Stay in your Power!

“voeg toe
wat uniek is aan jou”

28-01-2022 Last weeks a lot of malevolent multidimensionals are present, they look 'down on us' from time to time and keep a close eye on everything, they try to divide humanity even further. Of course this is not all of them, because there are many more, they frequently 'show' themselves to those who 'see' them to let them know they are there. But what they do not know, is that when we know they are there Showing, we understand what is going on, therefore stand stronger in our Shoes.

Frequently reported: Conflicts, Polarities, Fever Attacks, Extreme Fatigue, Past Addictions Reappearing, Restless and Frightened Children, Not Being Well Present in the Body, Almost No Telepathic Contact, Feeling Separated, Alone and Disconnected. For those who KNOW what images are being shown here, also know that there is only one way to get rid of them.

We have been given a Clear Message to transmit that the inner Vibrations should be kept as high and as large as possible. To not let bundled energies be divided and especially to understand that the Current Light Vibrations are so much more Powerful than a few years ago. We are really stronger when we understand what is going on and can see through the "deceptions".

Don't fall for it, don't go along with it, don't be fooled, don't be divided and again, stay with yourself as an Observer and not as a Participant when conflicts seem to arise. Every now and then the Self-Directing Organism is still triggered, but that is okay if you know that it is only the False Templates and thus the Damaged DNA responding, which is not part of your Soul's Teachings in a Learning Body.

Be calm in all that will happen around you, for the Storm has only just begun. The Great Clearing that many of you have been waiting for is in full swing, so keep Trusting!

Coded: Tonight a Time Clock was announced - and we received quite a few Dates and Information through for the Upcoming Periods for Support. The Veils aren't just thinning on Portal or Gate Days, we can Thin them ourselves by staying in Telepathic Contact with the Tribes that are Blending into each other. Team Blue Light came to the Surface last night from Four Directions to Nine Continents from the Core of Terra and Flowed out.

Huge waves of Blue Plasma Vibrations (Light Particles) have been sent to the Human DNA, so that you will become even more conscious of how great the Carrying Capacity of Source has become. If you cannot ground properly, we recommend working with the Heartbeat of Terra - also called the Schumann Resonance - Meditate!  

What can also help is to be with the Feet or Body in Water, Showering, Bathing, Foot Bathing. For Reducing Radiation in and around the House, an Absorbent Box can be made. Place a box with Sand, Branches, Leaves or Stones taken directly from Nature in the House and regularly step on it with Bare Feet while working at the PC, watching Television or just during a Grounding Moment ? Change these products regularly, it will help.  

The Artificial 'blanket' that was found in many Villages and Towns a few weeks ago is being Cleaned up by large portions but we are not there yet, hard work is being done to remove the Linked Curse Lines and the Tainted Blood on Continents.

Dit was het tot Dusver,
To be Continued ...