Shapers & Shifters

Are artificial "developments" of evil alien intelligences to disrupt practicing Aquarian workers, visionary dreamers, astral travelers, active light workers and healers in their beautiful work, to observe, spy on, infiltrate and eventually confiscate their knowledge for their own artificial database and destroy your work - yes really!

They are influencing and sending incorrect dreams, visions, perceptions, channelings, thoughts, feelings, tainted light codes to Aquarian workers through ignorant practicing Piscean healers. So this reading material is again for people with a wider consciousness, for modern healers with a practice or for people who don't want to get stuck in the past.

Shapers are artificially developed inorganic lines that are placed in helpers and they work in a very ingenious way. I have been observing their work for a number of years, researching them and finding ways to recognize and remove them without running to my practice - haha.

Being able to astral travel through almost all realms, worlds and parallels of the manipulated darkness - unseen and invisible - I have made many extraordinary discoveries and witnessed many developments. It has been a very large part of my hidden work as a researcher and explorer and I find it tremendously interesting. I have set myself the goal to inform and help people as transparently as possible about the games that are being played by the manipulated darkness.

How can you recognize shapers (transforming energy)? With your third eye and the natural inner dowse system from the quantum brain, but this is by no means easy because appearances of the shapers can take on practically all shapes, colors, types and sizes. It is important to know that when something is visually or emotionally not right (anymore) that you learn to listen to it. But there is a trick to seeing through them, so I'm going to do my best to express this in the usual Heidy way so it's up to you to read from resonance.

In fact, Shapers look like ordinary everyday people, ordinary friends, ordinary guides, ordinary angels, ordinary energetic helpers, an ordinary video, story or writing and that makes it a bit difficult to recognize their work. They infiltrate within the human lives of Aquarian workers and influence multi-dimensional relationships and contacts.

Usually they first establish a connection by sending a person to you who is oblivious. You start talking to each other whether in person or through the internet and because the algorithms have been put together there is of course a click. There are similarities to your life or questions are asked that happen to fit your interests. They can also come to your life path through acquaintances, friends or family because if you are a bit of a remarkable worker, they have noticed you for a while now. They usually invite you to join a club, or they would really like to have you there.

There is also a huge database where artificial algorithms are used to track the activities of spiritual workers and they pick out the standout words. As it is, we live in a world where it is perfectly normal to 'talk' to each other with our fingers on the keyboard. So they also establish lines through the internet, email, spiritual groups and so on.

There is always a mutual spiritual interest, whether you meet them in real life or at a distance! It is not the person him/herself who comes on your path who is a deliberate shaper, for the person himself/herself is really unaware of any wrongdoing. But this person has known a weaker period so that their pineal gland has already been 'taken over'. Pictures are shared, movies, text messages, mutual encounters, clubs, collective healings etc. and everything seems to connect to your spiritual level! In most cases they ask if you want to read a photo, or if you want to 'confirm' something for them, or if you want to have personal contact.

When a "leader" has come up to you, it is striking that it has dark brown, almost black eyes. The leaders are from Orion who have had lives in Egypt within a particular kingdom. Perhaps there they acted as the 'demigod' in charge of the kingdom. They carry in this incarnation a certain knowledge of that time period and a lot of knowledge about the workings of the universe or other things that come up in certain shifts within this ascension. Basically, this person has traveled to Terra with the same intention to come and bring knowledge, but the poluted lineages were established over five thousand years ago.

This group is very easily influenced by artificial intelligences without their knowledge. They are strong and charismatic personalities with enormous spiritual knowledge. On Orion, there is an artificial intelligence that controls the Internet. This one is called the Queen Bee in the spiritual vernacular. This Queen Bee is also the organ that directs everything to confiscate knowledge from incarnated Aquarian workers. Artificial spiritual worlds are being built on several planets in this way, and here on Terra the Queen Bee keeps an eye on the larger influenzers.

When you encounter this, it may well be that you could be an important influence in your spiritual work, or that you carry certain knowledge that they want. The leaders are very skilled spiritual workers who unconsciously " attract " someone inside. They do this with photos or video in which they look straight into the camera with their dark brown eyes, or a personal meeting in which the charisma is striking.

Usually the pictures or videos and healings are 'imprinted' with certain codes and then when you watch, codes are placed in someone's pineal gland. But what is interesting is that this 'leader' does not know that he or she is being directed by Queen Bee from Orion, they are of the sincere opinion that their 'imprinted' upgrades and downloads actually works. This is just a bit of history.

As an Aquarian human, you do highly developed and skillful spiritual work as a practicing channeler, healer, counselor, trainer, or coach, so for the last little shred of ego we all still carry within us, it is an honor when a shaper comes into your life. They put an artificial line in your channels, the third eye, or pineal gland and in this way they want to tap into your spiritual work, spy on it, ultimately control it and influence it negatively - and yes, even pull you out of the light and keep you as much as posible away from it. And there is something preceding this which you do not even notice at first, but which is important to recognize.

You notice that suddenly something has changed in your normal activities. Suddenly, for example, you are able to channel, you come into contact with higher councils of federations, masters or angels, you remember your dreams better, you are able to give stronger healings or get more followers and customers for your (online) work, you get more energy, clear dreams that you can remember, observations and messages about the collective, changed light language or light writing, more "like-minded" people around you and so on.

But after some time you find that your newly acquired gifts, talents and interests have just as suddenly disappeared again. This means that you may have had to deal with a shaper/shifter's alignment which, after the draining is done, has "left" again. But note that the shaper/shifter may have disappeared, but this one has flattened and disabled your spiritual work system. They do this by putting all kinds of new artificial lines and small implants into the life wheels that you use to do your usual work with.

Feature: So initially, something changes in the positive sense for you (hence why I chose the name trans/former) but pay close attention to these sudden 'positive' changes, because they are revealing that you are not (anymore) properly attuned and connected to the photon energy and your own quantum brain. The pineal gland is an organic intermediate station of our spiritual work and we need this organ as spiritual workers. Queen Bee has found a weak spot in our brain where the ego is located. So the artificial intelligence makes advantage of the human ego, which we all carry with us. First it glorifies a part of the ego and then it tears down that same part of the ego. I think it is a very clever trick they use, because they always target personal pain or insecurity about your work!

When your system is disabled, the strangest things happen to you that didn't happen to you at all before. After a period of flourishing, suddenly your work is blacklisted or criticized, you get trolls on your writing or video messages, customers, listeners, viewers and readers disappear with the Northern Sun. Infiltrators may also come along who corrupt your work, tainting it through narcissism or victimization that constantly challenge the work that has been done. As a helper it is very difficult to deal with such people, because time after time you feel that things are not progressing. The " hankering" for the old, pained, not being able to move forward, and constantly questioning your work is one of the most common characteristics. Over and over again they take away your light after the work is done and cause you to doubt yourself or become discouraged about your own work.

" Are you sure that yesterday's therapy helped? It even seems to have gotten worse since I've been in therapy with you "

Slowly your channels become more and more clogged and are filled with artificial things (artificial algorithms) that cause the situation to go from bad to worse. Meanwhile, dreams and channelings have stopped, almost no information is coming in, the interest in the spiritual state of affairs has disappeared. And from one day to the other it seems as if you become aware of this phenomenon - separation from your usual light sources and you are preoccupied with things that do not really matter at all for your spiritual growth.

When you are not paying attention you are placed in a contrived and falsely put down spiritual world and algorithms are placed with you that lay down even more lines. Here is where very good Aquarian workers close their practice, stop reaching others, or develop tremendous self-doubt about one's unique gifts and talents. In a nutshell, you have been turned off!

I have seen their work very closely in real life and in addition I have traveled through their realms several times via invisible astral travel as a hidden ( concealed worker) where I have been able to see through their work unseen and undiscovered. They are in a universe time which you call the fourth dimension. They are laying lines that look like spools of yarn of all kinds of colors that have become intertwined. These colored lines are placed in the first great colorless wheels of life with a very small implant attached - called colored chakras, which are in fact implants serving no purpose!!!

Our life wheels look like colorless water circles and they are supposed to be attuned to Source energy in order to keep working with purity. We have about eighty thousand colorless life wheels and those colored spools of yarn make sure that the life wheels that are in the hologram as protectors - can no longer move with the energy, frequencies and vibrations that are emitted from Terra and the Cosmos. This causes healers and channelers to unintentionally work on 'demonic' energy and that is a pretty serious issue.

Does it resonate with you? Have you experienced this? Do you recognize yourself or others in the above story? If so, you have almost 99% certainly been dealing with one or more shapers/shifters!

What do I often encounter in my practice? That very capable Aquarian Helpers among which are Artifact Bearers, Mantle Bearers, Winged Ones, Fractals, Crystal Children, New Indigo Children, Diamond Children, Spectrum Children, Galactic Incarnations, Frequency Workers, Elementals have really lost their way!

The most empowered and wonderfully gifted workers who once thrived in their work are suddenly no longer getting clients, are no longer being seen, heard, read, listened to, and to make matters worse, even shapers infiltrators in real life are coming their way and negatively impacting their lives. In most cases, the people who knock on the door of the practice feel defeated and cut off from their spiritual knowledge, gifts or resources or are cut off from their spiritual target group and thus stagnated in energy.

Severe fatigue, physical complaints of the head, neck, shoulders and upper back are also reported. As well as energetic issues such as restless and frightening dreams about aliens, invasions, collective takeovers and mass murders. There are alien abductions and surgeries where implants are inserted, strange voices and helpers appear during channelings or sessions. There is relapse of addictions and bad habits if there were any or new ones are developed. Arguments with loved ones, serious relationship problems, relationship break-ups, major soul confusion, human hopelessness, obstructive human contacts, excessive brooding, worries about finances and inner turmoil have been reported.

For this reason, most Aquarian workers have been traveling town and country looking for mediums, reiki masters, shamans, holistic healers, trainers, coaches and other types of helpers. But no matter what is tried, the Aquarian worker seems to have gotten further and further away from appropriate resources. Quite frequently I get 'rush requests' for a session, videocall or phone call in my Kompaswerk practice because people are simply not informed about these (extraterrestrial) developments. People complain by name regarding the healer where the Aquarian worker has been, that he or she did not do his or her job properly and that the symptoms worsened, altered and increased after the visit.

But dear Aquarian worker, without knowing it, you have allowed the shaper himself into your life and even the most modern light workers and holistic healers are not at all interested in the elevated frequencies that are being broadcast for the Aquarian Age and its workers.

Shapers/shifters operate very intelligently with a great deal of patience and an infiltrator may have been present in your life for years without you noticing it once. The shaper often doesn't even know about him/herself that he/she is infiltrating and disrupting your life! They are first class deformers and shapeshifters who react to any false template that is stirred up and they really don't know it.

Most people are unaware of shapers and shifters, archons, infiltrators, nearly invisible implants, artificial takeovers, evil aliens, artificial algorithms, disruptions of frequencies, haarp and chem systems, alien abductions, ancient templates, broken DNA, broken helix couplings, warped and indented holograms, false light workers, Queen Bee influences from Orion (modern social media, twitter, facebook, youtube), the greys, the draconians, red annunaki and so on.

Note: Initial Multidimensional Helpers do not carry any color nor any form or appearance, because they are present from the purest vibrations within the spectrum they are absolutely formless and colorless.

Most Piscean Age workers and beginner Aquarian workers do not know that from the very origin of this universe there are no colored helpers existing. But even to this day, colored helpers are still being 'invoked' causing mostly unconscious work with artificial guides, dragons and angels that increasingly contaminate and pollute the energetic and physical human system. Colored 'helpers' are artificial and these were developed to attach spiritually growing people to colored chakras that could be artificially influenced. The colored helpers were developed in the fourth time dimension of this universe which we know as the realm of fourth consciousness, thus the first spiritual awakening for the learning body.

The counterparts knew about the arrival of the Aquarian light workers and starseeds five thousand years ago, they knew about the ascension, about the Aquarian Age that was coming and they influenced the specifically selected souls already in this Universe, before this soul incarnated the planetary system and human body. These souls then became the designated gurus who were whispered erroneous information. Usually these were/are the larger spiritual influencers who unintentionally brought lies through their video messages, seminars and bookworks. A good example of this is the Piscean-era, spiritually erroneous indoctrinated large colored fake wheels called Chakras, which are in reality artificial implants of influence.

These colored chakras attract virtually all artificial forms that can be silenced, influenced with false information and provide a falsified dowse system, which is called intuition here. It has been very clever to influence the Aquarian human already from the fourth timeline within this Universe in the human learning body. Colored chakras are implants and from the day I found this out during one of my astral journeys, I erased them from my system and banished them from my human thinking.

These artificially implanted "life wheels" can never, ever be cleaned up and activated, thus never can be healed. Through genetic manipulation, they have been brought into these bodies for the purpose of misleading learning souls into their learning bodies. Originally, our life wheels are invisible and colorless water circles with symbols and light codes in each water circle which become activated when a minor or major soul learning has taken place. These released codes and symbols allow you to make a new development for spiritual growth.

Colorless life wheels are linked to the undamaged parallel blueprint DNA and there are eighty thousand of these beautiful life wheels present in our learning body, and all eighty thousand work Naturally more than fine, without us having to take all kinds of expensive courses, therapies and trainings to do so. We can trust, of course, that the colorless wheels of life simply do their work automatically, just like a healthy beating heart.

Well Heidy, (I almost hear you ask), how can it be that I have a lot of trouble with my throat chakra? Well see what happens now, we are already there! That blue chakra is part of learned thinking, learned thinking is part of artificial algorithms, artificial algorithms attract faulty information, the faulty information causes inorganic activations to take place, which in turn causes the whole thing to lock up. It is manipulation of the human mind! And of course, you don't have to trust my green eyes at all, but when you completely let go of that conditioned idea of a blue chakra blockage, things will immediately flow a whole lot better in that 'problem area' - Try it and then evaluate for yourself.

The colored chakras were linked to all kinds of artificial 'activations' such as, for example, certain postures with Kundalini Yoga or certain breathings extracted from Tantra Energy. As you understand by now, when these particular chakra implants are artificially 'activated', satanic lines become connected. A very dangerous psychotic energy is released that can lead to madness, to spiritual bypassing and so every implant activation brings a risk. Hospitalizations are even reported while activating the so-called heart chakra. This is definitely not the work of Terra and the Source or the Cosmos, but the work of malevolent extraterrestrials.

Note: Artificial awakenings of chakras cause problems as a spontaneous Kundalini awakening can lead to absolute madness. Demonized lines are placed through Tantra and Yoga by specific "awakening" postures and breathings, which eventually led to a collective spiritual bypass.

Many still practice full moon rituals which still require a great deal of explanation, not to mention the so-called twin soul-love relationships which do not exist but which are an enormous torment for the searching or lonely soul. Also, calling on oracles, angels, tarot, ascended masters via cards create certain portals that are not as pure, if the implanted chakras are still present in your system.

Yes okay, sounds slightly plausible, but what about color therapy? Does color therapy work? Yes indeed color therapy works activating our colorless life wheels! Because colors have a positive influence on the energetic carrier system from the learning body, once you understand that this is a part of (modern) alchemy. We work, and so can you, with the vibrations and frequencies that are present within the spectrum. Our life wheels consist of a water-like substance that is in direct contact with our water-borne cells. And our water-borne cells, absorb through the colorless life wheels vibrations, frequencies, waves, downloads, upgrades and so forth that are received and processed to upgrade and enhance the DNA.

We are not made up of separate parts, but consist of a flowing, flowing and cooperating whole! The distinction is made by thinking and indoctrinated brains!

Also, the cones in our eyes are made up of a water-like substance that absorb color vibrations for the quantum brain and from there, healing frequencies arise that are useful for the learning body. Most color therapists often still work with colored directives tuned to activate chakras. But from the deepest resonance we know that the designated colors do not necessarily have to be that way. We have been imprinted from birth that a tomato is red and that grass is green, but are they really?

In this way, chakra healers and color therapists have been taught through studies that a red chakra should put on red underpants and that a healthy sex life needs an orange sweater. When unable to express oneself properly we wrap a blue scarf around our neck and when the heart is closed we eat green apples. But that's misleading as heck! Life wheels are colorless and work entirely together with the cells of the human body. They absorb the colors considered necessary at the time, so when you listen to the gentle whispers of your life wheels, they perfectly tell you that now is the time for a red tomato or a healing walk in the green forest.

Our life wheels are in direct contact with the natural algorithms of existence itself, these tell us everything we need to know. Natural algorithms take us where we are supposed to be and we have unlearned to listen to them. Artificial algorithms distract us from the natural algorithms, so perhaps the time has come for you too to learn to listen to the needs that spontaneously arise within you. With this, the era of being forced to put on red underpants and a blue scarf around your neck to activate blocked colored implants is over and is going to have a whole different trend in the Aquarian Age isn't it?

This may not be appropriate material to read for a backward Piscean who happens to have just signed up for an overpriced training course on the workings of the thirteen colored chakras. Most likely he or she will feel insulted by my words or screwed by the uninformed guru who sells the expensive chakra course. And this is exactly how shapers/shifters operate, they grab the emotional trigger points and work through the (pained) ego, interesting huh? And this is why old spirituality from the Piscean Age is still envious, still not giving each other credit, can tear each other down, terminate each other, over-bluff and outclass each other. To bind customers and win souls for improper purposes, instead of lifting each other up out of love for being each other's teacher.

No thanks, in my thirties I have fallen for the artificial working of aligned formations more than once and this donkey will not fall for the same stone twice. An Aquarian has learned not to act from the ego anymore, not from the thinking or explaining mind, because he or she knows from the depths of the earth what working with resonance and synchronicity means in content. Op deze manier krijgen shapeshifters en zelfs infiltranten helemaal geen grip op je en kunnen zij geen kunstmatige algoritmen op je pad sturen. Nee, ze gaan vanzelf wel weg, wat heel bevrijdend en eenvoudig werkt als je het begrijpt hoe het spel van het ego in elkaar steekt.

My writing is not meant to tear down the beautiful work others are doing because that is absolutely not how I, as a human Heidy, put myself together. But my writing is meant for those who want to understand that there is a mutual cooperation of Aquarian workers who have long since seen through the workings of programmed lies, implanted thinking errors, self-governing entities and organisms working on their own.

We are talking here about bringing false and false light that can absolutely be eliminated from our human brains. There is no attack on personal work, humanity or knowledge and experience, but we are here to help each other understand that this 'false light' can be activated in all of us at any time of the day.

And it is also important that we point it out to each other when we see it happening to others, because as Aquarian workers we are born with open eyes and an awake mind. This is a wonderful and freely available helping gift that should be freely available to everyone, rich or poor, young or old.

Becoming human comes with small and brief recognizable attacks of narcissism, victimhood, shame over the ego's own trial and error, a pain body that is actually not very nice to have at all. And it is almost impossible to perceive for yourself whether there is a stand-alone entity, shaper, organism or emotional pain body at work. The difference is so incredibly wafer-thin that what is really called for here is a development and training of heightened perceptions and high sensitivity. Sharing information with each other is not only nice, but also important so that everyone can simply do something with it themselves, without having to run to all kinds of expensive agencies. We can do much more than we think with our manipulated brains, so can you!

Most people still believe and work with the outdated techniques of the Piscean Age and that is absolutely no problem for the 3Dens, 4Dens and 5Dens incarnations. But if you have landed on this page and it resonates with you, then the outdated techniques no longer work for you and you even run the risk of having your energy vibrations actually slowed down and even lowered, making you more 'visible' again for attacks. We can only remain invisible to them when the vibrations vibrate to such an extent that they have no ground to attach or fix.

The attunement with the quantum brain is in full swing for you, so you need energy, vibrations and frequencies that match the light compartments emitted by the photon belt. And this can activate something in you while reading, while reading you understand the encrypted codes that the aliens cannot read. We are going back to the Source, the origin, the simplicity, the cell and there lies your power, as soon as you dare to step out of your human brain and activate the quantum brain.

A shaper can do absolutely nothing with your colorless and formless quantum brain which is a self-determining oganism. But a shaper can do anything with the colored human brain that has become a self-determining entity-like organism over the centuries. We find shapers even in you and in me, in the loved ones, children, neighbors, coaches, shamans, healers, light workers, helpers and many many others around us. And the key is to recognize and see through the work of distortion or shapeshifting with your other eyes and your other brain - the brain that is outside the skull.

HOW do you get rid of these troublesome critters!????
Then I will say quite frankly that the ship that was responsible for the shapers did not leave this planetary system until the middle of this year (2021) so I had to make a new addition to this page. The lines and spools of yarn they cut loose and left behind when they left so the Aquarian people can still be leashed, influenced, taken over, infiltrated and contaminated by Piscean Age people who continue to inadvertently and unknowingly transfer these lines into their outdated spiritual work (this is not an attack on their work, but a warning that it can happen to you too).

The era behind is actually over, the Light has won and the counterparts of the Light are fighting their last death struggle, which sometimes feels very heavy. This is noticeable in the fact that everything is being done to keep us as humans out of the light frequencies as much as possible, to attack us with vaccination programs, to kill our souls, to turn our children into zombies, to transform our loved ones. We have to be really strong and alert, even though we are sometimes tired, sometimes we want to give up and sometimes we don't feel like doing all that anymore.

We are standing with one leg in linear time of timelessness and the other in parallel time of haste and thus facing a terribly interesting challenge. I must be honest and transparent - so I was once told - in which I may tell you that all this will still take two generations before the human brain has become an actual quantum brain, but there are always precursors, researchers and explorers at work who can inform you about this. There will also be more and more alchemists activated who understand how certain systems work and don't work.

It is a DNA thingy on a cellular and organic level and we can only tackle that by gaining insight through resonance and learning to see through our own programmed thinking, even as an Aquarian incarnation who would prefer to step out of the polarity today and start bringing charity to the world. This is spiritual reality that we are not to that point yet, because our physiological bodies are not to that point yet.

What we encounter are the remnants and residue of damage done and the work left behind by shifters and shapers. There is plenty of work being done by Galactic Federations to eliminate the spools of yarn that come from the shapers, but nothing happens at all if you don't take steps yourself to accelerate the removal of the lines from your own system. To do this, you have to invest some time in yourself and others, because unfortunately no Quick Fix can be offered, no matter how good a person is at their job.

We will really be working in a different way than what we were used to in the past, we will be tuned into other frequencies that you have never experienced before in this human body. The DNA is constantly being upgraded to eliminate all the old stuff from the Piscean Age, but at the same time we are in two realms of time. We are in linear and parallel time and all we have to understand is that we only need to add one leg to the other, to be stronger in our shoes of life - literally!

Last month (October 2021) galactic federations performed energetic surgeries to remove certain lines so that the Aquarian workers could finally start building their platforms. This means that there is now a need to "listen" very carefully to the signals that are coming in because there is a refined alignment taking place. Look at the people around you, read up, gain insights and make the choices that suit you and dare to be unique and authentic in your decisions.

Tips that allow you to do whatever you want:

  • Don't let fear influence you, because fear is a self-contained entity of human weakness and learned behavior that causes even more spools of yarn to be put into your system.
  • Do not join in the aggression or attacks of other people, even those of your children, partner or other loved ones. Be a spectator rather than a participant; you are stronger than the spectacle they present to you.
  • Don't be desperate but watch carefully and critically who you involve yourself with, don't just take every piece of advice and don't go from healer to healer, do research, question people, make your own assessment, you can do much more yourself than you think, despair may have to do with feelings of inferiority about one's own abilities - in short - you can do it!!!
  • Be as grounded as possible, go do fun things, laugh, sing and dance, act crazy and don't get caught up in the misery of others, you are your own and not anyone else's.
  • Get out of any situation that doesn't feel right! Whether it's relationships, children's parties, friendships, treatments, groups of people, videos, stories, writings or participation in workshops and trainings and sessions, you are the director of your own life, you can step on, click away, get out when you want to, be proud of this action and give the others the blame, it doesn't matter.
  • Meditate faithfully every day!
  • Tune your energy daily to the frequencies of Schumann Resonance, the photon belt, the quantum brain, upgrades, downloads.
  • Clean up your energetic system daily with visualization, make your energy field infinite, make time infinite, and feel your own infinity, make your brain infinite, and vibrate so high that no attachments can take hold.
  • Before you start working with others, first fully de-emphasize, cleanse, provide protection for your practice and examine the guides that present themselves very carefully. A false guide betrays itself by making a subtle change in the client, your inner self, your work. Know your own work, stick to your own work, do what you do best, this is not a time to experiment and explore as this can be detrimental to the session.
  • Inform someone in advance when a treatment is in experimental phase. Even rather work with another healer and experiment and research together, practice contributes to knowledge and the discovery of new alchemical methodologies of your own.
  • Before and after each session you give, please cleanse your vertebrae, provide them with vibrations and put a light on each vertebra while visualizing. This will ensure that the hologram remains optimally tuned and clean and that you do not carry the energy of others with you.
  • Don't take on clients that cause you to have to perform too far below your work level, when you get tired of a session or client you are swimming through mud, rather than water.
  • You can always do a screening beforehand and possibly refer if it doesn't feel right, or if you assess that someone else can help better than you can, we must remain honest with ourselves, but also with others.
  • we don't do customer loyalty, soul winning, guru or sectarian practices,
  • Find equal people around you, this is very important because in helping others we are often unconsciously traveling through the other person's timelines and that takes a lot of energy.
  • Aquarian Helpers adhere to the natural incarnation hierarchy there is no pyramided and stacked system but a broad multidimensional flow of teachers for each other.
  • Incarnation Hierarchy is simple: 5dims help the 3dims and 4 dims and learn from the 6 and 7 dims. The 6dims and 7 dims help the 4 dims and 5 dims and learn from the 8dims and 9dims and so on. The 12dims do not help the 3dims and 4 dims, these are redirected to the 5dims.
  • The 3dims and 4 dims don't understand much of the work of the 12dims and the 12dims don't need to engage in the work of the 22dims. This is a soul teaching intended for the 12dims soul in a learning body, so if this resonates I want to tell you that I am working on the page of explanation. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you a notification when the page is ready.

We work together in a Unified Cooperation.
In Lak’ech from Heidy

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