The Fifth Terra Time

“de schoenen op de bestrating
als blote voeten in het gras?”

18-09-2021 - Message from Terra: More information follows and this is not an easy one to release collectively, and make public but we are going to do it anyway - coded and protected by Terra - Despite the fact that 'they' are not happy with this discovery, which is palpable in everything around us, we are unity from Source - everyone is cooperating at this time and our thanks are immense because we know you are not having it easy.

This is reading for the Dowse System (a kind of divining rod) carried in the emptiness of the brain. Read as open-mindedly and unbiasedly as you can, but let the information flow in. This writing is meant to be an activation, as is the collective Sigil attached to it. This is about the workers of the light who are mentally and physically working to take down the first bloodlines - the downfall of the Cabal - is really happening.

The physical workers of light are risking their lives and there is already collateral damage, we are sending family and loved ones of these workers tremendous light and gratitude. Last night we were able to travel through the upper three layers of the thirteen bloodlines and at 05:33 we began to write where a collective Sigil was created. Well, sometimes we get nothing for months and then suddenly one download after another with all the travelers who have been with us recently.

For those of you who dreamt last night about pyramids, about the top of the pyramid, about beehives, honeycombs, obelisks, soldiers or certain vehicles - We thank you for all the input and DNA downloads we received and read from your "trash DNA" - thank you.

The human, i.e. partially reptilian DNA contains the ancestral history and we have been given permission to download the information from it with permission from your mother planet Terra, which is also called Gaia or Earth (Gaia is a tracking system). Terra has a huge cluster in her physical body of beautiful dark and light crystals that look like a kind of database in which all information is recorded. This is also how it works with the DNA which is easy for us as a council to read.

Sometimes we encounter a small challenge in the form of a safety lock, code or key that must be broken by alchemists, but in the last fifty years we have been able to break open many safety locks, codes and keys. There is all the information we need for the greatest awakening ever and for the tipping point (change of era) that happened on January 31, 2019 - from fourth to fifth Terratime, the so-called transition from Pisces Era to Aquarian Era.

Those who have been following our work know by now that an artificial tree had been placed around the cluster of crystals and on top of it a large black Obelisk. The Obelisk was the first one we were able to read last year and it was removed by the workers of the Light through collective cooperation. Since then, we started working on the "artificial tree", which had spread roots almost everywhere. Since that time, we have come to know that this is the real tree of life, which they - the counterparts - have seized and placed artificial layers over.

The artificial layers are almost completely gone, and Terra's heartbeat is vibrating again like it was 50,000 to 60,000 years ago and we are still dealing with the broken heart chambers. In this human body DNA, for collective messages, we have now arrived at the timeline of 168,000 years ago in Terra time. Here we have found the key, the key to the fall of the Cabal, which we are all working hard to get done. We started writing and we saw the fall of the tenth bloodline that took place this week.

Because of this, we are not dealing with thirteen, but fifteen bloodlines that ruled over humanity and Terra and (much) of this 5th universe. The two hidden layers are the very highest of the pyramid who are in charge of the 13 bloodlines of the Annunaki. The great thing is, they are weakening now, thanks to all the work being done and they are seeing their world power pyramid collapse, which is why we could see them this night, and the highest 'bosses' are not happy with this work.

Dus in de bovenste drie lagen van de piramide waar zij het Oog van Horus (De Valse Menselijke God) plaatsten, twee extra verborgen lagen die zijn gevonden, zagen wij de top van de Buitenaardse Elite. Zij hebben de leiding en het is niet Satan, zoals velen van jullie zullen denken, zij creëerden Satan op Terra in de mensheid in het DNA! Het is een reptielachtig volk dat dit universum en ook dit planetaire systeem is binnengekomen, twee Hoofd Archonten die oorlogen, daardoor de polariteiten ontketenden in dit Universum.

After asking Yang ( masculine) to help us, Yang showed us where the top was and that it was (still) connected to an even higher top, within this universe. Yang showed us how to 'disconnect' it and strangely enough we felt a deep intense totally honest from Source incoming flow of compassion, sympathy and forgiveness. Despite the fact that Terra, humanity, soul incarnations have been on the brink of destruction and takeovers, they did not know any better.

As soon as this feeling of deep forgiveness emerged they became SWEET! The house began to rumble, stinging and tingling on the left side of this body, but we kept going. Tears came, deep tears over an artificially manufactured system that almost led to the total destruction of Terra. Destruction of the soul, shutting down the currents, frequencies, light vibrations, the incarnation looping systems, soul tribes that have been stuck and wandering here for 7.7 million years (harvasting souls), that have led to great human trauma systems.

And suddenly light came on these lost and trapped and harvested souls who didn't know any better, those who represented the so-called "3D humanity," who unconsciously maintained the entire pyramid system without knowing it. The Elite giants were maintained by wandering ignoramuses. DNA was further destroyed by slaves, fear was further created by slaves, diseases were created by slaves, Chems are injected by slaves, the money matrix is maintained by slaves, Haarp systems to create false weather and the so-called environmental problems were maintained by slaves, loved ones became adversaries by slaves, our children are destroyed by slaves, indoctrinated by slaves, injected with toxic and destructive Vaxxi-Nazis by slaves.

War was created by slaves, Pharma further expanded by slaves the all destructive industries expanded by slaves and suddenly we got the words, this is it - it's done - and we can only dissolve these pyramid structured systems with a totally unifying and forgiving heart. One by one we saw the wandering lost soul vibrations, the Lost and Harvest Ones - who unknowingly perpetuated the hidden agenda of the alien bloodlines who built the destructive systems around them/us.

Met een liefdevolle helpende hand zagen we vele dolende en verdwaalde zielen loskomen uit vierkante oogst-kooien, verdwijnen naar hun eigen tijdlijn van incarnatie. Eén voor één zijn de onwetenden, de vernietigers, de manipulatieven, de anarchisten, de antichristen, de chauvinisten, de narcisten, de borderliners, de seriemoordenaars, de pedofielen, de verkrachters, de vandalisten, de valse lichtwerkers, de corrupte dokters, genezers, verpleegsters, helpers, de satanisten en zelfs de moordenaars van Jezus Christus – door de eeuwen heen geschapen door kapotte DNA-compartimenten, die hen verhinderden de Bron van Alles, de Ene Liefde van allen te bereiken – verdwijnen – en het zal rond 2024 gedaan zijn – we hebben nog wat werk te gaan ;)

All these eventually became huge caged systems of wandering and many more wandering souls incarnating over and over again into more broken systems for millions of years into oblivion, destroying the DNA even further so that 97% of human/reptile DNA has become 97% trash DNA that sustained a 97% unconscious humanity! For those who were already awakened - the 12th helix couplings healing is currently in full swing, downloads of high frequencies are coming to Terra for the awakened partly self-realized humanity and it was Terra who asked us to send this message in advance for the forerunners - albeit coded and encrypted.

Forgive your narcissistic ex and especially your own victimizing and narcissistic self, forgive the murderer of your loved ones for he entered the broken DNA, forgive the false lightworker who fooled you with false light writing for it hung on artificial lines. Forgive all those who incarnated in a broken DNA human body, who could no longer reach the Source of Love. They were all the real victims of satanic bloodlines!

Forgive and send as much love as you can all that you have endured through the work of others who have made your life a 'hell'. They did not know, they incarnated into total oblivion, they wandered and incarnated body after body into more broken DNA. Please understand what we are saying to you. Forgive and you will heal your own broken DNA.

They did not know, they did not know better, the polluters, murderers and child molesters. They are sent back because there has been intervention by the galactic federation and councillors. This intervention was necessary, even though we are not allowed to do so, but it was at the behest of the Source, the Source and from Terra's desire to reclaim her original children.

Wij zijn slechts ten dienste van het Licht en dit was de enige (hopeloze ;) ) manier om het collectief weer onverdeeld en sterk bij elkaar te brengen! Er is veel werk gaande, zowel telepathisch als telekinetisch in de bovenste drie lagen van de piramide, en de tiende bloedlijn is naar beneden, we zullen de twee verborgen lagen verder onderzoeken, zodat er meer zal komen om te reveille …

This message is encoded and protected ... Thank you all, and let us stay together in pure Source Power, without weapons, giving back the same energy that humanity has been given - this is allowed.