Tesla 3-6-9

“haal de moet eruit
houd de moed erin”

01-03-2022 - telepathically coded message with Tesla, he gave us a sequence of 3-6-9 and the following words came to us. Again we try to describe in human forms and the resonance is up to you :

The stars have made last night an inflection of a relatively short time span that will affect Terra and our bodies. Both Terra and our bodies are on their way to full alignment which has to do with magnetism versus reverse magnetism - rhythmic alignment to a continuum and breaking with false attraction.

To get the 'black water' out of our cells, the 'gravity' has been worked on and many of you have felt this over the past few weeks. The feeling of being 'switched off', extreme fatigue, conflicts within relationships, restless nights, number sequences, dark perceptions, dreamless almost comatose sleep.

The "black water" in the homo erectus body is some kind of alien good that acts like a magnet within the waterborne body and this black good looks suspiciously like Graphene Oxide, but this material is much older and thus apparently can rust.

Placed within the protein conversion, operation of the first three DNA helix links, life of materialized form which in reality is not form-fixed - with the human skin as the indicated 'boundary' between matter and non-matter. The human body is in reality a non-matter that is supposed to be connected to 'all that is' therefore formless of energy.

Iron substance creation in the blood that blocks the godlike formless circulation, meant to disrupt the natural energy flows within the core or pathway to the center of the body and diminish the power of manifestation from the heart.

This 'black' substance blocks the cosmic purple/green plasma currents to the loving heart which is supposed to be attuned to Terra's heartbeat (resonance) as a continuous flowing energetic movement through all the water-borne cells of the human body. The higher DNA was shut down at the third helix coupling and humans were "taught" that form stability was a part of gravity.

A magnet attracts what is ferrous and the more iron that is attached to the magnet, the heavier that magnet becomes - right?

As you will know by now, the homo erectus body was created by extraterrestrial intelligences and they managed to extract the original pure precious metals from the blood. Precious metals cannot stick to magnets, just as gold, for example, is malleable and soft and not subject to rusting.

Edelmetalen zijn goed bestand tegen bepaalde zuren in tegenstelling tot ijzerhoudend materiaal en laten ze nou nét al het gefabriceerde voedsel dat wij eten vol met zuren hebben gestopt om het verroestingsproces te versnellen. Dit betekent dat de laatste zestig jaar het moderne lichaam zeer versneld ‘verhardingsgevoelige cellulaire’ ziektes krijgt die te maken hebben met een verzuurd en dus verroest lichaam (en geest!!) – maar dat is informatie voor een andere keer ;)

We keep saying: eat as much as possible from the organic gardener and as little as possible from the supermarket. Not to let your children and yourself be vaxxed with graphene substances, especially enjoy and continue to build a new world!!!! The blindfold that is worn only needs to be removed from the eyes and in this you are responsible.

Further ... through genetic manipulation of human DNA whereby the precious metals were removed from the blood and alien 'ferrous' substance resembling graphene oxide was placed there, artificial magnetic 'attraction' is thus being done with nonsense like Murphy's Law, Chakra Implants awakening via leashed Yoga postures and scary Psychotic Satanic Kundalini 5D Awakenings.

The global flu and now C. Vaxxi-Nazi programs was as intent to stop the golden cell awakening of humanity and in our children using techniques and materials brought to Earth from 'ancient Egypt'. (5G, Chems, Haarp, GMO, graphene oxides).

We are talking about very, very, very deep (erroneous) attraction in the stacked 'human' consciousness and the transhumanization (sexualization) of our young children!!! Through a telepathic summoning of the 78th DNA helix link 'awakened ones' - the group of telekinetically endowed starseeds we have applied a reverse magnetism technique from the 7th to the 17th of February. The genetically manipulated DNA and 'black' protein production in the blood will be cleaned up in everyone.

With the intention that you will no longer have faulty magnetic attraction and aggravation. We are talking about clearing ancestral DNA, pharma, politics, industry, satanists, pedophiles, rapists, murderers, (children's) porn industry, artificial awakening as the biggest troublemakers ...

You understand that this "false attraction" had to be resolved to make the waterborne human cells lighter as Terra desired for her children. Two magnets will attract and latch on to each other, but through reverse magnetism, the magnets are reversed so that they repel each other and in this way get the precious metals through frequencies and encodings back into the blood - called the golden cells.

We are not talking here about the artificial path of 'enlightenment' but we are talking here about the simple path of Source Originality, human freedom and its manifestation power from the DNA and pure gold cells that are supposed to be its conductors. Letting go of all kinds of attached ancestral lines that made man a complete puppet and slave to a good number of ancient alien systems.

By placing the ferrous grapheme-like 'magnetic' substances in the human blood in a very distant past - we attract that which was not meant for our soul learning path and human learning body. Magnetic attraction of wrong relationships, sexual escapades and pornographic lust, people with wrong power, physical diseases, financial poverty (therefore headaches), separated reality, puppets and puppets of an established order!

You understand that this artificial magnetic attraction had to be resolved in the present time of ascension for the Aquarian workers to lighten the cellular water present as Terra has desired for her children, be with her heartbeat!Again: two magnets will attract to each other and latch on to each other, but through reverse magnetism, the magnets are reversed making them repel each other.

In the process, very hard work was done by the Councillors and Tables of 12 (on the way to 22 Tables!!!) to move the buildings (pyramids, churches, etc.) that had been placed by aliens on the ley lines of Terra. How did we do that? Well by simply making a small inflection to disturb the sunrise of the midwinter solstice in these buildings and thereby correcting the operation of the Ley lines. For those of you who 'understand and resonate' know how important this was to link your bodies and DNA to the heartbeat of Terra and your own heartbeat, but also for the great cleansing.

Purple/Green Rays from the 22 Suns will assist you in this entire process and it remains very important to make the full flush into this DNA body, however difficult this may seem at times. Many of you have been feeling disconnected from the so-called 5D dream for some time and can never be realized within the manipulated DNA.

The Over Two Decades Investigation into the major 'spiritual' influencers is almost complete, many have been brought back to the realistic 'awakening'. All of you will be brought back to the Zero Cell linked to Source making it increasingly difficult to reside in the so-called 'enlightened 5D falsities'.

Proclaimers of this have been eliminated one by one and the artificial power called Queen Bee behind the 'human ascension' will be cleansed and healed in this way. They, the counterparts are currently losing a lot of grip and therefore ground, so above all keep trusting in your own resonance, your own truth, your own heart and authentic choices that reveal your free path of manifestation.

Very many thanks go to all the helpers because now we are at 15% realistically awakened humanity worldwide and that is almost a decade earlier than expected. Keep being courageous!!!