Step Outside

Through the DNA upgrades, the time has come for many alchemists, healers, code writers, frequency speakers to access their 'higher' DNA. Most of them already have/had a practice and they would like to go deeper with their work.

But some are suddenly given "new gifts" such as light language - or writing, spontaneous impulses for self-healing abilities, information and codes of the DNA and so on. And we receive almost daily in the past months pictures of self-written codes asking if we know what the code means.

Or we receive voice messages with light language/speech asking if we can understand it and also we often receive links asking if it is true what is written and / or if that person is 'pure' in his or her work.

Dit zijn uiteraard mooie ontwikkelingen, maar eerlijk gezegd dragen we dit stuk binnen het individuele ‘werk’ niet meer zo goed omdat er dagelijks best wel heel veel op ons af komt via telegram, messenger en email en wij maar uit één oma-mens bestaan, die nog een leven heeft naast het collectieve :)

Considering the human body and the earthly time aspects do have limitations, we really do run out of time sometimes and unfortunately have to skip or ignore many personal approaches, which sometimes comes across as a bit harsh, but which is not meant to be harsh ❤

We write mostly in coded form, which is based on resonance and not on intellectual understanding. At the moment we are only allowed to release 20% of our real 'knowledge' collectively, because it concerns information that needs time to sink in for many. In addition, we are cautious because the "spiritual level" appears to be not at all as high as it is spoken of and therefore may fall off a pedestal for those who seek twin flames, the dead star Merkaba, or worship a moon that was artificially developed.

The 'moon' is a kind of 'radiation-disc' that was developed by extraterrestrials several billion years ago and it had advanced radiation-devices on it to damage/affect DNA on very deep levels. This 'radiation disk' they put in front of the actual moons but cannot be removed easily.

The moon reflects 'the crater' in which we humans find ourselves and therefore also contains a holographic effect. The 'craters' are dark when it is dark, and light blue when it is day. The "moon" no longer exists in the capacity you know. The 'disk' has now been taken over by friendly galactic workers/beings/federations.

They turned off the damaging radiation devices one by one (which was quite a job) and replaced them with other equipment to help humanity. The last one was "turned off" in 2019, and on Earth's surface they are using about the same technology, namely the 5G - which is not yet fully turned off.

We are again under the positive influence of the real moons, which are actually not visible to the 'human eye', but which exert influence on the water, therefore also on our cells. The malicious extraterrestrials have very cleverly imitated the Source reality with an 'artificial reality', but they never got possession of all the components.

Wij zijn niet afged(w)aald ;) naar dit lichaam om ‘populairiteitsprijsjes’ te winnen of om een grote doelgroep van volgers te willen bereiken. Meestal maken wij zelf een persoonlijke toenadering als er iets interessant wordt gelezen in het DNA die voor het collectief geldt. En heel soms komen er unieke dingen uit die enkel voor de kleinere zielen/engelen families of galactische eenzaden bedoeld zijn.

For us, it's all about resonance and that you dare to come out of your shell (no matter what others may think), because your work is necessary or needed at this time.

Many gifted knowledge bearers have descended to the human learning body, helping to build the new civilizations. You are the forerunners who are establishing the first platforms, because you carry an intrinsic self-evident knowledge that is not easily found everywhere - and sometimes the loneliness is felt here, because you carry a different vibration than the average humanity.

In you is the new politician, the new teacher, the new farmer, the new doctor, the new architect and you will put it down many times better than the previous ones before you, but you most often run into doors that remain closed or are thrown shut right in front of you.

Collaboration is needed between the more 'unique' single-soul incarnations of galacticans with intrinsic cosmic knowledge and angelics with intrinsic heart knowledge. Sharing of knowledge is requested, even creating collaborations with the antonyms of 'the dark' where holistic and mainstream healing methods meet, where free and autonomous education is allowed to encounter each other, where communist and liberal movements interact and where money or exchange is given equal value.

They, the Aquarian people who have already built and established many advanced civilizations within many universes and planetary systems have descended to work with humanity and not against them. They understand, of course, that the true darkness and light are meant to be in cooperation and not as opposites to each other, as the artificial darkness has presented you with for a long time.

We work together and need each other for Terra and her Source children who are incarnating into their learning bodies in greater numbers at this time. And we have everything to thank for all who are participating in this human ascension. The density of incarnation for the future Star children can only be improved from the DNA, where better choices will result, healthier bodies from a broader aspect of consciousness, therefore incarnating in a more beautiful world.

We are / I am only a kind of intermediate station in passing on the collective developments, because we can read the collective DNA, therefore know the status of the developments.

We know that most of you do not dare to come out with the inner knowledge, powers or talents that you brought with you at the time of your descent into the human body. This is because arrogance, spiritual ego, or floaty personhood are spoken of in human terms, but also because you are present - or grew up - in an environment that carries much slower vibrations than the ones you carry.

You travel through the vibrations of light, plasma, spectrum and frequencies and the journeys of your (learning) environment are through the currents, circuits of connection points of the brain and human thought. And it is indeed difficult to go through this or to come out 'as yourself', which we recognize all too well because we have long served as Hidden Council, Investigators and Scouters.

But one day you too will discover that there is no such thing as the right time and that other people will never be ready for the unique work in "working together" 😁

At this time, less than 13% of humanity is consciously in life from the broader/waking. The rest will not understand that in the human package there are beautiful cosmic beings present and this will continue for the time being because human ascension is also a generational thing.

Your galactic one-seeds, platform builders and a number of angelic beings have chosen the alchemical DNA (Crone DNA) with which you can control the 0-point energy. The Crone DNA is not royal DNA 🙏 but this one still contains the first origin component of Terra her original and true Human Creation.

This DNA is still rare because it was almost completely 'eradicated' by the work of malevolent aliens with their gene experiments. The Crone DNA is linked/revealed/created from the Pearl DNA (haha pretty complicated) but this is a very powerful DNA that contains tools that naturally knows/recognizes healing techniques, telepathy, alchemy and collective telekinesis.

You cannot put a certificate on the wall or even take training courses in your quests for personal 'development & growth' as used to be the case with Reiki, for example. It is unworldly for us that there are millions of 'Reiki masters' on the wall, who do not even work with the real Reiki flows of this 5th universe, but okay - everything is evolving, right?

So no Certificate on the wall for you and there is none on our wall either 🤓 because 'modern alchemy' - in this reality does not yet exist/known, therefore the 'I'm just doing something' with great regularity 'reverberates' through our practice of Kompaswerk from people who already have their own practice or are still uncertain about their work on earth. Wonderful pioneering work!

Your knowledge has no words, but is inwardly present as a knowing, without being able to know. Exactly as it is meant to be and should be. Actually, nobody should have a certificate on their wall to 'prove' their work to others, because alchemy arises from within you, your own knowing, your own uniqueness, talent or gift and it is wonderful to be allowed to 'meet' this side of yourself and to bring it out.

The modern human DNA, we have researched in secret beyond the knowledge of the extraterrestrials and these researches took about 48 years before we were allowed to go public with it. In accordance with many galactic federations, councils, advanced/evolved incarnations and consciousness planet Terra, we did not work from the outside to get the Wars out of your DNA, but from the inside.

The 'polarities' between man-woman was developed long ago by malevolent forces from the desire for power/possession/division to counteract and tear apart the original cooperation of the human man and the human woman working together out of the cosmic and earthly - as Balance.

The inner androgynous human being who lives the physical body naturally as male or female has become a collective War with disastrous consequences for ultimately the whole of humanity. Often cooperation has been distant, the woman has had to succumb for a very long time and the man has had to fight battles in the name of 'patriotism'. There have been so many events that are engraved in your epigenetic DNA that have led to destruction, unbalanced power relations, transhumanism (dehumanization), slavery, polarity and therefore created an artificial/manipulated dark and light experience in your internal Human.

A deliberately played out hidden agenda - attempting to fully possess the powers of the 0 component of the Crone DNA itself and to destroy those of the rest of humanity. Do some of you also reside within the Crone DNA to collectively help clearing this Piece through alchemy of unprecedented power, namely working together!

Maybe it's all a little hard to 'receive' but we know that the DNA will respond to this 'coded' writing and will be activated, to further manifestation of your work on Earth. They have sent true powerhouses down to the physical bodies to save Terra from the downfall, thereby saving this fifth universe time from imploding and 'uplifting' humanity to a Next Level.

But also to clean up the taken over Leylines, raise the Schumann Resonance, purify the waters, activate the cells, reconnect the DNA to Source, address the thirteen bloodlines, and tackle all the dirty work of the malicious extraterrestrials.

The fear of "coming out" is carried by many of you because we live in a society that doesn't particularly appreciate a kind of "odd duck," but also because there are cellular epigenetic memories present from condemnations, witch hunts, genocide of entire peoples and civilizations like the Mayans and Tartarians for example.

Het is nu eenmaal zo, dat ook in de ‘spirituele werelden’ (we vinden dat woord een beetje waardeloos, maar ach het duidt iets aan) een vorm van maatschappelijke aanvaarding beter aanvoelt, dan die vreemde eend in de bijt te zijn. Maar juist diegenen die zichzelf of hun werk een beetje ‘verbergen’ dragen de grootste innerlijke schatten waarvan het tijd wordt dat deze naar buiten komen. Dank jullie wel voor alle samenwerkingen die volop gaande zijn, onze liefde is groots …