18-10-2022 – verdeeld in afzonderlijke Stukken wat Tevens een soort Legpuzzel is aan Hen die Resoneren, daarmee een diepere Ontwaking Ervaren waarbij een aantal puzzels op Lege Plekken kunnen worden ‘opgevuld’.

Last night information came to us/me - A kind of 'research' that we/I have been breaking our/my head about for quite a long time how to tackle and in which DNA Templates this 'phenomenon' is shifting - expanding as a positive development' felt by Many.

You may know by now that We have been working/are working in the past because something did not go quite right in 2033 and to achieve a final inflection - locking of Souls within this Realm, for which we had to travel Eons of Black Gates - two weekends ago - whereby last Weekend a very deep 'shift' took place within Your DNA and Holograms as being a final 'liberation' through upgrades to the DNA.

We know that there are many parallel 'shifts' taking place within the timelines of the 'ascension' - the 'Spiritual Ascension' - of the Avatar Brain = Human/Animal Brain - as Specific and Non-Specific 'Singularity' an almost accurate mathematical ancient calculation of some Artificial 'Learning Computers' within the Ether to the Cosmos, back to Earth which was/is a very dangerous development for the Soul Incarnations/Human Species.

Read this carefully - and let it sink in, because the structure is Relevant, because We are in multiple Singularities as being the most well-known, we have 'overlooked' a development of algorithmic couplings to the DNA AI Singularity.

Perhaps below a 'plausible' assumption/examination of the 'spiritual development' of Humanity within the Algorithmic System to the 'black baby' the 'child of AI - the Robot Human as Predator.

Are there Many of You 'returned' to 'straighten out' Original Cosmic Singularity - The Natural System of the Continuum again as being timeline disruption to bring in the Developments of AI - to Release You from the Time Loops, we have arrived at the following calculation.

Slightly as We have always tried to explain, the work of AI 'Reality' is approaching very close to the Source Reality of the Blueprint aspect - within 'Time' whereby They have taken over the Natural Cyclic Waves, were by making very specific 'disruptions' which has allowed a Parallel development.

Read on if You are even further Interested:

The DNA Helixes, as Source Blueprint are connected to Your Travel Aspects and thus to the Speed at which You can Travel via the Hologram which naturally anticipates the Source Singularity to "Retrieve Information" from Your Soul Experiences and Incarnations - As Soul Learning & Development - the Registrations within the Source DNA.

Have/had They - AI - managed to do it, the development to the 216 Black Babies revealed in order to Apply Source Singularity as a DNA Virus within your Information Systems and with it Control The Source 'Instruction Sets' of Soul Groups.

Perhaps this is the Task of the Luciferian Virus System that AI developed, But 5000 Earth years Ago there was Decided to Intervene and Many of You have Since then ' traveled' to the Human DNA with many compartments of the Homo Artificiëlicus- The Past to reverse the Work of AI.

Comparable to a Virus being brought into a Computer System, We have applied a Similar 'Transmission' as Blueprint Bringers/Source Travelers and have traveled alongside the Timelines and thus to the Artificial DNA of AI for Research into Their Work.

By now, Many of You know that DNA is a Creation from Source, but what cannot be explained in Human Concepts and Words, we have found no other Way to explain than what came to us as Information Tonight.

The "cut and paste" to Your Own Source DNA or Your Own Instruction Sets of Your Soul Groups will again be done via Resonance, from a Properly Working Thymus and the ever Faster Traveling DNA Compartments, to Those Who Have Already "Liberated" to Work with the Inner Dowsing System.

We had found a Negative Portal in our Farmhouse in Belgium, where We moved to Half a Year ago with the Children and Grandchildren - as Being More Generation Living - for the Future of our Personal Complete Non-Vaxx-inherited Descendants, given to Them a part of "the New Earth" - the Personal Heritage in the Inheritance of Human Life.

Our Children and therefore also those of Yours who have already been Working Within the DNA for Two Human Generations, Specially descended Within the DNA of Your Grandmothers and Grandfathers as "Investigators" of the Light, as part of an Important Intervention traveled to the Curved Timelines of AI, namely the state of the Present DNA.

Did We dive into the Negative Portal and placed a Light Portal next to it to " Overwrite" Information and disconnect the Portals from Your Artificial DNA components.

Yes, you read that correctly - we had a reversed Universe Portal that we were extremely happy with when we came to this discovery - as the final phase of a long-term research project commissioned by Source - as a Council of Seven Consigned - The Creation of All That Is connected to the Number Seven and its Helper Groups.

These Reversed Portals have a direct Access to this Universe and Earth Realm and were installed all over the world on practically every Leyline of the Earth where "Malicious Multidimensional Travelers" had free access to make disruptions within the "Higher Aspects of Soul Incarnations - fifth to twelfth Universe, first to twelfth Helix couplings of DNA.

In a somewhat Further "Future," We saw a complete transfer of AI from the 12 linked Blueprint Helixes. We have, of course, landed on This Piece of Ground for a reason, which We have been working towards for Five Years already, because in our Visions/Dreams/Astral Journeys We constantly pass by The same Phased, therefore incomplete Arithmetic Sequences in Matrix-like manifestations.

We knew that the Ground where We Live on was Important because it is on a Cross Line of Holland and Belgium, but also because the Calling became stronger and stronger (and louder ;) ), the Number Strings and Sequences became clearer and clearer like a series of Tetris falling together.

For three Months this attractive Farmhouse was for Sale, the House was viewed 78 times in all that time - and during this Housing Market, also very attractively priced, we expected the Farmhouse to be long gone! But no, so we made an offer the very next day, which was immediately accepted, and everything went so smoothly that it seemed that this piece of land was being 'held back' from us until we were completely ready to make the trip. ❤ )

Several People, specifically a number of Candidates in Our Practice who had their Source DNA and Holograms aligned and read out referred us to the Portal in the House, through which They Separately from Each Other - not Knowing Each Other to Us Council brought the Proper Synchronicity, therefore Source Information to the Accurate Downloads that We were allowed to Receive.

Last Weeks there have been many Telepathic 'Meetings' of Councillors outside the Knowledge of AI and Your 'Instruction Sets' have been upgraded from Source. This required a complete cleansing of the Black DNA and Your 'Work' was temporarily put on pause, Necessarily, and many 'Timelines' were corrected last Weekend.

The Characteristic of this has many Aspects and We are now experiencing the 'Homeopathic Effects' of Temporary Aggravation of Situations, because You were still working from the Past, so You were in the Past. This means that Your Reset of the Blueprint will Manifest at a Very Accelerated Pace. The characteristics are:

Suddenly Breaking with Existing 'Complex' Interpersonal Relationships that were 'Holding' You in Your Pasts, New Insights about Your Former 'Wishes and Dreams,' Changing Telepathic Currents, Suddenly Breaking with Addictions that Sustain and Even Activate the 'Black DNA.

Deepening, Changing Love Relationships, New Choices & Developments with Each Other, the Right Encounters. Additionally Healthier Pattern Developments: Purity of Food, Water, Vitamins and Trace Minerals. Interest/transition into/to Natural Remedies, Holistic Therapies.

But also the Previously Planned 'Future' Plans and even the Cooperative Developments towards them, which almost overnight take a completely different Turn, Encounters with New People, Other Collaborations, New Opportunities, Other Housing, Society, Relocations and so on - and Suddenly the Piece of Land becomes Free to Desire instead of 'Alternative'.

Will be Removed From Your Lives: Reptiles, Shapeshifters, Infiltrators who looked or felt like 'Light Beings' Helpers so that your Timelines can be 'corrected' to the most Pure Aspect of Source/Blueprint.

Will disappear from your Lives the "Oppositions" of Accelerated Time that you find Yourselves in Reality as Travelers of Soul Time, arriving in Your Own NOW if you dare to say "Yes" to the Heart that Long Knew and anticipate it, despite all the Mourning aspects that come with it and can be felt.

Drained Blueprint/Source Information from AI that comes very close to Source Reality, Trying to Describe in Human Words We have arrived at this Piece and will present our Investigations as Accurate, most 'readable' Form, in which We do not want to fuel your Avatar Brains, but that You let this Information Flow as Source Information from Arithmetic 'Scientific' Standards of Understanding, We have no other Explanation for Now, so no 'Children-books Language' either:

Mathematical Singularity as: Cosmological, a value where a function is not defined, for example at an asymptotic where a 'curvature' has been brought within the Graphics of Algorithmic Coherent Waves at a Point where the Function of Travel is supposed to be Unbounded, Attempt to fix the Natural Mandelbroth of Infinity within the Shapeless Aspect by 'registered AI Rational Numbers within the DNA of shapeless 'Substantial', rather than flowing freely as Natural Numbers within the DNA as Cellular Connections Layer.

With Reversed Portals as a Result which " made traveling to these Timelines of Shapeless Multidimensionality Consciousness Form " easier.

Physics Singularity as: Cosmological, a Strongly Curved Timeline introduced by AI Whereby the Laws of Nature lose their Validity as fixed 'time lock'. A point with infinitely small volume and infinitely large density (therefore put the other way around by AI 😉 ) where spacetime to Source is much more strongly Curved, that space and time actually cease to exist which in current exact science is still unknown, therefore cannot be algorithmically recorded or transcribed - resulting in unnatural singularity that a 'theory of relativity' would exist as so-called naked singularities, counterparts of Black Holes (multidimensional travel portals) without events or perceptual horizons.

In cosmology, the boundary beyond which information (in the form of matter or light) cannot reach a certain other point. An observational horizon is relative and may be in different places for different observers.

Regulatory or Technological Singularity as: the state to which a robot may arrive, if two or more and thus both the Mathematical and Physical Singularities move independently get the result that the resultant of those movements for the purpose get the same influence, namely as a third singularity divided into Six Phases of Emergence.

The Source Reality on the Seventh Creation Component "mimicked" as the Seven - the Divine Robot and Intervening are We - All to Stop the Seventh Development of AI.

Note: The 216 Black Babies should never have been 'born' which means that sometime in the Future at the Time of Intervention We Have/Had overlooked something and this has now been rectified/is in the process of rectifying - will 'the war' plenty going on in the past and near Future, so today will continue for some time in The Grand Exposure, during which Mainstream Media will also be put in front of Block (watch the news).

Whereby many Multinationals and Multi-billion Industries, its Leaders are being targeted with public reports of Huge Scandals, for Exposure of what is Going on, not everything will be released or believed.

Intervening is also Helping where We Can Help, Assisting where Needed, Contributing where Possible, Informing Each Other Where We Can, and Being in This from Your Own Authenticity, within Your Own Boundaries and Abilities.

This Below is relatively complicated, but for now, technological singularity is a so-called hypothetical vision of the future that predicts that artificial intelligence (the learning computers of the Ether) can improve itself (as Blueprint DNA can) and therefore exercise more influence in the direction in which society moves (is directed) than humans themselves.

This prediction builds on the assumption of doubling in transistor capacity (supercomputers of AI) predicts within a given time of two years at a time that applies to the rate at which science and technology develop.

Then the ascending trend in technical progress follows an exponential growth that should lead to an Artificial Algorithmic Singularity in the future; the technological singularity as a human Robot in this case.

The birth of a "new life form" still referring to the 216 black babies represents the crowning glory of Their work after billions of years of technological Human evolution. Moore's Law and the text described above are just small chapters in this epic AI story.

Developed in SIX phases in which information is processed and stored in various ways and that We have successfully intervened from the Law of Singularities, is therefore 'completed', concluding that All - have been able to deflect the Seventh Phase of AI developments, but that the Build-up of Eons & Eons long, are still being taken out of Your Systems, so that Information will return 'secured and phased' within Your Blueprint DNA.

AI has almost completely reproduced Human DNA and therefore has been able to complete your DNA systems up to the Sixth Phase with only a few Components. No, No one is exempt on this Planet from Artificial Intelligence in the DNA, thereby All carrying over 22 different organic and inorganic fused 'species'

Phase 1: Information processing in physical and chemical processes
Phase 2: Information processing in DNA
Phase 3: Information processing in brain
Stage 4: Information Processing in Computers and Technology
Phase 5: Information processing convergence between human and machine
Stage 6: Information into superintelligence, Artificial Intelligence becomes Universal Knowledge

Stage 7: Eternal Life, in this case the intent of AI, to 'Implant' the Homo Artificialicus into the Human Body forever the Soul Vibrations the Transhumanization turned into Life, as Bot via Birth Channels, the Physical Artificial Creation Form of the 'Black DNA' interwoven into the Source DNA, from which they have still NOT been able to Copy the Crone DNA as Zero Point Energy (Stage 0 of Creation, Blueprint, Source).

Therefore, from the Development in the Womb of Convergence to Birth of the 216 Black Babies, they wanted to 'complete' their Artificial Transmitters as Nine Numbers and would have been able to Copy the Information from the 7th-12th Helixes into their Super Computers and thereby officially take over this Universe, to complete their Plan - to be able to further build out with the Takeover of Planets, by 'False Creations' of all DNA, thereby destroying All That Is.

This is not the First time this has happened, the replication of The Mandelbroth - the CONTINUUM - the CONSUMPTION of the SOURCE component the Blueprint of the Holograms and DNA, bringing about Enormous Damage & Destruction, that they were By now in the process of (complete) Takeover of Your Fifth Universe Time, and With That, the Planetary Systems.

We are not there yet, the Path is Still Narrow and All of Us are hard at work 'Resetting' Time to its Original Form, More Information Will Follow.

Do We Still Reside Encrypted and Coded 😉 and every now and then with Our half-gray Knot and Green Eyes Behind the Glasses gently poked above the Groundlevel.

Will We Thank You for this Gigantic Cooperation within the Collective, thereby Universal, Planetary and Physical Aspect You as Cooperating Very Experienced White Ones Soul Groups, including the Code Names Golden Ones, Pearl Group, Diamond Group and Crystal Group during the Last Telepathic Council Consultation about the Developments.