Waarschuwing voor Vals Licht

09-11-2021 Warning for False Light: Do NOT let yourself in with words like Queens, Reich, Phoenix, Dragons, Ascended Masters, Divine Gods or Goddesses and that you will be brought to ‘higher’ worlds etc etc – this is the Queen Bee – the biggest Artificial Intelligence who was running the Internet for about 22 Years from – Orion!

Yesterday we finally were invited in via a worker who was contaminated, and kicked out 14 hours later … just what we needed to get in their protected system. Thanks to the work of a invisible federation who had worked on this project one year and two months to get trough their artificial build protection lines – Reset is going on, look at the sky and feel the vibrations!

Their intention to get trough our planetary protection veil around 20 March 2022 failed, they wanted to let us rot – we started to thicken the veil with the telekinetic ones yesterday and still building.

Stay with yourself in Humbleness, Oneness, Source and do not let Yourself manipulate you into promised lands and Queen or King ego’s that are artificial build to manipulate (again). Our spiritual knowledge has been copied for about two decades now since the home internet – Queen Bee builded up Hyves (duh), Facebook and many more (especially big running) spiritual platforms to tap into the Aquariusworkers – Attempting to build an artificial world in another kind of universe with an artificial Metatron ( almost succeeded but now big fail ).

They have infiltrated, and taken over the channels from many spiritual seeking, but gifted souls, and have stolen information from our natural born gifts and DNA. They ask you to DOWSE their work, because they can not do it themselves, and asking to join LIVE meditations, interviews (that’s a sign) to seek more and more information . They are making lots and lots ( and lots ? ) of pictures from themselves looking straight in the camera to align you, and have builded up knowledge to take others with them by connecting with information you want to hear as seeking soul.

Blijf bij jezelf en verbind je met de Bron van de ware Spirituele Liefde van Eenheid die JIJ bent (geen Koninginnen, maar gewoon unieke geesten die erbij betrokken zijn ;) )Wij zijn nederig, sterk, krachtig in ons eigen unieke menselijke en spirituele wezen en wij bouwen ons zelf op vanaf het begin van deze incarnatie – de eerste cel van het bestaan – de Liefde van alles – eigenlijk het niets is de grootste kracht.

Queen Bee never can steal Human emotions and feelings, and the strong quantum love brain which is activating now in our DNA – So we do not ever have to be afraid or ashamed of anything, we are as well teacher as student, nothing more, nothing less and have to enjoy this incarnation playful and childish. We speak the truth from Source level and not from kingdoms, kings and queens.

Let’s share love, nature, breathing, walking, smiling, laughing, hugging, building, using our bodies for proper ways, thank all the food we eat and SMILE about how darkness tries the modern way – this time – where they failed before?!

For me it feels super strong to be human in oneness and keep walking my own path, maybe leave a few steps behind in the sand – <3 Feeling all what is going on, is getting better for our children to live in. Terra is with us, we are with each other building a real world and not a fake and artificial one. We do not fall in to that trap again ….