About a decade or so, there has been a universal upgrade going on, restore the DNA.

This upgrade is intended to transform damaged DNA into undamaged DNA. We now know that DNA is a segment of the human body. This segment comes from the universe and is therefore of extraterrestrial origin.

DNA carries new templates that contain undamaged universal codes. The same DNA contains old templates that contain damaged genetic codes. This is because our bodies are incarnated in an ancestral bloodline that carries the outdated DNA program.

The old templates contain encoded memories of damaged ancestral family lines and memories of this life. The new templates contain encoded cosmic codes with information about the assignment and mission of the soul.

Both templates carry codes that work the exact same way, but contain different information. The soul is only able to recognize the information contained in the code. Therefore, the soul cannot distinguish between a damaged or undamaged code.

Because of this, the soul starts working out the information stored in the old templates one by one. There are traumas in 'described' that took place in the ancestral lines and traumas that took place in this life.

When the soul is awakening and the spiritual search for its own task and mission begins, suddenly both templates become very active. The soul falls into a sea of confusing information.

There is 'recognition' so I look for my past lives, because maybe I can find my mission and soul quest in that.

In the practice of Compasswork I come across souls who have worked out dozens of memories and have completely lost track. There are 'memories' coming out of the templates that are not from the soul itself, but from the ancestral DNA templates. There are also 'memories' of everything you have experienced in this life.

Because of this many people recognize themselves in witchcraft of our foremothers, or shamanism of our forefathers. Perhaps one of your far away human ancestors was an ancient king or queen in Egypt. Or maybe one of your DNA ancestors actually knew Buddha, Tutankhamun or Jesus.

Maybe you are wearing a DNA template of an foremother, with whom the forefather had a love affair. You are very well aware that you have shared a life with him in England. In England there was a tragedy that resulted in the loss of this soul.

As a result, you think you have become a traumatized soul. And start to search information about - Twin Souls, or Flames. Suddenly you have lost your Twin Soul, or Flame in a life on Earth, and want to reunite with this soul, to heal your "soul" from this "trauma". If you do not encounter this twin soul in your life, it is your Spiritual Karma that you have to work out and incarnate again - ERROR!

Feel the confusion? There are templates stored in the DNA from prehistoric times! My body even carries DNA segments that are from a Neanderthal. Can you imagine how long and confusing the search can be in one human body? It is therefore not surprising that as a child I had speaking engagements at school about Neanderthals and a little later about Star Systems. And had to work out in my life two Twin Souls. Two Twin Souls can not even exist out of one egg. Do you understand this one?

We carry memories in the Templates 1) the experiences from the soul, 2) the experiences in this life in this body and 3) the experiences of the DNA ancestors Epigenetics. And that is quite complex matter. Our brains only make the spiritual quest more confusing, longer and more comprehensive.

A code in the Template is recognized from the soul, so that a signal enters in to the head. Not your soul, but your mind must be able to make the distinction. Your soul cannot think!

Om onze ziel vooruit te helpen, mogen we dit keer van onze eigen denkende verstand gebruiken maken. Al lezend een beetje inzicht te verkrijgen in een complexe materie, helpt een ziel vaak al een heel eind op weg, nietwaar?

It gives food for thought when you see a sixty year old woman who is still searching for her third Twinsoul on Earth. One she once killed when she was a man in her previous life. She had a homosexual relationship with him during the war as a soldier. This Twinsoul is this life incarnated as a woman. As a punishment to work out soul-karma for that previous homosexual life. Wich means that she cannot have a relationship with that Twinsoul in this life. Because that Twin Soul now has a relationship with someone else - and everything appears to be against it.

In a previous life that sixty year old woman was a shamanistic druid witch priestess among the Egyptians. As Tutankhamun, she murdered Jesus Christ at the cross and performing satanic rituals in the church as a leader of freemasonry as a priest who abused children in an elephant's body. DUH!!

But this is how it went in the past! And I suspect that in many people things still go this way. What a confusion that must be!

And this is not meant to be funny, because despite being instructive, this is the tendency of the old spirituality and actually it is quite annoying. Templates were once placed there, they manipulated the human DNA a long time ago and are indeed meant as a diversionary tactic.

Your soul does not find Earthly past lives interesting at all and certainly not important. It is your brain who find this important and interesting.And when you understand this, almost immediately about 90% of the spiritual quest and soul misery falls away.

Not your soul, but your spiritually searching human brain is occupied with soul traumas, Twinsouls, karma, past lives, this life, planetary origin, what kind of Starseed or Lightworker you are or should be, etcetera.

Once again, your soul does not find the search for the Earthly past important at all, because the deep self-evident motive behind the mission has a collective character. Whether you are a volunteer carer or professional social worker, organic farmer or commune citizen, in possession of a Tinyhome or castle, the soul doesn't matter.

An big troublemaker of the old DNA Templates is that they are linked to the Ego, which wants to feel big and important. But we have to understand that simply every personal soulmission and its knowledge is very important in this transition. The more knowledge and experience we share with each other, the sooner the transition to the New Man on the New Earth will be completed.

The DNA upgrade, which is in full swing, is a universal and collective happening. Souls incarnated with the new DNA still carry damaged codes from old Templates through the body. But they have been given much stronger new cosmic Templates in their energy body (hologram) and therefore they often remember their assignment and mission at a very young age.

All souls who feel an urge to carry out a collective mission during this ascension have been given a period of rest and recuperation in the rest rooms of their soul family after the last incarnation.

As soon as the soul is ready to make a new incarnation, it incarnates from a certain ray on Earth into a flesh and blood incarnating shell. The soul carries flawless cosmic Templates in which the codes of the soul mission are written. These codes contain the self-chosen assignment. This makes the soul to be able to grow and develop, to spread the mission and to share its Unique knowledge.

Without wanting to give it a rational explanation, every new day in the present, even at this moment in time, is an important experience and part of the self-chosen soul assignment. We learn and grow through the experiences we make on Earth with the other souls. According to the collective mission, it is important that you share your experiences and cosmic or earthly knowledge with others so that they can learn from you as well.

The new incarnations do not 'recognize' the codes of ancestral earth traumas and therefore do not have the urge to work out genetic DNA Templates. And because the new incarnations are born with active golden cells and flawless templates, they can start working on their own soul mission almost immediately after birth.

Rest, relaxation, meditation and silence activate your own soul mission, so perhaps you can try to put down the 'mental' quest for a while. It is not important for your soul to know whether it was a king or queen in previous lifes. Rely on the Divine Work of resonance and radiate your mission out to others, instead of searching for it on the Internet.

The upgrade in progress has to do with incarnation waves coming from certain rays. You can read more about it HERE.

Hopefully this reading is enough for you and you can continue with it for a while. If you have any questions, you always can contact me via email .