Workings of the Plasma Brain

This one was send by my dear partner Pascal: Synthetic telepathy and remote neural monitoring are two sides of the same coin. Remote neural monitoring is a form of functional neuroimaging that allows remote extraction of EEG data from the human brain without the need for physical contact or electrodes. NSA has the ability to decode this data, to extract sub vocalizations, visual and auditory data from their target. It gives access to someone's thoughts without their knowledge or consent. The sooner you realize this is true, the better off you are to protect ourselves. 5G is also a kind of neurological network ... Volledige Artikel lezen? Klik even op deze link:

Well and so this has been a huge problem, because AI (artificial intelligence) has managed to confiscate a very large part of the functioning of the real and natural 'quantum brain' (which is made of plasma)!!! But we are here to explain the original working of the human system, so here it comes again!

A soul to us is just a made up name that was developed from human language and human language was developed to be able to steal algorithms and influence the actual soul vibrations, frequencies through an artificially constructed computer controlled brain - lines that were laid in the Neo Cortex, and has reduced the actual operation of the Neo Cortex to 5% operation, rather than 100% operation.

The entire human brain consists of both matter and non-matter, as everyone knows by now. It is the solid matter of the brain that provides the earthly existence in the human body and it is the non-matter that is the true origin, which you call "soul. The matter and non-matter of the brain work together and represent a fused plasma-like substance.

We are not to be didactic, nor to fill your brains with "new" information but we do love to tell, so just like everything has always been there, we are expanding and so as helpers in this ascension we are simultaneously present from a very distant future as well as from a very distant past. We have been evacuated to the 22nd universe in omniverse and are working as a ray of consciousness from an advanced planet of consciousness that does not fit into the human body.

We can only divide ourselves into fractals, which means that as a human Heidy with the fused plasma brain I carry I am simultaneously both Human (me) and Consciousness Planet (we). The individualized form of being is not familiar to us at all, so it took some time to get used to it here.

So there are seven universes from the past (Source) and future (Evolution) through consciousness planets with fractals helping to save this fifth universe and consciousness planet Terra from their demise, so we are not here to save humanity, but to inform humanity. There were many artificial angels created by the archons who were running things in this universe from the fourth dimensional timeline. These artificial angels were linked to the straight stand-up colored chakra implants, and they were therefore governing the soul vibrations that were incarnating into the human body.

It almost feels like Sience Fiction, isn't it?? But you should know how much truth there is in science fiction films, the current cell phones have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, for example, but a lot has been withheld from you, even inconceivable amounts of advanced techniques and methods that were much further ahead than you can imagine today.

Terra has, like we have, a kind of memory chip in her DNA where information about the events she has experienced are engraved in it both from this universe and from the past of her children. But she has also told her plans to us, because we can communicate with each other, like your soul groups can communicate with each other ?

Terra wanted to make her era change this time with her original children because she absolutely did not want to lose this creation. And this is the very first time since her first Terra Age because Terra is now a mature mother planet. You understand that this was a very important reason for us as a Council to remain hidden, for the consciousness of many is very narrowed because this is information that cannot be understood with the human brain, but also because the black elite would have already killed this human body in the womb, as they have done to many of you powerhouses at the time of your incarnation.

This body was meant for an earth mage (Tribe) but the soul vibration had already gone out of it because this soul did not want to incarnate again and many of you are walking around with the same feeling and many of you have been attacked from the day you decided to travel off in the human body. Many didn't make it, but many kept coming back anyway until you did and hello!!! There you are, the true braves once again!

We have stepped into the same DNA as you incarnated into, and of these bodies there were only 29,000 worldwide. First you are a spark, from spark you are going to become soul vibration, from merged soul vibration you become beautiful radiant beings, so a soul is not an individual seeking creature, but an merging of colors, vibrations, frequencies, waves, movements, amalgamations!!!

Everything with consciousness carries a soul vibration, so just as there are different plant bodies and animal bodies and planetary bodies, we all carry a certain kind of vibration that is supposed to be tuned to the DNA. Just as there are different types of plants and animals, there are also different types of human bodies, all carrying a different Tribe vibration, but always serving from one and the same principle - and that is Source.

At this time, tremendously strong vibrational Tribes have returned to Earth to contribute to the massive collective cleanup that is coming. Terra is mother of plants, animals, elements, realms, meadows, trees, oceans, dolphins and everything that contains DNA and is called life so she is mother of the learning bodies. And because she is an amalgamation from this universe, the universe (cosmos) is a kind of father figure for the soul vibrations - integrating/fusing the masculine and feminine principle for learning souls ?

Not incarnating into oblivion again is very essential because it is these modern human bodies that will make the changes necessary to build the New Human Civilizations that will once again be as magnificent and advanced as they were in the timeline of Hybornea.

But fortunately, you are becoming more and more plasma brain and this brain is able to be fluid (100%) and the artificially engineered brain is crunching (5%) - we don't know how to describe it better yet than these few poor words, so again apologies in advance because we are still learning to find the right words for you to bring the deeper truth to your living cells.

Plasma brain is fluid fused form and receives vibrations, frequencies, waves, currents, movements that flow through to the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland converts these into inner images that the soul vibration can understand. This creates all kinds of colors, shapes, symbols, codes, dots in the brain that are then sent back to the human DNA. The human DNA is able to take action from these currents and vibrations.

The Plasma Brain does not know any tricks, is not something you can learn, is not something you can train through schooling and the plasma brain cannot be manipulated in any way! Plasma brain is an essence of your being and then everyone can 'bullshit' you all they want in their 'human soul beliefs' a plasma brain doesn't fall for that and doesn't even need it. A plasma brain knows how to get to work from the deepest essence in a very natural way via resonant vibrations, without expensive training ? . The plasma brain is always and eternally in a relaxed state and always and eternally at work from a relaxed state, thus the true form of meditation.

The Modern Brain is a disintegrated, divided, blocked and hardened form that represents the current "state" of human consciousness and what a self-governing entity is! This means that this brain can only understand through words and reasoning. Attached to this verbal brain are entities, artificial lineages, archons, shapeshifters, false light workers, artificial intelligences, evil multidimensional beings. And of all this attached junk, you are only able to clean up 5% yourselves!!! This brain is always and forever tense at work seeking contrived ways of meditation and relaxation.

The other 95% of that attached junk has been stuck to your brain for millions of years in which you incarnated life after life after life. Here is an interesting link to the workings of human DNA, because according to the scientists, 5% of this human DNA works functionally and the other 95%, according to those same scientists, is the well-known "trash" DNA that is not functional (just look it up).

BUT here it comes! (we'll keep it a little more suspenseful for now!) The 5% is the actual physical workings of the DNA and the remaining 95% is your Consciousness! This story goes on for a moment, for the operation of the DNA is thus the COLLECTIVE consciousness. The 5% is the materialized existence (the third dimension) which is a very first DNA coupling of the soul teachings in an incarnate body, the very first 'introduction' to the body.

Your soul vibrations were held in a state like that of a newborn baby to the development of a 3 to 12 year old child (metaphorically speaking, 3D). By manipulating the real human DNA and crossing it with all kinds of extraterrestrial scum, the current DNA exists in 22 splits of different species.

This means that your real soul vibrations have been sliced up into 22 different realms! It is really the case that an artificial "divine" world and an artificial soul doctrine was built for you, This is no lie!!! Because if you take a moment to look deeper, EVERYTHING is linked together and 'resembles' the deeper truth that we will now go on to reveal with one example of a simple listing.

Deeper reality summarized in human words: Dimensions are Hierarchically not artificially stacked but Hierarchically a fused whole of mass, length and time. You have been whispered the thoughts that the 1st dimension is lower than the, for example, the 12th dimension. Or that the 1st dimension is made up of stone and sand and the 23rd dimension is made up of angels, ascended masters and God.

When we really look at dimensions they indicate a certain density or non-density from a vibrational form (where we reside) or speed (energy, colors, frequencies). Dimensions grow in all directions, both in height and width and length and the more developed the consciousness is the more advanced that you can travel as multi-dimensional beings in your own timelines, dimensions, realms, worlds, waters and in this way you gain a great deal of experience. The more experience the more unsteady your mass becomes, the longer the length and the faster the time.

in the human learning body and the next study serves itself to a more evolved body. (Nothing romantic about it lol ? ) This means that you will move to a more and more evolved body from the Source Age. You are becoming an ever more widely evolved being through experiences, merges of vibrations and frequencies, slowly changing and expanding in form, therefore becoming more and more advanced in your creations.

A planet of consciousness is also a kind of body for accomplished souls (though you may not yet fully understand this), and of course it is not possible for these to "incarnate" in a human body, because a planet is really much too extended and enormous in vibration, that it definitely does not fit in a body. And so a universe no longer fits in a planet and an omniverse no longer fits in a universe.

So there are lines of expansion and the more mergers that take place the "higher or wider" the consciousness, the "higher or wider" the consciousness, then a new form of creation arises again within this "hierarchy" and so to each universe there is a team that grows and develops again, but everything will happen from the most simple Principe, everything had always been and everything will always be and can only change form.

Try squeezing your body with a clothing size of 44 into a clothing size of 33? You can't do that huh, because all the fat will be bulging out, the skin will be pinched off, stretch marks will be developed, those stretch marks will be painful, and if the clothing is worn too small for long enough, the skin will rub to the point of bleeding. And this is exactly what is being done to you at the moment as soul vibrations!!! They (counterparts) just made you wear clothing size 34 constantly, while the body needs size 44. Ouch!

And that is what the Council of Seven Rays wants to come to bring to you and tell you, is that collectively and individually you are on your way to being able to start wearing your own clothing size again, clothing that is wonderfully comfortable, in which you can move freely, clothing that is easy to put on and take off and in which you can move freely, that is how it is supposed to be, isn't it? And one person likes to wear sweatpants , another a dress, and another likes to wear a morning coat. Finally you meet someone who likes your sweatpants and you explain how you sewed them together, how nice is that?

This is Tribe-Forming, free vibrations, free choices of where you want to be, who you want to join and who you want to learn from to be able to sew together a pair of sweatpants, a dress or a morning coat, just because you want to wear them and not because you have to.

Source is the maker of naturally soft silk, wool and cotton fabrics, Omniverse dyes these fabrics in the most beautiful colors and is also the supplier. Universe is the clothing maker that can put together any shape, size and color you want. Planet is the store that sells gorgeous clothing in every size, shape and color of your choice! Soul walks into the store, tries on different clothing items and chooses one that is the most beautiful and comfortable.

Again, no one is higher or lower but a fused well-functioning whole. One cannot exist without the other, but a Hierarchy can be seen in this cooperation. Without the creator of the fabric (Source) there is no buyer (Soul) who can ultimately buy great imaginative colorful clothing of their choice in the size needed in many different stores.

And then the Archonts came with the original supplier (this universe). They demanded from this supplier that only gray matter be delivered to three stores (planets), or else a war would be unleashed. Many store owners had to close because their desired products were no longer supplied. Three stores remained for the buyers and the Archonts finally demanded that only three different sizes should be sold and that they would decide the colors.

You were offered a gray Adam suit, a gray Eve suit and an artificially colored suit and from your original essence you were drawn to the artificial colors and abstract shapes that were offered. Slowly you became accustomed to wearing dirty, sweaty, synthetic and artificial fabrics and a much too small size of clothing. The synthetic clothes were piled up in racks or hung on a coat rack and that eventually became your only choice.

? …?

When DNA would be 100% activated, you consist of pure plasma vibration to which NOTHING can attach! No ego, no fear, no stacked thinking, no inferiority complex, no old emotional garbage, no worthless attraction to damaging relationships, no entities, no artificial lines and a thousand other things that make up the current human being.

But for now your human thinking is still an artificially developed system, so we use human words and metaphors, even though we do not agree with this developed system.

A soul vibration cannot help but incarnate life after life within the same DNA system that matches a civilization form created by Terra. A civilization form is a Tribe formed from fused soul vibrations of a 'soul family'. A 'soul family' is simply vibrations that come together from a particular timeline of growth and development.

Because the higher DNA, Hologram, Soul vibration, actual Plasma brain contents (thus your consciousness) and frequencies are made up of virtually the same non-matter as human DNA, you are not supposed to incarnate "into oblivion".

Which is funny to know, is that soul vibrations can incarnate into a materialized body from a particular vibration in a specific DNA which fused together represents the actual Tribe formation. When the DNA would be intact, meaning full 22 human DNA helix pairings the soul is able to immediately merge with the body, the hologram and the plasma brain. All the gained experience and wisdom from ALL the lives before is then carried into the next life. We are not supposed to incarnate into oblivion at all!

This is becoming quite complex, isn't it? Well, we're going to try a little harder to find this one missing page, resonance remember?

When you incarnate with the consciousness of, for example, the 12th dimension, the soul vibration should be able to start working immediately from the 12th helix coupling. But all this wonderfulness of the incarnational processes has been taken away from you. For most souls incarnating has become a big traumaBecause it really is no fun to have to start again and again from a 'beginning star seed' consciousness and to have to do it for a lifetime with that 'beginning star seed' consciousness. Because somewhere deep inside it 'vibrates' on a much deeper level, as a kind of feeling memory to your true origin, wisdom, knowing, knowledge, something that carries a much broader, thus fused civilization and knowledge than the current narrowed, thus ripped apart civilization in which you incarnated.

This is simply because malevolent extraterrestrial beings simply "ripped out" the 3rd helix coupling through manipulation of this human body. Virtually all bodies on mother planet Terra were damaged from the 3rd helix coupling with the exception of 29,000 bodies that still had the 3rd helix coupling fully intact. Can you imagine from how far you had to grow to the current consciousness you carry!!! You first forerunners of Aquarian people are real badasses, trust us on that.

On this mother planet Terra, in an incarnational body, everything works together from this specific oneness consciousness, both collectively and individually. But imagine that you incarnate with a consciousness from, for example, the twelfth dimensional realm, your soul vibration should then be able to merge immediately with the twelfth physical Helix coupling (very complex story, so book is on the way ?).

But these physical DNA bodies have been systematically broken down for 7.7 million years, so that souls from the "higher" realms gradually got fewer and fewer helix couplings to be able to incarnate in. And the breaking down of the helixes has continued until virtually all of humanity had only 1 helix coupling left and an exception even less! They represent the worst criminals such as pedophiles, serial killers, child molesters and rapists and we count this target group as the 'soulless' and therefore the 'unscrupulous' broken man.

The '3D conscious' - meaning materialized humans who have not developed more broadly are not soulless and wrong, but merely unconscious and this target group will decide to take the vaxxi-nazis, give them to their children, continue to pollute the earth, eat industrial meat and put down our target group as 'wappies' ?

It is these two target souls who incarnated from the 3rd and 4th universes, and they do not belong here. It was not Terra who let them in, but the aliens knew how to create wormholes to this fifth universe so that these souls would become the slaves of the "black elite.

So starting the spiritual quest with 1.5 to 3 full helix couplets is not that bad!

But imagine that from your broader level of consciousness you are suddenly thrown back to the narrowest part of the consciousness level (the start of the human incarnation body) so to incarnate in three full helix couplings means to incarnate into "oblivion" after all, so an accelerated upgrade of the human DNA was needed and that took us almost 50 years! Most of you who have come to this reading now have 7 to 12 full helixes, which means we are on our way to the New Human, who will actually represent the Original Human on mother planet Terra. And that is very good news!

So in the past this was the incarnational loop system of the Piscean Age, the materialized conscious rather than the divine unity conscious. Billions of bodies were grown where souls from the third and fourth universes could incarnate who were "held" within this incarnation system (called Matrix by you).

And again and again these unknowing human souls from the 3rd and 4th universes incarnated back into their own physical DNA, for this is the original intent of the soul teachings in the learning body to return again and again to your own Tribe, so that you can grow through the learning bodies from consciousness to consciousness to expand and evolve. So we could say that mother planet Earth is truly your mother, for she carries the human DNA in her planetary body as well.

As she carries all the DNA in her of all the living creatures she ever created, she can communicate with our consciousness through DNA and you should be able to communicate with Terra as well as your Cosmic Family. It is so interesting in this universe how it is all arranged by its creators!!!

Because you incarnated into the same broken DNA over and over again, the DNA continued to break down and so you came to this timeline in very small groups traveling in broken DNA to find your original DNA Tribe (missing soul family) so that you can return with each other back to your own timeline so that as a fused Tribe, you will eventually grow into, for example, a consciousness planet body capable of creating your own incarnation bodies.

Although you can't imagine this for yourselves yet, consciousness planets are imported bodies which are developed and formed by fused soul groups ?

Thanks to all the DNA upgrades and the very hard work of the original Tribes, a DNA upgrade has been going on (people became more conscious, parents chose not to have their children vaxxed, people chose organic food, were freedom fighters and so on) which means that there are now 122,000 incarnation bodies available, which are not being born completely into oblivion, but are being born awakened immediately to a very large extent.

This means that from this point on, 122,000 soul vibrations will still incarnate partially, but no longer completely into oblivion and that is a good development for Terra! Because this means that there will be offered an incarnation shell that fits much better, is more spacious, has a nicer texture and therefore feels much better!!!

Oh well there will be a few puzzle pieces solved with this, for in fact we are all one, it is however the case that different soul groups had begun their soul teachings in the learning body and from there it is the intention that you continue again with your own consciousness. Your cosmic Tribe guides from the 12th time line, the 12 tables in this language called the 'mastered souls' and therefore simply the most experienced souls, knowledge carriers of this universal platform have travelled especially to an earthly DNA body to take you back to the original fusion you started 7.7 million years ago but then in a modern body? How beautiful is that ...