The Traveler

“onthoud relevantie
de rest ontbreekt het belang”

Once upon a time there was an experienced traveler who was going on a spiritual journey to a distant destination. This traveler was offered a life boat that had a built-in golden compass. He was also given an old backpack that contained a lot of useful things with which he could survive at sea if necessary. The experienced traveler hung the backpack around his shoulders and was all set to go. The lifeboat's built-in compass would show him the way.

He took out some useful items from the old backpack and threw it down somewhere in a corner of the lifeboat. He set up a vase of flowers in his cabin, laid down some pillows on his bed, and brought goodies for tea. Full of confidence, as an experienced traveler, he began an important voyage, where there would be a transfer of knowledge with curious travelers who would be sailing the same course.

The lifeboat from the experienced traveler was cutting smoothly through the calm waters, and the sails kept beautifull tighten because of a constant gentle breeze. The traveler decided heading the south and adjusted the golden compass accordingly. Here and there he met some other travelers who needed help with their lifeboats. These travelers were so happy to meet him that his arrival was celebrated with birthgifts. But there were many travelers who did not accept his offers of knowledge, so the experienced traveler decided to let the other ones decide themselves. If they needed his help, they could just ask for it, because he understood that most of them were too busy with their own journey and lifeboat.

Slowly the coast disappeared out of his sight and all that remained was a blue and peacefull horizon. Everywhere the traveler looked, the environment looked exactly the same while the years passed by. If he had to be honest, he thought that the environment was not as beautiful anymore as it has used to be. In addition, he encountered fewer and fewer travelers who were sailing on the same course. The thoughts and feelings that he would have to sail alone at sea for several years, did not attracted him at all, but he had to go further on.

The fact that there was no one whom he could have an interesting conversation with, made him feel lonely. How stupid of him that he hadn't brought anyone with him, so he could share this experience. Travelling back to pick someone up, was not possible anymore, because the lifeboat had a limited number of travelling hours. The calm waters became waves, the nights became longer and there were more and more rainy and stormy dark days. The traveller did not even notice this slowly changing environment, because he had become accustomed to constantly adapting. But despite everyting, he still had the full confidence in his golden built-in compass of the lifeboat.

Sometimes he filled up his days with repairing small defects and sometimes he filled his days with reading books. With the progress of the journey, the lifeboat showed more and more defects, so the days become mainly filled with repairing all kind of stuff. The traveller hoped that he could soon go ashore somewhere, because the lifeboat should be repaired. In the meantime he would be able to get some supplies, like new fresh food and some warm blankets, because it has become pretty cold at sea. With a bit of luck he might even meet an interesting traveller, wich with he could travel together to the same destination.

But what this destination was, he didn't remember exactly anymore. There was something that told him intuitively, that it had has to do something woth an important journey, but the memories were faded away. The only actions he has not forgotten was to look out for land every day, take a look at the golden compass, maintain the lifeboat and keep following the course. The longer he travelled, the more he travelled away from the vague memories of who he once was.

Suddenly there he realized that he was lost on a large grey sea, that seemed endless, and had no end at all. The grey horizon remained looking empty where he felt threatened by it, the nights were long, cold and lonely. He was hungry because his supplies run out, and he was cold because his clothes and lifeboat has been severely damaged by the salty environment. The strong sea breeze blew through everything, and because he was so cold, he took a few glasses of whiskey in an attempt to warm himself and satisfy his hunger a little.

What the traveller was not aware about, was that the golden compass had been damaged years ago and that he was no longer traveling the right course. He was so busy keeping himself afloat in the falter lifeboat, that the old mission completely forgotten, survival became his new mission. The damaged compass kept the traveller sailing the same circles over and over again, and that was the main reason why he didn't saw any lighthouses that could lead him to land stumps or coastlines.

For a long time he felt that there was a lot going wrong for a while now, with his environment, with his lifeboat and with the journey he was making, but he didn't listen to that feeling at all. It took him more and more difficulties to find solutions for his situation, which made him try even harder and more stubborn. He started fighting the weather, fighting the waves, fighting the long cold nights, fighting his exhaustion and at one point, he kicked so hard against his lifeboat that his foot broke. He was incredibly angry!

He didn't know exactly why and when, but after the anger breakout, he became deeply ashamed about something that had been wiped out of his head, by the passage of time. He started to read again the books he had brought with him, but the books couldn't teach him anything anymore. He performed the small repairs every day to maintain his lifeboat, and dived into his cold cabin to go to sleep, and to do exactly the same thing the next day, and the following day again. Eventually he got tired of the books, tired of the environment and tired of the lifeboat. The time lines faded to nothingness and everything seemed to flow into each other. The experienced traveler had almost given up, and there was just a small sparkle of hope. Calling and waving for help made no sense at all, because nobody could saw or heard him anyway.

The sails were completely worn out and the lifeboat was no longer going forwards. Depending on the wind, it floated around in circles and the traveller did not come any further anymore. The last spark of hope was completely lost, the traveller was exhausted and choose to go laying down in his cabin to daydream and muse about the things he hadn't done, hadn't seen and hadn't learned in this voyage. Did he missed a board, or taking the wrong route somehow?

The experienced traveler meets the curious traveler: From the distance a lifeboat was arriving that belonged to a curious traveller. She saw an lifeboat floating around with the broken and worn out sails and hoped for an experienced traveller who could use her help, in exchange for his knowledge and experience. She swung the ship's bell, taking the experienced traveller out of his thoughts. With heavy legs he pulled himself out of the cabin and for the first time in years he saw a life boat with a traveller in it. He started waving his arms and calling for help with the last amount of strength.

The curious traveller pulled a rope out of her lifeboat, and tied it to the lifeboat of the experienced traveller. She invited him to come on board, so they could share each other's experiences in a warm comfortable cabin that was filled with soft woolly pillows and aromatic flowers and colors. The curious traveler made a large cup of hot tea, and deep inside herself she felt that the other traveler has had to come from far away, and that he needed her help. She was so curious about his experiences and his old knowledge, that she was looking forward to learn from this traveler, but she had to be a litlebit patience.

What exactly did he come to do here? How long was he on the road? Which way did he go? What was his destination? And he honestly answered her that he sincerely didn't remember it anymore, and he felt ashamed of his sleazy and worn-out clothes. But she saw something special in him, because he looked like an old magician full of earthly secrets. She became intrigued by the story of the experienced traveller and she suggested to travel together for a while, to the same destination.

He took this offer with both hands and was grateful to have encountered this colorful and interesting traveler. After several cups of tea with some goodies in a warm cabin, the experienced traveler visibly brightened up. He became curious about her filled backpack and asked interestedly what was in it all. She told him it was all rainbows and crystals, light frequencies, universal vibrations, colorful vibrations, shining stars, angels and guides, cosmic gifts and talents, love, the sun, the moon, warmth, feminine and masculine unity, connection, authenticity, formlessness and freedom for all. She picked up the shiny silver compass with all the codes engraved on it and proudly showed the compass to the experienced traveler. With this I hope to reach my destination and help a lot of travelers on their way who are taking the same course.

But most travelers have been sailing around in the same circles for years now, and it appears that those travelers have not yet arrived on their destination. So a new rescue team traveled with lifeboats that have been given a rope and a backpack full of ancient cosmic knowledge with them, to help these stranded experienced travelers, so they can travel back to home or forwards to theit destination. Their ancient earthly knowledge and experience are very much needed right now, but they need some peace, love and softness also.

I feel helpless and useless, that I almost gave up and wanted to travel back to where I came from. But there is a deep knowlegde inside of me that I have to keep on going. And I'm afraid we cannot help the stranded travelers, if we've got ourselves into all kinds of trouble ourself, right? Sometimes it feels as if I have already experienced everything, all from what I see and feel, but there is something inside of me, I just cannot grab or hold. Wich gives the impression that something important is missing on my lifeboat, so I am very glad that I have met you, because maybe you can help me with it.

After telling her whole story, she finaly had the guts to ask about the old and worn-out backpack that she had seen lying on the lifeboat of the experienced traveler. His lifeboat had become one big chaos! It was dirty and full of empty boxes and bottles and broken things. But between all that garbage and pollution, she had noticed the backpack in a corner of his lifeboat. So out of curiosity she grabbed it, and took it with her. She finally asked what kind of items there were in that backpack.

The experienced traveler carefully opened his old and fragile backpack and took out some antique items. He put down colored stones and shiny crystals at the table, a black and white dragon, old druids and shamans, wizards and alchemists, a rainbow, trees, nature, seeds, healthy food, herbs, children, animals, insects, air, water, fire, earth, shelter, organism, materialized shapes and forms, a male and female human body and finally a beautiful silver compass with codes engraved in it. He picked up the compass and his dull eyes suddenly began to sparkle - oh shit, I had this silver compass too, I totaly forgot, he thought.

He remembered again!! Daaaamn, with this I could have reached my destination and helped a lot of travelers on their way who are taking the same course, he said softly. If I had not thrown that backpack aside, I could have taken the silver compass out of this backpack and used it at the same time as the golden compass built into my life boat. The gold compass had broken, but because I blindly trusted it to be set properly, I didn't even realize I was sailing around. I do know that right now my greatest desire is to tell other travelers about the silver compass in our backpacks.

Dark and light work together and should be in balanced with each other. Life cannot only be lived by using the Light, because our lifeboats have to deal with materialized hardships. And I remember that it is very important that we use both the gold and the silver compass at the same time during our journeys on Earth. And he said to the curious traveler, so maybe you can teach me how to reset this silver compass and learn to use it again.

And suddenly she remembered herself that there indeed has been given a built-in golden compass, but she had during the explenation about it, not paid much attention. She wasn't on the road that long and her lifeboat was fine, so she continued to search (out of curiosity) with her silver compass for experienced travelers who were stranded. As a result, she had been stucked longer then she should be, she had an important mission! But she loved it so much to wander around with her big colored sails and to offer a helping hand. But she didn't get any further herself, because she was following them in stead of making her own journey. In that way she became stucked in the same circles like the stranded travelers. If I had remembered that I could use the golden compass that is built in my lifeboat, she said slowly, I wouldn't have been so distracted and flitting around, the curious traveler said. But I now know that at this moment my greatest wish, is to tell other travelers of the built-in golden compass in our lifeboats.

There is a very large group that is held captive in the darkness causing their light to diminish. The balance is way off and when they start using their golden compasses, they know how Dark and Light can come together on Earth. That life cannot consist only of light because we also get to endure severe hardships in our life boats. But it is important that we use both the golden and silver compasses at the same time during our travels on Earth. And she said to the experienced traveler, so maybe you can teach me how to work with this built-in compass. And which of the two are you? Or are you both?