The Elemental Incarnations

“een reis begint met
de eerste stap”

Portal: 11-11-2021 - 03:03 - Telepathic channeling from Source, the empty zero cell for which we have traveled to Terra to help build the new civilizations. It has not been easy by any means to tackle the challenges because we carry no weapons, only emptiness and give back what is thrown at us.

There have been many seeds incarnated with knowledge of the Source and you have been given many upgrades over the past decade to begin to learn to see again from emptiness, from a nothingness that will also encompass, broaden and blend the understanding of the all with the true linear time of the NOW.

This writing will be understandable to those who have stopped thinking ego and can only be present in the now from the purest heart. For those who are able to link no words to a soul's quest from a human consciousness, but a knowing so deeply inner that it will be understood from eternal consciousness.

There have actually been knowledge bearers of the Pure Source incarnated who we have kept hidden, invisible and safe. Because they came to Terra very pure and completely empty, they were extremely vulnerable and were protected by Delta who knew of their incarnations - the Aquarian children with elemental powers.

The Artificial Intelligence, Established Order, evil Extraterrestrials wanted to confiscate the original knowledge of these seeds and they have failed. Still these seeds will remain invisible and vulnerable until the actual change will be made and this will take two human generations. There have been many attempts to break into this particular field of knowledge of DNA. But this part of the DNA is inviolable, not to be demonized, not to be manipulated, not to be transhumanized, not to be broken, nor to be confiscated for these incarnations remain simply children who are exceptionally gifted and carry an unprecedented wordless knowledge of Source.

But first we want to give you a little explanation about the planetary logos and how they are linked to the incarnated seeds of Source. Unfortunately, we cannot and should not disclose everything and, furthermore, human words have yet to be found or attributed to them. As you will understand, the accuracy of this writing will only include a percentage of human understanding and language, with which no artificial worlds can be built.

The writing will be coded and divided, as always as a kind of protective method that the counterparts will never be able to copy completely with which they are trying to create a non-reality for the souls in the learning body to this day. We knew five thousand years ago what steps the counterparts were going to take in order to want to possess the original method of the Source Children.

When they would get hold of this information they would have taken over this universe with the core of existence itself. Therefore, we cannot give numbers, quantities, or overt information that goes through the way of the Internet, because we will still be cautious in spite of having increased significantly in power.

We have been secretly consulting with a number of Galactic Federations who we knew from our Source gifts would never, ever defect to the dark side. We are currently five thousand years in the making, without the counterparts ever knowing, without you ever knowing.

Only in 2010 did we release small fragments of knowledge because we wanted the counterparts to 'find' us. A few interesting 'spiritual' words were enough to attract attention and immediately I, the very first incarnated ground worker of Delta Federation was 'hooked up' by an artificial intelligence, called Queen Bee which is led by the greys from Orion. These particular counterparts wanted to get hold of the actual Source Core of a human incarnation, but they only got hold of 0.03% information of it, which is a safe margin to do nothing with.

We have been very careful and skillful, telepathically consulting with Delta time and again, in sharing and releasing small fragments of an all-encompassing truth to counterparts. Described in human words, words that will never be able to speak our language because we are totally protected and will never fully share our science with others. We have not gone any further with our information than to the body of the snake-like human being, coming from a very high, wise and loving civilization and this body was confiscated, manipulated and therefore taken over by very evil beings. But these beings wanted more, they wanted to possess the core knowledge of their consciousness and not just their bodies.

We have gone back to about two million years in human time sharing this information about the human DNA bodies that were created just before the Piscean Age, so they don't know what all the previous bodies have looked like, so they can't confiscate the information they wanted. Therefore, we will never release our own language, nor the workings and actual appearance of these DNA bodies on the internet and they will never, ever be described anywhere, not even in books and this has never been different.

But the small parts we released about the snake body had to be 100% accurate because otherwise we of Delta Federation could never have penetrated their defense field on 9-11-2021 unseen to pick up the Queen Bee, developed by the Greys. Now that this is done, parts may be released that are relevant to your survival on mother planet Terra, so the rest is no longer relevant, if there can be any relevance at all.

About 99% of the soul incarnations that you make in this universe are made in oblivion and it is going to be the intention that you will take your own consciousness with you from incarnation to incarnation. The counterparts have ensured that Terra's DNA incarnation bodies have been manipulated in such a way that everything that is currently experienced feels like an incomprehensible artificial holographic world at the time of your actual awakening - and that you have been brought into complete oblivion at the time of human birth and in this way cannot descend into the body with your consciousness.

Everything feels wrong and in particular for the knowledge bearers who stepped into their bodies from the Source Age and could never be consigned to oblivion because a compartment in the DNA remained undamaged. We are called, the "gifted autistic people" with the heart, the smile, the human warmth and the love like that of a child who can transmit sparks to others. There were seven incarnated, of which I was the first to wear a double Delta sign in the forehead, of the real Delta - and not the adopted Delta sign of the triangle with the eye in it called Eye of Horus, but the real original sign of the Source.

Six more have stepped into this modern human body after my step-in from the Source Age which feels very holographic, fake and non-real to us. So it is that as a first ground worker I telepathically asked the other ground workers to come and support me, because at the age of three I was already aware of all the universal, planetary and human wars described in the DNA templates and frankly I turned some things off so as not to have to read them. We have been connected telepathically and telekinetically for 47 human years via the quantum brain. In your language they call this the council of seven in this case and there are multiple councils on Terra that have incarnated into human bodies or stepped in as ground workers.

As step-in of Delta, council of seven, we carry a symbol invisible to you in the forehead and we represent the original seven elements of Terra. The symbols we carry direct both telekinetically and telepathically ever-expanding incarnational groups who have incarnated on Terra from our guidance. The third layer is in the process of incarnating whose precursors have already incarnated in the body.

This went into build-up because the incarnation density was too massive for many to travel to Terra via the colored incarnation rays. As humanity made spiritual developments and began to travel more and more in time to the true origin, the incarnation density improved and it was possible to incarnate in stages. After I stepped into this body on May 22, 1969, I spent three years reading and researching this DNA and asking for help from some members of my Source Family. They stepped into their bodies after 1973 and took their original symbol with them as a knowledge bearer of a certain power to be able to bundle into energy.  

Thus, we are in partnership with incarnated ground workers including Flower Children who represent cyclic time. Artifact bearers who represent architectural knowledge of the first civilizations, Winged ones who represent linear time, Earth magicians who master telekinesis and telepathy, Mantle bearers who represent healing powers and two more groups, whose information we are not allowed to divulge.

And so, slowly, the 29,000 linked incarnated Aquarian groundworkers who carry a little Flower, a little Artifact, a little Winged, a little Magic, a little Healer are being directed. They are currently using their knowledge to build new platforms for the civilizations under the guidance of Delta Groundworkers  

You understand that very confusing and coded information is written, so as not to provide the counterparts with too much information that they can copy for their holographic artificial worlds. But we do our best to release a very small amount, but this information will always be "incomplete" for those who come from other councils and have brought their own specific knowledge. We work together and we understand each other's language because they contain large parts of the Akasha, which is symbolic. So everything described here is human language rather than galactic language and so it is basically stacked, even written linearly while linear time does not work this way at all.

Over the past five thousand years we have put completely unseen and invisible encrypted codes on all available sources that can negate "dangerous" universal wars if counterparts gain possession of the knowledge of them. In the last fifty years, for that reason, very few percentages of activation have been given to the first incarnation groups we call Aquarian workers. All carry an unencrypted DNA component telepathy but their telekinetic DNA is encrypted for security reasons.

For the activations we had to track down, clean up, repair, find and reinsert the damaged planetary logos of Terra so that the DNA could be connected on a cellular level. Each logo represents a collective shift (steering), thus a decryption for the Aquarian workers and their start-up into the Aquarian Age.  

For security reasons, of the 28 planetary logos, we withheld the most important logos until the counterpart problem was largely resolved. Once we were at the point of winning, one by one the purified logos were placed, some of which were written and coded and provided with Source Information invisible to the counterparts and some of which were completely blank and unwritten. All the work we have done beyond anyone's knowledge, except for a few Galactic commanders, we have done behind the scenes. We have remained safe and will remain safe until all logos are reinstated that you will need for a creative build up in cooperation with your mother planet Terra.

Then we travel back to the Source Time which is and will remain unreachable for you and your counterparts, because nobody knows where this time is. Someday we will be invited back when shit hits the fan, but we hope that this time you will do a better job of filling in your creativity on the blank canvas that has been offered to you than the Piscean Age pioneers ?

In the previous planetary logos, it was Terra's choice to give the teachings of Polarity to the learning souls in their learning bodies, called Pisces. The teaching component of the Yin and Yang, the Dark and the Light - and its implications you know by now.

In order to save Terra from its demise, a plan of action was made five thousand years ago and a security module was described. This safety module was the unknown Delta Federation that would operate in secret alongside the Galactic Federation known to you, even many members of the Galactic Federation were not allowed to know about us. For a number of members switched to the dark side who went to work for counterparts, even often without knowing that they were being manipulated. They shared their knowledge with the counterparts, who built an artificial world in this universe of angels, dragons, phoenixes, queens, gods, goddesses, demigods, artificial life wheels (chakras) and so on. It feels very unpleasant, but you have been fooled by counterparts with faulty artificial and holographic non-reality.

Originally, you are supposed to be completely empty, just simply empty, where everything resides that you are supposed to know in order to be here. From incarnation to incarnation we merely build experiences that will allow time to expand and consciousness to grow in width like water circles that are merely there without an identity attached to them. There is a danger behind the urge for identity linkage, even if it is minimal. Giving an identity to something changes the human cells to a non-reality that will eventually create a false image of the so-called reality, which does not even exist.

This has nothing to do with stirring up the stacked brain, but everything to do with being pure in who you are with the consciousness you carry. Consciousness is that which is immortal and which is taken from life after life by choice, whether in materialized form or not.

Your help in this is important, but it knows no language, it is there, always present and available as an inexhaustible source of giving and love and being, as children can. There are no tricks, no methods and no training available that will lead to healers, builders or travelers, for what you do not know is that you simply carry all this within you, without having to learn it. Giving identification creates confusion in the human brain that will eventually change the DNA, fueling templates that will take the soul off its own path.

The question, then, is whether you want to just start from zero, without wanting to identify yourself. By doing so, your own consciousness memories will be awakened and activated and you will never again stray from your own path and you will never again incarnate into oblivion.

It is important in your quests to give the importance or identification of the stacked brain. To let go of this incarnation completely, however contradictory this may sound, going directly back to your own knowledge that you came here to bring in building the platforms. You KNOW deep down why you are here, what you came here to do, what your unique gift and talents are, but your quests and stacked thinking of greatness, divinity, weaken the real abilities.

As we speak to each other from consciousness to consciousness on a telepathic level, without any kind of thinking interruptions, identity links or the materialized desired - which are in fact non-reality and therefore fictional - you have learned to understand that you are all Seed and Flower at the same time with an unprecedented own unique timeline, experience and knowledge, without any sense of self.  

The flower can be compared to our body that will be returned to Terra by itself, and the seed can be compared to the consciousness that will never be lost. The flower is not aware of death or life, it does not consider itself beautiful or ugly, it does not think about the past, the present and tomorrow, but it is just there.

Like the sun shining its rays on a cowherd as much as on the flower in the field. Would that you did not need to give any meaning or conceit to 'what you came here to do or 'who you were as a soul' because it carries no relevance whatsoever.

This world has many kinds of different flowers in all shapes and sizes, colors and forms and the flower spreads without wanting to give any identity to it, it is there and will forever carry its knowledge of its existence, without having to think about whether it has spread enough seeds, without having to think about whether its seeds know how to grow later, without having to think about who it was as a seed before it became a flower.

And that is the real ability of the human being who is just allowed to be as an element and naturally transmits the spark without attaching any identity to it. Isn't that wonderful? That your inner fire becomes others' heat, and that your heat ignites the fire in others. That your wonderful radiant smile awakens a spark in others and that your own unique knowledge is naturally absorbed by others when they will need it. It works that simply.

The realization that you are all just each other's teacher and student, without any publicity, and that you are just right at this moment in the now, leaving footsteps in the turbulent earth for the other seeds, who then naturally know that they are just consciousness and don't have to think about which flower they will become.  

Later on, take a deep breath and close your eyes and feel what simplicity we come to bring you to your beautiful incarnational bodies. We do not bring "higher realms" no "kingdoms" no heavens or gods, no rainbow bodies that can live on prana - promises. No, we bring you the spark of life that was forgotten and taken away in a distant past. To feel yourself welcome on Terra in your own unique body with your own unique consciousness and that you are invited to come and play like a child. To be allowed to be like a child who knows the sparks of life, who feels himself simply complete and not separate, who travels and in this way can see and spread the childlike fire in each other.  

De droom van Terra is niet om te heersen en te controleren, maar om vervuld te zijn van het magnetische geluk van haar spelende kinderen vol lach en nieuwsgierigheid. Terra is kleurloos geworden en heeft geen enkele zwart-witte identiteit meer, zij is over naar het spectrumweten van de lege cel. Haar planetaire logo’s zijn leeg en het is aan jullie hoe jullie de werelden gaan bouwen, vanuit de elementaire oorsprong, de werkelijke zaden die uiteindelijk bloem mogen worden.