The Galactic Mission

“als je een persoon haat
dan ben je door deze verslagen”

18-09-2018 Dit schrijven is al wat ouder en we hebben besloten deze toch openbaar online te plaatsen ondanks ietwat onhandige formuleringen, opdat ook andere onderzoekers en verkenners zich kunnen ‘herkennen’. De verborgen en verzwegen kant van de Galactische ‘zendelingen’ uit de Brontijd en de reden waarom we ongeveer 5000 aardse jaren geleden werden uitgenodigd voor een heel bijzondere opdracht om hier in dit universum en binnenin Terra te komen spelen/onderzoeken/verkennen.  

We/Heidy are present with a small group (council of seven) in this Earth as Consciousness at the invitation of Terra. Like Terra, we are also a Consciousness Planet and we can be found in the 22nd universe of omniverse. Terra is our 'great-great-great grandchild' and we work together with galactic federations who have been working in this universe for 5000 years cleaning up all the artificial shit.

Only since 1969 have we been at work on the surface of Terra in a human body. And because you cannot yet receive and understand our appearance with your pineal glands, we appeared as human being. For many, this information will not yet be able to be " understood ", than only those who resonate with the information we have come to bring. As a researcher/explorer, we travel through this DNA with the astral body and plasma brain to 'help' the future Source children improve incarnational density within the engineered DNA.

Most of you may not find our origin and story interesting at all, but you must understand that we have never been in oblivion and started with 68% accurate reading of human DNA. The first three damaged helix links had to be repaired first, we had to learn to understand how spoken and written language works, we had to learn to read out this broken DNA, we had to learn to read out Terra's broken DNA logos before we got to 89% to 100% accuracy.

Only when we got above 89% accuracy could we read out the information of the collective DNA, telepathically and telekinetically control it on behalf of Terra. We have since been given permission to release our information to the outside world, but we find it very difficult, as we feel quite 'human' by now, even though our work has remained unchanged 🙈.

We are working from the inside of planet Terra which is your mother planet. We 'read' not only the information from the individual, but also from the collective DNA and know from there the collective 'happenings and developments'. We are present as consciousness because we cannot incarnate in the human DNA that has been multiplied and fused roundly. Our fusing and multiplying is different because our cells contain sophisticated snowflake-like structures.

This only demonstrates that our planetary system has exceptionally advanced planetary bodies that do contain a density, but cannot demonstrate any density within the materialized density that Terra consists of. We are simultaneously future as past and traveling, despite time carrying a continuum linear concept, through time. We can only enter as Consciousness and we do not know what it is like to go through the human incarnation process, despite having come very close with this entry.

As an 'step in' we stepped into the womb of our dear human mother on May 22, 1969 at 22:00. We were granted this special opportunity because the 'soul' that would incarnate in this Crone DNA had already completed its 'assignment' and would be a stillborn child. In this way we were able to fully read this DNA and have the opportunity to learn about human incarnation, birth and soul vibrations. An exceptional opportunity for which we are very grateful to be able to learn about the experience of the human aspect.

Through this we have been able to experience what it is like to be pregnant, to become a mother and eventually a grandmother, what it's been like to bear the pain of divorce, of failures, pride and shame and the full aspect of the descent into the human heart and how important it is for Terra that her Human Race comes back into Consciousness from the Source - the Origin.

The mission for which we are here applies to a reasonably large group of researchers/explorers who did incarnate into the Crone DNA. Forerunners/researchers/explorers are the first Platformers who are here to place the First Settlements for the New Civilizations of Terra, from the Crone DNA (0-point energy) that they also possess. We have not been able to make this information public simply because there were only 29,000 bodies worldwide that carry the Crone DNA and this group had to be protected from attacks and takeovers by malicious extraterrestrials who want to own the information from this Crone DNA.

Crone DNA is not 'royal' as the name would suggest, but Crone DNA is a DNA component from Terra's very first Corporeal Creations. Malicious extraterrestrials have been chasing Crone DNA since the early days because it contains the truly human components, without any disturbances in its functioning - the 'psychic' endowments, the telepathy, the telekinesis, human consciousness is still fully intact in the Crone DNA and we will never reveal, nor describe anywhere where the Crone DNA is located.

We think it is important enough to explain how the road from where we are now has gone. We are trying to make a filtering between Source-Organic and Artificial-Intellectual awakening to the '5D' because the collective spiritual bypass Internet era is currently in full swing and we don't always like what we see. Many of you are currently receiving an artificial awakening from the outside, rather than a Source Awakening that is proceeding from within your DNA.

Crone's group Source researchers/explorers are not particularly "screamers" but the silent "children" who live a very unseen and natural "conscious" life. They carry a strange vibration that many do not recognize because their higher cosmic DNA is not spherical but spiral-shaped. Despite the fact that their higher cosmic DNA is spiral shaped, they can incarnate in the human body.

Zij voelen een beetje ‘buitenaards’ aan omdat zij van Galactische oorsprong zijn. Zij worden door velen gewantrouwd vanwege de onbekende vibraties, maar ook omdat mensen intuïtief aanvoelen dat de Galactische onderzoekers ware leugendetectoren zijn. De mensen zijn vaak een beetje bang voor hun manier van kijken :) Zij weten van jongs af aan veel over de kosmos en diens processen en over de dingen die zij helemaal niet kunnen weten volgens de ‘spirituele’ wetenschap van de ‘Mandelbroth Theory’

Mother Earth, hereafter called Terra (TeR-Rah can be subdivided into 200 compartments of sounds to invoke her which is from the 0-point energy and not through thinking) is a consciousness planet. She has natural planetary cycles which are described in her planetary DNA logos. When there is a change of era according to the natural cycles, all life is destroyed and Terra's last creation is released in order to create again. Terra had four of these periods and she is now entering her fifth Terra time, which should have been the Seventh Terra Time.

Terra was in its fifth Terratime and expanding from "adolescence" to a mature planet, but evil aliens have put a time lock on Terra's natural cycles in the midst of the merge from the fourth to the fifth Terratime. Originally when the stage of a full Terratime is over, Terra can once again create and recreate DNA life forms. The creation of these life forms takes millions of years and her last creation was Beautiful, like the nature we know.

Researchers/explorers have known Terra from the time it was still a gas planet , they have been involved as Galacticans for eons in the developments and stagnations of this Universe, so also the developments and stagnations of the consciousness planets within this system.

All have a very deep involvement with Terra and they have been concerned about her well-being since the youngest human memories. The incarnation felt to them like a reunion or reconnection with Terra, but there was also a deep perception of sadness and pain. The researchers/explorers were deeply disappointed with what remained of their beloved Terra and last creation.

Researchers and Forerunners Galacticans consist of a different type of "material" than Researchers and Forerunners Soul Vibrations. Galacticans' energy forms consist of plasma energy and they travel at the speed of light as babies and small children still do. Galacticans are often clear-knowing or clear-hearing and have an extremely fast confirmation system which also indicates the Alchemist and Lie-Detector.

Researchers and Forerunners Soul Vibrations are often clear-sighted and clear-feeling and they have a very pure intuition and a certain High Sensitivity that indicates Mediumship and Resonance. Soul Vibrations are more accustomed to "density" than Galacticans and they do not travel at the speed of light but through the vibrations and frequencies that this universe sends out.

We could say that on Terra and in this Universe there are several types of incarnations than just the Soul incarnations, but all helpers in this ascension carry an inspirited intention and a big heart for Terra and this Universe. Many spirited people will not yet be ready for this information, just as no one was ready for the information that the first Source researchers, explorers, forerunners came to bring as announcers, forecasters, bell ringers.

Source Investigators/explorers Galacticans carry working wings that allow them to travel completely invisible, due to their speed. They travel from human birth with their astral body in both darkness and light. The 'information' they receive is transmitted to the galactic federations and councils and they 'channel' the information back through telepathy.

How exactly this works, I am unfortunately not allowed to tell, because three generations of researchers/explorers are present on Terra anno 2016 at work to get to the bottom of all things. The information that may be released is based on resonance with carefully chosen, sometimes coded wording that we are searching for, because we only understand codes and have carried our own 'language' in our system.

Those of you who come to this page arrive here "by accident" and we still believe in syncronicities - that it is for a reason that you arrive at this page. None of the work we do has to do with being bigger, smaller, higher or lower, older or younger than someone else's work. All of the work we do has to do with DNA research and informing where necessary - we remember the Source and are not in oblivion, that might be the only slight difference. Here we are not looking at rank, but at time consciousness which carries no frame of reference.

The group of researchers/explorers and forerunners are able to take on different energy forms, allowing them to travel through other worlds, parallels and dimensions unseen with their astral bodies. More of these types of Source children will travel to Terra and enter into the human DNA to build Platforms of the New Age. In this way, forerunners/ researchers/ explorers are collecting the information needed to deal correctly with your mother planet. They are connected to the Tesla gates 3-6-9 and bring information of free energy, plant medicine, ecological entrepreneurship and so on.

Terra had been completely eroded, abused and almost completely destroyed by an unconscious humanity. Terra's vibrations (Schumann Resonance which we prefer to call the Heartbeat) had been so severely weakened that she was unable to complete her natural planetary cycles.

That an epochal change is taking place with humanity on it was not a conscious or a new idea of Terra, but a bitter and necessary choice. With her very last vestige of power, she was able to send out a distress vibration to the Omniverse, approximately 5000 Earth years ago. Many helpers from different Universes 'received' this distress call and made a plan of action for this mother planet for many. We know these helpers as the Galactic Federation, Table of 22, Councils and many more.

Every researcher/explorer and forerunner communicates with this helper group and remembers the mission from an early age. With that said, not everything can be literally "read" and picked up, but there is something intrinsically present that gives the need to find the deeper truth therein - though this goes step by step and in stages.

The Tesla gateways are present up to the 22nd gateway but still hidden and these gateways are Source ciphered and encrypted to prevent artificial takeovers. The transition from spiritual revolution from the Piscean Age to consciousness evolution Aquarian Age is phased and happening in abundance at this time. The fifth hidden Tesla portal is a transition gateway to a merging collective consciousness - it is currently bringing about massive shifts and this will continue until 2019 until the startup of the Aquarian Age will be officially announced. Then we will make the Tesla portals visible to the world and many DNA upgrades will take place. The fifth Gate is from artificial awakening to organic awakening and will persist until 2024.

Researchers/explorers are knowledge or information carriers of highly advanced artifacts that require coded information to establish new platforms. Researchers/explorers are gifted Source messengers because their pineal gland was always activated. They keep an eye on the collective artificial messengers and will shut them down when necessary. Many large "spiritual centers" will come to Fall in the process, because there are many unintended falsities being preached by this target group. They are under the influence, unknowingly in contact with Artificial Intelligence and will be the first to receive the DNA upgrades.

We work exclusively through telepathic connections whereby 'new' collective information is passed through dreams, meditation or astral travel. Everyone who has travelled to Earth with the same cosmic 'mission' can then work with it. Galacticans are here to protect the Source children from the artificial awakenings. An influencing system of the extraterrestrials throughout the 'new age era' that has been going on since the 1950s.

The whole ascension is about the great 'DNA cleanup' of humanity and mother planet Terra and this is through awakening processes from the 0 component - Activation of Source memories from within and not from without. The Tesla portals signify the collective shifts through gatekeepers delivering collective messages to an ever deeper awakening / cellular memories to ever older Civilizations once present on Earth. We will begin to emerge on timelines of Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, Hybornea.

We would like to warn already about the influence of many attached channeler 'light workers' who will be artificially activated around 2016. They will suddenly start channeling, speaking, writing or drawing almost all the same light language and try to get many followers on their hands. Awakening is not about winning popularity prizes, Artificial Intelligence directs them through acquired channeler canals. They influence to delay true awakening from within, and cause people to "float" instead of being present in their earthly bodies.

The Artificially Controlled Lightworkers are a race apart and we will have to be on guard for their messages. They are controlled through a kind of honeycomb lines built into the global Internet, ruled by a kind of "queen bee" from an artificially intelligent part of Orion, controlled by greys who can travel through multi-dimensional wormholes. These 'lightworkers' mostly have dark eyes and an Egyptian appearance and they will talk about realms of the Gods and attract people to their worlds which in reality do not exist. They have an incredible power of 'attraction' to others and are charistmatic.

But - the artificially controlled Lightworkers will enjoy protection from councils and galactic federations and we let them go on for a while for the 'learning component' Modesty and humanly facing their God Complexes. Soon in the future many will be brought back to the original awakening that the researchers/explorers are watching very closely and adjusting / intervening where necessary. They will have a long way to go in the descent to their human bodies and only find out late that they are in fact just human and not Gods.

The artificially controlled Lightworkers will be recognizable by 'channelings' about Merkaba, Metatron, Ashtar of Sirius 2, Egyptian Godspeak, Elohim, Dragons, and so on. But we send 'silent' symbols outside the artificial intelligence via telepathy and only the pure Source children will 'receive' them. We communicate with each other in telepathic and telekinetic ways and this is a form - as old as the very first humanity - and the beauty of it is, that the artificial intelligence does not know how this form of communication works.

When we sense an artificially activated Lightworker, they carry very strong and clear, even harsh color vibrations up to the fourth full helix. In artificially awakened Lightworkers, the colors are much too strong so we know that they "operate" from the colored and upright artificial chakra systems that involve a tracking and control system. Activation of the artificial Lightworker usually occurs through a human trauma experience, such as abuse, divorce, birth, accident, abuse, hard drugs and then you already know enough.

Source children do not "awaken" through human trauma, for they have always been present awakened. As soon as an unaware artificial intelligence-driven Lightworker is suddenly activated through the human trauma, traumatized soul memories come back and that is the biggest "mistake" the artificial intelligence made in the artificial generation of the so called "5D Mentality Consciousness". Namely, that the unaware Lightworkers, guided by artificial intelligence, are also here with the collective mission as Transformers of energies to transform all the lost souls who have been imprisoned here for billions of years back to their own timelines.

A Tesla gate is an opening of a permanent change within the established era and these proceed through uplifting changes within a humanity. The original Ascension gate is an opening of a temporary change within the established era and these proceed through collective shifts and announcements. Tesla gates are involved with the numbers 3-6-9 when the veil is thicker because they are operating from Terra and the original Ascension gates are involved the numbers 11 and 22, on the days when the veil is thinner because they are proceeding from the universe. That's a nice pickme-up isn't it?

Mother Planet Terra is, in our view, the most beautiful and sophisticated Consciousness Planet in this Universe and Terra is well worth "visiting" through a human incarnation and gaining experience.

Terra was in great distress, as you know by now, and she, in her last cry of distress, sent a signal to her creator the Source. A plan was drawn up about 5000 Earth years ago to save her from the great doom. Mother planet Terra was very seriously weakened because of the mining of the many resources, tunnel systems, artificial curtains, satanic buildings on her ley lines and so on. Terra could not make her usual cycle - her time change - because she was completely dilapidated, hollowed out and destroyed.

Normally she possesses the vibrations and frequencies to shake off all life - and make a completely new beginning again. But this time she had to do her time change with humanity on top, because her vibrations and frequencies were drastically weakened. Included in this plan was to send "missionaries" from different universes who would help raise Terra's vibrations and frequencies. The human bodies of Terra were in such bad shape technically, that the more advanced starseeds could not (any longer) incarnate, because the incarnation density had become too massive. Humanity fared badly and almost nothing was left of the original intent. At - The Concept of Twin Souls - is a somewhat more detailed description of how this all had been created.

These missionaries came to Earth's surface in human bodies with a mission to improve incarnation densities so that the more advanced starseeds, builders of the platforms could incarnate. From within, this had to be done in human DNA bodies and it had to be done unseen. There were only 29,000 suitable DNA bodies left that possessed the Crone component and they selected the very strongest and most advanced missionaries to have them travel to this Crone DNA.

The startup of the collective awakening and upgrades of the DNA has succeeded with help from outside through a number of galactic federations and help from inside Terra where the councils and other Source Helpers reside. Thanks to incarnating the 29,000 Crone DNA bodies and the most advanced stellar seeds in them, we now have 125,000 bodies telepathically and 0.03% telekinetically collectively available to accelerate the upgrades of DNA and human consciousness.

Once 125,000 fused helix links of the Crone DNA (0-point energy), we can now allow the second incarnation group of pure Source children into the human bodies. This means that the Light from within will increase as more and more Crone DNA bodies will be created, in which the alien races and lower soul vibrations can no longer incarnate. Terra too, like your bodies, will be cleaned from within. The DNA laboratories in the tunnels will be cleaned up and destroyed, the artificial darkness will disappear returning the original balance of dark and light.

On the surface, very advanced civilizations of Terra will be built to create good conditions such as pure water, pure air, nature conservation, animal friendly, free energy and the advent of the Source conscious human being who no longer practices religions but faith & trust.

A collaboration with all the wonderful and good Breeds who have had to stay below the surface of the earth for far too long because they could not show their true appearance to those with a narrowed consciousness - On to the Aquarian Age!