All people wear an energy body (hologram) that is not visible for us to see, but is present. The hologram is directly connected to our body and is as unique as a fingerprint in every human being. The hologram is interwoven with the physical body and can be seen as a switching system between the physical and the cosmic body. The hologram is about ten centimetres, the aura is several meters and the cosmic field infinite. This means that there are three important 'fields' connected to our physical body and these energy fields are in contact with the vibrations and frequencies emitted by the cosmos and the earth, also called Shumann Resonance. Our 33 vertebrae are intertwined with the hologram and also drive our most important wheels of life (the chakras). When something is wrong with the hologram, our life wheels rotate slower or even block completely. As a result different, even unusual energetic and physical problems can arise which can be quite a stand-in in our daily life in almost all areas where we experience difficulties. 

Since 1999 I have been continuously working on energetic healing techniques, which is said to be pioneering work. Think of Resonance Massage, Anahata, Merkaba & Shambhala Healing, Muddra & Mantra Meditation, Lightcoded imprints, Soul Trauma Release, Sacred Womb Connection, Soul & Body Bounding, Three Pointer Healing etc. 

Compasswork Resonance Healing Massage uses a physically soft but energetically strong massage technique of the spinal vertebrae. The hologram is linked to the frequencies of the Shumann Resonance by laying on of hands, shaking, twisting and massaging the muscles around the spinal vertebrae. As a result, the energy body is immediately activated so the old attached lines, implants and blockages are becoming loosened and removed. Through my hands I can read the vertebrae and heal the hologram, which in most cases is damaged, dirty, crooked or full of old energetic lines. Immediately after the treatment you are re-sourced with your original state of being. This is pure relaxation and coming home to the body you are wearing! 

Before the consultation, I perform a number of practical actions and in that way I "attune" to the person who is on the way. The entire space is energetically cleaned and a warm, safe bedding is created. During the energetic massage I have to get in touch with the old alchemist I am, because otherwise I cannot "read" the hologram. Sometimes I will speak a (light) language that can be audible during the sessions. Although unusual for this world, it is a very normal way for me to communicate with my soul family that help me to strengthen the healings.  

Energetic implants and troublesome entities are removed from the hologram and the 'holes' are filled with Crystalline light, colors and sounds. Distortions, deformities and damages of the hologram will be removed, repaired and rectified. Black energetic lines that are hooked up become cut and removed, think about symbiosis, curse lines, ancestral connections and old family lines that you don't anymore in this current life. Even before the massage (while drawing the soul) or while reading the hologram, sometimes there are appearing red marks on the skin, where the spinal vertebrae is located. These red marks are 'implanted' blockages, which prevent the cosmic light from entering (or leaving) and the marks are always located on the spot where the gifts and talents of the soul are. As a result, the soul is constantly distracted from its path of life, encountering the wrong situations or people that obstruct the soul's mission and growth. Fortunately, not everyone has these energetic implants! For many, this will be some far-reaching information, but do you want to know more about it? Please Read it Here

As soon as all lines and blockages have been removed, the cosmic light can flow through the energy body again. Completely safe and relaxed you lay on the treatment table listening to the relaxing sounds and music. During the treatment, some people even fall half asleep while my warm healing hands perform a soft but strong massage technique. All chakras connected to the vertebrae are becoming cleaned, one by one, activated and provided with the right vibrations, frequencies and light codes. Your soul will be reconnected with its own blueprint and thus gain access to the self-healing abilities and further developments. 

When the hologram has been heavily polluted, it may take a little longer to integrate the frequencies, vibrations and reprogramming. The soul also needs time to get used to this renewed collaboration. The placed codings, tuning to the right frequencies and activated chakras do their work up to a very deep cellular level and that takes time, so grant yourself that time. The energy body can now finally do the work for which it is intended. So lifting the blockages will continue at home at its own pace. Layer by layer old pains are touched and worked out to make the way to freedom. You will come into contact with synchronicity, messages, dreams and further development to your own higher consciousness. It is also important that after the healing you actively start working with earth meditations yourself. Drink lots of water, work with stones and crystals, spend time in nature, take pampering time with the animals and relax! 

Optional to this massage treatment is making a personal drawing of the soul. At the start of the consultation, prior to the energetic massage. It will be directly made in the first consult and takes approximately 40 minutes extra time. When drawing the soul, light codes and symbols are placed trough light writings. It is also possible to have a personal drawing of the soul made from a distance without treatment in the massage practice. This drawing will then be sent to the home address, and a remote Lightcoded & imprinted video healing. Read it Here …  

Cost of Energetic Massage treatment: (± 70 minutes) - € 89,00 
Optional - Personal Drawing of the Soul: (± 40 minutes) - € 45,00

If there are any questions or if you are interested in one of the consultations, please contact Heidy, or send a Whatsapp to +316 24158514 - I don't call, because the less I know - the better I work. 

Payments should be made in cash and preferably in exact amount - after the treatment, these amounts include VAT. If the appointment is not canceled within 24 hours, a no show or cancellation after the appointment, the full rate will be charged. The appointment can be moved free of charge to another day or date at any time in the event of unexpected calamities. If you prefer to transfer via bank details, ask for an invoice. Payments via the bank account must be paid in advance of the consultation.