well through this phase and sees you as you really are, no masks, plays.. very liberating! Secretly, Heidy is my little angel! And i'm so grateful to her! I have now created the power that ensures that I can keep myself in the rails and not fly out of the corner! I can really recommend it to anyone! Hugs for you Dear Heidy ...
In Lak’ech 🙏🏻

(M v d P Antwerpen) A good friend of mine had told me about Heidy and how she worked with energy and soon I showed interest. One day I had such a hard time that I finally decided to contact her. Very quickly I had a positive feeling, how did that happen? I don't know, I have every confidence in that friend of mine, that I haven't doubted for a moment if it's going to be okay. On arrival it was a bit exciting but when the door opened there was such a beautiful person in front of me with an even more beautiful soul. The energy she radiated was incredible. During the interview she started drawing, why she used certain colors, she was accompanied by the spirits of the universe. I soon had a "wow" moment and during the treatment I got some images through. One of them I was already aware that this was a guide of mine but Heidy made sure I could look even deeper into myself. She was getting all kinds of information from who I was, that I no longer afraid and that all the ties that blocked me were broken. Since that one Saturday I feel so much better, I know where the HSP came from and why I have this one. That I could continue with my passion and let it flow freely instead of trying to suppress it. Show the world who you really are, don't be affraid, you are here with a bigger cause. Heidy is a truly beautiful woman with a very beautiful soul. Don't be afraid and let her guide you in your search for your true self. 🙂

 (H.C Lieshout) My son of two slept very restless, was often awake and suffered from 'things' in the bedroom. We went for a consultation with my son, working with beams and smells. Heidy also laid on his hands to soothe the energy and provide me with tips for a better sleep. I must say I am surprised! It seems like this sun seal works throughout the house! Even the dog is calmer and our newborn daughter sleeps better too! I can sometimes sleep up to nine hours now and that's wonderful! Thank you very much Heidy. 

(D.A Anthem – USA) The artwork and information I received from Heidy’s reading was profound. Her reading validated much intangible feelings and lifted my spirits triggering belief in my own potential. The artwork is visually stunning. I can get lost in it, which I need as a tool to meditate… as meditation is not something I tend to make space to do. 

 (N.v.D Aarle) With my daughter for a treatment in practice, Heidy had signed a sun seal especially for my daughter. She has been sleeping restless all her life and had a lot of trouble seeing things in the dark and having nightmares. With the right handles she left the practice with a happy daughter. I just wanna let ya know that I. sleeps peacefully. She scatters gold and white in her room every night and asks her whale very nice dreams. 

 (E.V  Lebbeke Oost Vlaanderen) Heidy ordered a sun seal for my son with personal advice, because my son always wanted to sleep with me and was restless at night. I didn't think it would benefit me, then it wouldn't harm me. You know: B. says day to day to 'his gnome' almost every evening and sometimes rubs it, the few times we forget it in the evening, we do it in the morning. Since last week he sleeps in his own bed again and I already noticed that he spontaneously starts doing it in the morning anyway! Thanks again for this. 

(K.V. Antwerpen) I met Heidy again, at a time when I was at my deepest. She didn't know me and I felt terribly negative, anxious... Strange surroundings and people I didn't know and a lot of worries in my head... I didn't want to let this show. Heidy looked at me and felt me immediately. I have always been judged and misunderstood by most people around me but she saw me immediately. I was moved because she was so sweet! Immediately a big hug and a lot of warmth... Something I really needed!

After that it went further downhill with my emotional and mental state. Three years ago, due to some traumatic events, it really went downhill for me and I was kept in the dark. Since that first meeting I felt I had to go back for a consultation. I immediately felt energy flowing through my whole body and I hadn't felt that in years! I am 27 years old, but my body was full of blockages so I hardly breathed for the last few years and everything was hurting me... Only now I realize how unhappy I was then, so caught up in myself and my fears. I still have small down-moments but get over it immediately and feel free again! Heidy is a pearl of a woman and I am so grateful that she opened my eyes and gave me the strength to trust myself and my intuition again! Since Healing only beautiful things come my way! I am now going to develop and take care of myself because one day I want to help others as well! She is my inspiration to become a better person! Through people like Heidy the world becomes more beautiful in these sometimes dark times! Thank you dear Heidy ❤️

(WvD Laarbeek) I met Heidy who was immediately very intense and beautiful at a moment in my life that was good. Her massage was very intense! Many emotions were released. And many special things happened during the session.
A lot of old waste was cleaned up. A very special, nice woman is Heidy with a lot of humor ❤️

L.F (Amsterdam) Heidy treated me in her practice and what was a lot of recognition/recognition. I finally felt my version 1.5 almost 2.0 because there will be another sequel. It was coming home and a lot of recognition which is not always nice because you also get to know your shadow side. But for me the treatment is already succeeding because I took anxiety/sleep medication to suppress this. Because of Heidy I dare to take these fears and sometimes a very honest and hard down to earth answer from her. For that reason alone, she is a murderer! Grounding and not walking those stairs on the brake I often need in my life and she dares to! Heidy sweetheart, I love you and if there is something I will definitely will come back.

L.V (België) It's indescribable to tell what the session with Heidy has done to me. I feel like a different person, like being reborn, or re-resourced, better said. Also confirmed in things that I felt for years, but on which I could not put my finger. It is such a joy to finally acknowledge this and recognize it in myself. Has given me peace and comfort, more self-confidence and self-respect. This was what I really needed. Thanks to her healing, I feel firmer in my shoes and ready to discover and fulfill my mission here on earth!  Thank you for this wonderful gift Heidy, Lots of love, Leenken xx

E. V. (België) Heidy is an enormously warm-hearted - loving - open - colourful and intriguing woman. It clicked right away. It was very moving when Heidy made my soul drawing. What she intuitively told me about myself while drawing_ the problems I am experiencing here in this life and the longing of me as a soul_ hit the nail on the head. 
It felt like coming home. ❤️! The energetic massage was very soft and intense at the same time. I felt safe and secure, very important to me! Afterwards I was a bit overwhelmed, in a very positive way 🙂 : a deep feeling of peace, relaxation, joy and happiness overwhelmed me. Hey, hey, hey, hey! I feel enormously privileged and special! What a cosmic gift! Highly recommended! With all my heart, Els   

J.v.M (Eindhoven) Special experience ... For the first time an energetic massage at Heidy. Not only undergoing the familiar and loving hands that know how to find exactly the places that needed the touch, but also the insights that came to the fore at Heidy. These insights in me also released insights that set a lot in motion in my thoughts and in my feelings .... A few key words from my experience: Familiar, safe, loving, depth and attention.

T.v.d.G. (Tiel) I had already had contact with Heidy via Facebook a couple of years ago and only recently followed a photography workshop and now an energetic treatment. Heidy had already prepared for this. Then a drawing is made about me and discussed. Then a massage. After that there has been contact how things went with me. The thing that was discussed was very effective and to my feeling a lot of clutter has been cleared up. Life feels a lot lighter and with meditations it flows now. Heidy is warm, cheerful, caring and effective and I can recommend her treatment to anyone.

M.V. (Bergen op Zoom) I have experienced you as a very spontaneous woman who is completely herself. I've received a beautiful soul sketch and you've read me pretty well. I was lying crooked on the treatment table and you explained to me why. Afterwards I lay straight. You took away some entities and gave me an energetic massage. My hologram is good again. My soul and my purpose on earth especially you have felt good. Without me saying anything about it. You have confirmed that and I can do my work as a lightworker better. Feel the task stronger and can carry it out. I have started to work with my inner child and hope to be able to work even more with everything you have said. Thank you very much. I'll keep you posted.

I.P (Groningen) Heidy helped me clean up old pains through her energetic healing. Unconsciously I suffered more from this, this manifested itself in me by being generally very flat in emotions, but also by experiencing big peaks as soon as it was about my personal well-being. These outliers were out of proportion to the message I received or wanted to tell at that moment. Almost immediately after Heidy's treatment a tearing pain came high up in my belly and tears came up. This both gradually subsided, as if old pains flowed out of my body. Since then my emotions are more controllable and in proportion to the event and I consciously experience joy and sadness again. As if I am alive again after a long deaf break!

J. v BI came into contact with Heidy because I was suffering from severe nightmares. She then gave me a remote healing consultation during the night. I was surprised to wake up and it felt like a warm blanket around me. Then I peacefully fell asleep and didn't have any more nightmares! My tip: allow yourself to receive an energetic healing from Heidy.

"Thank you, Heidy, very special that you were just on my way." 

"Jeez Heidy, pfffff, I'm so crying, finally I can get back to my emotions after years of being stuck ..."

H v R (Lieshout) "Dear Heidy, first of all I would like to thank you very much for the energy I got from your treatment. During the treatment, as you know, I got a fever of 40 degrees, which was gone within a few hours. So I have experienced this as a spicy reaction to your treatment. But also as very much needed because a lot of stored anger had to come out of it. After the treatment my life comes more and more on the ride. I dare to say goodbye to people who don't fit me anymore and more and more people come into my life who do fit me, are nice to me and take good care of me. Meanwhile I am five months further and I can finally let go of things from the past with peace of mind. I am grateful for that... Big hug from me"

G D (Zeeland) "Tears rolled down my cheeks, but that's okay. Thanks for your help, I hope that now I will be shown the way and the right people will come my way. I will read and feel your reading more often. I'm quiet, thank you" "Giving up was something that wasn't in my vocabulary. Always the fighter and keep going until it worked or until I was satisfied. But suddenly giving up was there. I was completely out of my way. My relationship had come to an abrupt end and I didn't see it coming. No matter how painful, but if he is not (or no longer) happy, it did indeed end. (To stop something that doesn't make you happy anymore is actually much braver). And why would you argue about that? Nonsense, putting things into perspective and everyone going their own way. I over-relativated that a bit too quickly. Because no matter how well I can relativize, where was I in this story? Always good at putting others in perspective, I'm a master of that, but now I am. So I walked up against a wall, but I also walked up against a wall. The first few days went well. You try to make the best of the bad. Of course you cry your eyes out. But after those two days, I really lost my way. The kids go to their father and I don't care about anything. It was the dog and me! The dog didn't understand. Quiet and an empty house. Well, so did my heart. Quiet and empty. It didn't go well. It really didn't. Was this the loss of a future I had in mind, the feeling of having to start over, or that I had failed again? Everything, but a lot more. I had lost my strength. My street fighter mentality. My survival instinct. Where was I? And that scared the hell out of me. Where was Gina? I didn't want anything anymore and I ran out. Too much in a row over the past few years and this was my conscious drop. Just as I was about to give up, Heidy appeared on my path. A totally unknown woman I met through. Someone who made me realize that I was doing important work and that there was still so much for me to do. That I could and could become even stronger in what I already did and was. Where did this woman come from and why did she know this? She guided me for one day. And just because I am very good at putting things into perspective, I was Gina again. The always smiling street fighter G, who just now wants it harder than ever. And not only because I should, but also with my children and this time especially for myself. Why am I telling you such a personal story? A because I am just human and B because I know that Heidy can come on your path to guide you to your own self again. This beautiful lady did it in a different way than I was used to. A way that I recognized, but I had to remember. I am enormously grateful that my ex-partner came on my path and eventually led me to where I am NOW in my life. I am very grateful to Heidy for her energetic healing and reading and that she virtually held my hand at the toughest moment of my life. Not everything can be explained and you just have to let go and surrender. In fact: sometimes it is the best choice ever, I now know from my own experience. A little bit of floating this for you? I can, but it's the way it is. And I hope I can be there for others like Heidy was there for me." 

B D (Ootmarsum Twente) "I am so happy that someone understands me, because I feel alone so often! Thank you Heidy, you give me HOOP. You see that you are comfortable with yourself / your appearance is beautiful and I want that at that age also haha. I was so afraid of making myself vulnerable because I always get hurt afterwards. But after being with you I felt right at home. That healing massage I don't know what happened. I still feel open, it's like I can't shut myself off and that's a good thing! Before, I didn't even allow the good. How you do that isn't important or anything, but I do feel that it works because I have come across some nice things again. I also have some good news! I'm going to change jobs. Me, Brenda who can never really be in touch with other people suddenly lets things in? Finally not always the bearer or the always the strong ones anymore. I haven't had a panic attack since then because somehow I can calm something inside myself. That's quite a relief after 30 years. Of course we keep seeing each other xxx" 

​H E (Laarbeek) "Had a massage treatment from Heidy yesterday. Highly recommended! The moment I saw her, I saw that it clicked. A cozy, spontaneous woman. A feeling of warm welcome. That gives an added value to a new contact in my eyes. Everything felt fascinating to me, the oil, the warmth, and very special that you feel it moving under her hands during the energetic treatment when she starts working with your kundalini! Heidy is patient, explains everything clearly, and then says nothing for 90 minutes. Just total relaxation! And those hands of hers are really GOLD. What a calm that immediately overwhelms you. Lovely! Thank you for a great experience! Until next time... Love Hariëtte