Recovery Epigenetic Damage

“vanzelfsprekendheid is sterker
dan dankbaarheid”

Zoals gewoonlijk Gedeeltelijk Gecodeerd ter Resonantie op 2-7-2022 – Collectief gezien zijn de cellulaire veranderingen al héél goed op Gang – PUF!!! Maar alles heeft wat tijd nodig om te integreren. Het gaat hier om collectieve Healings van de epigenetische ‘schade’ aan het DNA, voorouderlijk (generatie op generatie). De veranderingen vinden plaats op een heel diep niveau via directe waarneming en zintuigelijke ervaringen.

Van het Hoofd naar Hartsbewustzijn waarbij de epigenetische geschiedenis gewist wordt uit de Leerlichamen, daardoor de programmeringen, die zullen gaan leiden tot een eigen nieuwe vrije wereld, voor de Huidige en Toekomstige Kinderen van TaR-RaH. Er Wordt op Alle fronten gewerkt en er wordt Hard gewerkt, om de Systemen te laten vallen, maar is een (voor nu nog voor velen) een traag transformatieproces waarbij er nieuwe cellulaire informatie van de blauwdruk wordt geregistreerd in het DNA – genaamd DNA activatie.

Slowly, the Human being is being taken out of the DNA Prison in which one thinks they are and will be reoriented and resituated, so it is quite a process that is going on inside which can lead to fatigue, movement system complaints, headaches, disorientation of the Souls quests, Restlessness, Inflammation and Stabilization.

Currently there are many upgrades going on from TaR-RaH's Heartbeat (Schumann Resonance) and she is showing peaks and valleys of an unprecedented nature, but this is only the Start-up of what is to come, for we have observed a major Booster similar to a Cardioversion of Her Ley lines through which also her Heart has been Cleansed, to remove all Traumatic Experiences from Her memories.

TaR-RaH, Your Wonderful Mother Planet has received Unprecedented Help from All Areas of this Universe, in which People have traveled especially to Points of the Earth where the Ley lines have been Cleansed with Collective Cooperation, both Astral and Physical. Many have traveled to Mountains, Waters, and Power Places to Contribute to the "Cardioversion" of TaR-RaH's Heart - The Startup of the Real Rhythmic Waves - and You Succeeded!

Palpably in your Own Hearts, All who are and have been Involved - the Leyline Workers within this Ascension, We can do nothing but be Humbly Grateful through TaR-RaH.

Not only are Planetary Activities taking place, for We have also observed a great many Cosmic and Solar Activities causing increased and decreased (i.e. unstable) vibrations within the DNA. This is, in Our Opinion, a very Normal and Expected Development and We cheerfully observe that You are, at this time, about ten years ahead of the curve, because this Event was supposed to take place around the year 2033.

The well-known "ascension phenomena" will therefore also continue for a while for Those who have been in these DNA Prisons for a long time, You will also receive a Reset of Your Human Leylines - The Hologram!

The 'Old' will be reflected in an unstable way, because the Reset is taking place within your Cellular and Organic Systems. Old conflicts are surfacing, but there are also many harmonious moments, old addictions are coming to the forefront, but are disappearing just as quickly into the background, old 'physical and emotional discomforts' are flaring up again, to disappear completely the next day.

Ont-GIFT-ing van Alle Opgedane Trauma’s als een Kadootje te Mogen ontvangen helpt al héél veel om door de vele moeilijke en Menselijke processen heen te gaan. Stap voor stap wordt er steeds dieper ingewerkt op de Oude Voormalige Mens waar in het DNA stond geregistreerd, de Narcistische en Slachtofferlijke Rollen, Verheerlijkte Ego’s, Gematerialiseerde Bewustzijnen die Uiteindelijk tot ver-NIETIG-ing leidde, terwijl Jullie GROOTS zijn!

In fact, everything that comes forward and just as quickly Disappears is a very good Degree Measure for the growth and developments (growing pains) that "had" to be gone through to get to where We All Collectively are at the moment - the Way of Stabilization.

At the time of the descent of the Soul Vibrations into the Modern Learning Body, it will be noted that the Mirrors of Life seem to be dissolved more and more quickly in order to then virtually "erase" into the background and never Return.

The many traumatized incarnations You have gone through have certainly not been easy for the soul processes, with the quests for your souls being unprecedentedly difficult. Virtually all of the lost compartments of the "higher DNA," which describe your "higher" selves as Akashic Records, are being released and will travel wherever the information is needed.

Slowly You will come to realize that, in fact, it doesn't even matter anymore how - the Shattered, Illusionary and Manipulated Soul Past - it was, because once Free as Soul Vibrations, Nothing sticks to you anymore.

No Soul Contracts, No Karma, No Fears, No Uncertainties, No Doubts because you - Humanity belong to no one but Yourselves, making your own Experience, Knowledge, Wisdom. Help each other to share this Experience, Knowledge and Wisdom, to take back the Sovereignty and leave the Artificial Extraterrestrial Interventions far behind You.

Because of the Greatest Extraterrestrial Incursion ever, which controlled even your "Spiritual Lives," which turned your DNA into "prisons" in which to reincarnate over and over again, and spiral deeper and deeper into this Density, Old Programmed Humanity is currently being Replaced with a New Sovereign Humanity.

The Awareness of the Truly Sovereign Human Consciousness will return to your DNA as a Reminder and it will be understood to make a Collective Take-Off, that you are not assigned any obligatory social ROLE or STATUS, other than merely to BE within this Time Aspect.

And for this, very difficult but important and courageous steps will have to be taken, namely to step out of the Extraterrestrial Systems and to develop your own systems from the Collective Goals from the Eighth Wave within the Coherence Field.

Both Earthly and Galactic Calibers of Unprecedented Knowledge and Forces were invited by TaR-RaH to descend into these Artificial Learning Bodies and contribute to Her Reset, thus allowing the Remembrance of the Source Knowledge to be shared with all of You.

It is Time to Join Together and Work Together to Restore the Leylines of TaR-RaH, to Restore Your Own Leylines (Hologram) and to Rise Together in Unity of Unprecedented Powers to Take As Much As Possible Into Your Own Hands. Are We from the Source, despite the Narrow Path still on the Winning Hand and is the Extraterrestrial Death Race fully in Progress!