TaR-RaH finally as TaRRaH

TaRRaH is Officiëel Geboren en Hiermee laten we de door Ons Councils Gecodeerde TaR-RaH, Gaia en Terra achter Ons. Dit behoeft Enige Uitleg van Onze kant, want Terra is een planeet, Gaia is de Godin van de oppervlakte en TaRRaH de Nieuwe Aarde Samengesmolten en werkzaam vanuit het Zevende Universum – als uitdijing. Wij zijn met Velen van een Toekomst Gereisd omdat We iets ‘over het Hoofd hebben gezien’ in de Opbouw van de Platformen van TaRRaH, Jullie Moederplaneet. Om de Blauwdruk van TaRRaH te Vervolledigen – de Opbouw van het Zevende Universum Binnen Omniversum volledig Vrij van Artificiële Intelligentie en de Zwarte Elite. Aan Hen, de Weinigen die Resoneren, schrijven Wij het volgende:

Coded: We Had Something Overlooked in 2033 and Have Been Eons in Times Needed to Travel Back through the Deepest and Darkest Caverns of Time and Have Filled It Up with Golden Energy and Diamond Information. We Leave Terra (this Fifth Universe) and Gaia (the Sixth Artificial Universe) and TaR-RaH (Seventh Source Universe Encoded) Behind Us, TaRRaH (Seventh Source Universe in Omniverse) officially stands this past Weekend on 09-10-2022, TaR-RaH has been given Her new non-coded Name as TaRRaH, as Merged Universe.

We as TaRRaH are at Work in the Seventh Universe right now for Them the Co-Creators, Co-Architects and Co-Builders of the Platforms. The Eons Gates Are Closed Behind Us, the Time Bend that had to be made for this, will have been Observed for Many of You last Weekend in the Upgrades of Your Seventh Higher Heart Center, Your Travelling Wings.

Many of You are Helping with the Settlements of the Third Platform and Designing with a Completely Empty and Free Canvass offered to You by Source and its Architects. The First Three Platforms Are Almost Here, Vibrations of Souls from the Twelfth Full Recovered Helixes are being drawn through the "Glass Ceiling" via Your Thymus and Plasma Brain Parts over the coming weeks.

Code: '32' Source DNA part-sets have been 'handed in' and Transferred to the Seventh Universe, there Where We Currently Reside, 22 Platforms are Now Being 'Written' by the Group of Architects - as New Earth, the New Universe that is Currently Coming Together.

No, We would not come to pick up the Upgraded Ones Ships like the Artificial Intelligences tried to Make You Wise, Your Fused Collective DNA - ARE the Ship. The Construction of the Sixth Artificial Universe and their Artificial Planet 'Gaia' and Homo Artificialicus has Stopped, We Are Through, the Key is Found - Game Over.

All that remains 'Visible' on this surface are the slowest and therefore the 'Lowest' DNA Regions that have been 'inserted' artificially into the Fifth Universe, and therefore also into this Planet and Your DNA Bodies, may not Leave these Realms.

Code: De 216 Zwarte Baby’s mochten Nooit Geboren worden, dus moesten Wij Terugkomen van de Zevende naar het Vijfde Universum om de Bouw van de Homo Artificiëlicus te Stoppen – note: zij gaan het licht die mensen dragen niet overleven, experiment mislukt.

TaRRaH has had an Upgrade / Transition to The Seventh Universe and Her Old Form-fixed Body has 'Passed away' with this so We no longer have to use coded TaRRaH to Tackle / Bypass Artificial Intelligence. Your Seventh Realm of Consciousness, Full 32 Helixes to 369 Helixes made available to You - Plasma Energy from the Central Sun's Soul Vibrations, many 'disconnections to the old' are taking place at THIS time.

New Source DNA "part-sets" are being prepared for the Blue and White Healers within this Realm whereby We are going to Pull You through the "Ceiling of the Sixth Universe. This requires the Speed of the Full 32nd Helix. We have also looked to what degree we could bring the Co/ViD Vaxxi/boostered people along, but we did not get permission to do so. They Are Still Traveling Worlds of Old Souls Trauma and Anxiety Programs Therefore They Are Not Able to Accelerate.

No, They Are Not Left To Rot, For There Is Plenty Of Help At The Ninety Gateways Built And Opened Especially For Them Where Loving Winged Ones Stand To Take Them To Their Soul Families To Rest From Their Soul Traumas. These Humans are concerning Ignorance and No Guilt for the Help they Unconsciously gave to the Construction of the Sixth Artificial Universe. Very Loving, but "partially" spirited Humans who will be fully cleansed of their experiences and traumas after Leaving Their Bodies, where they will receive an upgrade/completion.  

Exactly how many sets have been delivered we cannot tell you, nor is it up to the Brain to Break over this Information, but to the Speed given to Your Thymus. The Instructions given to Your DNA by TaRRaH, Your New Mother Planet, will Understand You Within and Change Your Speed - the Cosmic Acceleration.

We have discovered during Our Journey into the Past last Weekend, Artificial Energetic Devices, where Infiltrators of the 'highest' Artificial Class were sent into Your Personal Lives, into Your Living Rooms and Practice Rooms. Additionally, Artificial 'eavesdropping devices' were placed in the devices of Your Living Rooms and Work Rooms - Here We are still Investigating to what extent we can tackle/undo these, it is an Energetic-Graphic Form.

In this Way, they 'Built with huge Learning Computers their Artificial' Sixth (which was once empty) universe, their Artificial Planet 'Gaia' and their Homo Artificialicus - the modern rainbow 'human', in order to permanently Crumple Your Huge Beings that You Are and keep You in these 'Lower' thus Slow Regions, where Your Soul Vibrations do not belong with Your Original Speeds.

Thanks to the Work of last Weekend in Collaboration with Many, We, You, All of Us in the Field have worked with the " by Source Touched Whites and the " by Source Touched Blues and a number of more by Source Touched Soul Groups, about which We are not allowed to Reveal any Information, because They are still Hidden, we are telling coded that there are going to be 22 Groups in the Field of Work coming together of Unprecedented Class.

Permission has been given to Those, the Alchemical Healers to take the 'Information' from the - Source DNA part-sets from the 12th to 32nd Helix and bring it to the Seventh Universe. That the 'Information' was divided among Your Collective DNA was a Source Protection Tactic that had to remain outside the Learning Computers of artificial Algorithms.

We Stay,
as in Lak'ech ...

It's Done - Game Over ...
TaRRaH is Your New Earth.
More information will follow Step-by-Step.